Last Day to Enter! Win a Seat on the Oneworld Mega Do: TPG Great Seatmate Round 2

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Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to enter this contest. Submit your video by 11:59pm Eastern time! There are only a handful of entries so far, so you might as well enter- even if its just a video of your cat with subtitles!

The first ever Oneworld Mega Do in January is going to be an epic event. The three-day journey from Dallas to Seattle to Los Angeles will be chock full of interesting events, perks and people. It sold out to the public within minutes, but since my new site Travel Credit Cards is sponsoring the event, I was able to snag seats early – including one for a lucky TPG reader. I reserved Tommy Class exit row seats, which means there’s a middle seat blocked out. I did first class on the Star Alliance Do, but frankly the party is in coach so we will be in the middle of the action, but will also have room to be comfortable.

I ran a similar contest for the Star Alliance Mega Do in September and had an absolute blast with the winner Kathy. Indeed she was a fantastic seatmate (and I think/hope she’d say the same about me!) and we are now good friends. I love how travel has the ability to bring people together!


If you want to be my seatmate on this “Mega Do,” make sure you are free on the dates below:

Wednesday, January 25th, 6 PM: DALLAS
American Airlines/Hyatt Reception at the Hyatt Regency DFW

Thursday, January 26th: DALLAS-SEATTLE

A day with American Airlines, meet their senior management and get behind the scenes.

Flight   AAOWMD (Charter)
Departure   6:00 PM CST
Arrival   8:39 PM PST
Duration   4 hours 39 minutes
Origin   Terminal 0 / DFW
Destination   SEA
Aircraft   Boeing 757-200 (twin-jet)
Tail   N7XXAN
Distance   1,660 BIS miles.
AAdvantage   7,500 EQMs (FC), 5,000 EQMs (TC), 3,750 EQMs (EC)

Hyatt Regency Bellevue reception

Friday, January 27th: SEATTLE-LOS ANGELES

Boeing program (see parts of Boeing not open to the public and NEVER before experienced on a MegaDO).

4 PM
Flight to Los Angeles for the next part of the program.

Flight   AAOWMD (Charter)
Departure   4:00 PM PST
Arrival   6:10 PM PST
Duration   2 hours 10 minutes
Origin   SEA
Destination   Terminal 3 / LAX
Aircraft   Boeing 757-200 (twin-jet)
Tail   N7XXAN
Distance   954 BIS miles.
AAdvantage   7,500 EQMs (FC), 5,000 EQMs (TC), 3,750 EQMs (EC)

On arrival: Dinner with oneworld

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

Saturday, January 28th

oneworld program in LAX featuring multiple oneworld carriers.

What is covered: In addition to a seat on the charter and access to these events, I’ll also cover hotels for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Of course, I’ll let you pay for them so you get the points and then reimburse you!

What is not covered: You will need to get yourself to Dallas on January 25th and home from Los Angeles on January 28th and any expenses while on the trip.There’s also a European portion of the trip that Monday-Wednesday from JFK to London then to Dallas, which you will be eligible to purchase, but it is not included in my prize.

Estimated value of the prize: The cost of the seat was $1,299, plus hotels will be around $500 and the overall experience will be priceless, for sure.

In addition to great memories, as a participant you’ll also be able to partake in several Hyatt and American airlines promos (including a fee-waived status challenge up to Executive Platinum!) that are highlighted on the event website.


So how do you win?
I am looking for a seatmate that is:
1) Considerate
2) Fun
3) Has a passion for travel – especially miles and points

To enter, you’ll need to create a video (up to 30 seconds long) that shows how you embody these characteristics. I will leave the rest up to you – I don’t care what type of technology you use or where you upload the video – as long as I can click and easily access it. Heck, you don’t even need to be in the video for all I care – animations or anything of the like are fine. The only rule is that you cannot go over 30 seconds (1 or 2 seconds extra for editing is fine) and you can’t be offensive.

I will select the top 10 entries and let TPG readers vote on their favorite. Since I understand online polls are not the most accurate or fair, I will make the final decision among the 3 entries with the most votes.

How to enter:
Submit a link to your video in the comments of this post.

Submit your video by this Friday, November 18 by 11:59PM EST. I will select (with the help of the TPG team including Eric & Danielle) the top 10 finalists and post them on Saturday afternoon. Voting will go until Sunday at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced on the blog at 8:30am on Monday November 21, 2011.

It’s as simple as that! Feel free to ask any questions here or Tweet me. Bottom line – be creative and have fun with it!

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  • Gpapadop

    Oh…this is a LOT more involved, especially for ones who are kind of technologically challenged:-) I wish you could just use the random number generator:-) I need to get my son motivated to help me!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a big prize- you need to really want it to win! Random number generators may be easy, but they aren’t fun!

  • RDimperio

    This is very generous. Wish I could make it. Thanks for the offer.

  • worldtraveller2

    Ditto what Gpapadop, for those of us who are techno challenged!

  • worldtraveller2

    Ditto what Gpapadop said, for those of us who are techno challenged!

  • Anne

    Same here. I’m a really funny, retired grandmother of three who just discovered travel hacking one month ago and have made it my obsession. And I had already decided to put off my heart-lung transplant from January until later in the year. ;)

    But haven’t a clue on how to make and download a video.


  • Anne

    Same here. I’m a really funny, retired grandmother of three who just discovered travel hacking one month ago and have made it my obsession. And I had already decided to put off my heart-lung transplant from January until later in the year. ;)

    But haven’t a clue on how to make and download a video.


  • Guest

    People always want something for nothing. Come on people, if TPG is going to hand out such a great prize, at least put in some effort. He’s giving you a week to learn out to record with a webcam and upload the video, for those tech challenged.

  • Anonymous

    Some quick googling should set you on the right path. Any digital camera or smart phone should have video capability. There are programs as well to make your own slide show/animation.

    Overcoming these technology challenges as a funny grandmother will totally work to your advantage!

  • Anonymous

    TPG, thank you for the generous offer! I hope I can throw something together that will be so awesome that you’ll have no choice but to pick me as your seatmate.

  • Mitch Cumstein

    This all sounds great but unfortunately my Flip, which was my only means of capturing live video, perished to the depths of Llaguna Colorada last month after a freak cycling accident. I wish all competitors with the required hardware the best of luck in this competition!

  • Benny Hsu

    For those who may not have a way to record video, there is an easy way. Go to your closest Apple store, use one of their computers, open the Photobooth app, and record a 30 sec video. I think you can email it to yourself. I’ve never done it but have seen videos on YouTube of people signing and dancing in Apple stores. Just an idea.

  • Kathy K

    I know that lightening doesn’t strike twice (or does it?) but I’ll just rave about how lucky I was, and how lucky you would be, to win this contest. Its so much more than a trip that you win. For example…. I went to a hyatt hotel this weekend (after gaining diamond status from the last mega do), and had a nice upgraded room, hung out in the hot tub, had a breakfest buffet all included in the stay. But, even better than that…. I crashed the private black tie cocktail party affair on the first floor – without skipping a beat, I was drinking grey goose cosmos and eating grilled shrimp and sliced steak . . you name it! Would I have done this before I met thepointsguy? (maybe yes, maybe no…) But, I really felt like I was living a life out of the George Clooney movie, Up in the Air. Yes, that is what winning this contest is like. Its like learning to complain about White Ginger toiletries by Portica. Its about travel, but also about new friendships and camaraderie. and laughter. Honestly, the pointsguy is great. Anyways… I wish you all well, and, frankly, I’m jealous as hell of the winner!

    signed, Kathy, the original great seatmate!!

    (hmmm, if I post a video of me going through the finish line of the NYC Marathon, would that count as an entry??).

  • jettyboy

    “But, even better than that…. I crashed the private black tie cocktail party affair on the first floor – without skipping a beat, I was drinking grey goose cosmos and eating grilled shrimp and sliced steak . . you name it”

    Um, I wouldnt brag about this if I were you.


  • Angelina Aucello

    ahh after deciding not to be chicken, I made a video! This would be an amazing experience!! :)

  • Zach

    Free MegaDO trip? Brilliant! Here is my entry:

  • Benny Hsu

    It would be crazy to have the winner of this prize determined by a random number. This person is going to be his travel companion for days! The more difficult it is the better to weed out the lazy ones. Just my opinion.

  • Craig

    Can we enter more than once?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! You are the first.. So far looking good :-)

  • Anonymous

    Nice- just make sure it’s only 30 seconds!

  • Gpapadop

    Hey, wait a minute, it’s 33 secs! Brian…Need to get a good camera from my friend. Any chance of extending the deadline?

  • Zach

    Here is a shortened video. The actual words should only take about 12 seconds to say but the digitized voices have to talk slower. I hope I don’t get DQ’ed.

  • Angelinaaucello

    It’s 30 seconds and 3 seconds of fame ;) hence the 33! Ha.

    -Angelina :)

  • Ethan

    I’m currently filming my video! Can’t wait. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Josh Hayes

    Here’s my entry video.

    My students are thrilled with the idea of me being gone for three days. Please bring joy to a group of young minds by selecting me.

  • Everett

    The Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the world can sit this one out, I got it covered.

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  • Craig

    Here is my entry. The video is only 33 seconds (Xtranormal adds a few seconds of advertising on the end that’s not part of the video) so I think I’m good on time.

    By the way, for all the tech-challenged readers that want to enter this contest… Xtranormal makes it easy to put together a simple video for free. How’s that for considerate?

  • Gpapadop

    Family emergency at home…Locating that Flip video camera while contemplating different scenarios wearing my director hat. I am shocked there are only a few entries so far!

  • Janet Doe
  • Gpapadop

    Here is my entry. I recruited my kids. Obviously my son is not actor material and I hope my cute daughter makes up for it:-) It was a good learning process nevertheless!

  • Tricia

    Winning this would be such an amazing way to start the new year ,that I just had to come out of my lurker haven to submit this video. Thanks for the opportunity Points guy!

    Filmed this with an iphone and it came out with the unplanned for, kooky, psychedelic special effect…thinking that maybe its a good luck ghost wishing me luck. ;)

    Met your time limit so I think that shows my considerate side. Cheers!

  • Gpapadop

    After watching the really nice video by Tricia above, I must state, for the record, that I am 100% Greek who has been transplanted on American soil. Greeks have been pounded by austerity in the past few years and the whole nation will be proud that one of their own at least won something for a change…your contest:-)

    I like to party too….opa!!!!

  • David Adam Hurst

    The content should be uploaded by the time you wake up on the East Coast – I’ll check it in the morning. It’s a sad, but funny, attempt at a video clip.

  • Eli Tirosh

    Trying to save up for a oneworld ticket. Almost there! Plus the thing sold out in minutes :( Almost as sad as saying adios to the value of my new avios.

  • Anonymous

    TPG – thanks for holding this awesome contest, given that i wasn’t able to snag a seat in the 23 minutes they were on sale! it would be amazing if you select me as your seatmate, as i am a huge fan of oneworld and have been looking for a megaDO to attend. i did forgot to mention in my video (as part of being considerate) that i will share my tutu with you too. haha. enjoy!

    my entry:

  • Ben

    Brian – Here is my entry. Regardless of how I do, I had fun making the video.

  • Ben

    Brian – Here is my entry. Regardless of how I do, I had fun making the video.

  • IPBrian

    Mine is sort of a scavenger hunt. Hope you have fun. Find as many miles and points references as you can, and post your guesses as a reply to this post!

  • IPBrian

    I also wrote a post on my blog about the video, but I tried to be careful to not include any hints to the answers. :-)

  • Mike

    Here is mine…

    The extra few seconds is mostly Xtranormal ad as another pointed out.

  • Jamison

    i vote for Angelina Aucello

  • Jamison

    i vote for Angelina Aucello

  • Dennis K

    Here’s my video! I’m a professional photographer and expert retoucher, so if you’ve never been on an adventure with a personal photographer, well…this is your chance!

    Video password is: thepointsguy

    Links to my website and blog (to show that I’m kind of fun) are underneath the video. Would LOVE to join you on this adventure! I’m 6’7″ and Asian! Oh and I literally just became a Delta Diamond yesterday!

  • Heidi

    working on ours.. any chance for an extension.. it’s gonna be good!!

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  • Seth Miller

    Check out the best 30 seconds of contest entry right here:

    You know I’m going to be the most fun seat mate. :D

  • Tricia

    If I had not submitted my own video , I would vote for David Adam Hurst as I just sat next to him on a mileage run from ORD-LAX this Wednesday . We had a great time, many laughs and talked about miles and points over many, MANY glasses of wine!

  • David Adam Hurst

    I believe Tricia is quite possibly the only person who might be more fun than me as a seat mate! Met on the Radisson LAX Shuttle Wednesday morning and immediately discovered we were doing the same mileage run. Coffee, wine and good times ensued!! An amazing person!

  • Florian

    Here is my entry for the contest :-)

  • Josh Hayes

    Since some of the other entrants are using blogs and other tools to add additional info, one of my students suggested I simply add the following observation (his words, not mine).

    We all know that teenagers are typically a sullen lot, and the hardest group to please on the planet. So if a group of them is willing to voluntarily go out of their way to create that video, then Hayes must be a truly awesome guy…


  • Sue (Philatravelgirl)

    20 years of solo travel and 33+ countries and no fear until making my 1st video today! New to this community so would love opportunity to meet new people (although really, really interested in Boeing) – Good luck to everyone – looking at the videos, it will be a tough choice as all seem deserving –


  • TPGalFriday

    Submitted on behalf of Marv Hessler:

  • Cliff Redeker

    Hey Points Guy,

    Please accept my submission here:

    Thanks for organizing this contest. It sounds like a lot of fun!


  • Cliff Redeker

    Hey Points Guy,

    Here you go:

    Thanks for organizing; it sounds like a lot of fun!



  • Jeff Brownson

    Here is my video. Hope you like it. I would love to go on this trip!

  • Anonymous
  • Ssgtravel

    Hi Brian: I’ve never done this before. The quality is not good. 30 seconds is really short! But here goes.

  • Tim
  • Margaret Hanley

    old school, thats how i roll…..

  • Ben Haylock

    Hi Points Guy! Ben here. Please accept my video submission at:

  • Eric

    Points Guy,

    This is my entry….

    Thanks for the opportunity, it would be great to travel with you.


  • Anonymous


    Here is my entry: or if that doesn’t work then use this one (in case the first doesn’t work).

    Thank you very much for the opportunity. It would be amazing if I got to go.


  • Nicholas Mirante

    Hey Brian,

    Here is my submission for the OneWorld MegaDo contest. Love your blog, and thank you for the opportunity.


  • Ben Haylock

    Thanks Points Guy, for considering my entry. :-)

  • Nicholas Mirante

    Hey Brian,

    Here is my submission for the OneWorld MegaDo contest. Love the blog and thank you for the opportunity.


  • AS

    Here’s my lame attempt

    Thanks anyway for running this competition

  • Catherine Morrison

    Here’s my entry! Kate for SeatMate!

  • Pam Tierney

    Thanks Points Guy! This was fun to put together.

  • Conor

    In honor of the Oneworld Mega Do, I decided to set my video to U2′s “One.”

    Fun: My attempt to sing and rap.
    Considerate: My promise to never do it again :)

    Enjoy. Love the site!

  • John Moore

    See you soon @thepointsguy ! Here is my entry for the #OWMEGADO:

  • Jorge

    Thanks Brian !! .. I love your blog .. We should meet and talk one day !

  • Gsmart

    Attention Brian Kelly: this secret dossier was just copied from British Airways en route to one of their special agents.

    (It’s also my entry for the MegaDo). Thanks! George Smart

  • Ethan Jones

    Ethan Jones here! Many thanks for the opportunity. Best of luck to all of the other entrants.

    Or Vimeo, if you prefer:

  • Michael Hamilton

    Here is my entry!

  • Suz

    Here’s my clip – hope you enjoy it.


  • Jordan

    Hey Points Guy!
    Take me with you! I’m a newbie to frequent flying and points collecting but it’s already enhancing my life.

  • Shids

    Proudly submitted and thanks for your kind consideration

  • Mary Beth Mcdonald

    Hi Brian! Here’s my entry. Thanks for offering a fantastic contest to your TPG readers. I can’t wait to join the fun!! -Mary Beth

  • JC Cangilla

    Think i just barely made the cut-off–this video is a small attempt at saying that I think you, Points Guy, are part of a bigger revolution in flying–it includes digital media, more awareness around loyalty benefits and simply a better way to fly. Would like to connect it regardless if I win the contest (although I really want to win too!)

    Recorded this today at 34,000 feet. Was hoping to upload it earlier but Gogo was down on the flight. I missed my connection and now am stranded in Chicago, so hoping I get a sympathy vote or two. Enjoy!

  • Ike

    My entry . . .

    Let me know if there are any problems accessing it.

  • Randolph

    Here is my video. My kids had fun. Thanks

  • Lucas Goodbody

    This video is a MegaDO! Thanks for the opportunity, Brian. I admire your passion and would love to be a part of the adventure!

  • Lucas Goodbody

    This video is a MegaDo! Thanks for the opportunity, Brian. I admire your passion and would love to join you on the adventure!

  • Ellie’s Cat

    My lack of opposable thumbs make my entry decidedly close to the deadline. Enjoy.

    The Big Kitty

  • melissa
  • Lucas Goodbody

    Hi Brian. Here’s my video – a real MegaDO!!!! Admire the passion and would love to join in the adventure!

  • Veeral Gosalia
  • Ellie’s Cat

    Big Kitty here again. Not sure my first post went through. Again, the opposable thumb problem. Enjoy!

  • California Steve

    Here’s my Entry

    High Five!

  • Ellie’s Cat
  • Veeral Gosalia
  • TarynSouthern

    My video is processing on YouTube still!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my entry, would love the opportunity to meet and hang out with you and the other mileage junkies out there! Hope to see you in January!

  • Lucas Goodbody

    so i posted this 3 times by accident. please feel free to delete the other ones!

  • TarynSouthern

    Ah well, I’ll go ahead and share the link now even though it’s still “processing”:

    Would be SO much fun to be a part of this trip!


  • California Steve

    (the video wasn’t there for a second, but now it’s working)

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  • Taryn Southern

    Just realized my video was marked private, so you couldn’t even see it! BUMMER!

    It’s now viewable, as I changed the settings, but alas, a little too late:

    Oh well. Good luck to the top 10!

  • Jason8612
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