100,000 Point Sign Up Bonus on British Airways Visa is Back

by on November 2, 2013 · 53 comments

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Update: The 100k offer has ended. View the current offer for the British Airways Visa here.

One of the highest sign-up bonuses in the travel credit card world is back – the British Airways Visa just launched a new sign-up bonus offer of 100,000 Avios. That’s double the usual 50,000 bonus they’ve been offering for the past several months since last year’s 100,000-mile bonus promotion ended, however to get the full bonus you’ll have to spend at least $20,000. (This is becoming a major theme of new card offers).

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 8.56.44 AM

The terms are the same as when this offer came around last time:

  • You will get 50,000 bonus Avios after $2,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.
  • 25,000 bonus Avios after $10,000 in purchases within the first year of account opening.
  • Plus an additional 25,000 bonus Avios after you make an additional $10,000 in purchases also within the first year of account opening.

Additional card features and fees:
-Smart Chip Technology allows you to use your card for chip-based purchases in Europe & beyond, while still giving you the ability to use your card as you do today at home.
- 1.25 Avios points for every dollar spent on the card
- 2.5 Avios points per dollar spent on British Airways travel
- No foreign transaction fees
- Companion certificate after $30,000 in spend. This companion ticket allows a second miles redemption for free. So if you use 100,000 Avios points for a business class ticket from Los Angeles to London, the second business class ticket costs 0 miles (you only pay taxes). A huge value if used properly.
- $95 annual fee

We haven’t seen a public offer this high on the card in a while, so if you’ve been waiting to get in on it, now is your chance. For more information on the card as well as how to maximize your Avios, check out my Maximizing British Airways Series whose posts include:

my new Maximizing British Airways Avios series. Other posts include:
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  • Devon

    I just applied and was accepted for other bonus Thursday. How should I approach getting the 100k bonus opportunity?

  • Diotallevi

    So when using the companion ticket, a round trip business class ticket between EWR or JFK and LHR would cost 80,000 Avios, plus an extra $433.70 in taxes and fees per passenger. Does this sound accurate? I haven’t flow BA in years and was just playing around with their Avios calculator.

  • TheGermanGuy

    I got the 100,000 miles sign up in 2012. Can I earn it again?
    The terms state: “This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.”.
    How strict is chase?

  • Shana

    How long will this offer last? I got 5 new cards (2 of them from Chase) on August 18. Can I apply this soon for this card? Thanks!

  • davep

    I got the 100,000 in 2011 and canceled card in 2012. I applied and had to call to rearrange some credit lines on other Chase cards. I just got off the phone with Chase. I asked the rep about it and she said that she wasn’t sure, but that if I was a current card holder the app would have been rejected and since it wasn’t that was a good sign. However, I won’t know for sure until I get the welcome packet, which may take 2 weeks. We’ll see.

  • Vaselenko

    I would recommend calling Chase and asking them to up the bonus. If that does not work, trying sending a secure e-mail message through your account.

  • Ben Price

    Same boat here. 5 Chase cards, wife has 3. I just applied for 2 SW and she just got the Marriott. Chase is great w/ sign up bonuses and don’t wanna push my luck, but really like the looks of this card.

  • Anthony Thomas

    same! Just applied and got approved for a Chase Sapphire today. I might try and apply in a month and split my credit line in half from the Sapphire towards this if required.

    As for timelines, looks like last year it was only around for a month (there was then a statement on the BA Executive landing page a few days after it went live on 5th April saying “Apply by 6th May) – according to BoardingArea

    BUT, this is more of a long-term spending card so *hopefully* it sticks around much longer as I’d prefer to apply in 1-3 months time instead of now!

  • Rebecca Duvall

    I am wanting to get this card but I already have the freedom and CSP and don’t want / need more annual fees. If I were to downgrade my CSP to the regular chase sapphire, would I still have access to the ultimate rewards and transfer to other programs? I know I can’t with just the freedom.

  • webazoid

    was BA always 1.25 points with the chase cards? Maybe the United card will be 1.25 in the future w/ the recent devaluations.

  • freqflyer

    so should we wait until the beginning of the calendar year to start putting spend on the card in order to qualify for the companion card?

  • Craig

    The Apply link on the British Airways Visa 100K sign up bonus is not working. I tried to find the offer elsewhere online but was not able to. I prefer to apply through your link. Let me know how to proceed.

  • John

    Chase is really far ahead of all the other banks with their multitude of good credit card offers. I already have 6 Chase cards (5 in the past year, with 2 of those being Southwest cards from apps last week), so I doubt I’ll be able to get in on this before the offer goes away.

  • Sean

    The Avios is correct, but the taxes look low for BA business classs. If it’s accurate then snap it up PDQ as I paid with Avios plus $1000 per passenger for business between BOS and LHR.

  • Diotallevi

    Sean thanks for the info. I just realized what I did wrong. Taxes and fees per passenger are $433.70 one way. So about $870 roundtrip, each passenger. Still a great deal, especially when using the companion ticket. I might have to hop on this deal.

  • Brian L.

    If you only have the regular Sapphire, you would not have the ability to transfer to other programs, AFAIK.

  • Danny

    TPG, I recently (last month) signed up for the BA card when it was a 50K bonus. Do you think I’ll have any luck in getting them to give me the 100K offer if I call?

  • thepointsguy

    Yep- can’t hurt to ask!

  • Devon

    I didn’t know whether to call reconsideration line or where so I sent a secure message. The reply said they had to send it to another team & I’d hear an answer in 4 days. Is there a specific department I call or should I wait this out first? The offer for 100k was 36 hours after I was approved for the 50k. It’s killing me

  • oldguy

    @thepointsguy:disqus , do you think this was a well-timed promotion in response to the United devaluation? seems like a ripe opportunity to lure some disgruntled flyers.

  • Brian L.

    But how would BA know that UA was planning their devaluation? Sure, maybe Chase knew, but they why would they want to tell BA, and if they did want to, would UA have even let them? I doubt it. The timing of this is probably just luck.

  • MikeyM

    I just cancelled my BA chase card 2 weeks ago. (I had it for 10 years) . Would like to jump back in and get this offer. Is it possible with such a short window since my cancellation?

  • Daniel

    I guess I got a great deal on the card last year. 50k points at first spend then 50k at first spend on year 2. Just had to pay for an additional year without making a $20k spend

  • chia

    TPG, does the $10000 spent on purchases within the first year (for the additional 25,000 avios include the $2000 spent the first 3 months?

  • BobChi

    I would only consider this a 50k offer. No way I’d put that much spend on this card. That kind of spend goes to meeting spend requirements for other signups that will generate much more value than the bonus Avios available. I did get the card for the 50k a few weeks ago, about two years after canceling it. My Avios have posted.

  • dean

    Sure, they’ll let you have the card again, most probable they will NOT allow you the avios. Just like any card, there is a waiting period to getting the signup bonus which doesn’t start until you have cancelled the card, not when you signed-up or received the bonus. Chase has always said “once per lifetime” w/ most all their cards, though you can get the sign-up again, it’s more like 2+yrs. By then, there’ll be another card to get instead. FYI, cancelling an old card like that hurts your credit score b/c credit age plays a good role in your score. Better to lower the limit and only use it a couple times a year.

  • yeshu

    really sucks..I got the 50000 sign up bonus a couple of months ago…wish i had waited..

  • Navin

    Looks like they’ve done away with the 10% discount on BA spend.

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    No, it’s still available here: Outbound travel must commence by December 31, 2013.

  • Dan

    TPG: what is ideal time to wait between canceling a chase BA card and signing up again in order to get the bonus? This site is geared towards beginners/intermediate readers so that would have been helpful information to have in the body of the article. Thanks.

  • chia


  • John

    Hmm…the previous offer was only 50K, but didn’t have an annual fee the first year….is the annual fee waived for the first year here? It doesn’t look like it.

  • Devon

    Anyone know where/what Dept I call at Chase should they come back from the secure message and deny me? I got the 50k approval late Thursday night.

  • Concorde123

    If I had this card in the past and recieved similar bonus can I reapply and take advantage of the current offer??

  • Daniel Dodd

    can this companion certificate be used on an around the world fare if you only few on BA metal? It is a single redemption of miles.

  • Wildcat1

    TPG, wondering like others best way to time spend with this offer. I currently have a couple chase cards so am hoping I could get another (last apps were in June). As companion pass is calendar year is it better to grab this offer now but start to place heavy spend in Jan 2014 rather than immediately ? Don’t want to wait too long before applying and risk missing the deal. Thoughts, feedback appreciated. Thanks again for bringing this info to us

  • rrj

    Same here. I called today and they said they could place the request after I reach the 2k threshold.

  • Wildcat1

    Looking to understand this as well, my thoughts are no annual fee waiver this time, have to pay up front

  • Wildcat1

    Looking for similar info here

  • rrj

    UPdate: sent a secure message requesting the bonus. Received a positive reply two days later. We just have to write to request the bonus Avios after each $10k threshold. First year’s fee still waived!

  • shonuffharlem

    I got the card 2 months ago, I called and asked to match to the 100k offer. They told me they are sending me a letter with all the details, I assume they would only send a letter if they are matching me.

  • vsr

    I had signed up for the 50k no annual fee offer

    I called them yesterday to put me on the 100k offer and they said they can put me on the offer since its been <60 days but they would charge annual fee upfront since that is the difference between the two offers.
    What exact message did you send via secure message that enabled you to get on the new offer?

  • Anthony Thomas

    Deadline online now – 31st December 2013 according to the page last night, although right now it keeps redirecting me to the UK site :(

  • dooder

    Is this still active? Can someone post a link that works?

  • Jonathan

    Are you sure this offer is valid? Based on this posting I applied for and received the British Airways Chase card but was told I would only receive 50,000 Avios miles. I called Chase and they knew nothing of this promotion. Can you shed some light on this for me?

  • Beastman

    What happened to the 100k sign up offer? I noticed the offer last week and went on a trip, now about a week later it’s 50k; was I seeing things? Does anyone have a phone number to call the bank regarding this offer? There is NO number on the sign up site.

  • V

    Does anyone know if spend by an authorized user counts toward the bonus thresholds? ($20K for 50K pts, $30K for companion pass)

  • Forrest Bailey

    So is this still working- I only see 50K points offered?

  • Sodium11

    Hi TPG – love your site. Used it to earn 500k points in 2013 – all through your website. I spent the 30k on it and now have a total of 137,500 Avios (100,000 bonus offer 30,000 * 1.25 spend points). What’s the best redemption to get companion business or first class out of SFO to London, HK or New Delhi. Thank you!

  • jason

    It is not so straight forward as mentioned. Even after spending $30k, to get a companion tickets for free has its own challenges. Black out dates apply and it is difficult to get 2 tickets especially in business class. Also you will need to have Avios points for your ticket to avail the companion voucher. Check it out. Not a straight forward deal.

  • Mariya

    Did you get this bonus?

  • davep

    Yes, I did.

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