Up to 3,000 Free AA Miles for Email “AApraisal”

by on July 13, 2011 · 96 comments

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I’ve gotten several emails from TPG readers about an AA promotion with up to 3,000 free miles for simply entering your email address and signing up for newsletters. I was a little busy this morning getting my Great Seatmate Contest underway, so I didn’t pay as much attention as I should have because free miles are my favorite kind of miles!

I’ve been an AA member for years and thought for sure I’d be ineligible, but in fact the “appraiser” man told me I could get 1,000 miles for clicking two buttons and then I got another 500 for learning about AA vacations. In total, I got 1,500 AA miles for under 2 minutes of work. Score.

To see how many you can get, just go here and enter your AA number. When the hokey video comes up, just click the “skip video” part. If you don’t have an American Airlines account, get one here (they were recently giving out 500 free points for using code ADV30 so try it – you never know if it might work!)

Per the T&C “Gift will be automatically deposited into the participant’s AAdvantage® account six (6) weeks after the end of each applicable three (3) month email enrollment period.

So how many miles was your email address worth?


My 1,500 mile payday

Hat tip to TPG reader Sandeep!

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  • Matt F

    Nothing for me.

  • Jason Minard

    Nothing here :(

  • Shuji Igushi

    2500 for me, 3000 for the wifey.

  • Jennifer Foley

    Thanks! Just banked the full 3k in my account.

  • Carrolyn

    Got 1000 miles! :)

  • akgw

    I think it is mainly based on email subscriptions. Try removing yourself from all mailings first for more points…3000 for me.

  • Eric

    Suh-weet! I just earned 2,500, thanks Brian!

  • blueskies

    Anyone know how long it takes for the miles to post?

  • RH

    Weird. It worked for me (2,500!!), but not for my wife. Once I entered her number, I was told that I (she) was not eligible for this promo. Any idea why?

  • CU

    nothing for me :(

  • Malorie

    2,500 miles here! Thanks for the post, Brian!

  • Michael Lintorn Catlin

    Nothing for me. Sad times :(

  • Afkabp

    I got the “not eligible” message as well. I have unsubscribed from everything and will try it again tomorrow. My wife qualified for the full 3000.

  • Peter

    just earned 3,000 miles! woohoo. can’t wait to unsubscribe from all those newsletters :-/ was worth it though!

  • Cindy

    Neither my partner nor I were eligible. Not sure why. :/

  • Guest

    mine didn’t work. Opened a new account with my married name and it didn’t work either promo ADV30 expired.

  • Alan

    Yes both my partner and I got 2000 miles each. Thanks for the tip Brian!

  • Gpuzzi

    Fail. When signing up for new membership, website could not validate my address. Had to call the 800 number. After being transferred twice, an agent took my call that was able to help. The 500 promo code was expired. Another code I found with a quick online search for 1000 expired.

    After I got off phone with the agent was still excited to get something, went to the appraiser and received a message “Thank you for being an AA advantage member, unfortunately you are no able to participate in this promotion.

  • brandon

    Just got 3000. Thanks!

  • Gpuzzi

    Sounds like this is the reason new member not eligible “This offer is open only to American Airlines AAdvantage® members in receipt of this offer announcement email or direct mail piece.”.

  • Gpuzzi

    On terms it says you must keep the subscriptions for 3 months. Miles will post 6 weeks after that time period.

  • Brian Furbush

    Sweet – snagged 2,500 points, thanks!

  • Mark

    I got 3000 points, thanks

  • Mark

    Over 10 hours but still didn’t show up in my account, did anybody get there points yet?

  • Andy Howard

    3,000 for everyone else in the family. Nothing for me. I unsubscribed from everything and I’ll try later.

  • Jordan Buetow

    sweet. easy 2,500 miles!

  • Adam

    Boom! Just pulled in 3,000 miles. Very nice one

  • riverchica

    2500. Sweet!

  • Tim

    I just got 3,000 miles! I’m wondering if this doesn’t work for brand new accounts? I’ve been a member since 1991.

  • Diana

    just got 3000! love it points guy!

  • Betty

    3,000 points for me. sweet! thanks brian!

  • Mark

    3k for me – thanks!

  • Jerimi

    sweet! only got 1000 but ill deal lol

  • Ashley

    Only 1000 for me…oh well, I’ll take it! Thanks!

  • view-with-a-room

    that was an easy 3000 miles…

  • Seventoo

    i got 3000! thanks, points guy!

  • Drguercio17

    I only got 1000 and did everything they asked……….??????

  • Anonymous

    Got me 2500 miles. Apparently the only thing I was signed up for was the AAdvantage “E-summary.” So now I get some AA spam, but hey, 2500 miles is 2500 miles. My wife and I are saving up for a big trip, either RTW or back to SE Asia, not sure where exactly or what class of service. Since we won’t go for a couple of years, I’m just trying to accumulate whatever AA miles I can along the way. (Have 220,000 from two AA/Citi signup bonuses.) How high we get determines where we go and what class of service.

  • Rich

    2500. Very nice.

  • fcastillo

    I just received 3,000 miles. Thanks for the tip!

  • LizChile

    Darn! I have a lot of AA miles but apparently since I am currently domiciled outside the US it says I am not available for this…

  • CupcakeCity

    I wasn’t eligible — not sure why. I have an old account with my maiden name and a newish account (May 2011) and neither worked. Sad.

  • Kris

    2,000 miles! All 49,800 miles in my AA account are from promos! Haven’t flown them in years :)

  • J Keith van Straaten

    2,000 miles! Thanks! TPG wins again!

  • pixel girl

    Nice! 2000 for me and 3000 for the hubby. Thanks, PG!

  • Anita

    1000 for me. :)

  • Jo

    Nothing for me. I keep getting “Thanks for being a loyal member. You are not eligible for this appraisal”. This is after deselecting all subscriptions. Thoughts?

  • Mark M

    2000 for me! Now for the wife… Thanks PG!

  • James K.

    TPG: please tell us when these post

  • James K.

    TPG: please tell us when these post

  • noneemac

    I’m a newly minted million-miler, and I got bupkis (probably because I’m signed up for all e-mails and have already given my preferences), but I got my Web-averse mom 1,500 miles, my fiancee 1,000 miles, and my ex-wife 1,000 miles. (The ex-person, it might interest you to know, has been nagging me to give her some miles because hers were slated to expire in three weeks, so this promotion was MUCH better than having to pay to give her miles (which would have meant fewer RDMs for my fiancee). THANKS, AA!!

  • Vineetaa

    Seesh! Both my husband and I were told we were not eligible. Wonder why.

  • ontherun


  • Tim Footdale

    3,000 for me, thanks!

  • Nick E

    3000 for both me and the wife. Another success!!

  • Sdsd

    2500 for me!

  • Allison

    2,000 miles!

  • Simon

    1,500 for me, 2500 for the missus

  • Julie Bestry

    2500 for me. Thanks for this easy way to build miles!

  • Matt

    I got 3000 this afternoon. I went in and unsubscribed to all the emails from AA that I was signed up for, then took appraisal. I’d suggest doing that to maximize the possible miles you get.

  • Miguel R

    2,500 woot woot!

  • Marianne

    The ADV30 promotion code for 500 sign-up miles has expired.

    Sadly for me this “AAppraisal” is only available to US residents.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing for me or my wife :( Unsubscribed from all options for both of us yesterday. Unsuccessful getting any miles yesterday, decided to wait overnight and try again this morning. Zilch. Is there a secret trick?

  • Joseph Crace


  • MIdCentModFan

    No love from AA for me. :(

  • AS

    How long did it take everyone to get their miles? Or better question, has anyone received yet? I went into my account after getting the 3k, and saw that my email preferences weren’t updated (still all on unsubscribe)

  • Anonymous

    T&C say you must stay subscribed for 3 months; then 6 weeks later miles will post.

  • Klhunter84

    I got 3,000! I already get some emails from so I’m not sure how I qualified for the big money, but I’m not asking any questions. Thanks TPG!

  • Matthew Temba

    3000 points w00t!

  • Matthew Wilson

    Ill take the 2500 points. EASY!

  • aroth

    1,000 for me and 2,500 for the hubs.

  • Kokolo

    How long does it take for aa to post the miles to my account?

  • foofiter


    I got 1,500 too. AA miles are handy!

  • Maria Speiser

    none for me :(

  • Iwanderafar

    3000 for me. I wonder what it is based on. I got offered 500 6 times for updating my preferences and signing up for different emails like these:
    AAdvantage eSummary℠
    Net SAAver® Fares
    AAdvantage® Promotions
    AAVacations℠ Travel Picks

  • LA Backpacker Chick

    awesome! 1,000 bonus miles for me! :)

  • Anonymous

    Nothing for me in the appraisal, BUT called the AAdvantage rep and asked nicely. She posted 1000 miles!

  • Dhlloyd1

    2000 Miles ! Wahoo!! thanks for the tip

  • MLB87

    Has anyone received their miles yet?

  • Ram

    I am a newbie to AAdvantage.
    The site says: “This offer is not available for you”.
    Are there any limitations?

  • Dbennett

    Haven’t gotten mine yet either and it’s been almost 2 weeks.

  • JTeke

    Still haven’t seen my 3,000 miles yet after 2.5 weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Per the rules, “Gift will be automatically deposited into the participant’s AAdvantage® account six (6) weeks after the end of each applicable three (3) month email enrollment period.”

  • Annie

    I didn’t qualify for the offer and contacted AA by email.
    Here’s the reply:
    “We appreciate your interest in the The Appraisal promotion. Unfortunately, this is a targeted offer that is not open to all AAdvantage members. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we cannot add any participants.
    Targeted offers are sent to a small, carefully selected audience based on their “fit” with specific criteria. We analyze their responses to obtain critical information on the value of such offers. If additional members are added, we are no longer able to gauge the effectiveness of the promotion.”

    No information as to what the “criteria” are.

  • Kisf0rkat

    said i was unable to participate in the promotion……:(

  • Kisf0rkat

    samething happened to me! any luck?

  • Emerycrush

    one frequent flyer number worked for 2,000 points and the other did not. still have not seen miles posted from the first frequent flyer number I entered at least 2 months ago.

  • Granite

    Not me but the wife got 3000

  • Judy

    I think I only qualified for 1,500. Still nothing deposited in my account. I also emailed them but got no reply! But when I tried to do it again, they said I’d already done it. So I dunno…
    Has anyone, as of late August, gotten their miles?

  • Judy

    nor have I. what’s going on?

  • Anonymous

    The promo was in July and per the T&C you get the miles “six (6) weeks after the end of each applicable three (3) month email enrollment period.”

    We’ve got a while to go

  • Judy

    ah, thanks. so a long wait, then. Do these points extend the viability of our total miles?

  • Anonymous

    Yep- they reset the expiration clock :-)

  • Mmt

    3 months have now passed. So I guess 6 weeks more make it a Christmas present; if the miles arrive.

  • Schmenge34

    ok, it’s been WELL past 3 months–haven’t seen my miles–anyone else see there’s yet?

  • Insanetigertig

    I got 500 points from something to do with email.

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