Can I Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points From A Family Member’s Account To Mine?

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TPG reader William emailed me to ask:

“I have had a Chase Sapphire Preferred for quite awhile. I recently had my wife get her own card. We are finishing up the minimum spending and her 40,000 points will post shortly. I’d like to know if I can transfer her Ultimate Reward points to my Ultimate Rewards account to combine them since my account already has 150,000 points. Your thoughts?” 

Yes, you absolutely can transfer her points into your account. That’s the beauty of Ultimate Rewards, they are much more flexible about things like transfers than many other programs. You can combine other people’s accounts with your own, and do it entirely online. However, you do have to enter a credit card number in order to do the transfer, so be careful doing this with anyone you don’t know well since once those points are transferred, they’re gone.

Ultimate Rewards

The ability to transfer them quickly and easily makes Chase Ultimate Rewards Points extra valuable, but you don’t want to abuse this by selling points or doing it too much with accounts of people who are not immediately related to you as there have been instances where Chase will shut down your account for what they consider “inappropriate activity.” So if Chase sees you transferring points to a million different accounts or abusing this privilege, just keep in mind your account may be shut down and your points taken away, so use caution.

Anyway, this is the reason I just love my Ultimate Rewards points, they are ultra flexible. Even with a Freedom or Sapphire account, which do not allow you to transfer UR points to the travel partner programs, you can combine the points you earn from those cards with those you earn with a premium Ultimate Rewards card like the Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold or Ink Plus, and then you can transfer out to partners from there.

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  • Chad Dietrich

    While this works, or should be noted Chase states Spouse or Domestic partner in Terms before transaction complete screen. Also worth noting you need to log into UR and click the Earn Faster button to see this option.

  • Adam

    Can points from the Chase Ink Cash and Classic card also be transferred to Sapphire, Bold, Plus?

  • BrettLMendez

    I keep finding Google chrome in my startup list on Windows 7, even though I keep unchecking it. It “magically” reappears. I guess that’s not (completely) evil. You can justify anything.

  • dee seiffer

    And you can transfer URs into other people’s transfer partner accounts, e.g. I can transfer my URs into Hubby’s Hyatt acct.

  • Joxxer

    Really? Whenever I asked Chase if I could combine points from a family members account they said spouse or domestic partner only

  • Aa

    TPG: you are incorrect!!! This is a huge no no!!!! People should not transfer the points to another persons account – it’s a violation of the TandCs!!! Your credit card will be shut down immediately. I surprised you are advising this!!!

    The only way to do this without violation the TandCs is if that person you want to transfer the points to is an authorized user that has been added to the credit card account then you can transfer points to that persons FF or hotel account. Otherwise any other transfers will be audited and CC a shut down immediately. That’s what I have read online that happens and chase reps have advised me of this too!!!

    Why are you not aware of this??? Not good to advise this as it may cause people’s accounts to be shut down.

  • Oh

    He would say anything to sell more Chase credit cards and could not care less whether people get shut down or not. He gets his $200-$300 commission anyways.

  • Aaron

    This is my understanding as well. You’re playing with fire if you do so. Hadn’t heard about the authorized user part though – thanks for that data point. I’ll have to call up Chase to confirm that’s the case because I’m an authorized user on my brother’s card and would love to transfer some of his UR points to my account for an upcoming trip.

  • Jt

    jealous much? create your own blog then

  • Bb

    That’s not true at all. My fiance just recently transferred 30,000 of her UR points to my UR account. I then transferred those points to Hyatt for another free night on our honeymoon. She even called in and had a Chase rep do the transfer for us. So yes, it is entirely possible to transfer to another UR account.

  • Carl

    But the T&C say that is against the rules to transfer to other than a spouse or partner. If you have a shared address, that would have been ok.

  • Ren

    Can my dad transfer his chase sapphire preferred UR points to my United mileage plus account.?

  • Zach

    I have to second this – if you transfer to a non-spouse, even if a family member, you are very likely to get your card canceled and revoked!

  • Jake J.

    You sound a little butthurt.

  • thepointsguy

    It is within the rules to transfer to spouses/business associates as I mention in the video. Did you watch the video and read the post?

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy


  • Narikin

    What nobody is explaining fully here is HOW to transfer points to a family member/ domestic partner. It is pretty well hidden on the UR web page. Do this: Hover your mouse over the ‘Earn Faster’ tab, and select the ‘Combine Ultimate Reward Points’ option from the drop-down menu. For some reason ‘Transferring Points’ is called ‘Combining Points’ in Chase-speak.

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Narikin. Seemed strange that this was not mentioned in the original post.

  • csolyn

    Thank you for this! They used to have it on the big side UR banner off the chase payment website. They removed it and I have been looking everywhere for it!

  • Beach4me

    Did you get any more info about transferring to an authorized users account ? Thanks.

  • Brad Folkers

    Now when I check there, I only get the option to combine points into “Other Chase Ultimate Rewards Card”, and not a British Airways account, for instance. I’m still looking for that option.

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