50,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus on the Alaska Airlines Visa

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Alaska has been getting a lot more of my attention lately thanks to bold moves like expanding elite-qualifying mileage earning to all its airline partners, aggressive mileage bonus promos on West Coast travel, and the fact that it has amazing partners in Oneworld and SkyTeam like Cathay Pacific and Korean Air, as well as non-alliance partners including Emirates that I love to use my miles to fly.

Alaska has amazing airline partners.

Alaska has amazing airline partners.

Given all of Delta’s recent negative changes including two mileage chart devaluations, hacking away at elite same-day confirmed benefits, and new elite revenue requirements, I’ve been taking a much closer look at Alaska and its MileagePlan program, including at the co-branded credit card from Bank of America and Visa.

One reason I haven’t gotten the Alaska Airlines Visa is because the bonus is typically around 25,000 miles upon approval (and you get a $100 statement credit after spending $1,000 in 90 days) and there’s a current one for 40,000 miles but it requires you to spend $2,000 per month for the first year to earn the full bonus – not tempting for me. However, there is currently an offer out there for 50,000 miles when you spend $1,000 in 90 days.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 6.57.48 PM

Here are the terms of the offer:

  • Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles – by earning 25,000 Bonus Miles upon approval and an additional 25,000 Bonus Miles after making at least $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days of the account open date
  • Coach Companion Fare every year from $118 (USD) ($99, plus taxes and fees from $19)
  • Earn 3 miles for every qualifying dollar in purchases of Alaska Airlines tickets, Vacation packages and Cargo purchases
  • No mileage cap. There’s no limit to the number of miles you can earn with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card
  • $75 annual fee not waived

Now, per the terms on the application page, this offer does appear to be targeted: “Bonus Mile Offer: This one-time promotion is limited to new customers opening an account in response to this offer and is valid for a limited time by invitation only. This offer is not valid for customers that have applied for this product in the last 12 months.” And it seems to be targeted at Washington residents as Alaska is pushing back on Delta’s recent encroachment into the Pacific Northwest and the Seattle market in particular, but people who did not receive a targeted email report being approved. And even better, some folks who had applied for another bonus with this card even as recently as 3-4 months ago report getting approved, so it seems possible to score this bonus on top of any past ones for the card – though again the terms do say that’s not possible, so I would use caution.

Apart from the unusually high bonus, this card also comes with a yearly companion ticket, and although you used to be able to use this on first class fares and it’s only for coach tickets now, it can still be a very good value. Cardholders are given a certificate code for a $99 companion fare (plus taxes, usually putting the total at around $118) within 1-2 weeks of their initial approval and then on every subsequent anniversary of cardmembership. The only restrictions for using this companion ticket are that two seats must be available, and the flights must be wholly operated by Alaska Airlines. Otherwise, the cardholder and their travel companion can use it for any coach fare class on any flight. Even better, both flyers still receive mileage credit and both qualify for upgrades based on the elite status of the higher flyer. One of the best uses of this companion ticket is for the cardholder to purchase a ticket to Hawaii and get the second one for just $99 plus taxes, essentially getting two half-price tickets to Hawaii and more than compensating for that $75 annual fee.

As I begin to look toward 2014, I am taking a much closer look at Alaska and think it’s going to play a bigger role in my overall airline and elite status strategy.

Any folks out there already get in on this offer? Share your experience in the comments below.

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  • steve

    I would jump on this if I were eligible. I am tempted, but will be pissed if I apply and don’t get the full bonus because I wasn’t targeted.

  • irsha

    how many credit cards do you have sir?

  • Ben Price

    I applied. Approved immediately for the Visa Signature card.

  • Jennifer

    Both my Husband and I applied and were approved for this offer yesterday (high credit limits, so assuming the Visa Signature). We live in Oregon and have our fingers crossed for the bonus, because we fly Alaska all the time here!

  • Bill Rubin

    I wan’t targeted (live in SoCal) but was approved immediately for the Visa Signature card. I confirmed that I get the 50,000 miles bonus (25,000 upon approval–once they link the card to my Alaska account) and 25,000 upon $1000 spend in the first 90 days. I am a very good BofA customer, but it didn’t sound like a big deal to get the approval for the targeted bonus if you ask and then confirm.

  • Joe Masters Emison

    Would there be any reason to get this card if you live on the east coast?

  • Ryan Chlebek

    Applied but didn’t get an immediate answer. I got a message saying that it’s processing and they will notify me within 30 days. Is this common? Normally I get an instant answer.

  • Ryan Chlebek

    Where on the east coast? Alaska has a couple flights out of DCA to LAX and PDX. I used to just use these routes to get AA pts, but will now consider these routes for Alaska pts.

  • McMunch

    Yes, Alaska flies all over the east coast, and you can use their miles on Delta, American and tons of other partners. They are an amazing airline!

  • Matt C.

    I got the same thing, and I was one of the targeted recipients who got this on Monday.

  • Ben Price

    Think they have flights from MCO and FLL to the West Coast, too.

  • 3E

    The way I’m reading this offer, you could apply for the card, get approved, but never activate it, and still get 25,000 miles, and then not have to pay the annual fee. Am I reading this correctly?

    Yes I know it’s a great deal, but I just don’t like paying annual fees, especially not up-front.

  • Henry

    No Hat tip to Canadian Kilometers?

  • Donna

    I’m annoyed because I just got the business card so can’t get this. I LOVE flying Alaska but I live in Seattle.

  • Corey

    BOS-SEA is what i would use it for on Alaska

  • sam

    i don’t know the value of the 50k alaska miles. Can it be transferred to aadvantage or hotel account? I’d like to apply for this but if I have 50k alaska airline miles but it is not enough for where I am going, it may sit there for ever. What can 50k alaska miles get me? round trip domestic? one way or round trip europe or asia? Thanks

  • Yati

    I waited and then finally Chase offered the British Airways card with no annual fee, so i got it. Do you think that there’s any chance of getting this deal in the future with no annual fee? I’ll consider this one if i can find a use for these miles, but i’d much rather wait a while and not pay $75.

  • sandy

    Were you targeted for the offer ? Any success for people who did not get this offer directly as invitation ?

  • sandy

    Any data point or success with getting 50,000 bonus miles if you were not targeted. I applied through above link and was approved and I am in NY. Not sure , how to confirm the bonus offer .

  • Ben Price

    Not targeted.

  • Rasputin

    Please explain who and how asked to confirm? Thanks.

  • Michael

    I live in NY and received the same message (will be notified within 30 days). I have a very high credit score and have black card with Amex, so doubt it has to due with credit, perhaps my location.

  • KT

    Good news for you – business cards and personal cards are usually considered as different “people” since the business sort of has its own identity. Give it a try. :)

  • Fagnew

    Philly here. Not targeted. High credit score. Got the 30 day wait

  • Maxim

    How about a hat tip to Canadian Kilometers? If you going to steal others’ content at least have decency to acknowledge it.

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t read that blog and was not aware they discovered this deal

  • blackgas

    Applied although I had just applied for the 100k chase BA offer a couple weeks back. Got a 30 day notice but called in and they said it was approved but held due to my listing of an authorized user. Once I confirmed the authorized user over the phone they said card should be received in 10 business days. I have never thought of getting an Alaska card but with the UA devaluation and US-AA merger I felt the need to branch out and become more diverse in my points portfolio.

  • Vaselenko

    Live in NJ. Have high credit score. Received 30-day pending notice. What number do you call to see if you can get approved sooner?

  • blackgas

    Stolen from millionmilesecrets:
    866-530-9829 connects directly to a credit analyst for personal cards

  • Vaselenko

    Thanks for the info.

  • Vaselenko

    I was not targeted but I got approved. I just called BofA and was told that in their system it says I will only get 25K miles. There is nothing in my application file about the additional 25K. I took a screen shot but will see if I will succeed fighting this…

  • jtgray

    Don’t think so. I’ve followed this card for a while and it’s always had the fee up front.

  • AD

    No luck AND I was a targeted mileage plan member. Applied for the regular 25,000 bonus and was approved on the spot – got the 50k targeted email less than 24 hours later but BofA and Alaska won’t honor it.

  • Martin

    I was initially declined by the automatic screening process where it found that I had too many inquiries. Today I called the reconsideration department explaining that I have recently been shopping for a mortgage refinancing. I said I was surprised my application was declined. The credit analyst informed me that I should not have been declined based on my credit history and so he approved my application.

  • Martin

    About 10, fewer than what theTPG has!

  • levi

    Just got this deal. I live in DC and had no problem. Now how can i use miles and the companion ticket at once?

  • Adam

    How does one use Alaskan Airlines miles to book a flight on Delta?

  • smweb23

    was not targeted for this. was given the “awaiting a decision”. because i am overseas it took me about a week to call the recon line. i did and used the status check and was told via automated response that i was approved. called back again to confirm 50K offer and that too was confirmed.

    experian score 759
    transunion 730

    applied in thailand while traveling (live in ny)

  • CJC

    The link now says it is unavailable. Called and they said I must have a code in order to try and apply over the phone.

  • doctorofcredit

    Just letting everybody know, this offer is now LIVE again.

  • doctorofcredit

    Try again, it’s now working.

  • T

    For those who weren’t targeted for this offer, were any of you not “new customers?” As in, did you already have an account with Alaska, but still received the mileage bonus?

  • Ricky Tan

    This offer is expired now. :(

  • Jessica

    it’s dead now

  • Jessica

    Did you get approved thru the reconsideration line?

  • Jessica

    Just apply for the 40k mileage points thru the link that posted above then

  • Vaselenko

    I did but so far only 25K miles have posted. I am still trying to figure out how I can get the other 25K miles. I have a screen shot but don’t know if that will help at all.

  • Jessica

    maybe try to call them and ask?

  • Vaselenko

    Not going to happen. I spoke to the Alaska Mileage Plan rep who very nicely told me that she is well aware of the offer but she said it was VERY targeted and you needws to apply for the card using the link provided in the e-mail or using a special promo code that was sent via mail in the accompanying letter. Of course I read on Flyertalk that people were getting approved for this offer without any kind of code or link but I am not sure how they were able to do so. Oh well.

  • boa

    they closed all my cards!!!

  • Jessica

    Pardon me if this is out of topic but if I posted in the old blog it will get buried away and no response. I am eager to start soon so hope you can please help:
    I am new to credit card so please bear with me. I really hope you could help me with my questions below and I really appreciate it:

    1. What is the best cc for AMEX if I haven’t have any AMEX cc before? Mainly I fly to Asia (Japan, Korea, HK, Singapore) so I would like AMEX card that would allow me to use or transfer my point (at good ratio) to airlines like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Asiana, and other airlines that fly to Asia.

    2. I saw news about AMEX Gold Premier CC promo that offers 50k bonus points after meet the minimum spending. However I also heard that some people got 75k bonus points upon approval for same cc, can you please let me know how to do this and if you have the link that direct me there it would be great, I would like to use your referral link as a way to say thank you.

    3. Does the free Hilton Gold status still available?

    4. Also for Chase Hyatt cards, one of the perks is that I will get free Platinum membership status automatically upon approval? does this require me to have or become Gold Passport member prior applying? I never have Gold Passport or membership with Hyatt before.

    Will await for your reply and advice and thanks in advance. My previous post didn’t get posted so I have to repost this again.

  • Bonnie

    Is there a link or phone number to call about Alaska airline card?

  • Jessica

    Is there anyone kind enough to help me?

  • Jessica

    Anybody? pretty please? confused beginner here….

  • Michelle C

    I also got approved immediately through the link (Oregon resident), but when the card came it didn’t say anything about the additional bonus miles or needing to meet a minimum spend. Not sure what to do…

  • Vaselenko

    Call and speak to a Customer Service Rep. They will let you know any information you have.

  • Jessica

    this blog is dead?

  • Michelle C

    I was not targeted. I used the link from pointsguy.

  • NG

    Hey! Any update on this ? Same happened to me – the customer agent said it is targeted only on west coast (i am on east coast). I was hoping that it worked out for you and you could tell me the magic you did :)

  • Vaselenko

    Hi – I did end up getting the full 50K bonus so I hope the same for you.

  • Charley Lochtefeld

    Actually, it’s 10,000 in six months – not $1000 in 90 days

  • Faith

    I was wondering if you could suggest a good card in addition to my discover it that has the potential to help me accumulate half off to nearly free domestic travel from Texas to Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, and a few spots on the East coast. Obviously not all at once. I spend money mostly groceries and gas. I am not currently interested in churning card but I am wiling to get more than one card for long term use.

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