Citi Executive AAdvantage 100,000 Mile Offer On Life Support

by on July 1, 2014 · 180 comments

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Update: The 100,000 mile offer for the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard is no longer available. View the current offer here

It isn’t abnormal for credit card companies to offer lucrative targeted offers for certain credit card products. Credit card bonuses cost money and the marketing teams at credit card companies want to stretch their budgets are far as possible to get as many new lucrative customers as possible. So instead of making the juiciest offers public, they try to target the people they want the most. Usually this happens by direct mail or by tools like the Card Match tool online, but recently we saw a different sort of targeting from Citi and American Airlines.

In January, Citi and AA teamed up to boost the sign-up bonus on the Citi Executive AAdvantage card to 100,000 miles (up from 0-60,000 miles offered on prior) for those who visited the Admirals Club lounge. I believe they did this as a way to tempt American Express Platinum cardholders who used to have access to the lounge pre-March 22, 2014. So, they didn’t want to offer any new applicant the amazing offer of 100,000 miles, but more to poach Amex Platinum cardholders from Amex.

I picked up one of these cards and blogged about this offer back in January. At the time, I already had an existing Executive AAdvantage card that I got the previous August, however I applied for a new one and confirmed that I indeed was eligible for the bonus and got the 100,000 mile payday. Score!

It was peculiar that Citi allowed you to get the same bonus on the same card within a relatively short amount of time, so I recently went for a third Executive AAdvantage card and got approved, albeit with a smaller line of credit, and I’m currently spending my way to my second 100,000 mile bounty this year.

However, shortly after I wrote my last post, the landing page for this offer disappeared and it seemed as if Citi had pulled the offer. However, several TPG readers sent me information that there seemed to be an unofficial link still around, though I always hesitate to post links that I can’t guarantee will work. However, fellow blogger FrequentMiler (who I trust) applied and confirmed that it was for the same 100,000 mile offer with $200 in statement credits. This will likely not last long, so if you’ve got an appetite for risk (I cannot guarantee what the offer is because the landing page doesn’t have details), it could be worthwhile to get in while the getting is good.

The spend on the card is steep at $10,000 within 3 months, but if you can swing it, I think banking 100,000 AA miles (which I value at 1.7 cents a piece, so $1,700 in value for a cost of $250 is amazing in my opinion).

Since the spend on this card is high, it might make sense to apply for other cards with low minimum spend thresholds. The other one that makes sense to team up with this is the Barclaycard US Airways Premier World Mastercard that gives 40,000 miles after the first purchase ($89 annual fee). US Airways miles will merge into AA miles in 2015, so with the spend from the AA card and the sign-up form the US card, you’re looking at a healthy 150,000 mile bump in your AA account (if you don’t use them before the programs merge!).

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  • Chris P

    just tried the link and got approved and verified the offers are exactly the same. Thank you for the info on this one.

  • Jason Arroyo

    If you cancel the credit card AFTER the annual fee posts, do you get a pro-rated refund?

  • thepointsguy

    I was told you can cancel within 30 days for a fee refund, but after that it is not possible. However, I’ve been offered lucrative retention bonuses on both of my older cards that make it worthwhile to keep open for the rest of the year

  • SantiHolly Speranza

    I got this card 4 months ago, spent $15K, and now I got one for my wife so we can get 200,000 Miles! :) Thanks TPG!

  • beth_odonnell

    You mention the Barclays USAirways Card. I had the card before it went to Barclays but canceled it in 2010 I think. I applied for a new one over the winter and was denied because I previously had one. account. On the upside, the denial message said they didn’t check my credit score.

    Is there a way to get around this? I have an S Corp– can I apply that way?

    Thanks, all.

  • Danny

    I believe they do have a business version of the card, so it seems like it’s worth a shot.

  • Vea

    Thank you Chris P for the data point and TPG for the heads up. I was hesitant to apply without the landing page showing the offer. Both approved – 200k AA miles on our way!

  • beth_odonnell

    I will do that. Thanks!

  • Vea

    Seems odd – Did Barclays cancel your card in 2010 for non-use? There is evidence floating around that if a CCC cancels your card for lack of use you will be “blacklisted” from that card in the future. Something is going on internally, especially since you didn’t receive a credit pull. However, should you decide to go for the personal card this seems to be easily rectified by a call into the backdoor number 866-408-4064 after application. Good luck!

  • Turtle

    I just applied and got approved. What do I need to do to verify that that I received the offer?

  • Frequent Miler

    Thanks for the shout out Brian. I think your editor autocorrected ‘Miler’ to ‘Miles’.

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Doh! Fixed. Thx for playing guinea pig for us!

  • thepointsguy

    You should be fine, but you can call Citi if you want to be 100%

  • Jason

    Applied and was approved after a phone call where they verified information. Agent confirmed 100k after $10k spend and the $200 statement credit. Thanks Frequent Miler and TPG for the heads up.

  • Jason

    Quick question for TPG: Is the AC access provided with this card similar to what we had with Plat Amex where you had to be flying AA that day to enter the club? Or would I be able to enter AC in ATL when flying on Delta for example? Only important when flying with the kids as Delta now shuts them out of the SkyClub with only the Plat Amex access.

  • Holly Johnson

    I applied yesterday at 3:00 p.m. It asked me to call for an immediate answer and I confirmed with the CSR that the offer was for 100K miles after 10K spend.

  • Julie Catsman Simon

    I called the phone number shown on the card above, and they said that offer has expired. Can’t find any offer above 50,000 points. I hesitate to apply at the link your buddy provided since we don’t know that we’ll receive more than 50,000 points. This would be my second Citi Executive AAdvantage. By the way, I called Amex platinum and told them I was leaving because of the Citi offers, and they gave me 75,000 points to stay with them. That was pretty sweet.

  • thepointsguy

    Everyone here is confirming this 100k is still valid- I’d trust TPG readers and people who have actually applied versus clueless phone reps

  • Eli

    So maybe someone can just clarify for me – even though I signed up for this card already and got the 100k bonus a few months ago, I can literally sign up again for the same exact card and get the bonus all over again? Thanks

  • Rob

    I applied yesterday, I called today to confirm my 100k offer and the rep confirmed.

  • Rob

    correct, as long as you wait at least 8 days from your previous citi application (for any card), and at least 65 days from your second to last citi application (also for any card)

  • thepointsguy

    Yes… just wait 65 days between applications

  • Kevin Hannan

    Any tips on how to score retention bonuses on the older cards? It is as simple as calling and saying that the card is no longer worth keeping?

  • Matt

    You have 37 days from the date the annual fee is charge to cancel and get your $450 refunded. After that there is NO pro-rated refund. The annual fee is charge on the last day of your 1st billing cycle, so you will have anywhere from 37-67 days (depending upon when your billing cycle ends) to hit your spend, get your bonus into your AA account and cancel the card to avoid the annual fee, while at the same time keeping the $250 statement credit and miles :) A risk i know but i have done 3 times now.

  • Eli

    Last follow up question – (and thanks again) – What is the smart thing to do after getting the points? I should cancel the card(s)- correct? There’s little value in holding onto the card for the fee once the bonus is squeezed out, right?

  • Paul W

    Approved for #3! And they can see that I have two others of the same card. The guy in South Dakota said “let’s get you approved so you can get the signup bonus again.” Citibank, you gotta love them sometimes.

  • thepointsguy

    You can only cancel and get a fee refund within 37 days as reported (i was told 30)… so if you already paid, they may offer you a retention bonus (like 1,000 extra points a month when you spend $1,000) for 12-15 months, which could help defray the cost. Earning 2 AA miles on every purchase isn’t bad!

  • lballinger1 .

    I just applied with that link and was immediately approved, but the confirmation said it was for a Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTMMasterCard®
    at a cost of $450.00 pre year. I assume this is the correct card, right?

  • beth_odonnell

    Thanks so much for the backdoor. (I cancelled the card myself because of the interest rate.)

  • Erika

    Total rookie here so please forgive my ignorance in advance. Can you use a balance transfer to satisfy the 10k minimum spend requirement?

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy


  • Eli

    Thanks! you’re the man.

  • Erika

    Thanks for the response. This is probably not a beginner travel hacker card :-) any recommendations for a newbie?

  • FLN

    Just to confirm, I signed up at 11:45 Central time Tuesday 7/1/2014. The form says nothing about the bonus – so I just filled it out. I was immediately approved online – I then called CITI and confirmed I will receive the 100,000 mile bonus after $10K spend.

  • Cody

    Is the annual fee $450 for this card? Is there a way to get around paying such a steep annual fee?

  • Jennifer

    I had my husband apply online last night using one of the flyertalk links mentioned in the top posts. It was not a landing page – went straight to the application.

    Filled it out, but got an ID number to call in. Called in last night to a CSR around 11pm CST. They immediately picked up the phone – that was pretty funny.

    He got approved and the CSR confirmed the $200 statement credit and 100,000 miles.

  • Love to Travel

    The 100,000 mile deal with $10,000 spent within the first three months is still in effect. I just was approved for my second card (after meeting the $10,000 spend requirement for the first card). Note that before using the TPG landing page I asked a representative at Citi Customer Service whether the promotion was still in effect and she told me it expired on June 25. Apparently this is not true (for the time being), as I was just approved for a new card with the 100,000 mile promotion. My initial credit limit on the new card was only $5,000 but you can transfer credit from existing citi cards over to the new card which is what I did to get it up to $25,000. Not sure how much longer this will work but it appears to still be available.

  • Anna

    My husband applied for the 100k Citi Exec yesterday using that link, called to confirm details and signup bonus and was approved!

  • Jarrett Goetz

    Both? Two cards or two people? Thanks!

  • guyver2077

    100k sounds awesome but 10k spend might be pushing it for me at this time of the year…i could of totally used this a few months ago. I also signed up for their 50 or 60k offer earlier this year.

  • Frugal4Life

    Does the offer exist for the business version?

  • Vea

    Sorry – me and my partner both applied. I wish I could get two cards at once!

  • BunnyRanch

    Rob HELP, where did you call? or what link if online app?

  • thepointsguy

    The link is in this post

  • Chim Richalds

    Also wanted to throw my name in the hat, used the link above, was approved, and confirmed over the phone that I was enrolled in the correct offer, thanks TPG!

  • Andrew

    Just did it about 20 minutes ago (2:30 p.m. EST – July 1st). Called and was verified the 100,000 and $200 statement credit. A big thanks to all TPG and everyone else who verified this. And to think, I was contemplating the 40,000 point offer I received in the mail today. Now to go after a nice hotel offer….

  • FlavCity

    Approved using the link above! Major score, now lets go USA! #IBelieveThatWeWillWin

  • Nikolaos Alexiou

    Another successful application using the link here – did not receive instant approval but I was approved over the phone. Representative confirmed the 100K bonus and $200 credit. Question to those who already have/had the card: Do I need to have an American Airlines ticket to access the Admirals Club location with the card or is the card itself sufficient enough?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Ben

    For those of you that are getting multiple cards, are you adding the second card to your first login or creating new logins to manage it online? I’m concerned if I put it under the first it may jeopordize the 2nd bonus!

  • Andrew

    Just did it about 30 minutes ago (2:30 p.m. EST – July 1st). Called and was verified the 100,000 and $200 statement credit. A big thanks to all TPG and everyone else who verified this. And to think, I was contemplating the 40,000 point offer I received in the mail today. Now to go after a nice hotel offer….

  • Ben

    I wanted to share my story about redeeming on AA — I was able to get a 100k biz class ticket for March MIA – CDG; The cash value of that ticket is $4500 (so 4.5c value per point – excluding the fees i had to pay for the ticket)

    However, there was only ONE milessaver ticket available (OF COURSE). For my 2nd ticket I had to either: pay the 4500 cash, use a full business reward ticket of 235k points, or, luckily there was one reward upgrade ticket. So i paid $1300 for an economy ticket + 25k each way miles + $350 each way as part of that upgrade).

    All in for 2 tickets:

    150k points
    2k cash

    If my math is correct I saved $7k by using 150k points, making the effective value of the points 4.6c per. Not bad!

    All from two of these citi cards (one for me, one for the wife).

  • Ben

    You get a 200 credit for the first year, making it only 250.

  • STG

    My husband and I both just applied. I was told that the 3 month period starts from activation date. Since we will be trying to hit $20k spend, is it okay to delay the activation of one of the cards for a month or more? It would give us a little more time.

  • DWG

    As another point of reference, here’s how I used my AAdvantage miles. SFO-JFK in Flagship First, 10:30pm-6:55am, with free access to AA’s JFK Flagship lounge. JFK-CDG in Business 5:05pm-6:55am. Total price? 62,500 miles and $5. Without AA elite status, I was only able to book one ticket per day, so we’re departing on two consecutive days.

  • John Griffin

    I just got approved, too. Confirmed the 100k bonus, too. Which miles are more valuable? BA or American miles? Sorry for the hillbilly question, but I will have lots of both and want to spend them wisely.

  • elteetrav

    4:30 pm EDT July 1 – approved for 3rd card. confirmed same info about 100K plus $200 credit after 10K spend. Loving it – but I do wonder what Citi is doing …

  • Brazilian traveller

    I applied and got approved, which number did u call to confirm the mileage premium?

  • Alex H

    Cancelled my last Citi Executive card yesterday. How long should I wait before I apply for this one? Thanks!!!!!

  • KevininRI

    Depends what you use them for. BA Avios can’t be beat for certain shorter flight redemptions but they charge a lot in fuel surcharges for transoceanic flights on most partners (including American). American has a zone based award chart (i.e. LA-Europe is the same cost as NYC-Europe) and does not charge fuel surcharges on American flights.

  • Patrick Folger

    NOW before the offer goes away

  • Alex H

    Thanks! But will I get this offer if I just cancelled the same card yesterday? I really doubt it…..

  • KevininRI

    You can fairly easily “manufacture” as much spend as you want through various techniques for at most 2.5-3% (and a smaller amount for a lower percentage). So even if you were only able to spend $1,000 a month on “regular spend”, worst case scenario you could get the other $7,000 through various manufactured spend methods at a cost of about $200 which is still well worth the 110,000 miles you’d get.

  • Anon Imus

    Does one have to call to get the offer, or is it added when using the link. Just curious if anyone has had to have them add it on because it wasn’t there?

  • Patrick Folger

    read everyone else’s comments, multiple cards for most. Apply to find out

  • niklas

    can’t link to the info since its a .jsp page, but if you google aa admiral lounge, then select locations, then select ‘citi executive aadvantage card member’, it’ll show you which lounges you qualify for.
    All of the flagship AA admirals lounges are available regardless of which airline you are flying (I can verify DEN and PHX)

  • Dave

    I can confirm, after having literally just applied a few minutes ago using the embedded link above, that this is in fact the 100,000 bonus mile offer ($10,000 in 3 months) with $200 statement credit. The rep confirmed this over the phone (800-695-5171). Be sure to tell them you want at least a $10,000 credit line so you can hit the spend requirement with no issues. Please note that you may have to call their dedicated line for this offer if they need a bit more info from you to process your application.

  • Alex H

    Did you get your 2nd card without cancelling the 1st one? Thanks!

  • Ben

    I did not cancel my first one yet. Read a couple places people got two under same name and got the extra bonus…

  • Alex H

    Thanks! Have you confirmed with Citi about the sign-up bonus from your 2nd application?

  • BunnyRanch

    Thanks for helping the New guy, used the link, filled app out it popped up PAGE NOT VALID, DID IT AGAIN FILLED OUT APP AGAIN, IT SAID PAGE NO GOOD, THIRD TIME IT WORKED!!! within 20 minutes, got the call is this really you dennis? YEP, I AM BIG FAN OF HBO CATHOUSE, can i start you out with 25k limit, I SAID NO triple it, he went the sup done deal! THANKS EVERYONE THAT HELPED, Love!!! I am passing out the info to the Bunnys at our tea party.

  • scguy7

    Which phone number did you call to transfer available Citi Card credit to this card? Thanks!

  • Robert

    Quite impressive that Amex gave you such a huge, in my opinion, retention bonus :) My wife was only offered $100 credit earlier last month just to keep her Gold card plus she was told that she already has Platinum version thus no other bonus points offered. In my case, they gave me 10K or 15K points for spending $5,000 in 3 months so that I do not close the account. Obviously, we called them some 2 – 3 months prior to 1st year anniversary, as TPG recommended once :)

  • Robert

    I’m pretty much sure someone from the bank reads all those comments, right? On the other hand, we could actually anticipate another devaluation from ‘this’ airline, couldn’t we?

  • thepointsguy

    Air Force Amy clearly needs her own Executive AAdvantage card!

  • Kristian

    I just applied at 5:00pm pacific time via the embedded link and was immediately approved for my second Citi Executive AAdvantage card. I did call (800-695-5171) after the approval to have the rep confirm this was the 100k bonus offer for 10k spend in 3 months. I should also say I applied and was approved for my first Citi Exec AAdvantage card (same 100k offer) on 5/27/14. Today is 7/1/14. Maybe the 65 day wait period doesn’t apply to this specific Citi offer?? Thanks TPG for posting!!

  • Parkerthon

    All the churners killed this card. Too bad.

  • dee seiffer

    Got a second card. Confirmed 100K miles & $200 statement credit over the phone. 9:30 PM EST. Yippee! Thanks, TPG & The Frequent Miler!

  • Andrew

    Signed up just now and the instructions said to call. Called and was approved within 5 minutes. Also confirmed that 100,000 miles with $10,000 spend in first 3 months.

  • Jdubz

    Just applied at 11:09PM Eastern, instant approval, called and confirmed details.

  • Andy

    67 days from your previous Citi application (2nd to last one) and 8 days from your last. 67/8 day rule is documented and tested on flyertalk. My wife and I are each on exec card #4 following this rule.

  • really

    Churners killed the card ???? This deal has been going on since January!!!! 100k per signup … how long do you believe citi will give out 100k miles for a signup???? I can’t believe it’s lasted this long. Also, the application link is still working .. so the deal hasn’t been killed. sheesh wtf

  • Matt

    If I sign up for the Citi Executive AAdvantage and the CitiBusiness AAdvantage World Mastercard on the same day, can I get the signup bonuses for both?

  • Matt

    If I sign up for the Citi Executive AAdvantage and the CitiBusiness AAdvantage World Mastercard on the same day, can I get the signup bonuses for both?

  • thepointsguy

    No- citi no longer allows two cards in the same day

  • Grant I did an unboxing of the card itself, not the best video but you get the point!

  • Ben


  • Anon

    Do you have to cancel your previous card to get approved for the new one?

  • thepointsguy


  • anon

    So the 67 day rule applies? iF they approve the offer… will the 67 day rule negate it ? I’d open one for my wife, but points tend to be more valuable/flexible when they’re all stacked in one account.

  • Traderlatino

    Got it! THANK YOU!

  • Andy

    Yes, i think it applies. I’ve been following the flyer talk thread and while there are a few people who claim to have been approved without following it, there are far more examples of people getting denied who ignored it.

    Like I said, my wife and I have had success with 4 cards each following that pattern.

  • iamtooafraidtoapply

    Wow, you spoon feed some people and they still won’t take it. amazing.

  • NotThePointGuy

    it does, but not for your 1st or 2nd

  • Matt

    Thank you. How long apart would I need to space the applications for these 2 cards in order to get both bonuses?

  • Julie Catsman Simon

    Hey Robert — Maybe they gave me so many points because I am a long-time Platinum card holder, and I charge lots on the account annually. Not sure. Or maybe it’s just my charming way! LOL

  • Julie Catsman Simon

    Okay, just applied through your link. I’ll let you know what comes back to me.

  • Cody

    Any credits or rewards after the first year?

  • AnonymousMom

    Also got it — I was worried they might have taken it down today! The process was much easier this time than when my husband applied a few months ago. The Citi representative was friendly and helpful — I just needed to transfer the credit line from my Citi AA Visa and it was approved in a few minutes with the 100K and statement credit confirmed. THANKS!

  • Parkerthon

    Yea, surprising. I thought for sure they had finally put a stake in this one. Glad they haven’t. Lots of people have been making out like bandits. Use those miles quick before they become valueless like sky pesos after US Airways merger.

  • Patrick Folger

    getting people to spend 10k in short time hoping to get some money of interest ?

  • Mike

    Just applied via the link on this page, and since I opened one back in March I had to call Citi so they could shift some credit around from my other Citi cards. The number I called was 1-888-201-4523, and the rep confirmed the offer is still valid.

  • Steph

    Just called. Offer is still going on.

  • Dave S

    I applied on July 2nd 2014 through the link, I was nervous as it didn’t mention anything about a bonus (nothing at all – prb like many of you here). I was instantly approved for the card. Called in and confirmed that I got the 100K miles and the $200 statement credit. Woohoo!

  • DB

    What # did you call?

  • AD

    Just got approved for my second card 5 minutes ago.

  • hinese

    Still worked as of 2pm today. Thanks for the tip.

  • Casey Mitcheltree

    This 100% works! I just applied and called in. Got the offer. This is an awesome deal! Citi tends to have the best offers!

  • pink

    How much do u normally spend a month ? Also did they make you spend anything for the bonus or just gave them to you ?

  • Julie Catsman Simon

    Let’s just say we spend well over six figures annually. And no, they just gave me the bonus. The rep first offered me 50,000 pts. And I just kept pushing. I just wish I could combine my AA and Amex miles. We fly first class internationally frequently, and there are times when I have to book my husband through different means than me. For instance, we flew to Australia a few months ago. My ticket was through Amex — Delta — Virgin Australia and his was through Chase Rewards.

  • DNW

    You get a full AC membership through the Citi card. So it doesn’t matter what airline you’re flying, you can still get in.

  • AAJunkie

    Still working. Got instant approval and called to confirm offer.
    Thanks TPG!

  • Franky

    Thanks for the post. After the first year @ $250, the $450 annual fee wouldn’t make sense for me as I rarely fly American and don’t need its lounges. Can anyone advise me if canceling the card after 1 year would hurt me / be a mistake?

  • ms

    Sweet! Just got it! It’s my second one. i got approved for my first one on February 28th, 2014.

    I had to call the number to get it approved, only because they needed to know whether or not I wanted to move credit over from my other cards to get a higher limit. (However, they offered me $22K, which is more than enough.)

    I’m going to try to convince my boyfriend to apply for one before the offer ends.

    PS: I find it super easy to hit the $10K spending requirement, because I’m self-employed and pay my taxes on my credit card via

  • Snohflake

    Thanks so much for the link! I applied last night, got instant approval and got verification it’s for the 100k promo.

  • Sheila

    It worked for me just now – I had to call and they approved me right away with the 100K miles offer.

  • VR

    just applied using the link and got approved. called citibank and they confirmed 100K mile bonus after 10K spending 3 months.

    thanks for the link!!!

  • Amina A

    If I submit the app now and am approved, do I automatically get the card? Or is there some agreement or call I get that I can decide then whether to accept the offer? Thx!

  • guppoo

    I got approved but the catch is $450 upfront fee.. How come no one is talking about it on the message board???

  • guppoo


  • Jiles McCoy

    Got the 100k deal on July 4th!

  • Dan

    Still on – just confirmed. 100k bouns and $200 statement credit.

  • mrs338

    I just applied today, July 5 10:00am EST and confirmed approval plus the 100k deal…

  • guppoo

    HHMMM I posted about the catch where they charge $450 upfront and the post is gone.. All the posts are positive about this card and no one is talking about the hefty fee upfront.. makes me skeptical of this message board!!!

  • Kayla Coleman

    I was just approved for this card today, July 5th around noon central time. I initially called the general citicards number and they claimed not to know anything about the offer. I went ahead and applied through thepointsguy link and was instructed to call a different Citi number after completing my application. I confirmed the 100k mile offer and am now registered! Thanks for the info and good luck on this incredible deal to everyone!

  • Erika Awakening

    I’m curious whether there will be a way to get a retention bonus after the first year … since the annual fee is so high …

  • Erika Awakening

    $450 (minus $200 statement credit = $250) is only expensive if you don’t plan to use the miles in a meaningful way. I trade mine for first and business class tickets and get a huge return on these fees.

  • Erika Awakening

    Glad I signed up for this. Tempting to see if I’d be eligible for a second one. Thanks for the info :)

  • guppoo

    Good for you.. It may or may not be a good deal for others but my point is no one said anything about upfront $450.. I can’t be the only one talking about it and then my post was deleted.. Aren’t we suppose to get the pros and cons through these messages?

  • Erika Awakening

    Pretty sure he mentioned it in a previous article, this is just a short follow-up article. Just got 111K miles posted to my account. I can fly one way from San Francisco to Ibiza in business class for about 50K miles. I’d say $250 fee after the $200 statement credit was worth it :)

  • Jill

    When I clicked on the link, it doesnt have anything about 100,000 miles. Did yours say something?

  • Jill

    Did you use the link in the post? When you clicked on it, did it mention 100,00? It doesn’t say anything about the bonus for me.

  • Jay

    There is no catch to the $450 annual charge. It is $450. You will receive $200 credit after your first purchase

  • Sean

    The link still works.
    Just applied and had to call in but I am approved and will get 100k with the 10k spend.
    Not too shabby.

  • Sean

    FWIW…if you already paid for an Admiral’s Club membership with more than 60 days left they will give a pro-rated refund. So between that and the $200 credit it’s a lot easier to stomach.

  • Laura

    Applied on evening of July 6. Had to call for immediate approval and was approved with not much further questioning. Confirmed the 100K and statement credit

  • Julie Catsman Simon

    Sorry I was a doubter — used the link to apply for my 2nd World Elite card and was approved by email via letter — WITH the acknowledgement of 100,000 miles after spending $10,000.

  • Tele

    Applied on July 7. Had to call in, but was approved. Confirmed benefits include 100K after $10K in purchases during the 1st 3 months and $200 in statement credit after first purchase within 12 months.

  • Tony

    link is still alive. approved today after verification. 100k miles after 10k spend

  • Lisa

    I got the 100k bonus card (just spent the 10k am still waiting for points bonus) but I was hoping for a 2nd bonus and called the # above to see if I am eligible for a 2nd card. The automated message says the offer is expired :(

  • thepointsguy

    You have to apply online to get the offer like everyone else has reported

  • JimC

    Just got my 2nd 100k deposited today! That’s 250k miles in 8 months. I originally applied for the 50k bonus and got it. Just booked trip to Vienna!

  • Matt

    Any word on whether this offer is still going through with your provided link?

  • therealesq_

    I’m also curious as to whether anyone has gotten the 100k after 10k spend today (7/10/14) or yesterday? I’d really like to pick this card up if the offer is still alive!!

  • Jeff Moll

    How long do you keep your other AA citi cards when you sign up for these new promotions/new cards? I can’t imagine paying $450/yr on multiple cards.

  • therealesq_

    Decided to take the plunge and try it. Was told my application was received and they’d let me know in a week. Did you get this message and then call in? What number did you call?

  • desertrider

    Anybody have additional information on this particular response
    from the application?

    Applied 7/09/2014 AM PST.
    Received the following message:

    “Thank you John Doe”. We have received your application
    and further processing is required at this time. We will contact you within a
    week via email regarding our decision. Thank you for requesting a Citi
    Executive®/AAdvantage®World EliteTM MasterCard®.

    Also poster “therealesq_” posted the same message below
    (under the thread for “Tele”) – his message was posted 7/10/2014 around 9:30AM

    My friend who referred me showed me his approval message
    and this is different – my guess is that the overwhelming response has gotten them to begin looking at this link (total speculation and I will find out soon and post results)

    Anybody have additional information on this particular response
    from the application?

  • Still hoping

    Just called to apply and was told the offer is now 50K miles for spending 5K in 3 months – still same 450 fee for card…

    Anyone having success online?

  • therealesq_

    That’s the response I got as well. I called to ask if there was any way to expedite my application and was told no and that I’d receive a response by phone, mail, or email within 7-10 days. I tried calling 888-201-4523. Did any of the folks who called before have a different number they could provide? Or has anyone had this number work for them?

  • DS

    Got approved this morning (7/10) for my second card. Confirmed the bonus was 100K and $200 statement credit. First card was approved 2/5 and I did not cancel it.

  • Still hoping

    did you follow the link in this article? Where did you confirm 100K offer?

  • Still hoping

    Did you apply before today?

  • Sam

    I applied yesterday and was told that hte offer has expired.

    DAMN IT!

  • Sam

    I had the same response, called and they told me the 100k mile offer has expired. I verified credit hadn’t been pulled yet and to cancel my application. This card isn’t worth it without the monster bonus.

  • Robert

    I applied for this card yesterday (July 10) using the supplied link and was instantly approved online (did not have to call), and received a FedEx this morning with welcome letter confirming the 100,000 mile bonus after the $10,000 spend.

  • Mjp

    I can get to a page but I don’t have the 7 digit promo code! Does anyone have it? Does it still work??

  • Temo

    The link is not working anymore.

  • desertrider

    UPDATE: 7/12/2014 (3 days later after the non-referenced application e.g. wait 7-10 days) – I never called them just waited the 7-10 days per the web page information) CSR called me to ask if $20K+ credit line on the card would be OK. CSR Confirmed the $10K spend for 100,000 miles & $200.00 Statement credit. Apologized for the delay and verified the new account is now open.

  • desertrider

    Sam, I also received the 7-10 day message (on 7/9/2014) but just waited (never called them) and today 7/12/2014 they called to confirm the credit line & get my approval – then of course verified the $10K spend for 100K points & the $200 statement credit. My card is on its way. Did you get your phone call yet?

  • kevink

    link doesnt work and the # u call says its no longer available. any way to get this working?

  • Tony

    Seems I’m a few days too late :( link takes me to an error page.

  • Taurusa

    Do you still have the mile Alex? Did they refund the $450 annual fee? If they did, how they did it? By a check mail to you or something?

  • Taurusa

    Did you call to cancel or send a SM? How did they refund you the $450, by statement credit or by regular check? My af posted on Jun 12, today is Jul 13 and I got the miles already. My current balance is $0, so I dont know how are they going to refund me if I was qualified. Do you think I can cancel to get the fee back? Thank you Matt.

  • CB

    Link started working this morning. Got approved for the 100K offer.

  • Matt

    Link works for me, but there’s no mention of any sign up bonus….Was this the same for everyone, or evidence that the bonus is gone? Thanks

  • CB

    Once you apply, they will ask you to call them in order to finalize processing your application. You can verify with them that the offer is still available.

  • Alex H

    Citi hasn’t posted the 100k miles yet. I guess it would be too late to ask for prorated refund of the annual fee when I actually get these miles since I’ve heard that you must request within 7 days. At least I confirmed with Chase it’s the this case………

  • Jeff Moll

    Applied on 7-10 and got the confirmation email today. Time to spend some money to get those miles.

  • EliH

    Looks like the link is dead

  • di

    how are peoples getting multiple cc and NOT paying the fee ?
    I cannot figure this out !

  • davep

    The link above now returns: “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.” Hopefully it really is a system error and the offer is not dead.

  • erick

    I called and was told the offer has expired

  • Max

    Hi guys – seems like the link is down again :-(

  • Nick

    Is the offer still on it seems to be a broken link?

  • Elvis

    I received the invitation card a couple months ago at an Admirals club but was waiting to pay off 1 last card to get my utilization down to 1%. Finally on Sunday the 7/13 I went to apply and the link on the card was dead!! UGH!! Did some searching and found this link via “Points Guy”, after clicking it took me directly to application but said nothing about offer. I was hesitant but said screw it lets give it a run. Applied and got “Pending review”, waited, waited, and waited, I called each day and was told I would be notified by mail in 7-10 days each time. Finally on the 16th I saw the hard pull show up on EXP only, called this morning (17th) and boom APPROVED for 15k. I asked to confirm offer of 200 dollar credit and 100k offer and the rep confirmed both. Card is on its way! Keep trying different links, its still going!

  • Jay

    Just tried today and got the following message right when I hit the application page (FYI: all browser data cleared before clicking, also tried multiple browsers, VPN, and incognito window):

    “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.”

    Has anyone had success recently? Or is the offer gone now?

  • eggie

    i just tried the link (Aug 1) above for the current offer and the AA page says it’s “taken flight” file not found! what’s the best current offer going around? any chance this 100K will return? i did get one in January and needed to wait till now to get my wife one.

  • jv1975disqus

    You only saved $7k if you would have otherwise been willing to pay $9k for the tickets (which I doubt you would have been). If AA decided to price that flight at $500,000 per ticket would you say you saved nearly a million dollars? Of course not.

    Since the points have a generally accepted value of about 1.5 cents each, you spent about $4250 for your 2 tickets.

    Not sure what coach would have been, but right now I’m picking some random dates and seeing flights for $1200 or so.

    At that price, you spent about $1800 to upgrade two tickets from coach to biz, or $900.

    Is that worth it? I don’t really think so. Or at least it’s hard to imagine someone that reads FF blogs being unwilling to spend a flight in coach and be nearly $1000 richer.

  • Andrew H

    Do the 10k EQMs count as actual miles you can redeem for awards? Or are they solely for the purposes of elite status? I’m wondering whether to make a real push to hit the 40k calendar year threshhold.

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