Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard Not Going Away

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With the American Airlines US Airways merger proceeding apace and yesterday’s big news that flyers of both airlines would be able to earn and redeem miles on either, speculation has been even more rampant than usual that the US Airways Mastercard from Barclaycard would be discontinued sometime soon. That’s because Citi will continue to offer the range of American Airlines cards and the US Airways Dividend program will eventually be folded into American’s AAdvantage program, but the complete merger of the airlines is still a good 18-24 months off according to AA reps.

To allay their cardholders’ concerns and put it out there that the card is still available to new customers, Barclaycard sent out the following email to cardholders this morning:

UnknownAs you can see, it states that “the card program is not going away…Your existing Dividend Miles and any new miles you earn are secure.” And it continues: “Keep using your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard. It’s the only cards that gives you access to exclusive benefits on US Airways – like Zone 2 priority boarding and the ability to earn Dividend Miles for every dollar you spend.” Then it also promises “new benefits, coming soon.”

So as I predicted, the US Airways Mastercard is going to be around for a while longer – I’m guessing about a year or so – which means there is still plenty of time to leverage this card even as the two airlines start to align more closely. In fact, it could be a great opportunity to up your mileage balance since Citi issues the American AAdvantage credit cards and Barlcaycard is the issuer of this one. When the airlines eventually do merge their mileage programs, you can consolidate the bonuses of your credit cards from each into a single account.

Here are the current details on the US Airways Mastercard including benefits in addition to the sign-up bonus:

  • 35,000 bonus miles with first purchase (see note below on another possible bonus*)
  • Earn 2 miles per $1 on US Airways purchases
  • Earn 1 mile per $1 spent everywhere else
  • Redeem flights for 5,000 fewer miles. Reward travel now starts at only 20,000 miles
  • Annual companion certificate good for up to 2 companion tickets at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
  • Earn up to 10,000 Preferred-qualifying miles every calendar you spend $25,000 or more on purchases
  • 10,000 bonus miles on the account anniversary
  • First class check-in
  • One complimentary US Airways Club day pass every year
  • $89 annual fee waived the first year

So as you can see, it’s got some great features including that calendar year spending bonus of Preferred-qualifying miles, a 10,000-mile anniversary bonus, priority check-in and boarding, and an annual companion ticket. All in all, it’s a great credit card product and a lot of potential bonus miles considering the $89 annual fee is waived the first year.

Plus, my guess is that if the card is eventually discontinued and Citi becomes the only American Airlines credit card issuer, Barclaycard will transition cardholders to the Arrival, as it is in the process of doing with former Virgin America Visa cardholders, which is one of my top travel credit card picks these days. (For more information on this card, read my review here, and then check out this post for details on its Travel Bonus Category and Redemption Options, and this one for ideas on the Top 10 Ways To Maximize Barclaycard Arrival Miles.)

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  • Dean

    I’ve read on a few websites that Barclay’s phone reps tell customers who try to cancel their US Air Mastercards that they will lose any unused miles earned with their cards. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Guest

    Where’s the note below on the other bonus? Did I miss it?

  • TS

    Does anyone have a best guess about when we’ll be able to transfer miles between programs? Soon? March 31? Next year?

  • thepointsguy

    I’d guess later this year..maybe summer/fall?

  • thepointsguy

    Not true..most phone agents are clueless and will do whatever it takes for you to keep the card (looks better for them)

  • Allison

    What’s the anniversary bonus? I certainly don’t get one nor do I see it on the benefits page.

  • HT

    Is it true you can get more than one of these cards, I already have one from 2012.

  • JBN

    Does anyone know how these miles will count towards your Million Miler Balance once the two programs are combined?

  • thepointsguy

    No they will not

  • thepointsguy

    It might not have been part of the specific offer you applied for, but in the one that I link to, the terms include this: “Anniversary Bonus Miles: Beginning with the
    first anniversary of Account opening and every anniversary thereafter,
    Cardmembers will be awarded 10,000 Anniversary Miles. Anniversary miles
    will be reflected on the billing statement following payment of your
    Annual Fee, if applicable.”

  • LarryInNYC

    It’s exceedingly unlikely that they will “claw back” miles from your US Airways account. However, if you have outstanding miles that you’re due from the card that have not yet been deposited in your US Airways account, you may well lose those. For instance, these cards have been running opt-in category bonuses for the last couple of quarters. Those bonuses are said to post 8 to 12 weeks after the end of the bonus period. If you were to cancel your card in that period, I assume any unposted miles would never materialize.

  • Charlie

    Barlcays reps are even sometimes confused by this one. The US Air card I applied for in 2011 came with a 10,000 bonus on the first anniversary only (2012 yes, 2013 no, closed it). The one I got in 2013 has the terms as above. Though I really cant imagine this card being around in 2016 for folks applying now to be too concerned!

  • MileValue

    I’m very interested in when this card will stop accepting new applications. Unfortunately I don’t think this letter sheds any light on the subject. As a thought experiment: What would this letter look like if Barclaycard knew it would stop accepting apps on April 1 but would let existing users use the card until July 1? Probably exactly like this.

    (I pulled those dates out of thin air to avoid having to make the sentence so general that it was hard to follow. Those dates are meaningless.)

  • AC

    i would like to ask same question. i got a card on july 2013, would love to apply for a second one if possible sometime 1Q 2014 and try to get the bonus miles again.. anyone have any luck getting that? data points would be much appreciated

  • Andrew

    Call me a naysayer but I see nothing in the email about the
    card staying around for a while. Yes it probably will stay around for several months or more but they are not saying anything
    about 6+ months or so. I am used to writing corporate speak and that is what they sent out. It is all facts but really says nothing new. This is how I interpret this from my viewpoint.

    “Most important, the card program is not going away.”

    Translation: You still earn miles with the card as of today on 1/6 with the new benefits announced. However, we are not making any promises about the future.

    “It’s getting better! Your existing Dividend Miles and any new miles you earn are secure.”

    Translation: Your DM miles are not going away with the
    merger. They are safe. No miles earned on the card will be wiped out. As a benefit, you now can use your DM miles to book AA flights, due to the website changes.

    “Plus, coming soon you’ll have more ways to earn miles around the world with codeshare between US Airways and American Airlines.”

    Translation: You can get double miles when you use the card to book AA flights that are booked under the codeshare as a US Airways ticket.

    “Keep using your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard. It’s the only card that gives you access to exclusive benefits on US Airways—like Zone 2 priority boarding and the ability to earn Dividend Miles for every dollar you spend”

    Translation: Keep using the card we need the revenue. You still
    have the zone 2 boarding and other benefits of the card you had in the past. You can not get these with the Citi card when flying US Airways, we are the only ones who provide that.

    “Be on the lookout for information about new benefits, coming soon.”

    Translation: As the programs and technology implement more
    items, your DM miles will be ably t o do more (maybe transfer to AA miles). We need you to keep our card so we want to tease you as to more things coming but they will not be earth shattering announcements. It probably will be benefits you used to get only on US Airways but now will apply to AA flights too.

  • MYRflyer

    Agree, had the pleasure of cancelling this card twice so far, and both times the barclays rep was very persistent on me not closing the card.

  • MYRflyer

    Spot on Andrew, I thought the very same as I read my email today.

  • ABC

    What about the 10k after $25k spent?
    Will this be combined with your AA earnings this year?

  • Paul S

    Any idea if the companion certificates are good on AA flights?

  • todd w

    is it 35k for signing up or 30k? When I clicked on the promo, I only see the 30k sign up bonus

  • MYRflyer

    There is a 35k Annual Fee waived link on FT thread.

  • Eduardo

    I have had this card since Dec 2012 and the annual fee just hit my last statement. If I cancel it right now, can I get a new one in a near future? Thanks

  • cthej

    No first bag checked free with this card. Grrrr.
    I found that out the hard way. Booked my ticket with the card, and just presumed the bag would be a gimmie. My two other airline cards are set up that way. This one, not so.
    Luckily, I was Star Alliance Silver, and got the bag checked free by invoking that. But USAir leaves Star Alliance for One World in the near future (I think it’s March, if I recall correctly.)

  • MilesRunner

    First class check-in
    This is for US only, not US and AA, right?

  • JD

    This, like most CCs, can be cancelled online. Why have an uncomfortable conversation with a CSR? Just log into your account online and send a message “Please cancel this account”. That usually does it. Occasionally, you’ll have to send a follow-up message to confirm.

  • dcp

    This is a great question. Any answers?

  • Rajeev Jog

    Are the US AIrways Barclay Mastercard companion tickets eligible to accrue mileage??

  • Patrick

    US airways/Barclays should tell you about the $100+ dollar fee that it charges when you purchase a ticket using points

  • Kevin Davis

    I think that the new American will choose Citi..

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