Amazing Deal Alert: $315 Off All Alitalia Flights With Japanese Promo Code PROMOJP

by on October 20, 2012 · 100 comments

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Earlier this morning I posted about a 25% off coupon for Alitalia flights that brings the price of many flights down to great deal territory. Well several TPG readers have reported success using Alitalia’s Japanese promotion to take off 25,000 Yen (~$315) off any Alitalia flight- making some cheaper flights free. The promotion must be booked on Alitalia’s Japan Site and on the final booking screen enter the code PROMOJP. This is for flights booked now through October 26, 2012 (unless Alitalia decides to end this deal early) for travel through March 27, 2013. It is not valid from December 10 to January 6 though.

Using this promo code, the original JFK- Madrid flight we were able to get down to $470 comes to $314! Many intra-European flights come out to $0 with this code so I’d book now, because I don’t think this will last long. For flights under $1,260 it’s better to use the Japanese promo code, but for anything above that the 25% off will likely provide greater value. My best advice is just to play around with this and see what other routes you can find.
As these must be booked on the Japanese site, it is all in Japanese however using Google Translate really helped me complete the booking process so I wouldn’t let the the different language stop you from booking.

Translating on Google Translate makes the booking process pretty easy.

Sample Fares
Any fare under $315 is completely free. An example of this is Milan-Rome, with the promotion code, it is $0.

Milan-Rome is under $315 so it is completely free.

Some European flights I was able to book such as Madrid-Rome for only $115 instead of normally $400, while others I was having some trouble, so just play around and since this is available for one-ways also, you can really get some cheap flights.

I was able to book Madrid-Rome for only $115 instead of over $400- A fantastic deal!

Also works for flights from the U.S. to Europe as well.

Also be sure to take a look at Alitalia’s refund policy, as these are non-refundable fares so make sure you can use them, however think fast as this deal is bound to end soon. Since, this will likely be charged as a foreign expense so use a card like Sapphire Preferred to get the 2x bonus on travel with no foreign transaction fees.

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  • Yichuan Cao

    The website is very slow. I guess a lot of people are visiting.

  • Ashley Butts

    What dates did you use for JFK-MAdrid?

  • thepointsguy

    Dec 11-18 I believe

  • Martijn Verbeek

    Can’t get the promocode to work, free AMS-FCO/LIN flights would have been nice

  • David Aitken

    MMM the promo code no worky for me. Says:
    I E coupon number is different.
    No. If you have a coupon e e coupon enter it here

  • Sam Wolfe

    Google Chrome translates the entire page half-decent too.

  • David Aitken

    Well it works on the JFK/MAD trip… just not JFK to Venice…

  • jaccard

    i got a free flight to rome from geneva :) thanks!

  • bradsteven

    What’s your personal take on buying RT flights that you never intend to take the return leg of? AI isn’t pricing one ways at all within reach…but making them RT brings the price down to free.

  • bradsteven

    FYI – no credit card needed if cost is 0.

  • thepointsguy

    I’ve done it before. As long as you don’t make a huge habit of it, shouldn’t be a big deal

  • thepointsguy

    Good thing Madrid is an awesome city!

  • thepointsguy

    Nice tip.. You book Madrid?

  • Warner

    Anyone else having it only price J class for one-ways?

  • bradsteven

    Yes – I did RT bookings to circumvent.

  • David

    Too bad the intra Europe flights I saw will not let you earn mileage.

  • Martijn Verbeek

    Guess keep puzzling is the trick, booked AMS-LIN for 30 november/2 december!

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Awesome, glad to hear!

  • Amit B.

    Just booked JFK – MAD (Jan. 16 – 22) for $420 RT on Alitalia. Thanks TPG!

  • Felix De Vliegher

    Just booked two return flights BRU-FCO, for free. Awesome deal, thanks!

  • Chris

    I can not get it to work either. Tried both Intra-Europe and MAD – JFK and get the same error. What am I doing wrong?

  • Chris

    Did you have to make two separate bookings for this?

  • Dan

    Just to be clear, you guys are connecting in Rome in order to get to/from MAD, right? I don’t see any direct flights to MAD on Alitalia.

  • Jrc3530

    It’s hanging on the payment screen. Looks like a lot of transactions are taking place. The error is translated to:

    Note: The following error has occurred.
    Due to a system failure, you can not settle temporarily. Thank you again in a few minutes.

  • Martijn Verbeek

    I didn’t have to for my AMS – LIN rt

  • Felix De Vliegher

    I didn’t really try to do 2 bookings at once, so I used separate bookings yeah. Not sure if it’s needed though!

  • Chris

    Was that RT under 25,000 YEN for two people?

  • Sean

    Wow! Thanks TPG. Just got us AMS-LIN roundtrip during our winter holiday. For the grand total of $ZERO.

  • Martijn Verbeek

    It was just for one person, my mistake ;)

  • Brittany H

    Is anyone having issues with this code? We have tried booking the routes that others have booked with no avail.

  • Chris

    No working for me either. Either nothing happens or I get an error saying it’s not valid.

  • Lisa

    This is awesome! Just booked 2 round trip tickets NCE-FCO 12/14-17 for free! Thank you so much!

  • F Grzejszczyk


  • Lisa

    I did a single booking for 2 tickets NCE-FCO and it worked for free. The total was a little more than 26000 yen, so I think the discount must be per ticket.

  • MattRob

    Doesn’t seem to be flexible enough, can’t find AMS – FCO flights where code is working ….

  • Lori

    This is fabulous! We just got two round trip Madrid to Rome tickets for a long weekend in december for 38 euros total! (total for TWO PEOPLE ROUND TRIP!!!!) amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Marianag

    Do you think you can book from Japan to south east asia? i am trying to do it and it comes up with error :(

  • Mari

    How you can book? I see only “Bad Gateaway”:(

  • Chris

    I have tried everything from November – April. Different origins and destinations and nothing works. I either get that the code is not valid or no error at all. What am I doing wrong here??

  • Chris

    I just tried the same trip, same dates and get no discount what so ever. Something is wrong here :(

  • Jetstream007

    I just now succesfully booked. Took some time to figure out what buttons to click. Doing a parallel booking on an English Alitalia site (in different browser) helped a lot. One booking for two persons AMS-FCO return 33.800 Yen, with promocode $0,- let see if this works out!

  • Chris

    I have no problems with the buttons, everything is translated okay. The problem is that I when I press the discount button, the spinner shows up for a while, but the price doesn’t change :(

  • Lisa

    That’s strange… I just did it again to see, exactly as TPG explains above, and it still works… 29000 total, down to 0 after applying the code. Good luck!

  • Chris

    Nothing here! :( If you have time, can you please check if it works between BCN and BUD for you?

  • Lisa

    did you try a different browser?

  • Chris

    Yes tried it both in Chrome and Firefox.

  • Blubs

    I booked all the flights with IE, which I usually NEVER use but it worked.

  • Lisa

    yes, it works for me … sorry you’re having trouble. :( I’m in Europe, are you? If not, maybe it’s an IP address issue. Most people that have written here with success are booking intra-Europe flights. I’m going to try more flights tomorrow morning.

  • Chris

    Yes I am in Barcelona. Tried two browsers and also with my American VPN. No success. Not even a error. Annoying :(

  • Blubs

    Yes works at those days, and with the code the flights end up to cost nothing.

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  • Chris

    SUCCESS! BCO – BUD successfully booked RT for two people. Cost? $0! Thank you! :)

  • Blubs

    Apparently tickets will not be issued according to booking overview:

    “Status:the ticket has not been issued, the reservation expires on 20/10/2012 alle 22:20″

    But was worth a try… :)

  • Paul

    YES! LHR-IST return flights booked! completely free long weekend escape to Istanbul – this is the jackpot for a penniless student!

  • cli146

    Just booked FCO to LHR. It allowed one way booking.

  • Shari

    Wow, I really wish I would have studied Japanese when I lived there for 2 years but never thought I would use it ;(

    Has anyone found anything out of LAX to anywhere in Europe? It seems to be mostly East Coast stuff people are getting.

    I’m getting overly excited!!

  • Loretta

    Just got two free ones for different dates from CDG to FCO, now searching fro cheapees from NYC to either one, all in March!!! Thanks Points Guy!!! My favorite kind of travel=FREE! And not even an credit card info to hold it, and e-mail confirmations, Woohoo!

  • Chris

    Where did you read this?

  • Blubs
  • Chris

    I tried that too before, I am not getting that message. I am seeing:

    Sorry, but there is a technical problem on the web site.
    Please go back to the Home page and try again.

    Guess we have to wait until Monday to see if it really worked or not.

  • JackAubrey

    Wow. Amazing deal. The GF and I are trying to find Boston to Paris/Rome but the flights are still on the pricey side, even after fiddling with all of the dates. If anyone finds some that work well, let us know!

  • Harlan Vaughn


  • Leazep

    it doesnt work for me. When I go to put in the code in the end it doesnt change anything. does anyone knows why?

  • Leslie

    Will they honor these purchases? How about the ones that total $0?

  • Ella

    hey you guys the code isnt working for me, anyone has any ideas why?

  • Ben

    Unfortunately I don’t think this is gonna work – “Ticket has not been issued. Reservation expires on…”
    At least that was for all my booking that came out to be $0 and required no credit cards info.

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  • Johan Spiiike

    Booked Madrid – Venice for 2 people in end of february, 0 eur, amazing! Have not received a confirmation email so I have a feeling it might be a bust but who knows!

  • Johan Spiiike

    I tried the my booking and searched after the PNR number and typed in my name and it worked I got all my booking deatils right there on the page but I have not received confirmation mail to my email yet though. Still seems like it’s booked.

  • Johan Spiiike

    But now I can see this:
    Status:the ticket has not been issued , the reservation expires on 21/10/2012 alle 01:43


  • Cyn D

    Used Google Chrome to translate & book and had no problems. Website wasn’t even slow. I scored JFK-FCO-MAD for myself and a friend for $285 each, then tacked on MAD-FCO-IST for free. Also booked for a relative on the MAd routing and added MAD-LIN-FRA for him. This is for February 2013.

  • Valkata87

    Why is it not working for me and it keeps telling me “We are unable to offer flights matching your request”

  • Ray

    Come on TPG, at least give credit to the OP who spotted this deal…

  • HarrisonDongstein24

    Amazing. Just booked an intra-Europe trip for nothing (had to book two separate reservations). Now I am going to use some Sapphire points to get myself to Europe. Thanks Points Guy! Any chance that these tix will not be honored? Has anyone read the T&C to see if it only applies to Japanese residents?

  • Archie102

    I just got email that my flight has been cancelled due a mistake on the web site….

  • Brad Benner

    Sadly Alitalia doesn’t fly Berlin. I guess I’m not going to Malta in January!

  • Kathrinea

    Hey guys, is it going for you? i have already problem on basic Alitia Japan site for booking, it writes me error, so i can´t search flights when i put from and to :(

  • Johan Spiiike

    REALLY IMPORTANT INFO!!! Alitalia has found out their mistake and offer has expired, they fixed the bug in the system and tickets are now only available for departures from Japan.

    For people who are checking their status of the flight through my bookings on alitalia, DON’T, it says “ticket not issued” for any ticket no matter when or how you bought it. Instead go to who’s a member of Skyteam just as Alitalia, chose Manage My Bookings and write in your ticket number, mine got “confirmed” and status “paid” so it should be all good.

  • Marz

    Just received an email from Alitalia stating the purchase has been reversed.

  • Loretta

    Just got an e-mail saying that my purchase was not processed, and any mount I paid would be refunded($0)since I have 2 tickets purchased, I am curious if they will send another one.

  • Chris

    We’ve got confirmations on booked tickets, isn’t that considered a written agreement. I.e. the airline agrees to take us from point A to B for a certain amount of money. Do they have the right to void this agreement without any obligations? At least maybe we all could get some points or gift certificates out of this?

  • Guest

    I booked some trips for free yesterday (got e-tickets) but just received an e-mail from Alitalia that my ticket was cancelled. ‘Fraid they are not allowing this one. Would’ve been nice though!

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  • Lisa

    I got the dreaded email, too…. oh, well… worth the try! Thanks TPG keep this great info coming!

  • Guilhermebar

    I booked three flights for 2 people, with success.
    But 1h ago received a cancellation e-mail from alitalia, saying that my reservation was cancelled and my money will be refunded.

    Is this even legal? ;)

  • guest

    Alitalia cancelled all the tickets, even to the people who payed for them, here u have the link for the event on FC Alitalia – a company which won’t treat You serious. SAY NO FOR ALITALIA TICKETS CANCELLATIONS.

  • Jamison

    all my tickets were cancelled


    Did anyone else receive noticed that their fare was canceled? I booked a “free” trip and this morning was told that it was not processed.

  • Jrc3530

    Alitalia sent a cancel notice this morning at 7:45 am CST for my JFK to MAD flight over Thanksgiving. DOT rule affect this?

  • Rewards Traveler

    Just booked AMS-LIN with no issues, great tip!

  • Rewards Traveler

    Just booked AMS-LIN with no issue! Great tip.

  • Stefan

    PROMOJP is not working at all, doesn?t give any discount on the price. Any other code required???

  • Hawk

    Does this thing still works? Thanks.

  • iruvmattree

    is this code dead? I’m trying to book rome to geneva, but it’s not giving me a discount

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