67% Bonus (40% Rebate) on American Express Membership Rewards Transfers to Delta

by on July 25, 2011 · 76 comments

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WOW! 50% plus MQMs was pretty good, but those offers have been limited to first time transferees, so the rest of us were stuck with measly 40% bonuses.

Today Amex/Delta announced an interesting 40% rebate (registration required). For every 50,000 Amex points you transfer to Delta, you get 20,000 back.

40% back = 67% bonus

So in essence 100,000 Delta miles = 60,000 Amex points (100,000 – 40,000 in rebates), the trick is that you need to have the increment of 50k in Amex points and pay the excise fee ($60 per 100k transferred, though currently not being charged due to US government budget meltdown). So you get 40,000 extra Skymiles for transferring 60,000 Amex points (after rebate) – basically a 67% bonus when all is said and done.

Under the 40% promotion, you were looking at 100,000 Delta miles = 72,000 Amex points.

In the end, this is a better deal, though I would still rank the 50% bonus and 25,000 MQMs as a better deal (if you are eligible for it). The rebate certificates won’t be sent until 6-8 weeks after the transfer (though it says registration, I think that’s wrong), so you should still weigh this transfer option versus the 50% British Airways bonus that expires August 1, 2011. I wrote a comparison piece on BA vs. Delta here.

If you don’t have any American Express Membership Rewards points, the Platinum Card currently has a 25,000 point bonus ($450 annual fee, but lots of benefits as I listed here), and it may be possible to bump that to 100,000 per the comments on this post. If you’ve been an Amex customer in the past, you should be allowed to advance yourself up to 60,000 points as a Platinum cardholder, free of charge (you just need to earn them back within the next year). Check out this post on maximizing Delta awards – it may take a little effort, but amazing Delta awards can be had at reasonable prices – especially when you factor in these transfer bonuses/rebates!

Promo details:


Congratulations, you have successfully registered. For every 50,000
Membership Rewards® points you transfer through September 30, 2011, you’ll
be rewarded with a certificate for 20,000 Membership Rewards points–that’s
a 40% bonus back to you.

Bonuses earned with this promotion will be fulfilled in the form of an electronic bonus certificate and will be sent to qualified members by email 6-8 weeks after registration. Be sure you update your profile at so we have your correct email address on file.

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  • esque

    The 50% bonus and 25k MQM’s deal cannot be combined with any other Delta offer, per the fine print at So if anyone was hoping to transfer 100,000 points by September 30 and get (a) 50,000 bonus miles, (b) 25,000 MQM’s, and (c) 40,000 MR points rebated, it seems like that can’t happen.

  • Raj B

    Wow! Thanks for the heads-up, Brian.

    Can you still do this deal if you already did the “50k transfer + bonus + MQM” DL deal earlier this year?

  • Anonymous

    Yes as long as it let you register (which it did for me and I got the MQMs last fall)

  • Anonymous

    Right- I’d recommend doing the 100k transfer to get the MQMs first and then do this one if they wanted to transfer any more to Delta

  • HikerT

    Suppose you could also purchase 50K MR points for $1250, transfer 50K to DL, get 20K rebate, transfer 20K under a future 150% promo to get 30K. Comes to about 1.5 cents per mile + tax.

  • Raj B

    Yes, I successfully registered for both me and my wife. Now waiting for AMEX to “process” our 100k bonus transfers within their 6-8 weeks eligible spend timeframe. Good news is that they accepted the 5748 promo code for both of our accts, and noted on each that we were eligible for the 100k better offer bonus.

    Thanks again!

  • bspn

    Brian, I already did the 100K transfer earlier this month and i still need more miles for family. Can i still use this 40% points back promotion? i’ve already successfully registered this offer. Thanks. J.

  • Anonymous

    I see no reason why you can’t do this one. You should be fine- just make sure it shows as registered in your -> Skymiles -> Manage my account -> View your Skymiles promotions before you do a transfer

  • Anonymous

    Correct- a pretty cheap way to get expensive awards, like Australia/Asia/Europe in business

  • hobo13

    So what fraction of the population could figure out that a 40% rebate is a 67% bonus?

  • cupcakecity

    Could you register for the promo, advance yourself 20,000 MR points (if you already had a Platinum AMEX account), and then “refresh” your MR balance with the rebate of 20,000 points, therefore not having to buy them from AMEX?

    It sounds like it works, but wonder if anyone has experience with this “rebate”.

  • Min

    thanks for the info, I will take advantage of the MQM offer. BTW, is there any signup bonus currently running for skyteam membership?

  • David Hagins

    Are people still able to get the bump to 100K MR points, or did that offer expire?

  • Anonymous
  • TrentSwanson

    From the T&Cs, “…May not be combined with any other Membership Rewards offers between July 25 and September 30, 2011″. It appears as if you will need either a) a separate SkyMiles account or b) to have exercised the 50%+25K MQM prior to July 25th in order to take advantage of both promos (unless I’ve missed something)

  • Anonymous

    Correct- if you are eligible for the 50% + MQM, do that first. Then register for this one. They are not combineable

  • TrentSwanson

    David, Just did this today. Took around 7 minutes.

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  • shawn

    If we register both this offer and the 50% bonus (100k get 25k MQMs), which offer will we get when transfer 100k?

  • Anonymous

    If you want the 50% bonus, do NOT register for this one. However, my gut is that you’ll get the 50% if that was registered first and showing active in your active promotions, but I could be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Bombs away. I transferred 150K MR points. This is my first time and I registered for both promos – 50%+25k and 40% rebate. We’ll see in a few months if I get the rebate. I’m not holding my breath, but it sure would be nice.

    The 50%+25k elite miles have already posted. Now the clock starts ticking on the 40% bonus.

  • pixel girl

    I currently have a business Gold, and a personal Gold. Is there a way to bump one of them (preferably biz) up to Platinum for 100k points?


  • Jimmy

    Brian, are you sure you are reading this correctly? Is it not saying for every 50k amex transfer you get 20k back, ie you need to transfer 100k amex rewards pts to get 40k delta bonus?

  • Anonymous

    You get 20k back for every 50k you transfer. Where is the confusion?

  • Jimmy

    Isnt this worse than the last 40% bonus?

    New deal;
    100k Amex points = 140k Delta miles
    99k Amex points = 120k Delta miles

    Maybe I need to check my old textbooks!

  • Anonymous

    Are you talking about Amex before or after the rebate? 100k Amex before the rebate = 100k Delta then you get 40k back. So 60k Amex = 100K delta. Under the 40% bonus 60k Amex = 84k Delta. The new deal is way, way better

  • Eric

    What is the certificate they send back to you? Is that a clever way of saying they redeposit the points in your MRs account?

  • Anonymous

    Instead of depositing it automatically, they send you a certificate. Why they make it so complicated, I have no idea, but I suppose this give you the flexibility to give the points to someone else (they normally don’t allow you to transfer Amex points between Amex accounts)

  • Eric

    What does that mean, Brian? Do I have to mail the certificate to Amex or does it have a code that I enter in my MR screen on the Amex website? I have never participated in anything like this before.

    Also, could one, hypothetically of course, transfer 100k from his wife’s MR account to his DL account and get this rebate?

  • Anonymous

    Make sure your wife and your Delta accounts are registered for the promo just in case. I’m not 100% sure how they process who gets the rebate certificate if the points are transferred to a non-cardholders account .
    Per T&C
    Bonus Certificate: Certificates must be redeemed at by midnight Eastern Standard Time on the expiration date printed on the face of the certificate. You must be enrolled in the Membership Rewards program at the time of certificate redemption and will need to provide select information about your Membership Rewards enrolled American Express Card in order to redeem. Bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account within 24 hours of redemption

  • ew

    What has everyone’s experience been with the excise fee today? Has anyone had to pay it?
    I tried to advance myself 4,000 miles to make it to 50k, but the option seems to be missing from the website. (I usually have a 60k advance line with my platinum card. When I called the amex rep, she told me that the points advance feature is down for maintenance, and offered to do the transaction over the phone. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t do it without charging the excise on the whole transaction, so I canceled and will try on the website again tomorrow.

  • Vishal

    The new deal is much better. True.

  • Amit

    Anyone has any insight to this?

  • wondering

    Need your advice. Should I go for this offer? I rarely fly Delta. I have 25k SM in the account for future redemption but no travel plans yet. This bonus looks good (67%) but Skymiles are notoriously depreciated, so I’m hesitant. I do have plenty of AmEx points to transfer into Delta but then they’d sit in Delta a while, and maybe a better transfer bonus will come along. Think it might?

  • Joshb

    TPG i am eligable for this promotion and 50% bonus and 25,000 MQMs. Which one would you go with ?

  • Anonymous

    Depends. Where are you based and where do you want to go? If you are in a Skyteam hub that has Air France service, I’d say go for it. Skymiles are tricky to use, but I’ve written a lot about how to get the most value out of them. If you want domestic awards, I’d probably say stay away

  • Anonymous

    I value MQMs and the 50% bonus and MQMs are instant, so I’d go that route.

  • Zern999

    I dont see the 25k offer now for the platinum card. Any ideas? I need extra reward points ASAP…!


  • Anonymous

    Its definitely still active. Just make sure you are signed out of your Amex account before you click on the link in this post ( Also try opening it in a new browser. Let me know if you have any other issues- good luck!

  • John

    Thank you for the information. I have some 85000 miles and also a Delta Card. I plan to cash it out on Amex Gift Cards (11000 Delta miles). Is this a wise move? I am also doing a first time transfer, so i am eligible for 50% bonus offer with no MQMs. Should I wait for a better offer (like the 50000 points + MQMs) ?


  • Anonymous

    Gift cards are a bad redemption. But if you want to get them, go directly through Membership Rewards- 85,000 points will equal $850 in gift cards- don’t bother with the Delta mall.

  • John

    If I transfer 85000 Amex points for the first time, I would get 127500 delta miles (50% bonus) thro which I could redeem 1150$ worth Amex Gift card from Delta Mall. Am I wrong?

    Can this 40% be stacked with the 50% first time transfer bonus?


  • John

    Were you able to stack both the offers successfully ?

  • Freshie

    So I’ve got 38k in my MR acct now. About to get an addl 75k for Plat sign up (total of 100k). I could transfer 150k MR for a rebate of 60k MR, advancing 12k MR, which would be credited back when I receive my certificate. That makes more sense than transferring 100k MR for 40k rebate right? Am I missing something? Everyone’s talking about it as 100k MR transfer opp. Thanks for the advice — love the site!

  • Blueflag11

    Why not? The Delta acct could be mine, and the AMEX acct could be my wife’s. I would get 50K, she would get 40K. I’m getting one offer and she is getting one offer. I’m not combining anything, and neither is she.

  • Anonymous

    T&C from the 40% rebate said it takes a couple of month to get the rebate. I have about a month left to wait.

  • guest

    Say I have 110k Amex Rewards points. I transfer 100k t0 Delta and get 40k Amex MR rewards points back. WIth the extra 10K and the new 40K MR points I received, can I resubmit those points to the promotion? if so, 110K points = 20k MR points + 150k Delta miles. Or is it still better to do the MQM bonus?

  • Anonymous

    Technically you could but you may not get the 40k back in time. It says they may take 8 weeks to get the certificate which is past the Sept 30 deadline.

  • Anonymous

    If you want Delta miles, then yes- transferring 150k would make the most sense.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have delta miles or Amex points?

  • Chananya

    Might be a dump question: If I transfered 160,000. will I still get the rebate for 60,000. Or is it just when done in exact 50,000 increments?

  • John

    I have Amex Points and a Delta Credit Card. If I use the 50% bonus offer, I get 127500 Delta miles for 85000 Amex Points.
    I can then cash it for 1150$ worth Amex Gift Cards thro Delta Mall. Delta Mall has 11000 miles for 100$ gift card (only for Delta Credit Card holders).

    This is better then cashing it thro Amex Membership rewards.

  • Anonymous

    160,000 will get 60,000 in rebates. It doesn’t have to be exact

  • Anonymous


  • Josh Berk

    I maybe confused here but hypothetically lets say I have 100,000 MR points to transfer

    Under the 50% bonus + 25,000 MQM’s if I were to transfer the 100,000 points to delta I would end up with 150,000 delta miles

    Under this offer 40% MR back if I were to transfer 100,000 MR points I would have a total of 100,000 delta and 40,000 MR points. How is this a better deal?

  • Josh

    I maybe confused here but hypothetically lets say I have 100,000 MR points to transfer

    Under the 50% bonus + 25,000 MQM’s if I were to transfer the 100,000 points to delta I would end up with 150,000 delta miles

    Under this offer 40% MR back if I were to transfer 100,000 MR points I would have a total of 100,000 delta and 40,000 MR points. How is this a better deal?

  • Anonymous

    I think the 50% and MQMs is better if you are transferring at the 100k+ level. However not everyone is and not everyone is eligible for the 50% bonus.

    That being said, its still a 67% delayed bonus vs an instant 50% bonus

  • Anonymous

    Still dont you end up with more miles with the 50% rather than the 67%.

    For the 40% MR back promo for 50,000 MR you end up with 50,000 Delta and 20,000 MR. Giving a total of roughly 70,000

    With the 50% delta for 50,000 you end up with a total of 75,000.

  • Anonymous

    Think about it on simpler terms
    The rebate gets you 50k Delta miles for a total outlay of 30,000 Amex points. A 20,000 bonus on 30,000 points used = 67% bonus
    30,000 points transferred at a 50% bonus would only equal 45,000 points.

    Both are good, but 67% is better.

  • Anonymous

    Because MR points are worth much more than Delta miles. You can’t treat them as equals in the equation

  • Anonymous

    I think you made a mistake in the second part of your example. In the first part you say the person has 50,000 which he transfers (granted he gets 20,000 back). in the second part only 30,000 which he can transfer. To keep it consistent wouldn’t you have to have the person transfer 50,000 with the 50% equaling 75,000 not 45,000. Thanks so much, dont worry im dropping it after this comment. Sorry for my confusion

  • Anonymous

    No worries! I know this gets tricky.
    Well if person A only used 30,000 Amex points in the equation, why would you let person B use 50,000? I understand person A in the beginning used 50,000, but when all was said and done they used 30,000 Amex points to get 50,000 Delta miles and person B would have used 30,000 Amex for only 45,000 Delta miles.

  • cvoice

    Just transferred 100k MR points with the 50% bonus for a total of 150k delta miles. Still have another 100k MR points sitting in Amex account. Wanted to do the 67% for these 100k points, so registered with delta for this promotion as well. Now I see both promotions in my delta account. Now, this makes me a little worried – will delta honor the 67% promotion since I’ve already done the 50%?

  • Cannh36

    Do Membership Rewards points expire if I cancel my Amex PR card and that’s the only MR points-earning card I have?

  • Asdfasdfasd

    I’m getting a bad feeling that you only get 1 20k cert for each >50K transferred at a time.

    So 50k = 20k and 100k =20k and 150k =20k

    I will fight this if it happens, but that’s the impression I got from amex rep when writing “where’s my cert” online inquiry.

    The rep kept referring to the 20k cert for the 100k transfer… grrrr

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  • Mzmirski

    I have 76000 AMEX points but i will get 20000 delta only since I can only transfer in 50000 increments correct?

  • Btjlajaunie

    i was talking to an AMEX MMR rep yesterday and she said that the bonus back was a maximium of 20k per transfer 50k and over, not 20k per 50k. Could you please clarify?

  • Michael Sinn

    I was just advised on Sunday Oct 9th that they are working on getting out the e-mails to everyone.
    They hope to have them done by Oct 14th. Did anyone get an e-mail yet?

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  • LGR58

    I cannot find the sign up page for this promotion unless I am missing something. I don’t get what is shown in the picture above when I click the supplied link, only the terms and conditions page. Can somebody help please? Thanks

  • thepointsguy

    This promo has expired

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