Amazing Deal Alert: Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard Bonus Up To 100,000 Miles

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Update: The 100,000 mile offer for the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard is no longer available. View the current offer here

Last week, I wrote about an amazing sign-up bonus offer for the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard that came with 75,000 American Airlines miles when you spend $7,500 in the first 3 months of cardmembership, but today, TPG reader Lauri let me know she stopped by the Admirals Club at JFK and was offered the credit card with a 100,000-mile sign-up bonus for spending $10,000 in the first 3 months plus $200 in statement credits on purchases in the first 12 months.

Citi has upped the offer to 100,000 miles.

Citi has upped the offer to 100,000 miles.

While the application in the lounge comes with a specific agent code, the 100K offer is also available at this link. It does ask for a 6-digit agent referral code and airport code, but even if you just fill in your name, it directs you to the application page.

Here are the rest of the terms:

  • Apply now, get the card and earn 100,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after making $10,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership. Also, earn up to $200 in statement credits — earn $1 in statement credits for each $1 spent on purchases within the first 12 months of cardmembership.
  • Elevate the way you travel with these luxury benefits: Admirals Club membership (a membership value of up to $475)
  • Earn 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles after spending $40,000 in purchases each calendar year
  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases
  • Earn two AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases, including US Airways codeshare flights booked on
  • Priority Boarding and 25% savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • Your first eligible checked bag is free
  • SmartChip technology
  • Expert Concierge Service
  • $450 Annual Fee

That $10,000 spending requirement is steep for some folks, but there are plenty of fast ways to meet minimum spend for bonuses, and this is the highest we’ve seen the bonus offer on this card – and as high as it’s likely to go in my opinion – so if you have been holding off on getting it, now is the time.

The one thing that seems to hold people back on getting this card is that hefty $450 annual fee. The value proposition of this benefit  has recently changed since the Amex Platinum and Business Platinum cards will no longer allow access to American Admirals Clubs or US Airways Clubs starting March 22, 2014. However, this card will include access to both as part of its benefits package.

Certain transcontinental flyers get access to American's Admirals Clubs.

This card will get you into American Admirals and US Airways clubs.

This card is also potentially very valuable because it allows you to earn 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles each year you spend $40,000 or more in purchases, which is one of the best travel credit card calendar year spending bonuses out there. Those miles might be just the bump you need to hit that next elite status threshold and at the top tier of Executive Platinum, that includes valuable perks like unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades (no more banking on 500-mile upgrade requests), 8 annual EVIP systemwide upgrades on any published paid fare – which can equate to thousands of dollars per flight in value – a 100% elite mileage bonus (Platinums get this as well), waived fees on ticketing and award mileage reinstatement.

If you just got the 75,000-mile offer from last week, it might be worth calling up Citi and asking them to bump you to the 100,000-mile offer instead and say you’ll be willing to meet the extra spending requirements. It never hurts to ask! And if any of you do this, please report on your experience in the comments.

Caveat: The link I have provided is not my own, so I cannot say that you’ll absolutely get the 100,000 miles if you apply and are accepted without including an agent referral code. However, since the bonus is explicitly stated on the application page, you might be in luck, and you should definitely take a screenshot of the offer you apply for as proof in case you get an acceptance offer that varies.

If you do decide to apply report back on your outcome in the comments below.

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  • Amol

    If the Admirals Clubs agents get a referral credit for this, I think I’ll wait until I see my favorite AAngel at LAX to see if I can use her agent code.

  • ER

    How long do you have to wait between Citi applications?

  • Brian

    Anyone who jumped on the presivous deal have any luck with citi matching it?

  • Shawn

    This is really tempting. I definitely think given the huge bonus and statement credits that this is a must get card right now!

  • Michelle

    I signed up for the 50,000 bonus points card (with the much cheaper fee). Can I get this one as well?

  • Wildcat1

    Shawn or others, can someone explain how the statement credits work ? Couldn’t find anything in the disclosures other than excludes returned products. Thanks

  • Bob

    Is the statement credits for any purchases. That would make the effective annual fee for first year $250 right (450 – 200)?

  • Zach B

    The CSR I spoke to through the Citi reconsideration line said I would need to re-apply through the new offer. They are unable to adjust once the account is approved.

  • Dave

    Is the link working for anyone right now?

  • davep

    I couldn’t get to it with Safari but used Chrome and it worked

  • Amol

    For every $1 you have in AA purchases, you’ll get a $1 statement credit. Thus, you’ll get $200 of “free” AA purchases (gift cards, flights, etc.).

  • goo

    does the lounge access allow guesting at all?

  • davep

    Just got approved for a card for myself and one for my wife. 200,000 miles can get us a lot of places.

  • LAKnight

    It is really tempting but I am gonna pass. Spending $10,000 in 3 months is kinda tough… I would apply if it is spending $10,000 in 6 months.

  • Wildcat1

    Amol, thanks so just AA purchases, is there anywhere it lays out what is a valid purchase towards statement credit ? Thanks again !

  • Linda

    I got the card with the 60k offer in December. My first statement closed on Dec 12, and I have yet to see the miles from it credited to my AAdvantage account. I also completed my spend prior to the January statement close (1/12), and have yet to see the bonus miles and the Dec and Jan spend miles in my AAdvantage account. Citi and AA tell me it’s slow due to system updates with US Air merger (who knows for sure, though). Just beware that if you are planning a trip soon with these miles, it may literally take 8-10 weeks or more to get the miles into your AAdvantage account.

  • TP

    I signed up for the Citi AA Mastercard and Amex a little over a year ago and also the Citi Business Card a month back. What are the chances of being approved for this card? Am assuming a call to the reconsideration line will be required given 3 Citi AA cards. Thanks!

  • davep

    You can leave the agent name and airport blank and the application still loads

  • davep

    I have had a Citi AA Visa for a couple years and also just got the Citi Business card a month or so ago and was approved instantly.

  • Karl Mitchell

    Thanks for the heads up. My application was accepted, but I did have to phone. It seems that’s the norm for this card. And in response to some concerns below, this DOES count as a different product from other Citi AAdvantage credit cards. I successfully applied for the Platinum World MC back in May 2013, so well under a year ago.

  • question

    if i have the citi platinum for a year, can i still apply and get the bonus?

  • BigTex

    Got a pending decision, no instant approval here. :/

  • BigTex

    Instant or did you call in?

  • Mile High Canuck

    Isn’t that $10,000 spending minimum going to be a bigger problem than usual, since this is a Citi product, and that pretty much eliminates gift cards as a possible way to manufacture spend?

  • davep

    Instant – no call needed.

  • kenme1

    I got the this card in Dec 2013 with the 60k mile offer and when the 75k offer came out recently I SM CIti and they changed the offer to the 75k miles with an addtional $1500 in spend, great I thought. Now I see this 100k mile offer, once again sent a SM to Citi asking them to expend this offer to me. I’ll let you know what happens.

  • ss

    dan please answer: will they match this offer pleaseee, i applied for the 75 and want to get the 100

  • tringuyen82

    this isnt dan’s deals SO….

  • islanbum

    Please let us know if you get the 100k … I just received my card today for the 75k for $7500 spend but I’d rather have the 100k deal

  • Herbtrain

    If I were to get this card and add my wife as an additional cardholder, would she also get the benefits (and is there an additional annual fee)? Unlike the AmEx Platinum, I didn’t see anything in the terms and conditions relating to additional cardholders, so if TPG or anybody could tell me, that would be great. Thanks!

  • FlavCity

    Approved instantly! essentially a $250 annual fee. #BestDealofTheYear. Thx TPG!

  • Sal

    Authorized users do not get the benefits. You are allowed to bring up family members or up to 2 guests with you into the lounge, however.

  • FlavCity

    no benefits or additional fees for the additional card.

  • shonuffharlem

    What can the statement credits be used for?

  • Matthew London

    I applied for the 75k offer on Saturday and just called asking if they could move me to the 100k offer. They said they would pass my request along to marketing and get back to me by the end of the week. We shall see…

  • Charlie

    These terms are included:

    1 This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is only valid for new applicants
    for a Citi®/AAdvantage® account applied for pursuant to this offer and
    is not available to existing cardmembers or recent applicants for a
    Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card.

    Problem for existing Citi AA Business or Personal cardholders?

  • Eli Stoughton

    Whatever you want to use them for. They are credits that will just come off of your balance.

  • Eli Stoughton

    It should be 2 Guests or immediate family, unless its a partner lounge that says otherwise.

  • Benji

    Am I correct in believing that if you already have an AAdvantage card from Citi in the last year, you can not get the bonus from this card?

  • Stuart

    I applied on Friday and after the “call” prompt, was approved at the 75k offer. They overnighted me the Terms/Conditions and told me to expect my card next week. Then, needless to say, I saw this just now and was not as happy. I called the customer service # on the letter and told them that the TOC was wrong and I had the 100k offer but my TOC said 75k. They bellied up an extra 15k in miles for an additional $1500 spend in 3 months but would not do anything on the other $100 credit because I was locked in on the 75k offer. 90k for $9000 spend in 90 days. Better than I stood this morning, but would have rather spent $250 for 100k miles. Appreciate the heads up because it got me 15k more miles!

  • Stuart

    Matthew- read my reply above. With some proper coercion, you can get them to 90k for $9k spend in 90 days but an outright match to 100k is not going to happen easily.

  • losonn

    They told me the same thing when I called for a match from 60k -> 75k + $100 statement credit. Time to call in yet again *sigh*

  • Matt

    Does anyone know if I can get a receipt for the annual fee for corporate expenses? I just got approval to expense lounge access, but need some type of proof that the annual fee basically equates to the lounge membership fee.

  • hayan Kim

    Does Citi not allow gift cards to be part of minimum spending?

  • Josh

    Didnt get an instant which is odd given my credit rating. Called in an the rep said she needed to verify my address. She said the system still wouldn’t approve. Said the call center has long holds to that approval dept and to call back in the evening…

  • KN

    Only if you’re poor.

  • Mile High Canuck

    Ha, ha. What I mean is: Citi has a reputation for classifying the purchase of gift cards as “cash advances”, and charging cash advance fees and interest on them. My guess is, cash advances would not count towards the minimum spend.

  • Justin

    I wonder how long Citi will have this offer up and available. I couldn’t find an “offer good til” date anywhere.

  • Laura

    Can someone please help me understand how it’s not easier to just buy 75,000 AA miles (currently, there’s an offer, so you pay $1650 for 60,000 and you get 75,000) and buy AA Admirals Club membership. This is less than $2K. Other than MSing $10K, I’m not sure how I could meet the $10K spend in 3 months. That would give me a lot of stress. What am I missing here? Please, no haters. It’s a legitimate question. I’m trying to understand how investing my time in MSing 10K in 3 months is better than spending $2K to get a bit less. Clarification: I’m not interested in EQMs since I always fly Economy.

  • ken

    just got in. app still live

  • Temo

    Applied, had to call the reconsideration line and the agent told me that they are getting a high number of these applications/calls and I would need to call back tomorrow to allow time for the application to process. haha :)

  • LarryInNYC

    For people who spend a lot of money, hitting 10K in three months is not that hard (3.3K per month, or 40K on an annual basis).

    For people who don’t normally have that much spend, manufacturing it could be as little as two trips to CVS and $80 in frees.

    The difference between paying $330 for 100K miles and $2000 for the same miles is $1670. Hard to imagine anyone who has that much money to invest in miles would have that much trouble hitting the spend threshold.

  • Kyle

    Spending close to zero with MS is better than spending $1650. You’d spend $55 if you went with 3 APs and 14 VRs to hit the spend.

  • Laura

    I think this is an excellent question. TPG? Anyone? How can we MS this thing???

  • CBR1735

    I just got the 75K card and saw your website, I called in, they weren’t “aware” of offer and then asked me to fax in a print of the offer from the website. They said they would put it on my account.

  • Laura

    I’ve considered this. However, I live in NYC and finding places that accept CCs for loading up VRs is close to impossible. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  • Mikah ruddy

    Can somebody give me the number for Citi call in number? My page expired and I lost the number

  • Evan

    Success with a match!

    Applied for the 75k offer last week, and still waiting for a card. I called customer relations at 888-766-2484 and provided the description of the offer and URL. The CSR called me back after about 10 minutes and confirmed the match. She mentioned I’d receive confirmation by mail within 5-7 business days and to refer to our conversation by name/date if there were any followups needed.

    Fingers crossed this goes through!

  • Ken

    How does Citi know what you buy at CVS or anywhere else?

  • Andy

    Applied. I had to call and was then told the application was completed but it requires a, “manager to sign off”. Anyone else experience this?

  • Paul Teixeira

    I just called and got them to change to the 100K 10k/3mo spending offer from my original 60K offer 5K/3mo, which I signed up and approved only 2 weeks ago. I hope it actually works. :)

  • Nate

    Got the approval after a chat with the rep (not sure what that was about). Going to downgrade the AMEX Platinum. $200 statement credit +100K miles…too good to pass up.

  • Mile High Canuck

    It’s a pretty common experience, and I’ve run into it myself … Citi absolutely knows what you’ve bought at CVS (or anywhere), because your purchase contains coded category information about everything you’re buying, not just the final total. I’ve used a Citi card to purchase a Visa GC at a grocery store, and it showed up on my account as a cash advance instead of a purchase.

  • Eli Stoughton

    As long as it doesn’t happen with Vanilla Reloads, then I’m okay with it. Have you had any experience with Vanilla Reloads and Citi?

  • Ken

    Man, that’s a bummer… I thought it was like buying stuff at an office store with an Ink card and Chase didn’t know what exactly you were buying.

  • Mikah ruddy

    Can you please give the phone number I lost it.

  • Laura

    Thanks, Larry. Since you’re in NYC, maybe we can take this discussion off line. I live in Bklyn. I dont’ have that much to spend. And I certainly don’t want to spend $2K to purchase miles, but since there’re no VRs in any of the CVS locations I go to, I can only MS through AP, which means only $3K, which leaves me with another $7K in MS. In fact, even in Manhattan, I can’t seem to find CVSs who sells VRs and let you pay with a CC. I’m happy to email offline. If you can help me figure out where I can find some, I’d be very grateful. I’m still new to this. Thank you.

  • Nate


  • Mile High Canuck

    ‘Fraid not …. no CVS in Colorado. But I’d research the Citi threads in FlyerTalk if I were you, just to be safe.

  • Laura

    I don’t have that kind of money. My question was partially hypothetically because I can’t MS that much in 3 months because I simply can’t find any CVS that will allow me to load up VRs with a cc. So, I’m stuck at MSing $3K through AP, but can’t do VRs. Everywhere I go, they demand cash. I certainly haven’t exhausted the possibilities, but I’m a mom to a young toddler and also have a full-time job, so I don’t have a whole lot of time to check out every inch of the city. I can’t find any in Bklyn, but again my search hasn’t been exhaustive. Please contact me offline, lftemes_at_gmail_dot_com if you feel you could point me in the right direction re: locations that do accept cc. I’m still new to this. Thank you.

  • michaelspain

    BAM, approved! Just took 5 mins, w/a brief phone call. Thx @ThePointsGuy. W/my new SWA Companion Pass – also a TPG score – I’m high rollin’ in 2014!

  • Eli Stoughton

    Looks like everyone says they are fine. I bought one Vanilla Reload at a CVS with a Citi AA card before and it was fine.

  • BT

    I have been buying VRs for months at my c v s in RVA for months with no issue to meet 10k spend on HHonors Reserve. I plan on continuing to do so for this.

  • Yi

    Thanks for sharing the deal. Just applied and was asked to call 800-695-5171 to provide more info. However, when i called, the agent asked me to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning to call 1-888-201-4523, saying that I need to talk with that special unit to discuss the credit limit or something…

  • John

    Ugh. Instant approval, but just got Platinum version a few weeks ago. Anyone have any info/experience with this?

  • Wildcat1

    Even if the GC is purchased as part of another transaction ?

  • Mile High Canuck

    Thanks, Eli. I had a chance to do a little research in the FlyerTalk threads and the experiences are overwhelmingly positive; it looks like Citi treats Vanilla Reloads differently than Gift Cards. It’s (almost) certain that Citi will treat Vanilla purchases as regular credit card purchases. Now … all I have to do is find someplace that will let me buy Vanillas with a credit card. Flying 800 miles to get to the closest CVS is not an option.

  • LA Lisa

    just got it — I was going to cancel my other AA card that I’ve had for years anyway bec I wanted to apply for another and get the bonus points — perfect timing. Thank you, thank you

  • Justin

    Was disappointed to see this excellent offer 7 days after doing my January app-o-rama. However, I decided to give it a shot and even though I expected to get denied due to too many inquiries and also since I got the AAdvantage Platinum Visa in October. However, after verifying information over the phone I was accepted and the offer terms were confirmed exactly as you said them! Essentially 100,000 miles and Admirals Club membership for $250 if you factor in the $200 credit, incredible offer!

  • Wildcat1

    MHC, so the consensus is VRL….YES, MC and VISA GC….NO even if hundreds of dollars of ‘other’ items purchased in same transaction ?

  • Kevin

    apply and approved. confirmed with representative about the offer 100k miles after 10k spend in 3 months and $200 statement credit for any purchases. Thank TPG

  • Guest

    Laura: Isn’t the difference also that you would be spending $2K for something you wouldn’t be getting any additional value from, whereas if you make the $10K spend from items you would be buying away, then represents almost no ADDITIONAL out of pocket cost to you? I understand that you may have trouble meeting the $10K spend, but as a general matter, wouldn’t it be a better deal if you weren’t simply handing $2K to AA for benefits that you can get for handing $450 to AA and using their card to buy things you need anyway?

  • JMSL

    Is there some kind of glitch, or are a ton of people named Benji getting in on this deal?

  • Jennifer

    I was thinking of paying off my taxes with it? You think the convenience fee would be worth it?

  • Tim

    Amazon Payments – I have 2 accounts for myself & and my wife. That’s 12k in 3 months.

  • Tim

    I meant 2 accounts each

  • Tim

    Create 2 Amazon accounts for yourself and spouse/companion/friend, that’s $12k in 3 months in MS spend

  • Temo

    I’ve been buying VMs on Citi at CVS with no problem. It counts.

  • Gary (Dad to GO)

    Hi Everyone,

    Originally called and was told that they were too busy and to check back later or online. I then tried calling this number 1-866-606-2787 and was instantly on with a representative who was able to approve me on the spot. Thanks TPG!

  • Temo

    Update: I called 1-800-695-5171, I got an Agent from Maryland (usually Sioux Falls) who states their system is unavailable at this time and to call Wednesday or Thursday. First time I have experienced this.

  • Temo

    How long ago was that? I just called that number and I was told to call back in 24-48 hours b/c their system was down.

  • Fidele Love

    I applied for the 75k offer last Friday and saw your article for 100k today. I called Citi and they said they can put in a request for me for the 100k since my card is fairly new. They will mail me a letter once there is a confirmation that I got it. Thanks for the tip!

  • orochi0311

    I JUST called (about 5mins ago) and while I was instantly on with a representative, like Temo’s reply, I was also told that due to call volume, my app would be processed in 24-48 hours.

  • Mr. Ken

    Does Citi charge cash advance fees for aa gift card purchases?

  • Brian

    I just got the 90k points and $100 statement credit offer for 9k in spend in three months from my 75k points $100 statement credit and 7.5k of spend in 3 months.

  • gtg5017

    WOOOO! Had applied for the 75K offer last week, and called to see if they would match the current offer. They did me one better and added 20K to my bonus for the same amount of spend. So I’ll get 95K for $7500 spend in 3 months!

    For those wondering, I called 888-766-2484 and had a wonderful agent named Melissa help me out. Best of luck to everyone looking to match!

  • JJ

    Just called them agent told me that I have to have an offer sent to me via mail or e-mail and without that they cannot update my card… Any advice will help thanks

  • Gary (Dad to GO)

    @disqus_iOJXOFWhGq:disqus it was literally within the last 30 minutes…

  • Mile High Canuck

    Well, let’s crack open a nice frosty can of Math. The best convenience fee for paying your taxes with a MasterCard, I think, is 1.88%. If you paid $10,000 with the new card, that would take care of your minimum spend for a grand total of $188. Add that to the $450 for the card’s fee, and you’re looking at 110,000 AA miles (the 100K bonus + one mile per buck spent) for $638. That comes out to less than two-thirds of a cent per mile. If you work in the $200 statement credit, you can take that down to $438, well under half a cent per AA mile. I’d call that a pretty good deal, and a lot more convenient than running around on Vanilla hunts.

  • Yi

    to update. I called the 1-888-201-4523 to talk with someone. The agent approved initially with 5K credit line and was able to move 3K from one of my old cards to make the new card 8K. She also said the application needs a signature from her supervisor and that person is pretty busy now. She asked me to wait for another one or two days to get everything finalized. Seems a lot of people applying for this card tonight.

  • Steve

    Hmmm, I must be having the worst luck because I called 888-766-2484 3 times and I have not been able to convince them to convert me to the 100K from 75K despite other people below seemingly being able to. All of my agents sound like they’re in the Philippines. Is this anyone else’s experience? I haven’t received the card yet so maybe I’ll try after that.

  • Thomas

    Literally just applied. Got the call 800-695-5171 screen. Called and got a rep in MD who told me systems were down, call tomorrow. Immediately called 866-606-2787 and got another rep in MD who said the reason for the call-in screen was “due to the offer terms, the 100k bonus specifically, they wanted to verify that I had actually applied, myself.” I verified some of the app info I’d entered, and the rep said it could now be sent for final approval.

  • Mark

    I initially applied at the 60k level a few weeks ago. My application was still pending because I kept forgetting to send them a utility statement. Just called and was told to cancel my initial application and file a new one because the 100k promotion has different terms and conditions. Was told that cancelling the 60k application would not have an impact on whether I am approved for 100k.

  • Mark

    have you moved to the address recently? i’ve never applied for a cc with my current address and they also requested address verification. i have a strong credit rating.

  • WBTM

    CVS in NYC may not have vanillas but they have any number of other gift cards which can be purchased.

  • SimonZX

    Just to add a bit: I have both AA visa & amex open for a year when i applied for this card today. I was approved after calling the number. No question asked. Good deal!

  • Matt

    Applied through the link above, called right after I hit submit, waited about 5 minutes to talk to a rep and was approve for 100K miles and $200 statement credit. Worked out great. She said this was the first day for the offer and it’s been busy.

  • r0m8470

    Hi, would you mind explaining this? How can Amazon accounts help in meeting the requirements? And what is exactly ‘MS spend’? In my world, MS is Microsoft … which I don’t think is the case here.

  • Dr Dan

    Did you 100% confirm that if you have an existing AA credit card that you are eligible for the 100k offer? People are saying they have an existing AA credit card but that they are still approved. While they may be approved, I don’t think those people know if they are going to get the 100k miles. I’d hate to get approved, spend 10k, then not get the100k miles.

  • r0m8470

    Regarding the Admirals club, how many guest can a lounge member bring with him/her at any given time? Say if I travel with my spouse and parents, that’s three additional persons. Will the lounge allow admitting that many additional guests for a single member?

  • Casey

    Applied online and was approved instantly. Called to see if they could expedite shipment of the card and was told that they cannot. Anyone have any luck getting the card overnighted to them?

  • Scooter

    I was approved with the 75k offer on Saturday with a credit line of $19,000 so I decided to make the call to see if they would upgrade the offer when I saw this. I tried the numbers listed here as well as the number they gave me after I was approved and I am having no luck. I have called three times and each time have been told the same thing…basically I need to cancel the card when I get it and and re-apply for the new offer if it is still available. They are all saying this is a separate offer and it cannot be changed…however I know this just isn’t completely true. My wife had the original 60k offer on hers and I did the 75k offer they told her they couldn’t upgrade her offer but would just give her the additional miles, and I see the posts here saying they have had other results. I guess I just keep on calling.

  • Seth Meyerowitz

    i was able to apply and got a “needs further review”. i have a lot of credit pulls over the last six months and assumed id get a straight out denial, if not after the review. i called up and was surprised to get approval after chatting with the rep for a couple minutes.

    he suggested a credit line swap from a current, open card/line, to the new card. considering i was only given a 5K line on the new card i said great, move 10K from my old card to the new.

    he reviewed again and said that hed have to have a secondary underwriter approve it all because they were so inundated with calls on this offer. i got nervous but the rep assured me i should be fine.

    he told me to check back in 24 hours to the site or call the 800 number…. just checked back about 4 hours later.

    approved and card is on it’s way. boom shakalaka….

  • Seth Meyerowitz

    i also have 2 other citi AA cards for the personal and another for my business…. all reasons i thought i would not be approved on top on my 9+ card apps since september…. but alas.

  • Joe

    Laura – can you redeem the 75,000 points for $1650 of value? I think the point is that you get this card if you put ~$3.3 spend on cards every month anyway (or if you are planning on a big purchase). Or if you are willing to do the Bluebird/Vanilla Reload thing or something equivalent.

  • Joe

    One more thought is that there are options for AA signup bonuses with lower spend (like the 75K for $7500 in spend). Maybe that would be a better option.

  • Michael Heffner

    Applied, called the phone # given, held for 22 mins told to call back in 24-48 hours. That was fun. I was waiting on a big offer to trigger my aor

  • Traveling Man

    I just applied online and got instantly approved. Then called 866-606-2787 to verify I got the 100k bonus miles and it was confirmed. Didn’t need to enter agent referral number on the application. Thanks for the info.

  • Jeffrey

    I applied the 75K offer last week and just received the card with 75K bonus. When I called this evening, they bump me up to 100K bonus but not the $200 credit. I should try to call them later.

  • Cameron

    No. You’re allowed two guests.

  • Peter

    I got the card with 60k bonus in December, increased it to 75 and now 90 with this new offer. Just call. They must be getting lots of calls about this and it was no problem. No additional spending requirement added.

  • Scooter

    So did you activate the card before calling or not? I cannot get them to bump me no matter what I try. I still haven’t received the card so I don’t know if that is the issue or what. I will try calling in the morning and see if my luck improves.

  • Laura

    Hi Joe,
    I think that’s what I’ll end up doing. Doing the VR is tough in NYC, because a lot of CVS don’t accept credit card payments; I’ve tried a bunch and they all demand cash or debit card, so it’s looking like the 75K will be easier for me. Thanks!

  • Ethan

    I got the same offer but they won’t add the 200 dollar statement credit. I was told that I only have 100. The rep kept insisting that it was a personally targeted offer. anyone else get a different result?

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- I got this card with a 50k signup last year even though I had three other Visa/MC/Amex AA Citi cards in the past

  • thepointsguy

    Generally if Citi says you’re approved and eligible for the offer they come through with the miles. With everyone’s reports, I’d say it looks likely you can get the bonus, even if you’ve had/have other Citi AA cards.

  • thepointsguy

    Never hurts to ask!

  • thepointsguy

    Yes since this is a different product. Citi allows you to get bonuses as long as you’ve never had that specific card before

  • thepointsguy

    In my experience it is AA purchases that trigger the statement credit

  • thepointsguy

    Once again.. never hurts to ask! 90k AA miles is an impressive haul for a single credit card, even though it does take some spend and an annual fee.

  • Charlie

    Where is the 1.88% tax payment deal?
    I once bought a VR at 7-11 in Denver (16th and Colorado) with a Chase card but 20 VRs is still $100 + time and effort. $188 from home and done is well worth it!.
    FYI The City of Denver now takes credit cards at NO FEE for all property taxes, sales taxes, etc.

  • thepointsguy

    A line item on a credit card receipt won’t count? It will show as an annual fee- maybe just attach the card benefits from to show that it provides lounge access?

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t believe that it correct based on everyone else’s experience in the comments so far…

  • thepointsguy

    Nicely done.. I’m jealous since I got this card last fall at 50k sign-up!

  • Jeffrey

    I called them after activating the card. I called the number on the card.

  • Charlie

    Datapoint: Instant approval with very high credit line. Fico 817. Currently have Citi AA personal and business cards.

  • Jessica

    Can I just buy 20 Vanilla Reload cards at CVS during 3 months period to meet the $10k minimum spending and paid this cc bills by bluebird? Will it raise a suspicion from Citi ? thanks.

  • Miles Momma

    Ditto! Same story here!

  • Karl Mitchell

    Yes. 100%. I even confirmed the $200 statement credit. The same has been reported on multiple other blogs, FlyerTalk, etc.

  • Karl Mitchell

    I’d strongly recommend NOT doing this. Not only are Citi going to get suspicious at your unusual spending habits, but also it’s just as likely to raise suspicion from Bluebird. By all means buy some Vanilla Reloads along with other spending, but please don’t abuse our little earner too much, or the loophole we have will be closed very quickly. As a general rule, I try not to let my spending on VRs exceed 50% of spend on any given credit card, and use my Bluebird primarily to pay mortgage and other non-credit card friendly bills.

  • Yati

    So, buying 2 $100 AA gift cards on their website would get me a $200 statement credit?

  • Tom J.

    If you sign up for this card, and cannot justify the annual fee for another year, do all miles earned remain in your AA account if you cancel the card? I see the old post from the United Card, and I was wondering if anyone knows if canceling this card when the new annual fee is due will also allow me to retain the points.

  • Mile High Canuck

    Here’s an article the Frequent Miler wrote last year. I’m sure that TPG will have an updated version for this tax season soon.

  • losonn

    Called and requested a 75k match (from 60k) two days ago and they said they were pushing the request over to marketing (or something similar) for approval. Called again last night about the 100k / $200 statement credit and got the same response plus a commitment to a call / letter within 7 days.

    Anyone get a firmer match worth pressing for from frontline CS? From escalation to a supervisor? Time to HUACB again?

    For reference I was approved for the 60k offer in mid-December and already received the bonus on my January statement.

  • Thomas

    Called back (the first #) this morning to follow-up. Approval confirmed! Offer terms confirmed: 100k+$200 credit for $10k in 3 mos. Thank you TPG!!!

  • Michael Heffner

    Got through first thing this morning. I already have a ton of cl with them. Moved some around. Good to go.

  • LarryInNYC

    I’ve had success buying VRs at CVS in New Jersey, where I am frequently on business. But even without that, I’ll probably have close to 10K spend in the next three months — heating oil, camp for two children, and some travel expenses will probably do it. I haven’t applied for this card yet, but when I do later today I will probably get one each for me and my wife, so 20K spend in two months — that will probably involve some VR.

  • Anon

    Does Citi still reimburse annual fees for Citigold customers, and does this card qualify?

  • Temo

    Amazon Payment accounts. I think he meant manufactured spend. But I might be wrong.

  • SpncrChi .

    Been on hold 10 mins so far to varify. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Wildcat1

    TPG/Brian can you offer your insight on GCs in other transactions purchased with Citi ? A number of people here wondering about how the spend req could work on this one. Thanks

  • nda

    On hold here as well.

  • nda

    Call the 866 number. Got on instantly.

  • portakal

    TPG – question for you: my husband got this card yesterday and I’m planning to apply for another Citi AA card in a few months (so we can stagger the minimum spending requirement) hoping to get 50K or higher signup bonus. If he adds me as an authorized user to this card, will I be eligible for another such card? Thank you!

  • Temo

    @garydadtogo:disqus, thanks. I called back this morning and it was a no go. I applied for 1 Citi AA Personal & 1 Citi AA Business just 2 weeks ago. I guess my timing was off.

  • Tony

    Excellent news from reading others posting, partner and I just approved for this card each. Got to love Citi, within the last year, just in bonuses we each got over 400K..miles not encluding MS spend.

  • Marz

    I was under the impression Citi treats Vanilla purchases at CVS as a cash advance… is this not the case?

  • Dude

    Would amazon payments work for this?

  • Karl Mitchell

    Not sure my post worked earlier. I WAS saying that Citi like to charge as cash advance for gift cards, and do so for Amex Gift Cards (I had previously said giftcardmall, but understand now that this is incorrect), but can’t in most cases, as the retailers do not transmit details of the transaction to Citi via mastercard. However, I’d not push my luck, as clearly they would if they could and might be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

  • Stuart

    I was approved on Friday night, got terms/conditions UPS overnight Tuesday AM and card Fed-Ex Tuesday afternoon. Gotta love “premium card treatment”

  • Brian

    I really, really hope this offer stays around for another 1-2 weeks. February 7th marks day 91 from my last AoR.

  • Josh

    I called just now, same number, and was told that they will only switch it if I fax over an offer that came directly to me in my name. Maybe I should keep calling until I get Melissa…

  • ImtotheRan

    When do they charge you the annual fee?

  • Me

    Had just applied for the Hilton card the week before and was told only one app every 60 days so I didn’t qualify.

  • Joel

    I did the same. I told them I was given the offer in the Admirals Club and they said I didn’t need to send or fax them anything.

  • Kona Rider

    I just called and said I received the offer in the Admirals club, but was told that it would have to be personally directed to me in an email. Bummer but 75K is still good!

  • Roshan

    Got approved for 75k last week. Called today for a match and got 20k more for same spending…So 95k miles for $7500 spending. Also note that if u cancel the card within 37 days from the 1st statement generation date, you get your $450(annual fee) back.

  • Seth Meyerowitz

    id be careful with the cancel because youd need to make sure you have enough time for your points to post before canceling. which means 7500 in spend in like the first couple of days.

  • Roshan

    Points get posted within 2 days from statement closing if minimum spending is met in that statement period. I got the 60k version with 5k min spend in december. I met required spending in first statement, got miles posted and cancelled before 37 days & annual fee was refunded.

  • Roshan

    Your annual fee will show up in the first statement…

  • Casey

    Great news! Thanks!

  • shonuffharlem

    Do you have to have a same day ticket to use an AA or associated lounge with this card?

  • Temo

    The Citi rep I spoke to today said for Citi it’s only 60 days. So you could try now.

  • Seth Meyerowitz

    not bad. as long as you dont have a bunch of other short term cards on your credit report this might be a good option. im trying to build my ‘length of credit’ so im trying not to close cards so quickly. waiting for at least that 1 year mark.

  • Jonathan

    Please help! My wife and I are debating whether this card is worth applying for. We want to accumulate AA miles, and I think that it is worth applying for because for a business flight to Europe, AA has the cheapest award tickets out there, once the United devaluates. And if we are doing a 3BM, we can tack on 2 other cards at once, each, say a Chase Hyatt or Amex SPG. Which makes the 3BM much more valuable. My wife is anxious about the combined 20k spending threshold, even with amazon payments and VR cards. She would rather apply for multiple cards with no annual fee that can be used for AA awards. Any thoughts? We need to make a decision! Thanks in advance!

  • Dave H

    FYI – be aware. I was just auto-denied from Citi because I had 3 or more (wouldn’t tell me) hard inquiries within the last 6 months. I’ve got 800 fico, & low balances & no late on any of my accts. Called their 800-695-5171 number & they wouldn’t even consider moving credit from an existing Citi card to this one. That blows….

  • Marz

    Thanks for the info! There’s no way I can swing the $10K in spending without doing some VRs, but I thought with Citi that was out of the question, because I’d always heard the transactions are treated like Cash Adv. Per the terms, cash advance = 25% APR plus 5% of the transaction = $50+ for $1,000 in Vanillas

  • Kevin

    Your score must be higher than mine. I had to call them, but they didn’t ask me even a single question, they just approved me by phone.

  • Chaz

    I applied last night around 10pm PDT. I called today and they said that
    due to the high volume of unexpected applicants, my application isn’t
    scheduled to be reviewed for the next 3 to 4 business days. I called
    both numbers and I received the same answer. Both numbers told me to
    rest assured that this does not mean I was rejected, but this is the
    first I’ve encountered this issue. My credit score is 720+, so this
    just may be a case of “early bird catches the worm”?

  • jetsetr

    If anyone needs a referral code / airport location for the application, here’s one from my friend who’s an AAngel in the SFO Admiral’s Club: 581482 / SFO

    And from my friend: “Make sure they know that if they have a Citi card, DO NOT upgrade existing card. Open new card then transfer from old card. If they Upgrade existing card they do NOT get the bonus miles. Must be for a new card, but they can cancel old card AFTER applying for new card.”

    I just applied and was approved for the 100k offer yesterday. Pretty awesome value, IMHO!

  • Mayday

    I applied, called and was told that they can’t make a decision now and will notify me in 7-10 days via mail. That can’t be good. Perhaps the $50K of VRs i’ve purchased lately is starting to catch up on me.

  • Lokimishra

    just got confirmed online for the 100K mile card and $200 statement credit for any purchases in 12 months. no phone call necessary. however, called to confirm. no airport code or agent code entered

  • NiceJoselyn

    I have your exact same story just that I kept calling until I found a Rep that helped me. My application was approved but they couldn’t verify my address because I just moved. Now I have to send them proof of my new address. But at least they told me that I was approved!!

  • Tim

    Applied for the 75k bonus 3 days ago before this came out, called both customer service and reconsideration line multiple times to get credited, and they told me I don’t even have a credit card number but either way they cannot credit me with extra miles nor can they change offers once I’m already approved. Anyone else experiencing this idiocy and found a way around it?

  • Dave L

    I applied for the 75K. I’ve called twice to try and switch to 100K. First time I was told to fax in offer. 2nd time I called same thing, although they did offer me 5K points for nothing, which I declined. I’ll try that again if the faxing doesn’t work.

  • Jessica

    What does AP mean?

  • David

    Hi Grant, I know that you are travelling around Europe, so I am sorry to bother you a bit….but I am in deep stress now…..if you have time, please help me with your advice.
    So this is what happened: I applied for Citi AA Card which has latest promo of 100k signup bonus and $200 statement credit after spending $10k within 3 months. Applied online, got a pending decision, called the 1800 number, was told by the first rep that they cannot give me decision and they said they will mail me the decision. Then called the other number, the 1866 one and got another nice rep who approved me and told me I have been approved for $11000 credit limit and would get my card within 10 days….then I also asked her about the signup bonus and statement credit, she checked and confirmed it…..then when I was thanking her at the end, suddenly she told me to hold on, she said something happen and told me that she would like me to be put on hold while she check on something….I asked what happened but she said she doesn’t know, she said something and she want to check it, so she put me on the hold music before I answered…..I was so worried and scared, thinking that she maybe caught something and would like to cancel my application or disappove it……oh my…..5 mins on hold and since I was scared I hung up, I thought since she said by herself that I was approved for the card and confirmed everything then it must be approved then….if she called back again I will just tell her the line was disconnected or my wife called me for dinner.

    Waited and waited but she never call me back.
    But I am still worry and scare now….
    My question is: In general, does the rep can disapprove my application after she approved it?

    I am afraid I will get a rejection letter or something in the mail ……hopefully it’s the card…not that letter…..

    Thanks in advance

  • yeshu

    got approved with only 5000 limit. Damn. now how do I spend 10,000 within 3 months? Vanilla Reloads okay?

  • twirly

    How do you create multiple accounts on Amazon?

  • doctorofcredit

    Does anybody have any idea how the $200 statement credit works?

  • Seth Meyerowitz

    where do you see this info? was it on the signup page?

  • Rob

    Applied, called, approved. Left the referral code and airport code blank. Confirmed 100K bonus, lady wasn’t sure about the $200 in credits if it was spend on anything or only AA.

  • jlgctm

    Just received the Card Agreement info via UPS, and there’s no mention of the $200 credit. The 100,000 pts and admiral club membership privileges (is this different than an actual membership?) are listed. Anyone in a similar situation or know about whether some offers didn’t include the $200?

  • MikeC

    I applied online yesterday and received the “pending approval” message – however, in thinking about it overnight, I think I jumped the gun and applied just because it was such a great offer… I now realize that 10K spend in 90 days is probably going to be too challenging so I have decided to cancel my application – I called in on the 1-888 # and they told me I now need to wait until the card application has been processed before I can cancel & that I will need to try calling back in a week to 10 days… has anybody else applied and then tried to cancel ?

  • barry18

    Same thing happened to me. I called and was told that I also have the $200 credit even though it wasn’t on the UPS info. It also sounded like the credit was for any purchases.

  • jlgctm

    Thanks so much! Good to hear that I’ll get the credit and that it’s for any purchase.

  • Juno

    You’ve already taken a hard credit check hit on your credit score. Might as well get the card and try to manufacture some spending to meet the 10k.

  • Ryan

    Age of credit card grows over 10 years before it falls off so it won’t matter if you close early

  • scott

    I also got approved with $5K limit. Can spend $10K using combination of Amazon Payments, VR’s and Visa/MC giftcards from supermarket. Can also prepay cable bill, buy regular giftcards for things you know you’ll use (gas, restaurants, etc.).

  • JustSaying

    I did the 75k offer two days ago…….then the 100k came out and I called and they said I had to fax in the new offer with the new 75k card number and asked to be changed to get it………then today I got a 100k mailer but no mention of the 200 statement credit………..I fly next week on AA so I will wait to see the Admiral’s Club offer fine print after I give them my AMEX for admission to give them some love back for all the confusion and making us fax in another piece of paperwork to correct what they should have figured out before they started……….it does appear that “new” US Scareways management is fast and loose in their marking with Citi and you have to wonder if anyone is really in control of the offer at either shop? Could be a sign we will see a lot of mistake fares in the coming year from them or that they will try to pull fast ones every new marking offer…………

  • Justin

    Approved over the net for $24k CL but on the 75k offer. (applied just before the 100k offer dropped.) Just sent a secure message to Citi for the match. Hopefully they come through with something in the same neighborhood as the 100k offer.

  • Eli Stoughton

    I called and had them set my cash advance line to 0 for this card so that I can never take a cash advance.

  • Carl Cheng

    I had to call as well and approved! They just said since I had other Citi cards, they would need to shuffle some credit limit around if I wanted but the limit they offered was enough for me. Confirmed that it included $200 statement credit and 100k for 10k/3month spend.

    I debated everything but thought this was too great an offer to pass up. I fly a lot so the Admirals Club access is a huge benefit for me. That and 100k miles (which is RT business to asia) for $250 (and even with the fees I may need to pay to reach the 10k limit) is more than worth it.

    And TBH, I’ll probably drink $250 worth of booze waiting for flights or at layovers.

  • Deep

    This is a hit or miss if you call in. There is a dedicated fax line set-up already to upgrade those who were approved on the 75k offer to the 100k offer + $200 statement credit. You have to actually fax in the offer/screenshot, but they said they will get it done and it will take about a week to do. Call in once you receive your card, and have them make a note on your account, and request the fax number.

  • desher

    Approved for the 100k offer today; 30 days after being approved for the regular 50k platinum select

  • appdatdapoint

    Called in after being approved for the 60K offer. Was told they had not heard of a higher sign up bonus and was told to fax the offer in. Will have to try again.

  • The Other Jason

    Okay, it’s Thursday, Jan 30th around 10:30pm. I just found out about this 100k deal today. I just had applied for the basic 50k Citi Platinum AAdvantage MC about 10 days ago, had just activated said card this week, and had already put $1000 on the card (Vanilla cards at CVS). So, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to apply for another Citi AAdvantage card. I called Citi first and someone told me that while the whole “65 days” thing is out in the public, it’s not true for everyone. They said I should be fine if I try.

    So, I applied for the 100k using the link above (Thank you TPG!!!). I finished the application and within 20 minutes decided to call one of the 800 numbers listed here (1-800-695-5171). Was speaking to a rep within 3 minutes and was APPROVED within 5 more minutes. Was only given $5,000 limit so transferred a few thousand from an old Citi Dividend card (that I need to finally just close). The rep confirmed the 100k miles if I spend $10k, confirmed the $200 in credits, and confirmed I can take two guests into the Admiral Club.

    Hope this helps. I’m stoked!

  • KRL

    I was told I had to fax the offer as well. I was told it could not be email . I told the guy I have no fax and who faxes in the day and age. He suggested I go to Staples and fax it, Wheres Melissa??

  • Brett Halloran

    Yes these posts are correct- I was approved for this offer, even though I signed up for a different Citi Aadvantage card (Citi Platinum Select World Advantage MC) just 3 months ago, got 50,000 points for signing up with $3,000 in purchases.
    Amazing, but that’s a total of 150,000 miles on just 4 months.
    When you factor in the $200 statement credit they are giving, this card is a fantastic opportunity. The only caveat is spending 10k in 90 days.

  • Christopher

    What are peoples opinions on using PayPal to hit the $10k?

    Charge yourself the full amount, pay the 3%, then transfer to your bank account.

    Will they freeze it?

  • Bill T

    TPG and others– thoughts on using two browser trick to apply for this and the World Mastercard?? Could get you 150K miles and then cancel this card after 1 year, when World Mastercard AF kicks in?

    I currently have no US Airways or AA cards, and am trying to build the best strategy for applying for a series of both through 2015 to maximize point haul for the AAdvantage program.

  • Justin

    I did get the bump to 100k and the statement credit. Here was the response I got from Citi (via secure message):

    We appreciate your patience while we investigated this matter.

    We have requested the addition of 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles to your account. Once approved, this adjustment will be included in the total monthly mileage on your statement within 2 billing periods. The $200 statement credit will be applied once you have made the qualified purchases.

    We realize that as a consumer you have many choices, so we thank you for choosing us

  • Michael Craig

    I called and was not able to convert my card (Platinum with previous 60k bonus), because I’ve had the account too long. However, the agent DID deposit an extra 10,000 miles in my account for the inconvenience. Can’t hurt to ask!

  • jtgray

    If I were you, I’d wait to see how much you can charge with normal spending first. After 3 months, you can top it off with a paypal transaction.

  • Christopher

    That is a very wise and responsible answer. I like it.

  • shonuffharlem

    Does anyone get why this card doesn’t have the 10% rebate on Award flights benefit? Why would a more premium card with a way higher fee lack this benefit? Or am I missing something..

  • Ryan

    Applied and approved. Had to call and was on hold for a while, but approved with no questions for a pretty substantial credit line.

  • mikemilzz

    Ditto – only asked me for a cell phone number and got approved.

  • Carl Cheng

    you might as well use google wallet. 2.9% and no processing fee. the fee was also waived for me for the first x dollars, not sure what the total amount was of if they are still doing that

  • Rocky Rockwell

    I just took the screen shot and will have to fax it in next week as my card won’t arrive until Monday…

  • Nyceuro

    just applied….and got a confirmation on the 100k and $200 credit. Thank you !!!

  • Felix

    Wow! Applied and got approved on Wednesday. Got my new card on FedEx today!!! Awesome!! Thanks for the tip.

  • MikeH

    After a brief, pleasant phone call I was approved for this card, with the 100,000 sign-up bonus, even though I have the Citi AAdvantage Platinum MC (from October 13). Sweet!

  • Accinma

    Does the 3 months start when you open the account (get approved) or when you actually activate the card?

  • Josh

    I opened citi executive w 75k bonus last wk and just called to see if i could get the additional miles and statement credit. They said couldn’t do it over the phone but it wouldn’t be a problem as long as I mailed them a copy of the offer so just print out a copy here:
    And mail to following address:
    Attn: Account Maintenance Department
    PO Box 6500
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117

    Be sure to include your name and 16 digit account number.

  • Janna

    Just got approved for 15,500 limit. I only have one other Citi card open which is CitiBusiness AAdvantage (opened in June 2013), closed my other two Citi AAdvantage personal cards in Feb 2013. I had to call the 800 number, he had me verify my name, DOB & mailing address then put me on hold for about 3 minutes, then said I was approved. I asked him to confirm that it was for 100,000 bonus miles and a $200 statement credit and he confirmed that is correct and said the $200 credit is for all purchases not just AA.

  • Cammie

    Read the fine print and it didn’t say anything about the $200 statement reserved for AA purchases only. Is this fine print different than previous offers?

  • Chris

    Just applied, instant approval! Great link!

  • MDD

    I’m confused! I applied on the 29th and straight away the system said my application was pending. I have been calling every day and they say my application is being reviewed by an “elite” analyst and that that’s a good thing. Apparently they have had a huge demand. I have a 780 credit score, 10 years with Citi, no other Citi cards, applied as part of a mini app-o-rama and was approved for all the other cards. Anyone have any idea what the elite analyst is about? And whether it’s good news or not?

  • clamshack

    You will not have an issue doing this. Karl is being overly conservative. I would throw 1,000 in regular spend on the card over three months, but if the other nine is VR it won’t be a problem. I’d bet Karl $1,000 bucks on that.

  • Accinma

    I just got accepted. I did have to call the 800 number after application was submitted as it said they wanted “more information”. But all they asked me was to confirm my name….. I used the referral code 581482 and SFO code provided in one of the reader’s comments below, thanks for that.

    I did confirm that the three months starts when your card is issued (not on the approval date but also not when you activate it). So once the card # is in their system, the 3 months starts of when you have to spend the $10k. So no use in holding on to it and not activating it for a while. Very exciting!!

  • KC

    I just found out about this offer, but had applied for the regular Citi/AAdvantage card and the Marriott Chase card on FRIDAY (not even 5 days ago) as my first official apporama (I am a newbie). I haven’t even gotten the first AAdvantage card yet and went out on a limb and tried to get this card. I have the AMEX Corp Plat card for work, but I am going to be focusing on flying with American this year and AMEX no longer has access to the Admiral lounges. I held my breath during the whole call and I was APPROVED for 13k!! The very nice rep didn’t even mention the 60 day rule. Hopefully since the applications were so close, it will be lumped with the others as far as inquiries on credit go. Anyone else have a few days between their apps because a good deal came out? Any additional adverse credit impact?

  • Susakajo

    Using that 888 # I only was offered $60K miles after $5K spend, no $200 credit.

  • Susakajo

    I was told that code wasn’t valid

  • ginger

    I applied online, called the next morning. The rep simply verified my name, put me on hold, and gave me approval with the 100k bonus. This is very handy, timing-wise, with tax payments coming up.

  • Danny

    Please help, just to confirm, if I got this card, with this 100K AA miles, I’m still not automatically become an AA “Executive Platinum” Status right? Somewhere online I read any promotional miles does not count tower elite status qualification miles, this would make a big difference, thanks for help.

  • Dan

    I love this website. I have a quick question on this card if anyone could help:

    If I cancel this card sometime during the first year will the annual fee be refunded on a prorated basis?

    Thanks a million

  • thepointsguy

    No, that’s not one of the benefits of this card. The 100K miles do not count towards elite status, but the 10K based on $40k annual spending do.

  • Tara Aaron

    The link is still good and my app was instantly approved. No code required.

  • MikeC

    I finally received a telephone approval after submitting the application on 1/29. Credit line 20K, I do have another Citi AA card, she confirmed that the 10K spend has to be within 3 months from “approval” date i.e.. Today and she also confirmed that I will receive the $200 credit as soon as I spend $200 on anything.

  • LAKnight

    Does anyone have any idea when this offer/deal will end? I still get other spending requirement on other credit cards to fulfill. Don’t want to put extra weight on my shoulders.

  • peter

    I bought 5k amex gift cards to help me reach the 10k spend requirement. it seems they’ll be billed as cash advance and won’t count after all. am I right?

  • latvwriter

    I got approved no problem! 27k credit limit. They specifically said you DO NOT have to spend money at American to get the $200 credit. Thanks TPG!!!

  • siomon

    David, I don’t have answer to you question but don’t fret over a card approval! take it easy :)

  • Steve Kamb

    The fee will not be prorated. Once you pay it, you got the card for the whole year; canceling early won’t get you any money back on the fee.

  • mocha33

    I originally signed up for the 60K deal in December. Heard about the 75K deal last month and sent a secure message via the Citicards website. The rep upgraded my original deal the same day, including the $100 statement credit. Just emailed them again regarding the 100K deal and initially the rep asked for a faxed copy of the offer as others have noted. Instead, I sent the link to the application page listed in this posting and the rep upgraded my offer to the full 100K miles with $10K spending in 3 months. They didn’t mention if the $200 statement credit was included but I’m emailing them again to confirm. More than happy with Citi’s customer service so far as I wasn’t expecting either offer would be extended to my account after the original sign-up. Very grateful for this website as well for keeping me in the loop regarding these offers.

  • Beth Sherman

    Just applied and was approved. Am planning on doing a bathroom remodel and this is perfect timing since I’ll spend 3/4 of what I need to in the next few weeks. I love the points guy!

  • John

    Whew, this one took a little work, but I activated my card this morning. Don’t give up if they say no at first!

  • Santastico

    Applied online on Friday and got instantly approved for a credit line of $33k. Card was delivered this morning which was amazingly fast which is good since the 3 month period to spend the $10k starts on the day your card is approved and not when you physically receive the plastic.

  • LAKnight

    Since it is 100,000 miles from Citi, how likely Citi may issue 1099 for those bonus miles?

  • K2

    I have the Citi AAdvantage Platinum MasterCard and I just got approved for the 100,000 miles/$200 statement credit offer for the Citi Executive WorldElite MasterCard this morning! :)

  • Rae S

    I signed up and was told that the card was pending approval. There was a number to call, but it had a little “if you choose not to call we’ll email you if we need anything” type disclaimer, so I didn’t call. Was that a mistake? I didn’t take a screenshot and the session timed out so I don’t even have my application ID anymore if I wanted to call. Should I just wait?

  • jltwiggs

    i apologize if this is a silly question. you all are probably very experienced with these things. how exactly do you get priority screening and boarding? do you have to pay for the ticket with this credit card, then something gets printed on your boarding pass that lets you use the express lane for screening?

  • bernoud

    They should not, as we have to “earn” it by meeting certain amount of purchases. They could send out 1099 if it is a sign-in bonus reward.

  • LAKnight

    I had similar situation before. I would suggest you to wait. Overall, you may call Citi reconsideration line if something bad happens.

  • LAKnight

    Thanks for your reminder. I forgot we need to “spend” to get the bonus.

  • DON S

    I received the same response saying to call them for immediate decision. Should I call or wait? I wonder what type of further information CITI needs? Any ideas?

  • DON S

    I received the same response saying to call them for immediate decision. Should I call or wait? I wonder what type of further information CITI needs? Any ideas?

  • LAKnight

    If you have the application ID available, you may give them a call. Whatever I answered on Rae S is applicable if you don’t have the application ID on hand.

  • DON S

    I have it but I don’t know if calling would help or hurt the decision process?

  • Marc T

    I applied for the Citi Executive AAdvantage card last night using the link above. I was asked to call in to complete my application and it was approved pretty quickly. The rep acknowledged that I currently have the Citi AAdvantage platinum card and still gave me the 100,000 point sign up bonus and $200 statement credit. Thanks Points Guy for the heads up!!!!

  • Jimmy

    What happens when you don’t reach the 3-month spend of 10K? Say you spend only 8K, would they give us 75,000 points instead?

  • DON S

    I know that when you book a rewards flight with AA, you get Priority Access meaning you go through a separate TSA line and early boarding; but it is only slightly earlier. Order goes something like this; First class, Business, then Priority. The TSA line is is whatever because it’s really not THAT much faster than the regular screening line depending how busy it is.

    And Priority Access is printed on your ticket.

  • DON S

    May I ask what further information was asked and furnished?

  • Marc T

    The rep, who was super nice, put me on hold while she evaluated my application. When she came back, she told me that my application was approved and went over the terms. She also asked if I wanted to add a mobile number to my account and thanked me for being a current Citi card customer. Extremely easy and painless process.

  • DON S

    I just called (two days later) and the rep told me it was actually approved today and I should receive it in a week. I guess it didn’t really matter if I called or not. Thanks!

  • bsheern

    I applied a few days ago and got an instant approval. I received a letter confirming I will get 100k miles with 10k spend. Got my cards via fed ex this morning. Excellent.

  • cotoneloc

    How long do you have to keep the account open in order to keep the miles once they post? Does the $200 credit continue in perpetuity or is it only for year 1? What effect would canceling the card at the end of year 1 in order to avoid the annual fee have on personal credit?

  • Michael Craig

    Is the annual fee paid up front, or after 1 year?

  • Michael Craig

    Do you have to pay the annual fee up front, or is that at the end of the year?

  • Jo

    Call or don’t. it doesn’t matter. they all get processed eventually.

  • adtravelgirl

    In January I received my new Citi Executive Advantage MC with the 50,000 mile bonus offer. I heard about the 100,000 mile offer right after I joined so I called Citi to see if they would match (if I made the $10k spend in 90 days). When I called they said they couldn’t match via phone but suggested I write a letter explaining my situation and fax with a print out of the offer webpage. So I told them about hearing about the new offer via an admirals club attendant and included a copy of the webpage I was directed to. I just received a letter from Citi saying they would honor the 100,000 mile bonus/$200 statement credit as long as I met the spend requirement.

  • Naomi

    I have been following your site and I really like this card option for myself. I tried getting it but I’m Canadian and can’t get by the first question of my social insurance number. Since I don’t have one. I was wondering if you knew of a similar card/promotion for us Canadians. Thanks

  • mhead110

    Just talked to a Citicard rep who told me that I would not be eligible to get the bonus (though I might be approved for the card) because I had applied for another AAdvantage card within the last year (on my last churn, in fact, in sept.)

  • mhead110

    I take it all back. After reading more posts, I decided to “just do it” & got the offer. Had to call in this a.m. because I have a goofy address (with a 1/2) that many computers don’t like, but talked to a nice guy who said no problem. Thanks, again, for your good info.

  • remy

    I keep going back and forth about whether to apply for this card. I know it’s an amazing deal for 100,000 AA miles but am already working to meet the minimum spend requirements on another card. Anyone have a sense of whether this offer will be made again in the future?

  • josh

    Hi Brian, My FICA is about 80 points higher than my wife’s, so I was devastated (ok, maybe exaggerating a touch) when she got the 100,000 AA card and I got rejected. What the heck!?!

    So I called and they told me it was too many recent inquiries. Persistence yielded the information that they look back 6 months, but they’d divulge no more than that. I’ve only got 6 looks in the past 6 months (relatively quiet period for me).

    My questions: (1) is there a reconsideration line for Citi where they’ll actually reconsider (I’ve got several of their cards and I’m happy to move credit around, but the person I spoke with wasn’t interested), and (2) any thoughts about “how many inquiries is too many” for Citi and whether 6 months is actually the lookback period?

    I want those 100,000 miles!

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  • Jessica Jones

    I got this card and apparently Citibank is charging the $450 on the first billing cycle. Is this normal? Never had that happen before with a credit card, thought they wait a bit to charge the annual fee.

  • Jessica Jones

    First billing cycle. Not sure this is normal though.

  • Scott

    This is the first card that I have ever been rejected for… too many inquiries. FICO score is over 800. I was so angry, I actually cancelled my other Citi Professional Card, used up all my “thank you” points, and was done with Citi. A day or two later, I decided to find out what was “too many inquiries”. I purchased two new cars, one in September, another in December. Each dealership “shopped” my loan to 4 different companies, thus 8 hard pulls on my credit file. Then checking another site, I found a “reconsideration” line 800-695-5171, called and asked for a real person to evaluate, and was approved, confirmed the 100,000 mile bonus and $200 statement credit (after appropriate spend, of course). Hope this helps.

  • ave

    do u know if can spend the 10k with a refundable ticket ???

  • Liz Katz

    Thanks for the tip. I followed the link and the response was “please call the agent.” I didn’t and within two days I received a fed ex approval anyway.

  • John

    So if I had the Citi AA Visa card and cancelled it a month ago, and I apply for the Citi AA MasterCard tomorrow, would I still get the miles? I got an offer in the mail yesterday for the MasterCard version and 50k miles but I want to ensure I get the miles, otherwise I will probably just wait until next year to do the MasterCard and perhaps I will apply for the US Airways card today in hopes that the miles will transfer over. Let me know and thanks in advance!

  • Roger Lin

    Did you get a new card or just upgrade?

  • K2

    I got a new card. Still have the Platinum one because the annual fee was waived in the first year and I get 10% of my redeemed miles back.

  • Stephan

    I’d be interested to learn about that too. Especially since they currently offer 30,000 AA miles to open a Gold account

  • Gary70

    I got $200 statement credit without spending a single dollar on AA purchases. So, everyday spending would work excluding returns.

  • Gary70

    I got the same message and the session timed out before I decided to call. I called there general number to find status of my application using your SSN. The only question I was asked if I know there is a $450 annual fee and was approved instantly.

  • Kenny Huang

    which 866 number did you call?

  • Media Gal

    I clicked on your link and it took me to the 100,000 page. I filled out the application and it was accepted – so Cool!

  • Steve A

    If I already have the Executive card, can I cancel it and reapply in a couple of days? Or can I apply for a second card? I doubt that would work. I’ve had my current card for over a year but I see no specific restrictions about time periods between when you can receive another special offer.

  • Robert C

    Application accepted from Citi for the Advantage 100K bonus card without agent referral as you advised. Phone approval within two minutes. And this happened with new Advantage business and personal cards issued two months ago. Thanks.

  • NguyenVanFalk

    to be extra sure, when you check in at the airport using an AA kiosk, swipe this card. i’ve found that when i absent mindedly swipe using another card for the kiosk to pull my name, i don’t get the priority boarding.

  • josh

    Thank you, Scott. That was definitely the right number to call. Actual sentient human being willing to have a real conversation with me. But, alas, not much power to actually reconsider. She said that if the pulls were for a mortgage or car loan, she could bypass the denial, but if they were for credit cards (which they were), there was nothing she could do.

    Interesting point she made for next time: she said that 6 pulls in 6 months was too many, but 4 should be fine.

  • josh

    p.s. – my FICO is 828, so they don’t care about that if you have 6 hard pulls in the past 6 months.

  • Nicholas

    Will you lose your AAdvantage miles if you cancel the card?

  • Yuguan Pan

    Hi, I am wondering what is the “75K” u guys were talking about…is that a new citi card or something like increase ur original citi credit card’s bonus miles based on ur big amount of spending? Because I got one Citi AAdvantage Platinum MasterCard with 30K bonus miles and I already got it. But during these months I have spent more than 10000 so is that possible to ask for more miles?

  • Jack

    Hi all, appreciate the heads up on this. Here are my results:
    Already have the Visa Signature (1+ yr) and World MasterCard (Jan ’14) (both Platinum). Had also been declined last fall due to some weird billing issues on my credit file (that have since been resolved and thus did not affect this application).
    Applied on Feb 25th via the link in the post. Called the same evening to “provide additional information.” I can’t even remember what they asked but it seemed to be just a confirmation of who I was. A very polite lady worked it, placed me on hold a few times, and then told me it was approved for the 100K miles & statement credit. Card arrived UPS overnight and Paperwork FedEx on Feb 28th. So, overall not bad.

  • bridgette_ca

    thanks, jetsetr! i got the 100k miles!

  • Bill

    Will this card get me in other airline clubs or is Admirals club the only one?

  • Matthew S

    Sorry Brian – would love to have clicked one of your links for this to pay for all the valuable advice and insights you provide… I did just apply. Thanks for posting!

  • Nic

    I got this amazing deal… but will probably cancel the card next year before the $450 AF hits. Do I forfeit the miles earned on the card (sign-up bonus and regular) once I cancel the card?

  • disqus_Fpg81woBtN

    If I have a US Air Dividend Miles account will the 10K EQ miles be put towards my US Air status or will I have to create an AA account where those 10K miles will be applied?

  • bo hale

    no the miles are yours to keep

  • Bo Hale

    Sure you can, but they will probably take the miles away later if you refund the ticket and didn’t otherwise meet the spend requirement.

  • Alleycat5703

    Applied just now, and was accepted, but I had to chat online with a representative. The web response was “we’ll contact you but if you chat online we may be able to help you now”. I think that is more of a security issue. Answered a few basic questions, got $11k credit, and 100k miles confirmed, my FICO is 660. Great deal.

  • jannabinder

    I just received my cc and was so impressed with the packaging I brought in to work to show all of my coworkers (I work at an ad agency). I was also surprised I qualified – I have several Citibank cards open, including business cards, as I am racking up the miles for a family trip to Australia.

  • Amy

    Applied on Monday, approved, received card member agreement via UPS on Wednesday and the credit card in a fancy black box via FedEx later in the day.

    There was no mention of the 100k bonus on the confirmation screen when applying or mentioned in any of the materials delivered.

    I did apply using the 100k landing screen but did not use a referral or airport code. I took a screen shot of the offer page.

    Some posters mention it’s best to let the computer “do its thing” and not to call to confirm.

    I have not had a Citi card in years and never had an Citi/AA branded one. Want to be sure before I blow thru 10k of spend that I am going to get the miles. Do I need to call or let it play out?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Travelers5

    Hi. I’ve had the citi aadvantage cards for many years. I never pay annual fees, and I keep the cards for the free first year after getting the sign up bonus points. I am not seeing the return of paying $450 for 100,000. My calculation show that it is .4% return. I like to travel coach. Using the miles covers the cost of the base fare and not the taxes and fees. My recent inquiry to flight to LHR showed taxes in fees ranging from $200 to $670. The higher being if I flew BA over to EU from US. AA’s fees are on the lower end. So on top of the $450 for 100,000 miles, I still need to pay fees and taxed. May be I’m missing something. Can someone please shed for light on what I might be missing? Always looking for a great deal.

  • Ryan

    how long does it take to get the card in the mail after being approved?

  • Andy

    In case anybody is curious, I applied on 03-23-14 via the link here. Used the reference info “SFO Admiral’s Club: 581482 / SFO” somebody had posted here previously (not that it seems needed, but they might as well get something out of it…maybe). Was instantly approved online (no follow-up phone call). Received my card via UPS today (3.26.14). Letter received with card confirmed the 100,000 miles as stated. No mention of credit in letter. $38k credit line issued. I mainly post because link to app and app itself do not mention the milage award. Cheers.

  • Mike R

    I just called Citi about this offer and was told I would NOT qualify for the 100k miles because I have an existing Citi AA Platinum card. This does not line up with the stories I’m hearing in the comments, so either there has been a change in the offer, I was misinformed, I’m doing something wrong, or the comments are not totally accurate. Is it just because I told them I have another card? Do I need to cancel the Platinum card first? 100k miles sure would be nice…

  • ginnykc

    Whom ever gave the agent and apo code, Thank You!
    I already have 3 A-Advantage CitiCards, just applied for this one and got approved! Will be getting the 100K bonus miles, etc.
    The above link still works. Yes, I also had to call right after applying, but was immediately approved and got to verify the terms, so I preferred having to do this step.
    So happy to be getting this card, can’t believe this deal. Thank you Points Guy!!

  • John

    So I just enrolled online for the 75K miles for spending 7500$ in 3 months – seemed more attainable than 10K$ in 3 months. I called in on the number provided to expedite the processing. The rep told me both offers were there and available. Sounds like one can select what one would like. Also, I am a current Citibank AAdvantage card holder. No issue there either.

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  • Gary in Texas

    Interested to know this too. I see nothing in application terms and conditions.

  • Tony

    Hi, thanks for the great info on this site.
    I need to ask why when I book a flight from Chicago to New Delhi the cost with AA miles is 90k but the taxes are $700?
    I can buy a flight by United for $1100 round trip which is a good deal and taxes which are included amount to $170 approx.
    So then why use 90k miles when for another $400 I can buy a ticket.
    Also why do the airlines bump up the taxes when using miles?
    Thank you.

  • thepointsguy

    Yes you keep the miles

  • Jen

    Hello. I was just instantly approved but the problem is that I need to purchase some international flight tickets soon. I thought I had read that the cards arrived quickly is that the case? My approved application page said 7 days and if not received by 10 days to then call them. What has the time frame been for people who were approved for the card?

  • Richard

    I have an AAdvantage American Express card which sits (I never really use unless flying AA). Would it hurt my credit to apply for this card, get approval, then cancel the AAdvantage Amex?

  • Jen

    Ryan, how long did it take to receive your card?

  • Elliot

    Is this offer still valid??

  • Mocha

    Applied on Monday via your link without entering agent referral code. Instant approval.

    I received the beautiful welcome kit and card today (3 days from application and inline approval). The $200 statement credit was not mentioned in the welcome kit. So I called Citi and Rep confirmed that I will received 100,000 miles for $10,000 spent. The $200 statement credit will post upon meeting the first $200 on ANY purchases. I’ll be using this card for everything and hope that I don’t have to resort to use it for estimated taxes.

  • Lynda

    Can you prepay your utilities, cell bill, cable bill, newspaper (yes, I am an oldie-but-goodie!) and any other recurring bill for the year? I totaled ours, and I will charge over $8000. That only leaves $2000 to spend over three months. Piece of cake…at least for us. HTH!

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  • Kyle

    Hi there – hoping someone can provide advice. I’m not a big spender so wouldn’t be able to meet the $10K spend without MS – (probably Venmo with a 3% fee). With the annual fee and the $200 statement credit it would end up costing me about $550 to get the 100K bonus. Worth it? I’m working on banking up my AA miles.

  • coveblue

    Do the Elite Qualifying Miles earned reset each year? It takes 25,000 EQM to reach the basic Elite status. I don’t want to spend $40K to earn the 10,000 EQM if they won’t help me reach Elite status. On the other hand, if they hang around, then I can get there in a few years. Anyone know for sure?

  • RCAnyc

    I just signed up today (6/16/14) and was approved – 100K miles after $10K in 3 months, and did not need a referral code.

  • Frequent Flyer Jay

    This is a sharp and fascinating contrast to a very bad experience I had with AMEX last year. My wife was sent an offer for 100k Membership Rewards points with a new platinum card. She already had a gold card, so we read the fine print very carefully and didn’t see anything precluding her from applying. She was approved and paid the annual fee. She was also put on some ridiculous interest bearing, balance carrying program that she never asked for. When I called a month or two later to ask about when the points would post, was told it sometimes takes 9 – 10 weeks. When I called after that, was told she didn’t qualify. Appealed to the highest possible levels within the organization without success.

    AMEX threw away a 13 year, $70K annual spend relationship over this profoundly anti-customer move. Glad to see some companies still honor their commitments.

  • np

    Can you tell me if the Citibank ThankYou Mastercard is better for travel points than the Citibank AAdvantage Visa Card? I typically travel to Spain every year with a family of 4. The AAdvantage points are redeemable towards my airline of choice but the ThankYou cards offers no foreign transaction fees while abroad. My goal would be to use a card that allows me to the best opportunity for travel to europe using points.

  • Dude

    looks dead.

  • R A

    I just got my card in the mail but I can’t find the answer to this
    My other AA cards earn 1 mile for each dollar spent on anything
    Is it the same for this card or hopefully 1.25 miles for each dollar spent

  • Xi Kwok

    anyone know when do they charge the $450 fee for this card beginning or end of the year? I have a for a while now (less than a year) and i don’t see it on my statement. I didn’t want to inquire about this to the rep just incase they forgot or the system didn’t catch it. thanks!

  • sam

    I heard Citi will mail you a 1099-MISC form for $600 for these Citi AA miles awards, so you will be paying taxes on $600. Anyone know about this ?

  • Clayton W.

    I forgot to report back here earlier in the year.. I applied for the card after reading this post and was delighted to receive the card, use it on our Caribbean island hopping trip over this past Summer, and now have more than enough miles to start planning for our next European vacation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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