Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Details on 2x Points Per Dollar on Travel

by on October 27, 2011 · 144 comments

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Update:  As of July 20, 2014, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card no longer offers the 7% annual points dividend. View the current sign up offer here.

I’ve had the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card for several months now and the portion of my total spend on the card keeps increasing. I’ve extolled the benefits of this card many times and I firmly believe this is the best overall travel card on the market right now – at least for the savvy points collector – especially with the current 50,000 point sign-up bonus (53,500 after you factor in the yearly 7% bonus on all points earned) and waived $95 annual fee.

I also love the fact that you earn two points per dollar on travel and dining, since as I’ve said before – that’s basically all I do. However, it hit me the other day that I didn’t know exactly what was included in “Travel” since it’s a pretty broad category. Honestly, I thought it would just include airfare, hotel and rental car – but it actually includes much more. I asked my contact at Chase to clarify and she confirmed the 2x points on travel actually includes:

Auto/truck/RV rental
Limos and taxis
Travel agencies
Tolls and bridges
Parking (lots, meters, garages)
Time shares

So honestly, this is much more than what we traditionally think of as travel. If you live in a city where you take taxis, the 2x points could add up quickly. The only things I don’t put on my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is airfare, because I get 4 points per dollar when booking through Amex Travel using my Premier Rewards Gold card and gas and groceries, which my Premier Rewards card gives 2x. Everything else will go on Sapphire, because I value Ultimate Rewards points and the instant 1:1 transfers to Continental, United, British Airways, Korean Air, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak. Amex points are still valuable since they often run lucrative transfer bonuses, but if Chase ever matched them in that department, I’d shift even more spend away from Amex.

So yea, anytime you think something might qualify for travel, you might as well use your Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card card. And if a charge doesn’t post as you expect, I know many people have had success calling Chase (live phone reps always answer) and making a case for the bonus points. Heck, I just purchased my Oneworld Mega Do tickets with my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card - can’t hurt to try and get 2x points on that!

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  • Sean Buchanan

    Too bad gas doesn’t qualify as travel. Technically I need gas in my car to travel in it :)

  • anon.

    That’s great info on getting 2x points on taxis! Thanks for the tip – I had no idea.

  • Thechimerical

    I have been able to get almost 4 points per $ on travel with this card. I recently booked flights to India using travelocity (thru UR portal). They give you 2X points (for tickets only – taxes) + 2X for travel transaction. Its almost close to 4 points per $.

  • Makame

    TPG does the 7% year end bonus apply to the double points earned in this category?

  • Lauren

    Great post as I had been wanting to look into what defines “travel.” Do you know if subway metro fare counts?

  • thehappytraveler

    Oh that is very clever. I normally only think to book through ultimate rewards to get 3x the points but 4 is even better!

    Do we know if there is a way to see exactly how many points we earn for what (like a rewards statement or something)? It drives me crazy to see the points add up but not know where the points are coming from so that I can get even more.

  • Anonymous

    Yep! Per Chase:
    “The 7% counts towards all points earned in a given year regardless of how they were earned. So the promotional points at acquisition as well as any bonus points earned through the year will be included.”

  • bestbet33

    I know it lists ‘travel agents’, but I will be taking a cruise soon and the best deal is on the cruise line’s website right now. As far as you know, does this count?

  • Derek

    Yes, you can see your earnings in the shopping portal on a link to the left. The big caveat with travelocity is the not any sort of taxes count, so make sure what your base fare is before booking a big airline ticket. May not be worth it…

  • CU

    How does SPG Amex fit into your spend, if at all? I do Gold Premiere for airfare (3x), gas & groceries (2x), Sapphire for non-Marriott hotels & all dining (2x), Marriott card for Marriott stays (5x), Platinum Amex for benefits like lounge access, but had been using SPG for all else b/c I thought I read point accrual was fastest with them. What about SPG?

  • infamousdx

    I even booked a helicopter tour in Hawaii and apparently they were categorized as Travel so I got the double points on that. It’s all a matter of how the vendor registered themselves with Visa/MC!

  • infamousdx

    I agree with you, thehappytraveler. I have SM’d Chase about this and all they say is “No, unfortunately we don’t have any way of itemizing points.” Yea ok.

    That’s another thing Amex is still killing Chase at – itemizing transactions with bonus points. I, too, like to know where my bonus points are coming from, which vendors may or may not be categorized for travel or dining, but no… Chase doesn’t want to provide us with that transparency.

  • PJ

    oh yes i was right to get “nasty” when I Discover and Amex Blue sky all classify Time Share annual mainteance fees as Travel when Chase Freedom excluded it as Travel to qualify for the 5 % rebate in the 3rd quarter.

    a point to repeat : When CHase Freedom cards has the 5 % rebate GET CREATIVE: I was prepaying my 2012 maintenance fees Postpone all charity givings until this quarter and also use up the 5 % allowance on dining on Freedom card ( or cards, Visa and Master Card) Discover on 4th quarter as well or leverage more through bigcrumbs to book travel on Expedia.. Chase 5 % is the top priority…

    In case you get te target promotion on 300 cash offer on Chase Freedom DONT Toss it away.. even 200 is good enough to have a great combination with Sapphire

  • Track1012

    I just signed up for the Sapphire Preferred card (using your link of course) and plan to use it for all travel except airfare as well. I’ll also use my Gold Premier Rewards card for airfare, but I thought I was just getting the 3x points. I did not know anything about 4x points for booking on the Amex website, nor do I see anything about that listed anywhere. I even called up Amex and they didn’t know what I was talking about. Did the person I speak with just not know? Do I get this automatically or do I need to sign up for something? Thanks TPG!

  • Anonymous

    Travel booked through Amex travel gets 2x (1 extra point from regular 1x earning) Membership Rewards points. Since the PRG’s base earning is 3x, you get an extra point per dollar just like the other cards, so it ends up being 4x. This was confirmed by American Express.

  • atxtravel

    This card is even better when combined with the Freedom Visa. You can get 5% on rotating categories like travel and groceries, and if you max out those bonus points the effective average annual cash back on some categories (depending on your total spending) can be over 2%. For people like me who don’t spend a ton and can’t justify the high annual fees of AMEX cards, this is a better deal.

  • Anonymous
  • Brian

    Actually, the standard offer now stands at $300 (30,000 points) cash-back after $500 spending.

  • Track1012

    Thanks TPG, I’m somehow never surprised that you know way more than the people who answer the phones.

  • Brian

    Gas would be the ultimate icing on the cake.

  • Anonymous


  • JMC

    I am new to this. Q: can I move/transfer my BA miles to either Chase Sapphire or AMEX? If so, how do I do that?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately not. You can only transfer OUT of Amex and Chase- not into them from other frequent flyer programs.

  • Latimer Luis

    Unrelated to this, how the heck do I sign up for the OneWorld MegaDo? I don’t see a link on their site. With all the traffic, their site is acting up as well.

  • Pointasaurus

    Don’t overlook the Cap One card that earns 2x on ALL purchases ALL the time. And the burn is lower when reimbursing yourself for “travel” related expenditures.

  • Meyers Miles

    So I’m looking at applying for the Chase Saphire Preferred and combine it with the Chase freedom and the Chase checking account. But then my question is, which one do I use more often of the two? With the %7 percent annual bonus from the Saphire Preferred, does that include ALL points you earn, even the ones on the Freedom card? Or am I then better off using the Freedom card with the 10 + 10% deal, or does that also work when making a Preferred purchase. Also, is there any benefit to doing this quick to snag the 7% annual bonus before the year ends?

  • Kakakhel

    Is there any annual fee for additional card holders?

  • Sean

    TPG: please note that while booking thru Amex Travel does earn you one extra point beyond 3x you get from PRG, Amex charges service fees which can in many cases negate your extra point earnings. By comparison there is no service fees booking through UR thus 3x is comparable to Amex PRG. As suggested by another poster, booking through Travelocity via UR earns you a little less than 4x since Travelocity excludes taxes and fees in calculation (however for international airfare with big fuel surcharges you probably don’t want to use this technique). Then if you are into cashback sites, Travelocity booking via Big Crumbs earns 4.8% and Expedia earns 6.4% – combined with PRG these will generate the best return.

  • Splat’s Mom

    I’m looking for an opinion. Husband just got Saphire Preferred with 100k bonus. I have two saphire offers in the mail regular saphire and preferred both 50k. If I go for the regular saphire can I transfer my UR points into his account or do I have to have the preferred to do that?

  • JMC

    Thanks. It is a one-way street.

  • JMC

    Thanks. It is a one-way street.

  • Aakash

    Does Wall-Mart/Target count as grocery store? We have Super Wal-Marts that sell grocery and I get most of the item from them. They are less than a mile away so it is very convenient.

  • Ken

    Are the Customer Service reps overseas? Just curious

  • Anonymous

    Be aware that Amex charge ~$8 for booking ticket with them. this costs more than the points

  • Rob Hensley

    I leave for Hawaii in two weeks and have been looking at helicopter tours on the Big Island, which island did you do yours on and which operator?

  • infamousdx
  • Chemist661

    I use my Penfed Visa for gas. 5% cash back the following month.

  • Anonymous

    Offer sounds great. Does “no annual fee for the first year” mean calendar year or year-starting-with-enrollment? I’d be a first-time Chase cardmember.

  • Anonymous

    Also, how long does the card take to arrive in the mail once approved (to major city address)? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    First year after you activate the card

  • Anonymous

    All of mine have been US based (or so it seems)

  • Anonymous

    Yes- you can transfer Sapphire and Freedom points to anyone with an Ultimate Rewards account. For free, instantly.

  • Anonymous

    Great point- I’ll add that to the post

  • HeatherC

    Splat’s Mom,

    If you log into your credit card account, then go to Ultimate Rewards, there is a pull-down menu labeled “Earn Faster,” then “Combine Ultimate Rewards Points.” It appears you need to be logged into the account you want to send points from, then you enter the credit card number you want to send points to, the card holder’s last name, and the amount of points you want to transfer.

    I have read on Flyertalk that this will work with any type of Ultimate Rewards points (such as a Freedom card or regular Sapphire card). I have not tested this yet as my husband and I haven’t made specific plans for our points yet. It’s pretty cool you can transfer between accounts online without talking to anyone. You can also transfer Ultimate Rewards points (if you have the Sapphire Preferred card) to anyone’s airline or hotel account.

  • Andy

    just curious how did you know tolls, bridges and parking were also included.

  • Anonymous

    Reps at Chase confirmed this list… so its straight from the source!

  • Anonymous

    Mine took about a week- 10 days. If you need it sooner, just let them know.

  • NotMe

    The online statement doesn’t categorize transactions, but Chase’s iPhone app does. All of my restaurant charges show as “Dining and Entertainment”. Does anyone know if this category matches the dining category for double points, and, if so, whether non-dining charges in this category would therefore get double points, too?

  • hoglard1

    I called Amex about this, and Walmart, Super Walmart, and Costco do NOT count as grocery stores, so you do not get the 2X MR points.

  • thehappytraveler

    I clicked on TPG’s link about 2-3 weeks ago to get the $200 offer but after your post i looked it up and was able to easily able to find a link for $300 bonus. So i sent chase a secure message just like TPG suggested in a past post which many of us did for the 50,000point bonus for the sapphire (which i failed) and it worked and will be getting the points. So if anyone else has missed out, “It never hurt to ask.”

  • Aakash

    thanks for the reply…so I guess buying gas from Sam’s club doesn’t count either….

  • Kris

    Hmmm, I wonder if the $1,000 or more I spend through a limo company for a shuttle bus for my wedding guests will count… Very intriguing… I’ll definitely be booking that with my Sapphire card. My wedding has been a miles/points bonanza so far!

  • purplnurpl

    Go doorless if it’s an option. You will regret not doing so.

  • Anonymous

    How big a factor are employment status and income in the application? My income’s nothing right now while I live off savings, and although I have a high-700s credit score and plenty of assets and great credit history with Amex, I worry that, without job+income, Chase will deny me. Chances? Don’t want to waste the hard pull.

  • Lynn

    This also works for priceline.

  • PJ

    Be more specific ask Chase again, I think they go with the approval date. no big deal anyway However they will tell you the date you need to get your SPEND posted to hit the deadline

  • PJ

    Yes bery impressive customer service almost get a human pick up right way like THE OLD GOOD DAYS on Sapphire Preferred. BUT not on other chase cards hmmm

  • PJ

    DONT count WALMART as department store either does not go with CHase Freedom 5 % Department category ; a get around solution: you can buy Home Depot gift cards at Grocery stores and get 5 % rebate on Freedom and go on to shop at Home depo in 1st quarter of the year while Chase does NOT give 5 % on Home Depo ( home improvement category)

  • PJ

    I know this certainly works: get into your hubby’s Sapphire Preferred as Athorized User l but according to the writeup here looks like my neighbors can sell their freedom points to me and trasnfer them into my daughter’s Sapphire Preferred on which I am an suthorized user

  • PJ

    nada but if you can get it GET IT URSELF why pass on the $>650?
    I was working on BA’s spend so I got my daughter to open the Sapphire Preferred>>so I am only a AU on Preferred. My next card to get is certainly the Sapphire Preferred for myself and also for my credit freak wife

  • PJ

    of course top priority is NOT to miss 5 % ; for the 1 % rebate item freedom’s 1 % plus 10/10 bonus is a bit ahead of Sapphire Preferred. Of course if you buy a Frosty at Wendy or a few stamps ; you are certainly well ahead with Chase Freedom
    I was in Taiwan mid sep thru late oct : before sep 30, I used Chase Freedom to pay for Travel 5 % plus 10/10 minus 3 % foreign exchange fees just as good as Sapphire 2% plus 7 % on 2% ; after October 1st, TRAVEL on Sapphire Preferred and Dining on Chase Freedom hope this helps

  • PJ

    a good card to say bye bye to 1 % reate

  • PJ

    4X is when you use the AMEX travel service..think bigcrumbs first

  • PJ

    cud you point out the link ?

  • PJ

    where do you find the link to the 300 sign on bonus?

  • Dave

    Potentially stupid question, but do you earn all these “travel” points regardless of how they’re accrued? If I don’t book a flight through UR, do I still get x2? Ditto dining. I mean, I’m assuming yes, since there’s really no way to book a bridge toll through the site, but the site itself seems to say “book though us for rewards!”

  • toomanybooks

    Costco only takes Amex anyway. Except maybe online, which surely no one would think of as a department store.

    I’d like to know exactly what constitutes a dept store. Target?

  • Anonymous

    newbie; is Chase sappire pref card best on timeshare maintenance..or who about timeshare monthly mortgage..qualify on CSP or which is best?

  • Anonymous

    can I transfer my chase biz card balance and my chase slate card balance and get points? double?

  • Nycjm

    I live in NYC and take taxis a lot. When I called Chase to confirm that if a specific taxi transaction was elegible for 2x points, the said it wasn’t…

  • Rudy2828

    Think it will work for my E-Z Pass account?

  • Apesakal

    My BA miles are about to expire in next couple of months (about 50k left from 100k promotion Chase BA about 3 year ago). If I transfer my UR points from Sapphire card, will that take care of account activity and extend my current points validity for another 3 years?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it should

  • Anonymous

    It depends if EZ pass posts their charges as “Tolls” which i doubt, but its worth fighting for! Let us know how it works out

  • Anonymous

    They were wrong. I got my info from the head of the Ultimate Rewards program. The phone rep was probably confused and if they werent you should complain because a benefit of the card is 2x on taxis

  • Anonymous

    i dont believe you get points for balance transfers

  • Anonymous

    I think its best- I dont know of another card giving bonuses for timeshare spend

  • Anonymous

    Correct- no need to book through Chase- but if you do- they’ll give you even more points

  • Anonymous

    if you have good credit i’d give it a shot. I know this is a premium card but most people have been getting approved

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why it wouldn’t count!

  • Curious

    What brand of card is this? Visa, MasterCard, Amex, something else? How does the 20% fewer points redemption feature work? What are the details if I want to book a flight through my travel agency?

  • Curious

    How many points does it take to get a free flight? Do all flights cost the same number of points? Does Ultimate Rewards charge a fee? How much? Do I have control over which flight I will take between cities, or does UR choose the least expensive that might have a strange time and lots of stops?

  • AsherO

    TPG, thanks for a great post. Do you have (or can you get) a list like this for the ‘Dining’ 2x bonus?

  • JP

    The way that I use the Chase combo is

    Chase Freedom
    -All 5% categories
    -All dining purchases under $10 (since $10 purchase is 10 points plus 10 bonus points = 20 points. After $11 the 2x on Sapphire Preferred is better.
    -All purchases that are disposable or I don’t need extra protection on (gas, groceries).

    Sapphire Preferred
    -All dining over $10
    -All travel
    -All Ultimate Rewards bonus mall purchases. Doesn’t really matter which but I like having all bonus points purchases under 1 card.
    -All larger purchases where I feel better with the extra protection.

  • Iris97

    When buying an airline ticket, is it more economical to buy the ticket using points through Ultimate Rewards, or to transfer points to miles on an airline website, and get the ticket that way? Would it be the same using Amex reward program points? Also what about domestic versus international?

  • Anonymous

    Just to be sure, the 7% bonus applies only to the period from enrollment to December after enrollment, according to Chase’s definition of “Year.” Which means, by enrolling now (November 2011), I’d get 7% bonus on only the next month’s points, excluding the 50K. Right?

  • Anonymous

    “Chase Freedom
    -All dining purchases under $10 (since $10 purchase is 10 points plus 10 bonus points = 20 points. After $11 the 2x on Sapphire Preferred is better.”

    Where do you get the “10 bonus points” figure from? I’ve been scouring the Chase Freedom FAQ but can’t find any mention of it.

  • ken

    The “10 bonus points” is from having a Chase checking account. You get a few extra goodies with the checking account/credit card combo.

  • Bat Sheva

    The Sapphire card is excellent except for one thing: cash advances overseas for which they take a whopping 5% fee minimum $10 and no maximum.

  • Tyler

    I have the regular Chase Sapphire (received a targeted 100k point bonus for $500 spend in first 3 months) , and it has the same customer service as the Preferred card. Problem is, Sapphire only gives 2x points on dining, not travel, and no 20% bonus booking travel.

  • Travelfan

    It is Feb 2012 and I am going to be traveling to Hawaii in October. It will be myself, my husband, and my daughter. I’m researching the Chase Sapphire rewards offer of 50K points per new card which can be converted to $625 towards travel (if using the UR to book the ticket). A few questions: 1) if we pay our balance off monthly is there any interest/finance charges 2) is there any reason why my husband and I both couldn’t get a card (assuming we qualify individually) and 3) are the airfare prices through the UR portal the same as they would be if booked through the open market (i.e. Expedia, Chase, etc.)? Thanks for any info. you have!

  • davidr

    So I’m still puzzled. For example, how many UR points will I earn if I book air travel 1). directly through an airline website, 2). through the UR booking engine, or 3). through Travelocity accessed through the UR Shopping Mall? Can you clarify for each of these scenarios?

  • Anonymous

    2x directly through airline website. 3x via UR and whatever the travelocity bonus is plus 2x for airfare- HOWEVER Travelocity sometimes doesnt report the charge as airfare so you may not get the 2x

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  • jamie

    hey man! thanks for the great site. a friend sent me here and at your advice i just was approved for the card. as soon as i get to 3k my husband will apply for one and we will switch to his for spending. hopefully the promo is still running and we can get enough miles between us to pay for our flights to panama next fall. :)

    this is my question: i am hoping to get it sooner than 30 days, since i have some travel coming up that i need to book, and it will help me get to 3k. i saw a comment (can’t find now) where you suggested that they might be able to expedite. i tried calling and they were utterly unhelpful, said that they could not tell me anything or help me with anything until my card came in the mail and i had a number. am i calling the wrong number to get the right help?

    thanks again!!!

  • prosenberg

    So, I’m a bit confused. By virtue of having a few business meals last month, I had $900 in dining expenses charged to the card and they only gave me 320 points for dining. That sounds like they credited me for $160 worth of restaurant spending. I had $300 in travel (hotwire) and I got 2 additional travel points. Am I missing something?

  • Alex

    I live in NYC and take taxis daily, when looking at my summary for points in the last statement, all of my taxi spend got double points.

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  • Rdh28

    What about the 7% annual points dividend? Does that apply to everything? If so, wouldn’t that make this more lucrative than 4% back on travel?

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  • Shingu

    7% annual dividend is applied to the points EARNED. So, a 2x points would be in actuality, 2.14x points earned, with the dividend…which is less than 4% back.

  • AP

    Where in the Chase App can I see this Classification?

  • Gleasonja

    old thread I know, but wondering if a new car falls into the “2 point per dollar spent”?!

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  • Jilllovesshopping

    I like the Southwest transfer because I can cancel and get my points back if my plans change.

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  • Gary

    Newbie. Great post. I do a lot of cruising. Does “Travel Agencies” include Cruise agencies? And what about payments made directly to the cruise line such as Royal Caribbean? Thank you.

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  • Kevin Wade

    I also love the fact that you earn two points per dollar on travel and
    dining, since as I’ve said before – that’s basically all I do. However,
    it hit me the other day that I didn’t know exactly what was included in
    “Travel” since it’s a pretty broad category.


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