Reminder: 150,000 AA Miles Courtesy of Citi Still Alive

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Just a friendly reminder that the 75,000 mile sign-up bonuses for the Citi American Express and Visa American Airlines cards are still active. You can (like I did) apply for both on the same day and you’ll only have 1 inquiry hit your credit. Both have the annual fees waived for the first year, and have $1,500 and $4,000 spend requirements respectively.

So, in essence it’s an easy 150,000 American miles, which is more than enough to get you Europe roundtrip off-peak nearly 4 times or fly 6 domestic coach roundtrips! American still currently counts all miles earned (including credit card miles) towards lifetime elite status, so getting these two cards will get you 15% of the way to lifetime Gold status – without ever stepping foot on a plane! All for 2 simple credit card sign-ups – pretty amazing.

Before you apply, read my post on the deal. It will require you to trust that it’s still live because the bonus won’t show on the application page, but read through the 160+ comments of all the successful TPG readers who have gotten in (including me) and please leave a comment on your experience.

My Citi bonus #1

My Citi bonus # 2

And remember, once you have a Citi AA credit card, you can get reduced price domestic awards – 45,000 for first class and 20,000 for coach to rotating cities. Check out the current list here.

Another top deal for AA miles is the Starwood American Express card, which has a limited-time 30,000 point bonus after $4,500 spend within 3 months (annual fee waived the first year). Update: 30k bonus expired 8/22/11 This deal expires August 22, 2011 and I wrote about it in more detail here. Starwood gives a 5,000 point bonus per 20,000 points you you transfer to a number of different airlines (including AA), so if you got your Starwood account up to 40,000 points, they would transfer into 50,000 AA miles. With a little bit of coordinated effort (especially around the spend requirements), you could easily have over 200,000 AA miles – just from 3 credit cards. Check out this post for maximizing AA awards.

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  • PJ

    back in June my friend use your link to apply BOTH on same day got approved on line INSTANLTY. She was told spend is @1500/6months for bothe cards. I am trying to get my daughter’s family out of the oldfashioned 1 % rebate into: Amex Sapphire Chase freedom as many as BANKS can give with good sign on bonus 4000 spend versus 1500 spend is a good distance in light of other 1000 here and there to meet coudl you pls double check ?

  • Andrew

    Hi Brian,
    I have had a Citi AAdvantage Visa for awhile, and I’m hoping to get 75,000 miles for signing up for the Amex. Have you heard of any current Citi AAdvantage customers getting the bonus if they sign up for the Amex?


  • BigRedBears

    CitiForward gives 5 points for each dollar spent on restaurants, movies, and books. The card has no fee and can be redeemed for a variety of rewards (I like Brooks Brothers/Bloomingdales $100 for 10000 points certificates)

    I think this is the best value around. So charge $50 on BA card to trigger $50 off bonus and then the rest on CitiForward card.

  • Anonymous

    As long as you’ve never had the Amex, you should be eligible to get the bonus

  • Anonymous

    It used to be $1,500 on both, but now the one went to $4,000. No way around that unfortunately

  • Paul

    “American still currently counts all miles earned (including credit card miles) towards lifetime elite status, so getting these two cards will get you 15% of the way to lifetime Gold status”

    Does AA require for 1M miles to currently be in the account to award the lifetime gold, or is it based on the total miles earned (even though they may have been spent at some point of time)

  • Anonymous

    Just earned. You can have 1 mile in your account, but once you hit the 1,000,000 lifetime earned miles, you’ll get lifetime gold (2 million is lifetime platinum)

  • Anonymous

    Thats not a bad deal if you buy a lot of restaurants, movies, books, but its not the best all around card if you want to accrue valuable airline miles or transferable points

  • DG

    Are you sure about that? I seem to recall from the Flyertalk thread that you have to either apply at the same time or have had the prior card for at least 18-24 months. I tried for the Amex 3 months after getting the Visa (unfortunately applied for the Visa long before finding Flyertalk and your blog) and was denied as not a first time cardholder. Not sure though if anything has changed in the last month or two since I was reading about this topic.

  • Paul

    nice. Thanks, Brian. You are of great help, as always.

  • BigRedBears

    What am I missing?

    If you redeem SPG hotel rooms for cash+points you can sometimes get 5%+ return. Business/First Class international ticket can sometimes yield 5%+. But you need to hunt for those offers. Here you are getting 5% right away to spend as you choose.

  • Anya

    This is very true! I am continuously collecting miles … hoping to get enough miles to fly off to Amsterdam by spring next year.

  • Andy gargiulo

    I was just approved for the AMEX and might apply for the Visa as well but I don’t know if it’s been at least 18 months since I’ve had it (Should I try anyway?) Also, do I need to confirm that I’ll be getting the 75k after $4k spend on the phone with a rep or will that be in my welcome packet with the card?

  • Anonymous

    There will be nothing in the welcome packet so I’d call. Can you report back so others have confidence it’s still active?
    Also- go for the visa. You already have the credit inquiry for today so it can’t hurt to try, in my opinion since they’ll use the credit report they already pulled for your first card

  • Andy gargiulo

    I called the number you listed 888-201-4523 and confirmed that I will receive 75k miles after $4k spend in 6 months. Thanks for your help! I will also try for the Visa card as well.

  • OperationBingham

    You really can earn lifetime status with American without stepping on a plane. I have NEVER flown on American since I opened my frequent flyer account on Halloween, 2010. At the time, it was the last day to apply for 1 of 3 CitiBank cards that offered 100,000 miles for a $10,000 spend. I applied for all 3, got 2 and was denied on the 3rd due to the classic too many applications rule. I kept the link for the 3rd card, waited 90 days and applied again (blind) and got it. I also signed up for the SPG card that at the time offered 25,000 points for another 10K spend. I ended up with nearly 400,000 miles after I figured out (quite creatively) to “spend” 40K in 3 months. I researched and figured out numerous other ways of getting miles because my goal was to go from zero to 1 million in 1 year without flying 1 mile. I hit 1 million on July 3rd, just about 8 months after I started all this. Sure enough, as soon as my account hit 1 million, it started reporting Gold status. I also 3 days later received the classic email from AA announcing I had hit a million and had earned lifetime status for the duration of the program (which had better endure…) I haven’t received my frequent flyer card or luggage tags yet but they were sent to a valid address of mine in Europe. (Yes, I received 4 SWUs for hitting a million and having an address outside North America.) In case you are wondering, I’m tempted to go after 2 million for Platinum but given the options I have now exhausted, it would be more challenging and take longer than the first million did. I worry that AA will change the lifetime program before I could hit the 2 million mark (even with flying). This is the first time I have written publicly online about what I was going after and that I succeeded. I wanted to share the story here first because of the great help this site was in my quest and what a daily source of value it continues to be. Thank you.

  • Andy gargiulo

    And I was approved for the Visa. I’m going to be busy spending with these cards for the next few months!

  • Dan-lauz

    I am from canada. Any idea if i an register theses 2 AA cards without the security social number ?

  • JA

    I applied for the Visa and Amex personal cards today. Instant approval on both. Will confirm bonus/spend when cards arrive and I activate.

  • Bill

    I agree with you, DG. If you don’t apply for both at the same time, you won’t get both. You’ll be denied as not a first time cardholder. It’s best to wait as you suggested to get the bonus.

  • Verónica E.B

    If my husband is the primary cardholder on a Citi Visa Advantage and I have my own card, being him the primary one, can I apply for this offer as a first time applicant? Anyhelp would be truly appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been building credit for about a year and have had 3 Amex (Plat, Biz Gold, and Personal Premier Rewards) in the past 3 months. Amex is the only one approving me for credit cards and I keep on being declined by Citi and Chase. In about 2 weeks, it will be 90 days since Citi declined my Citi Visa AA application due to “The consumer reporting agency serving your area
    has reported only a limited credit history for you.”

    Should I bother trying to reapply again for both the Visa and Amex AA?

  • Jeff

    Got the 2 about 3 months back. Now want to apply for my business card. Where’s the link for that?

  • Hephastion

    To meet spend requirements on these two cards, do balance transfers count towards the required levels, as with Chase?

  • Adam K

    Congrats most impressive on your trek to lifetime gold. Hopefully they keep the program intact and maybe you can hit 2mm for the the lifetime plat!

  • Thegasguru

    Brian, I’m in the same boat as another commenter here. I got both the personal cards on the same day, and already have the 150K AA miles in my account. Next week I will have waited the golden 61 days to be able to apply for the Citi biz card as well. As far as I’m concerned, the Citi deal is not a 150K deal, it’s a 225K deal! You apply for the 2 personal cards on the same day for 75K miles x 2, then you wait more than 60 days (otherwise you risk automatic denial by Citi) and apply for the Citi business card for a the third chunk of 75AK miles.

    But where is your link to the Citi biz AA card?

  • Doug

    Wow. You are hard core. Very impressive. How did you get the other 600,000 points?

  • Andrew Lepisto

    Wow that is impressive! 1,000,000 miles in one program in 8 months is quite an achievement. 400,000 miles from the CC is of course a great start, but that was only 40% of the way. I would love to hear some of your other earning methods that earned you the remaining 600K outside of CC bonus or flying AA.

  • Paul

    OperationBingham, this is very inspiring. I am on the same path as well, and was able to get to the 400k mark. However, how did you scale from 400k to 1M in such a short span?

  • Oneeder

    Does anyone have any idea if there is a way to apply for this promotion over the phone or a code that we can tell customer service? Everyone I speak with at Citi and American Airlines keeps saying the only promotion available is for 30,000 on both cards. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Cobragunner

    did it today via the links provided….approved…called the number to verify and indeed am eligible for the 75K points on each card….Thanks TPG

  • Doug

    I have to say this sounds a little too good to be true, although I would like to think it isn’t.

    If you were grinding through dollar coins from the mint for your points, that gravy train apparently is over.

    I can’t otherwise imagine how you could get that many points without actually spending a lot of money (and $600,000 in 8 months is $75,000 per month – yikes), unless it was one of those deals through a mortgage company and you refinanced a large mortgage. If so, hopefully they didn’t recoup through higher rate or fees.

  • Doug

    I suppose it is possible to spend $75k per month if you own some kind of a business where you have to buy a lot of inventory on your credit card.

  • Verónica E.B

    Did the 2 applications today, both approved, called to confirm and YES!!! 75k per card once spend requirements are rechaed!!!

  • Verónica E.B

    Go with the links the PostGuy published. Already fill both applications today (first the Visa, get the approved message instantly, called them to confirm and they told me about the 75k offer. Then fill the Amex app, and the same procedure, and as the Visa, 75K offer for me).

  • Julia

    Agree as well. I got the Visa in October and was turned down for AmEx in Jan because I was not a first time cardholder.

  • Anon

    anyone have the citi visa link? doesn’t seem to work.

  • Smith8917

    I applied for both and will get notification via email. Has anyone been in this position and called to get approved or did you all just wait for the approval via email? I’m a little nervous b/c I had the previous Citi AA cards a while back and canceled them a few months ago…. neither was Amex, so I was a bit surprised when I wasn’t instantly approved for that one. No credit problems here (excellent credit actually), just lots of shuffling around of CCs for the past couple hears

  • JMSL

    This is an impressive feat, no doubt. But if you truly never fly on American (or at least, haven’t in the last 9 months) is Lifetime Gold status really worth that much to you?

    Maybe you just don’t fly very much in general, in which case the status (and accompanying upgrades, mileage bonuses, etc.) will still be a nice perk for those occasions when you do fly (assuming you choose to fly American). But if you do fly a lot and simply don’t fly American because it’s inconvenient, or too expensive from your home city, or for some other reason, I have to wonder if you are really gaining much here. The status benefits will be offset, at least somewhat, by the fact that you will have to fly American in order to take advantage of them, and presumably there’s some reason you’ve chosen not to fly them in the past.

    Then again, I’m not very well versed in the actual benefits of 1MM status, so maybe I’m missing something here.

  • JMSL

    Concerned about the minimum spend requirements since I opened another card last week and will need to meet the spend for that one as well. Are both of these bonuses for meeting spend in the first 6 months (as opposed to 1 month or 3 months)? Can anyone who’s called today confirm?

  • Breyers

    I just applied and got approved for both. Visa 75K miles w/ $1,500 6 month spend requirement and Amex 75K miles w/ $4,000 6 month spend requirement

  • Bill

    Didn’t call today, but it is 6 months.

  • PJ

    i am not an expert: if you are a cosigner, you might NOT be a first time applicant anymore. If you are just an authorized user, I believe you are a first time applicant

  • PJ

    “I currently have a 750k+ balance and 5.5 million life time miles with AA but I can certainly use Chase Saffron for other airlines and rewards. (It gives 25K miles sign-up bonus too–I did look it up.)” my collegemate in Dallas wrote me this. He misspelled Sapphire and did not know the better than 25K offer from Sapphire. HE EARNS IT THE OLD FASHIONED WAY; HE FLIES A LOT to China. Mr Pickles never stepped on AA but we know hoe rich he is in AA points

  • Anonymous

    Hello ,

    I applied for both cards and as I already have citi cards , they denied saying ‘ You have the maximum amount of credit that can be issued to an individual ‘ what do I do now ? Thanks..Kris

  • Kane

    Isn’t there a 75,000 AA Citi Visa Business card as well? Am I correct that you just need to wait 60+ days after applying for the 2 personal cards and you should be OK?


    Just got approved for both, had to call in to give my cellphone number but worth the extra 10 minutes. Confirmed for the bonus. Although the lady did say I had 16 months for the 1,500 instead of 6. But either way I plan to meet the requirements ASAP. Thanks!!!!!!!

  • AAP

    TPG – I signed up for the Citi AA Visa and Amex in August 2010, and canceled these cards about a month ago. If I reply for these cards now, would you expect the applications to get approved. Secondly, would I be eligible for another 75K miles per credit card?

  • DanFromNY

    thats what I would like to know too. I would like to take on my friend’s Chase credit card balance and put it into my Citi AA Amex card. Is there a balance transfer charge for that? and would they count?

  • Bill

    Probably not. 18 months since your last approval seems about the right amount of time. If you can afford a hard pull, you could give it a try but you may want to wait a few months. Hopefully the deal is still around by then.

  • Bill

    Yes, that seems to be the case.

  • Silver Nikes

    Hi! I have a couple of questions. When you applied for both on the same day, did you have to use the two-browser trick or did you just apply twice in the same browser on the same day? How is it possible to only get one inquiry if you apply for two different cards? If you do two personal cards and a business card on the same day, would that also equal only one inquiry? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I applied for one an hour after the other and had the same results- two identical credit lines and one inquiry on my credit.

  • Infinion

    Sure there is. You’re telling people to get both personal cards at once. That’s great, but you only need to do that if you also plan to get the business card 60 days later. If you want two $1500 spends, just get one personal, and one business from the $1500 group. Easy. Otherwise, your spend is $1500 + $4000 + $1500 over 8 months for 225,000 points, plus your actual points from the spend. That’s a whole lot of miles for a relatively low spend.

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  • Trent Swanson

    RE: Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature and Citi Select Aadvantage American Express Card Promos when sign-up via TPG links:

    1) 75000/$1500/6 months and 75000/$4000/6 months, respectively. 6 months deadline exactly 6 months from CREDIT CARD APPROVAL DATE (NOT ACTIVATION DATE, NOT STATEMENT DROP DATE)
    2) Activation fee $85 waived first year. Fee will appear on Calendar year +1 month statement. (both cards)
    3) Bonus points can only be accumulated on PURCHASES (balance transfers do not count towards min. spend) (both cards)
    4) Credit limits typically identical on both cards
    5) These promo benefits automatically apply when signup via TPG links.. No phone call (1-800 950 5114) necessary

  • Jason

    Its still going… just applied to both and was approved and confirmed via echat that 75k/$K and 75k/$1.5k was applied.

  • sandman

    Not to pile on, but WOW! Just signed up for both the cards, 75k each, after a call to them to finalize applications. Verified $1,500 spend in 15 months for the Visa, $4,000 in six months for the AMEX. Identical credit lines. Had already CitiForward and Citi Professional Cash, which probably necessitated the call.

    Last three months gotten Chase BA Card (100k), Chase Sapphire (100k), and SPG Amex (25k, though may abandon because of the spend). All thanks to this blog, more or less! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Nicely done! I’d recommend calling Amex to see if they’ll bring down the spend needed on your SPG since they’re running a 30k offer after only $4,500. Never hurts to ask!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, has anyone had success with this offer after being rejected for the reason of “One sign up bonus per person?” I’ve had this card before, and last November I was rejected because I was a previous holder fo the card and received a sign up bonus before. Back then I heard rumors of waiting 6 months… Will, its been 9, so Im getting anxious and wondering if anyone in my boat has had success?

  • Jeff

    where’s the link for the business?

  • Benthelefty

    I’m having the same problem. Can anyone help with this?? It’s obviously not true as others are doing multiple times sign ups. Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

    I havent tried yet cause I dont want unnecessary pulls on my credit… But it has been 9 months, and I dont know how much longer these links will work. Would love to get in on it if people have had similar success after a certain time frame.

  • Adam Elisha

    Just wanted to confirm that I applied yesterday for the Visa through the posted link (admittedly quite nervously) and was approved instantly.
    Called today just to confirm the bonus terms and conditions and confirmed that $1500 spend for 75K miles. Very very happy :)
    Thanks TPG!

  • SBC

    Just applied now and got this message. “Thank you XXXXXXX. We have received your application and further processing is required at this time. We will contact you within a week via email regarding our decision. Thank you for requesting a Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® Visa Signature® Card. ” I applied for Citi AA Mastercard in June and already hit required spend last month. Not sure why I wasn’t instantly approved.

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  • RakSiam

    I got in on these cards back in March. I thought they offered 2x miles for AA charges, but now that I actually used the Visa card for travel on AA that does not appear to be the case. I guess that’s one more reason to not use the card or fly AA. Still looking forward to cashing the miles in to fly CX F though.

  • RakSiam

    I applied for the Visa online and the Amex by phone. I can’t remember which order, both had a $1500 spend requirement. But I followed the instructions in the FT thread how ever I did it.

    Citi seems to only be pushing the new Citi AA MC now and do not even show these cards on their website. You have to be “in the know” I guess to get the deals.

  • zasm

    Hello everyone. I am a current Citi AA Visa (and AmEx which they automatically set me up with a few months ago) holder. I applied for this card about 6 years ago. What would be the procedure for taking advantage of this offer? Can I cancel and then re-apply?

  • zasm

    CORRECTION: I have the Citi AA Platinum Mastercard and Amex

  • Asraf

    Just got the 2 cards and confirmed the 75,000 miles promotions you spoke of. Thanks buddy (and Travis)!

  • Texasex95

    Just got approved for both. Confirmed bonuses. Sweetness.

  • Garrett

    I tried to get the card last night and kept getting an error message. I don’t know why, very frustrating

  • Lusherista86

    approved for both!! $1500/6 months and $4000/6 months using the links and called to confirm…first year free for both. Thanks!!!!!!!

  • Kisf0rkat

    only for new member i believe

  • Kisf0rkat

    Do the 75000 miles show right away??! or you have to wait until you spend the 1500 in the first 6 months..

  • MJLouise

    Balance transfers, in general, do not count toward required spend.

    The miles show up AFTER you meet the min spend, after the close of the billing cycle.

  • SBC

    I wasn’t approved since I just signed up for Citi AA Mastercard so I am not a new customer and cannot sign up :(

  • Bohemiana

    Exactly which link did you use for the Citi 75k points spending $1500 in 6 months deal?? Please post the link.

  • Ram

    I followed your link and did not find the 75K offer anywhere.
    I called the Citi AAdvantage and they said that I will get only 30K and they do not see anything like 75K.
    Can you post the link again, plz?

  • Anonymous

    Please read the original post. This deal is not posted anyway. You need to trust you will get it and the 175+ comments and hundreds of positive Flyertalk threads should confirm its still active. If you are looking for written confirmation of this deal, you will not find it.

  • Anonymous

    Links are in the post I linked to. Please read both posts carefully and you will find it

  • d1baller

    How can you ensure that there will only be one inquiry? Also, should there be much downside to me applying for the ThankYou Premier offer and these two within a few days of each other? I haven’t applied for other cards in months.

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  • Matt C

    If I applied for the Citi World Mastercard in 2/2011 got 40k miles. Can I still be eligible for these 2 VISA/AMEX 75k cards?

  • Anonymous

    I dont guarantee anything, but that has been the experience of the thousands of Flyertalkers (and myself) who have applied and been approved

  • Matt C

    the Citi World Mastercard was also AAdvantage one. Any help would be great, thanks!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Id call and ask if you can shift around credit lines so you can get these cards. Cant hurt to ask!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for yr reply ..As suggested I will try and ask them..Do you by any chance have their tel # to call them Pls?

    Thanks again !

  • Dan

    Question to all and Brian. If I already have an AAdvantage Citi Mastercard, can I still apply for and get these Visa/Amex bonuses?


  • Dan

    Question to all and Brian. If I already have an AAdvantage Citi Mastercard, can I still apply for and get these Visa/Amex bonuses?


  • Danhyman

    Adding, that I’ve had the AA MasterCard for atleast a year and a half….

  • Cu08senior

    Just a note for those concerned with already having a Citi MC. I have an existing Citi MC that I use frequently, opened early 2009 (24+ months ago).

    I was just approved for both the Citi Visa and Citi Amex.

    Thanks all

  • IlanaF

    I was just approved for both cards and both promo’s are still alive. Thanks Brian!

  • Cnluing

    Called and talked a supervisor, but unfortunately she was only willing to give 5 k goodwill points after spending 15k.

  • Evan Gardner

    I only see 30k advertised as well on their site.

    Are you sure they’ll credit 75k? I’m going to be upset if they don’t. I already signed up for both! =/

  • Anonymous

    Read the hundreds of comments noting people are getting 75k a card. I can’t guarantee anything but it seems like everyone is still getting the deal. Sometimes you just have to take a risk if you want a big reward.

  • d1baller

    One more question pertaining to this offer to help the spend requirement, do both cards need to be activated immediately to start the 6 month period? Or would it be possible, say, to wait 2 months before activating the AA Amex in order to spread out the spend?


  • Murtuza

    Is there a phone number you can call to find if the 75k deal is still active? I was approved for 40k offer for Visa card and when I call in, they say there is no 75k offer going. Suggestions?? Should I cancel and reapply through the link posted?

  • Benthelefty

    Same here…does that include the business cards!?

  • Lisa

    Applied same day, was approved for both, called, and after a BIG ordeal with the agent on the phone who was obviously reading a script and did not want to deviate from it to confirm the bonus miles with me, I finally was confirmed 75,000 miles on each.
    One question – do both still have foreign transaction fees? Terms & conditions said that. Didn’t notice before I applied, but a real bummer! Haven’t gotten cards yet, so wondering if anyone knows.

  • Anonymous

    Yes they have foreign transaction fees, so get a card that doesn’t- like Capital One, Chase Sapphire Preferred or Amex Platinum for example

  • Anonymous

    There is no phone number to confirm.. you have to apply blindly, but if you read all these comments you’ll realize its still active

  • Evan Gardner

    Thanks. Is the $4,000 in the first 4 months and what about the $1,500? I read conflicting information.

  • Mangogogogirl

    Were you able to confirm the $1500 spending requirement on the Visa card. I just got off the phone with an agent and was told the spending requirement is $4000 – this is for the Visa card. I applied last night, August 16th.

  • Mangogogogirl

    Nevermind, I just realized I clicked the wrong link and signed up with the card with the $4000 requirement. :(

  • Anonymous

    It’s within 6 months, so don’t fret.. i’m sure you can do it!

  • Murgirl

    What phone numbers did you use to confirm the 75,000 after signing up today/recently?

  • IlanaF

    is this deal still active if I were to apply today?

  • OperationBingham

    I have status on Continental and on Delta. The Continental status was through pure flying and I stayed at the lowest level except for 1 year where I got mid level by including a mileage run at the end of the year. I got Delta status thanks to a status match via my Continental status. The point is I don’t fly a lot but I do fly and enjoy it much more via the little things like faster check- in and security lanes and the occasional upgrade. I can easily switch to American based upon where I live. The reason I didn’t fly on American while I went after the million miles was for the same reason some people climb mountains: to see if I could do it. Call it a challenge. Call it a strange hobby. All I know is I will be flying on them in the foreseeable future. After all, I have a million miles to “spend”…..

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  • OperationBingham

    Yes, a major part of completing my 40K spend requirement (to free up nearly 350K in bonus miles) was in those darn coins. And yes, that option is now over and I’m fine with that. I got really good at ordering coins and really bad at getting rid of them. You should see the pictures I have of the coins I had in my living room at one point. It was insane. But, I only ordered 30K or so. So no, the remaining 600K did NOT come from coins. And no, I didn’t charge 600K on my credit cards either. It was a mix of dozens of different ideas. I’m not prepared to reveal them all right now. I will say I did the Fidelity bonus where you get 50K AA miles if you deposit 100K. No, I didn’t really deposit 100K. I just moved the money in and out and sure enough as soon as I had technically made a total of 100K in deposits I got the miles. (I also signed up under the Delta promotion and so the same “100K” really got me 100K worth of miles. I also made some Kiva loans paid via credit cards. I also held my tax money (I”m self employed) in a Bank Direct account to earn some miles. When I had to buy something, I tried to buy it through the AA shopping mail for extra miles. I paid my rent on my AA credit card. I made the maximum charitable donation (that earned miles) to the USO and the Komen foundation. However, the one charity or AA or both made a mistake and instead of getting the 100K I was supposed to I got 200K. They admitted the mistake but decided not to take the miles away from those that were already posted to people’s accounts. As such, many miles I got miles aren’t repeatable at this point. However, I wouldn’t discount the power of looking for any and all ways because the little things can really add up. I still may go after the next million as long as one method I used continues to be viable for the moment.

  • cvoice

    Applied for both on the same day. The visa card was approved with a 17k credit limit. However, today I just received an email saying the amex card application is denied because “Your total credit obligations, which include outstanding credit lines, and monthly rent/mortgage obligation are too high to meet our approval guidelines, when compared to your stated income.” Is there a number that I can call to get reconsideration on the application? Is it possible to relocate some of the 17k credit line to the amex card to get it approved?

    Would be nice to get the extra 75k miles!

  • KP-HOU

    So I made the mistake of applying for the Visa last week but not the Amex at the same time. This week i tried the Amex but got declined. When I called to ask why, they said it’s because the offer is only for new Citi-AA customers. Any suggestions how I may be able to get them to change their minds?

  • Anonymous

    You are out of luck

  • Mchlcmmns

    I tried applying for both cards on Sunday. The first attempt at the Visa gave me an error saying to try again later. The second time I got an instant approval. When I then tried the Amex it told me a decision would be made in a week. A couple of days later I got an email saying I was denied for ‘multiple applications for credit’. I wasn’t sure why that seemed to only happen to me but I chalked it up to bad luck and forgot about it. Fast forward to today and it turns out I opened two separate Visa AA cards (I just got them both in the mail). Since the Visa has a lower spend to get the miles I’m actually pretty happy about it but I don’t know if this is going to be a problem. What should I do?

  • D2daP

    Asssuming one gets either or both cards, spends the required $ within the time limit and the bonus miles/points post; any thoughts on how fast you can cancel the card without them taking the points? Best to wait the full year, or once the points are up it should be OK?

  • Tressa

    I just got my credit cards and called to activate them and confirmed that the bonus mile offer is good!! Thanks so much for tip :)

  • Olivia T

    Just wanted to post that I just applied for the visa signature and the amex. I got approved instantly for the visa signature and waiting for approval on the amex.

    I called in to verify the 75k bonus on the visa signature (which I was approved for) and it was confirmed.

  • Olivia T


  • Olivia T


  • Liz R.

    I already have the AA Amex so I only applied for the Visa. As of 8/22/11, the offer is still good and I was approved immediately after phoning customer service to give them more information. I confirmed with the customer service rep that I will received 75K miles after my first $1500 in purchases within 6 months.

  • clm

    Just applied today – approved for both, and called and verified the spend/miles requirements. Still valid on 8/23

  • nbvpb

    I applied for both cards online last night, Aug 22, using the link in this post, and I was immediately approved for both. I called back customer service this evening using the number in the email I had received from Citi. The rep confirmed that I was receiving 75,000 miles on each of the cards.
    Note that the regular customer service agent didn’t have the info and switched me to the approval department for the info.
    So, the deal was still active as of 8/22/11!

  • swordfish

    Applied today for both Visa and Amex Citi and was approved instantly. Called CSR after and confirmed that 75k bonus available on both cards as long as you meet the spend criteria. So still works as of today

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  • Cali

    I applied for both last night and was instantly approved. Called this morning and the rep confirmed 75,000 miles for each card. Offer is still good.

  • Cali

    I applied for both last night and was instantly approved. Called this morning and the rep confirmed 75,000 miles for each card. Offer is still good.

  • Lisha

    Applied today (8/25/11) for both and was approved. I confirmed the 75,000 miles requirements — $1,500/6 mos. for Visa and $4,000/6 mos. for Amex. Also, not sure if it made a difference, but I had an old Citi Bronze AA, which I canceled immediately prior to (i.e., 5 minutes before) applying for the two cards. After completing the apps online I had to call in to complete the application process. Looking forward to using AA to explore Latin America. Thanks Points Guy!

  • PJ

    dual cards were set up for my daughter too ; should NEVER accepted the second card in my daughter’s case; she can use my Amex to get around in COSTCO anyway. She was simply robbed for the 75K more and she only got 50K last year; Now she is getting the AMEX gold Premier for 125 K bonus and about ready to cancel those two AA advantage cards to dodge annual fees

  • PJ

    brian, last night I applied the AMEX and got instant approval. was confirmed 75K /6 month spend. DID ask if I could switch over to Master card with same SPEND and was denied. DO you know of anybody who was let to switch over ?

  • PJ

    can the credit enqury ( 1 or 2 or 3 ) hurt ? if your score is ~ +810

  • PJ

    since early May I have got 10 more cards ; not sure how my credit score looked like until late june which was ~785 and the last update on sesame showed up 22

    about 10 days ago, one phone call into Chase I added Southwest and Hyatt into my collection ON THE SAME DAY.

  • Anonymous

    I just charged $4000 on my card. How long will it take to post my 75k miles?
    Do I have to pay it off in full before it posts? Or pay just before the due date?
    Rookie CC churner

  • Hemi

    Got the AA Visa back in May, but only got 30k Miles. I called today and the CSR told me the promotion was for 30k miles after $1k spend, and 30k more miles after $10k spend….

    So I’m only going to get 60k miles and that’s only if I spend $10k. I told the CSR that the offer was for 75k miles after $4k spend but she said I need proof of the offer….

    ANY IDEAS?? Thanks

  • Allegria254

    Yesterday 8/25/11 applied for both and was instantly approved. Still didn’t get any e-mail confirmation from City. Should I call and confirm the 75000 deal? What phone number should I call?

  • Ana Ortega

    balance transfers don’t count toward the minimum spending requirement – I asked. And by the way, the 75K posts pretty quick once you spend the minimum.

  • Ana Ortega

    I can vouch for TPG’s link that got me 75K miles. We have a vacation planned and I charged all the expenses to my Citi AA card as soon as I received it and got to the $1500 minimum spending amount pretty fast. The 75K miles posted in the same statement period as the $1500.

  • Anonymous

    I got both the pers bus amex and citibank cards and was able to got 150,000 miles total. Since I have 2 businesses (one S-corp and the other sole proprietorship) and need to keep the business expenses separated, I could really use a second business card but wondering about the potential damage to my credit… When I applied for the bus card, it asked for my social even though the business is a s corp so applying for the sole proprietorship would be another hit to my credit. Does anyone have similar experience to mine where you applied for 2 business cards for 2 separate businesses?

  • Anonymous

    Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® Visa Signature® Card – 75,000 mile sign-up bonus – STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!!! I was just approved and spoke to a rep to verify the miles bonus as of 10:00AM PST today. Thanks Brian!! I am still working on the AMEX version of the 75k bonus as well as the 30k miles from the MC version listed on (see attached pic). That will bring my grand total of AA miles to 180,OOO!!! Did I mention that I actually will make $50 bucks from a statement credit via the MC verision explained in the pic? That’s right….someone actually PAID me $50 and gave me 180k free freaking AA miles. Yes, you may now drop your jaw. But please, close it after awhile in preparation for the next drop (explained below).

    So with my run on Chase last month leading to 110,000 (enough for a new Weber Genesis BBQ) United/CO miles (Sapphire Preferred = 50k miles, United Explorer = 30k miles +$50 s.c., and Continental Onepass Plus = 30k miles + $50 s.c.) and now these AA miles, how am I supposed to get all of this time off from work to go play?

    P.S. I also couldn’t resist the Thank You Preferred card from Citi (I got in on the 50,000 points and waived 1st yr annual fee). I think I will be using my thank you points for $500 worth of GC’s at Best Buy to upgrade the Blu-ray player and possible the receiver. Cheers!

  • Anoop Kansupada

    I got approved for the Citi AAdvantage American Express back in May when I applied. I got rejected for the Visa. Whats the best way for me to move forward now? Should I cancel the American Express and apply for the Visa and Business in the same day?

  • Anoop Kansupada

    This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R)
    / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers.? Our records indicate that
    you already have a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account with us.

    Got rejected for that reason. What to do?

  • Nathan Scaglione

    I was just approved for both. Called and confirmed that I will be getting 75k x 2 = 150k points. Awesome!

    August 31st, 2011 @ noon

  • Nathan Scaglione

    I was just approved for both. Called and confirmed that I will be getting 75k x 2 = 150k points. Awesome!

    August 31st, 2011 @ noon

  • BostonFFWannabe

    Just applied for both cards and was approved. I spoke with a rep to ensure that the 75K deal was still live, and they confirmed!

  • Jmasihda

    does this go for the AAdvantage Platinum Select/World Mastercard too. i hope they dont make a big deal over mastercard vs visa

  • diamondvargas

    Applied for both on 8/30, received email approval today on 9/2 for both. Called and got confirmation of the 75k miles for each. I asked if they could email confirmation as well and they said they’d send a letter.

  • Scrobson

    I applied for both cards about 60+ days ago, and was going to apply for the CitiBusiness Visa – but I already have it!
    Is Master Card doing a promo like this? Or any other company for the 75,000?
    Thanks very much Points Guy!

  • D-in-GR

    applied Sunday 9.4, called today to verify. YES. 75k/$1500 for Visa (in 6 mo), 75k miles/$4000 for Amex (in 6 mo). $85 annual fee waived for first year. still working!!!

  • Steve Kamb

    I used to have two of these cards (visa and amex), but have cancelled both over a year ago. Will I be elligible for these bonuses or it is only “new cardholders only”?

  • Anonymous

    Citi card is a great deal. I received the 75,000 miles. You have to be a first time card holder. You will need to make sure it is the 75,000 miles deal. When I first applied, I didn’t pay attention, then took a lot of sorting out to get the 75,000 miles deal.

    Starwoods is a great deal, redeem 20,000 miles and you get an extra 5,000, total 25,000 miles. Also, you can use your points for Starwood (Westin, Sheraton) hotel rooms.

  • Mmt

    I applied last week for both cards and was rejected:

    This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R)
    / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers.? Our records indicate that
    you previously had a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account
    with us.

    My card has been cancelled by for for at least 2 years.

    It was surprising to me that they did not issue me a nobonus card instead.

  • CL

    Thank you so much! I have traveled with Continental for about 7 years now, but never really saw the value of miles. Three years ago a friend of my husband and I flew us first class to Amsterdam using miles. Since then I have lived to get more miles, but still didn’t really see the benefit of airline cc sign up bonuses. Last year I signed up for the Chase Continental One Pass and only had a sign on bonus of 25,000 miles plus 5,00o additional for an authorized user. However, it did add to my accumulated One Pass miles so I really couldn’t complain. Then I googled “travel credit cards” and found your site. In the past week I have applied for (and been approved for) Chase Sapphire Preferred, AAdvantage Visa Signature and AAdvantage Amex (using the 2 browser method). In less than 7 days I’ve scored 200,000 miles! So all in all I’ve received 230,000 sign up bonus miles in the past 12 months. Not at your level yet, but not bad for a newbie.

  • Kanviction

    I applied for both cards on 9/17/11. Got approved for both. Qualified for the 75K miles when I spend $4K in first 6 months. However, didn’t get the 75K deal on the Visa. The promotion is now 40K miles if you spend $1K in the first 4 months with a $100 statement credit after first qualifying purchase.

    Called and spoke with an account manager. She still couldn’t apply the 75K deal. Is there a code anyone knows. Anyways, she did give me 20K extra miles. So now my Visa will give me 60K once I spend $1k. Not 75K, but pretty darn close. She also said that if I can find a screenshot of the 75K deal I can mail it in and get the deal applied. Anyone have that by chance?

  • CL

    Did you apply using the links in the original post? I applied on 9/19/11, (using the links provided by TPG) was approved for both and then called both numbers seperately to confirm 75k bonus. Rep for the Amex confirmed 75k after $4500 spend in 6 months and Visa rep confirmed 75k after $1500 spend in 6 months.

  • Mmt

    I applied for both cards on the same day; I received denials a few days later beacause I had a aadvantage card in the past (the card was cancelled a few years ago) I called the citi reconsideration line and was told they will not issue an aadvantage credit card of any brand to someone who has previously had an addvantage card of any brand.

    I thought I had read that people were getting approved in spite of previously holding aadvantage cards. Who knows why; into the valley of death(credit inquiries).

  • CPG

    Did you get the 75,000 mile bonus signing up just a week ago?

  • Sam Topnotch

    Is it still active?

  • Euromixx69

    is the 7o ooo points still on ? im just seein 40 000 now ?

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