Thursday Giveaway: 10,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

by on February 6, 2014 · 873 comments

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

Offer expired March 9, 2014.

Well, the big United devaluation finally went into effect earlier this week, and the next major one is Southwest’s Wanna Get Away redemption devaluation set to take place March 31, 2014, when you’ll need to redeem 70 points per $1 instead of the current 60 points per $1.

So for this week’s Thursday Giveaway, I wanted to help one lucky reader top up his or her account with 10,000 Rapid Rewards points to help squeeze in a last redemption or two before devaluation day.

Southwest will be devaluing Wanna Get Away redemptions March 31.

Southwest will be devaluing Wanna Get Away redemptions March 31.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me where you’d use your Rapid Rewards points to go and why. Maybe its on one of the airline’s newly announced international routes. Or perhaps its to take a vacation to visit family, or to use on a positioning flight to catch an international award on another airline. Whatever it is, tell me how you’d put these points to use by 5pm ET on Monday, February 10 to be eligible. You can only enter once. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week. Good luck!

Remember, if you’re looking to score some Southwest points pre-devaluation (and possibly qualify early in the year for Southwest’s Companion Pass) there are current 50,000-point sign-up offers on the Southwest credit cards right now as well. Also check out this post for ideas on Maximizing Southwest Rapid Rewards Points Pre-Devaluation.

And the Winner of Last Week’s Prizes of Delta SkyClub Passes Are…

With the news that Delta would be jacking up its membership fees over $200 as well as restricting Amex Platinum and Delta Reserve access to their lounges to cardholders alone, and that the airline would be testing out some new amenities including premium food and beverage options and services like manicures and shoe-shining at select club locations over the next couple, I wanted to award two lucky readers two Delta Sky Club passes each so that they can test out these amenities for themselves. All you had to do to enter was leave a comment on my post telling me what your favorite lounge amenity of all time is.

We got hundreds of entries with some great call-outs including spas, wine cellars, chocolate croissants and the simple convenience of free WiFi, so thanks everyone for contributing. Our two winners chosen at random are:

Joseph: “Heineken on open self serve tap at the KLM Club in Amsterdam”


George: “The showers at the Cathay Pacific Arrival Lounge at HKG. I know showers aren’t a special amenity really, but after getting off a 15+ hour flight, the showers feel pretty awesome. Great espresso there too!”

Those are indeed two awesome lounge amenities and ones that exemplify why lounge access is not only convenient, but fun. So thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck in this week’s giveaway!

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  • Michael

    I’d use your Rapid Rewards points to go Nassau to enjoy the sunshine

  • David

    I’ll be using the points to get me from Dallas to San Diego once nonstop service starts in November!

  • Ang

    I’d go to Aruba!

  • Uri

    I would check out Aruba, now that SW flies there

  • Michael S.

    I would use the points to take my wife to Aruba for our first wedding anniversary.

  • Leigh

    I’d head to Sacramento to visit my boyfriend.

  • Daw4888

    I would use the points to go to Aruba! Well once Southwest fixes the booking engine that is!

  • inklenotrump

    DAL to MSP – visiting my folks in brainerd!

  • Colin

    I’d put the points towards a winter getaway to one of Southwest’s new international cities!

  • Liz Funk

    I would visit my sister and her husband in NYC!

  • Fanfoot

    Sorry for being boring, but I’d use them to fly to SNA and hit Disneyland!

  • renue74

    We would love to fly to Aruba!

  • Joeheg

    I’d use them to fly to Austin then have some BBQ and visit Schiltterbahn.

  • John K

    Vegas baby, VEGAS!!!

  • Bill

    Ski out west from Boston!

  • Kathy

    Seattle–to see my daughter!!!!

  • Will

    I’d fly out to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit a friend who just moved out there.

  • Zakon

    Montego Bay, here I (hopefully) come!

  • Ralph

    I would fly ISP to TPA to visit the grandparents!

  • Steven

    Definitely a trip to the carribean!

  • efoss3

    San Diego to visit my grandson!

  • mary

    I’d have to choose FLL so that I could finally see Miami and the Florida Keys- it’d be a welcome visit during this tough winter!

  • abritsoutherner

    Would love to head on over to Montego Bay for the July 4th weekend and relax for a few days!! Maybe take in some cricket there.

  • Sean G

    Short trip down to LA

  • The T-Rex Runner

    I would use the points to go to Tulsa! My business partner lives there and our startup needs all the help it can get when it comes to cutting down on costs!

  • Dave P

    I would head to Ohio to visit family.

  • Jennifer

    Taking my 4 kids to Orlando and DisneyWorld!

  • Joey

    To finally find our way to the Pacific Northwest!

  • Lyndsey Borg

    Vegas or somewhere hot with a casino!

  • Jonathan Brewer

    With USAirways bowing out of Star Alliance, all of my future travel to the Caribbean will likely be through Southwest. 10k SW points would definitely jump start the next trip there!

  • saianel

    I would love to use them to complete a trip to Penscola for gay pride during memorial weekend!

  • PB

    My brother is getting married soon and I’d love to use these points to fly to his wedding in GA!

  • Jeff

    I’ll go anywhere south (maybe Florida or SoCal?) to get out of this polar vortex!

  • Eric

    I want to use it towards visiting one of my best friends in Puerto Rico.

  • JL100

    I would use the points to fly Orlando!

  • Matthew Ender

    The new international destinations this summer look enticing, especially for the low redemption rates (albeit with more taxes than domestic).

  • John

    Visit the best friend in Chicago!

  • Patrick

    Home to Los Angeles to visit my parents!

  • Scott M.

    Honeymoon! at one of Southwest international destinations!

  • Jeff M

    I would use my companion pass to fly me and my daughter to Puerto Rico

  • Eric

    I can’t get a flight all the way back to my home airport on an international reward booking with American Airlines, so I would use my Southwest Rapid Reward points to get me the rest of the way home!

  • Chris

    Would take my family to Portland, OR to visit my brother & see great sites like the coast, Carter Lake, Mt. Hood.

  • Zach Pitts

    I would use the points to finally go on a nice vacation with my beautiful girlfriend to San Juan, PR!

  • Michael Hess

    I would use it to visit family in Florida!

  • tiffany l

    i’d use the points for one of southwest’s new destinations in the caribbean–somewhere warm def sounds good right now!

  • Randy

    Would like to take one of the first post-Wright Amendment non-stops from BWI into Dallas in October!

  • Charlie Eisenhood

    I would use them to fly home to Albuquerque for the Int’l Balloon Fiesta!

  • Bryn

    I’m getting married in November, so I’d use the 10k points to help get to Miami for our honeymoon cruise!

  • Leo

    I will use the points to take my son to Miami. Thanks!

  • snail0403

    We will take my husband’s parents to DC.

  • B. Kent

    Back home for my high school reunion (that I’m supposed to be coordinating!)

  • frenchman619

    I’d fly to FLL to go to Miami

  • Mitch

    Anywhere my mom would like to go, it’s been years since she has flown and been away from home.

  • mep001

    I would use these points to fly to Seattle for the MLS season kickoff.

  • Gerry

    After yesterday’s ‘fun’ digging our cars and driveway out of another foot of snow, I’d head to Key West.

  • Justin

    florida for some spring training baseball!

  • Lee

    I would gleefully use the points to fly cross country to N.C. to attend health coaching classes that start in April. I’m using vacation days to participate in this program & the airfare is not cheap. Thanks!

  • wh

    I would go somewhere new, like Aruba!

  • Francisco

    I would love to use them to visit let my daughter visit her grandparents for the first time. Thanks TPG!

  • Trevor W.

    I’d fly from DEN to ATL to visit friends.

  • Point Princess

    Most often I use my points to go visit my boyfriend in Baltimore. I’m looking forward to using some to go to Aruba sometime late this year though too!

  • Jeff W

    To Chicago for my sister’s wedding this summer!

  • pepper4

    Good ole Boston

  • Andrew

    Seattle – have always wanted to get out there.

  • Rod

    I work almost 70 hours a week and haven’t taken a vacation in almost 2 years. I’d use the points to get as far away from LA as possible: Aruba. Just relax on the beach…

  • leothelion

    Definitely Seattle… In my full Niners gear…

  • nrdk

    Definitely try out the new international routes, probably Jamaica.

  • TheSterlingTraveler

    Atlanta to attend a wedding in May

  • Maria

    Take the kids to the Bahamas.

  • AVaiani

    I would fly to Charleston, SC for Charleston Fashion Week.

  • Aarif

    I’d either check out one of the new international destinations, or try to visit family in tampa.

  • Tuyen

    I would fly to New England Region to watch the foliage in the fall.

  • Jonathan

    25th wedding anniversary in Cancun via Airtran

  • Simon

    The new route to Nassau via BWI!

  • dennisdoubleday

    Oklahoma City, to see Mom on her 80th birthday

  • Judy H

    I’d fly my children down here to Florida to give them a break from snow and ice.

  • Dave Gibson

    I’d fly out to NYC!

  • Tova

    I would go somewhere war to get away from all this snow and ice!

  • steve

    austin, TX with the misses for some BBQ

  • jchart3

    Thanks for the offer of free Rapid Rewards points. I’d be playing the Beach Boys song and trying out Aruba w/ my wife for our 22nd anniversary!

  • Robin Poundstone Kolble

    I would use my Southwest Points to visit my 10 month old grandson in Phoenix, 10,000 points would be invaluable to our family I’d be able to go multiple times!

  • Robert J Hill

    My wife and I are backpacking Asia, America and Europe this year and this would help out greatly on the american leg!

  • Brett

    New Orleans to Nashville. To visit my step family and to watch the LSU vs Vandy Baseball series. We all love LSU baseball!

  • Aaron

    I would use my points to travel to Charlotte and visit friends and breweries

  • Jacob K

    I would definitely go for some sun and fly to one of their new Caribbean destinations!

  • cyclefan

    I would use the points to fly to Sacramento, CA. I visit my 97 year old Dad every month, and this is where I fly to get there. 10,000 points would go a long way…..

  • Dia (The Deal Mommy)

    I think Southwest, I think Orlando. Thanks for the contest!

  • Bill

    INDY to LAX to escape The Snowpocolipse

  • Lorri

    In would use the points to bring my son home from college for a visit. I miss him terribly!

  • Burton

    Get to Salt Lake City and take my wife snowboarding.

  • Natasha Butcher

    8 inches of snow in Michigan… I’d take a trip to Florida!

  • bryanschmiedeler

    I would use them to fly from KC to Ft. Lauderdale as we often take cruises from there….

  • Shawn T

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’d like to use these points towards a trip for my girlfriend back to her home city of Houston. She’s been studying nonstop for her MCATs the past year and when she finishes this month I’d like to reward her hard work to a trip home where she has no been back to for 10 years.

  • kyle

    SAN to Austin TX for some live music and bbq!

  • Ian Palmquist

    I’d use them to help my partner and I get up to Boston for our legal wedding (we can’t get married in NC). Using the companion pass of course!

  • She Travels

    I’d use the points to fly to Orlando to meet my nephew who’s scheduled to be born in May.

  • Pat D

    I’d go to Florida to visit my parents

  • Sarah

    I would fly to Orlando and go to Disney World!

  • K.G. Gut.

    My friend in Kansas has been egging me to come visit. But it’s Kansas…. 10K points would sweeten the deal. SFO-MCI

  • MarcMon

    I need a few thousand points in order to get a flight to Chicago for a friend’s wedding!

  • Mike

    LAS for some summer fun

  • KidMcCoy

    I’d go to Puerto Rico to get out of this East Cold Snowpocalypse!

  • oneeyejack

    I would go anywhere warm right now!

  • Dave

    I would use the points to go to Vegas!

  • desmond

    san to msy for mardi gras

  • teachtotravel

    both my brother and one of my best friends are getting married this August on the East Coast; since I’ve just moved to the left coast, I would use it to help two of my most dearly beloveds celebrate their important days! (since I’m a teacher and my husband works in non-profit, points have made it possible for us to see much of the world on our very limited budget).

  • Dave Golden

    I would use my points (if I were fortunate enough to win) to fly direct from BWI to LAS and enjoy the strip! LOVE Las Vegas and LOVE Southwest!

  • Juan

    Would help complete my travel award for my annual baseball stadium trip to Cincy and Pittsburgh this summer!

  • tyo_flyer

    I’m going to go visit my brother in the mid-west.

  • Sean

    Chicago for my birthday and watch a cubs game. I’ve never been to Chicago

  • Jon

    To go to my friend’s wedding in Nashville!

  • Gabe Audick

    I would take my girlfriend to Jamaica for a two week surf trip :)

  • Milwaukee Nick

    I would use the points to fly to Orlando direct from Milwaukee to get out of this cold weather!

  • Thomas Rennier

    I would use the points to fly back to St. Louis for a friend’s photography exhibit in April.

  • Lexis

    I’d go Bahamas to enjoy a nice time off after 6 years

  • owendaddy

    I would use it to go from PHL to ONT to visit a groomsman of mine in the military I haven’t see since my wedding 5 years ago.

  • Jon B.

    I’d use them to book my honeymoon in Florida!

  • Jay R

    I would go to Texas just for some lunch (BBQ sounds good to me right now)

  • Alexandra

    To ABQ in order to hit Santa Fe New Mexico and celebrate hubby’s 50th.

  • Matt S

    I’d fly to DEN or SLC for a last minutes spring break ski trip!

  • Shari

    Visit Mom and Dad – we fly from BWI to BDL to get there and it’s always expensive and always tricky…BDL is a tough airport! Only US Air fly there from DCA and it’s always crazy pricey (in college – we used to amtrak it all the way up the east coast!)

  • Ella Ricker

    I would use them to buy tickets to LAX to catch my flight to Fiji this summer!

  • aghadden

    I’d use the points toward taking my son to Disney World in Florida (DEN-MCO). He tells me just about daily that all of his friends have been except for him. Help me get him off my case?

  • Rhonda

    We’ve never flown as a family . Daddys work lets us use the miles for personal use, but we can never seem to get enough value out of them to use them altogether – so if blessed with the opportunity, we would take all four kids ” home” to SF to see family for the first time in 4+ years and play tourist in the bay area ( where we grew up and moved from 9 years ago)

  • Andy O.

    I would go someplace warm! San Diego maybe.

  • Josh

    We always love a trip to New York from our home in Dallas!

  • Tony

    I’d use the extra 10,000 to fly my wife and our one month old to visit family in New York.

  • Derek

    South! Get away from any more polar vortexes!

  • Jeremy Dunn

    Fly to Denver for job interviews for my relocation there.

  • William

    I would use the points to fly my 6 week old baby to see her grandparents in Orlando!

  • Sandeep B

    Vegas! Cheap round trips to Vegas from LA using points! As low as 3000 one way.

  • Paul S

    Never been to Disney World and since I now have kids old enough to enjoy it, I’d go to Orlando.

  • Phaelen Parker

    I would take my wife on a warm and sunny vacation using our Companion Pass!

  • Levi

    I’d visit my family in Orlando – LGA – MCO.

  • Rob D

    There’s a research conference in Seattle that I would love to go to, but it’s hard to afford the flight on my grad student stipend. A few extra points would help me get there, which would be helpful for my career.

  • Christine Riggs

    I’d fly to OH for a cousin’s wedding!

  • Jonathan

    I’d fly Los Angeles to Dallas since Southwest is now able to fly direct flights between the two! Goodbye Wright Amendment!

  • Debbie M

    Houston to New York to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

  • shonuffharlem

    To go to Denver over the summer from FLL!

  • SC

    PHX for spring training

  • Steven

    I’d use these points to escape the cold of the PNW and hit up a nice beach in San Diego!

  • merlin mitchell

    towards my companion pass, and to fly to SLC for the tattoo convention

  • District Downer

    This is my year of weddings. I’ve got five on the calendar so far, and there are a couple more on the horizon. These weddings will take me to California, Michigan, Georgia, West Virginia and New Jersey — I need all the help with miles that I can get!

  • Eric

    I would use the points to surprise my wife (and her dad) with a trip up to Nashville for her dad’s birthday (April 1…..I could at least squeeze in one-way before the devaluation!). We live close to my family and are able to spend birthdays together with all of my family members. She has not be quite so lucky. This would be a wonderful surprise.

  • Nancy Powell

    I’d love to go to Punta Cana!

  • james

    Mdw to ewr to visit family!

  • Ali

    I would fly my sister from ONT to STL to see her new niece or nephew.

  • usanancy

    Ah! My sister and I need to go get our 89 year old father and move him from Florida to San Diego (by us). This would really help for 3 airfares!

  • twohotpotatoes

    I can’t wait for the Wright Amendment to be lifted, so I’ll use these miles to fly one of the new direct routes from Dallas. Hurray for no stopping!

  • PointJack

    I’d go to Atlanta to visit my parents!

  • Cindy

    I’d use them for Las Vegas in June. A few days of casino fun and then a side trip to Bryce Canyon for their astronomy festival.

  • CherylD

    I would go New Orleans in April. It should be beautiful that time of year!

  • Nick

    I would fly to the Bahamas with my girlfriend to catch some sun and enjoy Spring Break!

  • FlavCity

    10,000 RR points plus my companion pass means sunny Cabo San Lucas later this year! Use some hotel points and make it a free paradise vacay :)

  • Joe S

    PHX for my wife’s cousins bat-mitzvah.

  • Mike

    I’d use the points along with the Companion Pass (newly obtained thanks to the tips posted here) to visit New Orleans – high on my bucket list.

  • Benny Hsu

    I’d take my wife to Seattle and Portland!

  • Nathan

    Flying down to Austin, TX for some SXSQ adventures. And escaping this never-ending winter. Low temps below zero all week here in Iowa.

  • Raquel

    I would go to one of their new destinations, Aruba.

  • Tina

    I would fly to Orlando, Florida for a conference.

  • Cliff

    Back to Seattle to pick up a Nexus card!

  • VikG

    I would use them to go take one if their Caribbean flights this summer.

  • kristina

    I’d go to Indiana to visit family. :)

  • Greg Miller

    I would leverage my companion pass and take my wife to one of the new international destinations serviced by southwest, probably Jamaica!

  • Tim

    I would like to use them to visit my girlfriend.

  • Tara Aaron

    Southwest just reinstituted the long-missed BNA –> PIT nonstop, so I can visit my best friend and my godson in Pittsburgh and take a trip down to Morgantown, WV to see my family. Go mountaineers!

  • Blake

    SLC so I could drive up to Yellowstone.

  • John Pherrin

    You can never have enough Rapid Reward points in the account for those impulse flights to Vegas…….especially when March Madness comes around!!

  • Kevin C

    I would use to points to fly back to BWI from STL to visit family!

  • Will

    Going to Aruba!

  • ASW

    I’d fly to Mexico City to see the Diego Rivera murals at the Palacio Nacional.

  • Sanil

    Need to see my family so I would go back to India

  • Jesse

    I would take my wife out west to Vegas! She’s been, but I never have been…

  • debra

    I would use the points to fly to Fort Lauderdale to visit my daughter at the University of Miami.

  • William Chang

    LAX to SJC to visit family.

  • Harold

    Saved for the expiration of the wright amendment

  • Logan

    I live in DC so I’d take the newly announced route to Aruba!

  • Daniel

    MEM to FLL for some warm weather.

  • Octavian

    Fly to Omaha!

  • CG

    Aruba! Hopefully they add direct routes from NYC though.

  • Kevin Marrin

    I’d take these 10,000 points to get away from family! Get me to the beach in Florida or California and I’ll be happy.

  • Bradley


  • Nandan Dasgupta

    I want to escape to Phoenix (AZ) by Southwest Airlines to avoid the Chilly Minneapolis (MN) weather!

  • Brian

    I’d use the points to go to Boston!

  • Melissa Posten

    Take my daughter to our nation’s capitol for the first time!

  • Scott

    I would fly to Denver!

  • Janice


  • Andreas

    I would use the points to enjoy a beautiful weekend getaway with my wife in Las Vegas.

  • vc3

    Aruba here I come

  • kathy

    Charlotte – to help friend after she has a knee replacement.

  • Bob S

    I would use the points to go to Aruba!

  • SL – SFO

    Help me get flights to a wedding in the Dominican Republic!

  • Matt Cole

    Denver or Salt Lake City, time to take advantage of all this nice winter powder! Teach my daughter to Ski!

  • sassumsquatch

    Going to Milwaukee to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday!

  • Cris

    I would use them to get to upcoming interviews I have! Finding a teaching job in a new state is so expensive when you are a poor grad student.

  • Matt S

    I fly from DTW-ALB a few times a year during holidays and the pricing is ridiculous – almost never under $400 – so I love Southwest points for those shorter flights.

  • Scott C

    One of the new nonstop destinations out of Dallas this fall. Goodbye Wright Amendment, hello open skies!

  • Carey

    I would travel to Portland (PDX) because it’s on my bucket list and would love to tour some of their breweries.

  • Gin

    ARUBA!! Here I Come…awesome that they opened routes to the Caribbean!

  • T

    I would use the points to book a trip down to the Carribean. Can’t wait to use the companion pass over Int’l waters. Thanks TPG!

  • sappercats

    I’d fly to Nashville to attend our 10 year Iraq deployment reunion.

  • scott

    I’d use the points to fly from Ft. Lauderdale to Boston at only 9500 points. And from Boston I can get a flight to Iceland for half the price that it costs from Florida!

  • thadeus_d3

    I’m taking the wife and kids to Aruba.

  • shawn

    I would take my family to Orland for Disney World.

  • weaveta

    Schedule one of Southwest’s new route’s to the Caribbean…

  • J Sanders

    I would use the points to book a trip to Aruba, utilizing the companion passes your site helped me get.

  • Gary K

    I’d fly from Los Angeles to Cleveland next December to visit family and have a white Christmas!

  • jccleveland

    I would love to use a few extra points to go to Maine in August! Fingers crossed!

  • Landon Ross

    New Orleans, a city I’m impoverished never to have visited.

  • demetri

    arizona, because i live in minnesota and tempatures here are colder than some parts of the planet mars…help me

  • Lynn

    I’d use the points to help with a flight to Dallas to visit my mom. And I’ll soon be able to fly there direct from DCA!!

  • Lauren

    Head down south to Nola!

  • Pazpeaceman

    LAS or LAX, both cities I have been wanting to explore for a long time.

  • Katherine

    I’d fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico to scuba dive!

  • Richard Zoob

    I will be taking the wife yo Bahamas for our ten year anniversary.

  • hugo forte


  • chia

    I will use my points to take my fiance on a romantic getaway!

  • Kristen Bor

    I’d fly to Reno for the 4th of July to go High Sierra Music Festival! the best festival on earth.

  • Patt Hoellwarth

    I would fly to Philly in June for a family reunion. (And, of course, I’d pick up some cheese steaks while there.)

  • Sarah

    Las Vegas for mine and my long distance best friends 30th birthdays to see Justin Timberlake. Her and I celebrated our 21st birthdays there together in the same city.

  • Pat Flanagan

    Try and work some magic to turn them into tickets to Ireland for grandma’s 90th b day

  • Erin Kendall

    Milwaukee to Houston on Labor Day weekend for the LSU-Wisconsin football game.

  • Justin

    To Vegas for our wedding anniversary. My wife has never been to the zoo that is the Vegas!

  • kent

    Up to New England to visit the family!

  • jeff

    I’d take my lovely wife to New York for our 1st Anniversary. First time on the East Coast!

  • Michael Bogle

    I’d use them for a trip to Aruba

  • Jack

    I’d love to use the miles to visit Tulsa to attend a friend’s wedding.


    I would use the miles to get the companion pass and celebrate our 1st anniversary on a cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico!

  • Jessie

    Las Vegas!

  • Pointer

    What about Vegas?

  • LXZ

    Vegas for sure. :D Have a buck party there soon!

  • Charles

    I would use the SW RR points to position myself from BNA to DAL so I can position myself to catch a flight to MTY using my avios points. This combo saves a lot of points! Thank you for considering me.

  • Keith

    I would head to Nassau for some diving and fishing.

  • Rami Antoun

    From San Jose to Austin with my girlfriend for SXSW!

  • eric

    To New Orleans for the weekend!

  • Peter D

    Fly west to see friends and family!

  • Pam-i-am

    I would use them to fly back to my home town, St. Louis, to see my 91 year old Dad. My mom died in November ’13 and I really want to see him more.

  • Devin

    I’d use it to take my 4 year old daughter to sea world in Orlando.

  • Jeff

    I would love to go to LA for my friends bachelor party!

  • Matthew Wilson

    Anniversary trip for sure. The great thing about SW out of BHM is they fly direct more than any other airlines. We may just have to fly to Orlando to play at Universal Studios without the kiddos! 10k points can get you a long way on SW.

  • Jenny

    Flying from BWI to MDW to visit my parents

  • Kerry

    Fly to New Orleans with my wife, where we first met.

  • TJ

    I’d sent my parents from Newark to Wichita for my Cousin’s wedding

  • Guest

    I would us

  • Ed Barnes

    The Bahamas because…well I think everyone knows why.

  • Daniel

    I would fly to Vegas!

  • Jodi McQuirk

    I would use for both positioning/family. I’d fly to NYC and visit family before taking off for a vacation to Ireland on points on another airline. And it would be awesome!

  • TMA

    I would go to Nassau (NAS) with my girlfriend! I’m ready for some warmer weather!

  • Greg

    I would love to go to LA to visit my best friend and get out of this bitter cold in Colorado.

  • Ron

    I’d go to Jacksonville to see my daughter.

  • Robert P

    I’d go to Aruba

  • mahon112

    I would use them to go back to Vegas and win back all the money I lost last weekend.

  • Jenn Mc

    I would love to go to Nassau with my husband for an “us” trip!!

  • Jeff Lile

    I’d love the points to help get my mom to Aruba!

  • Annie

    I would go to Aruba for the beaches.

  • Richard

    I’d surprise my wife with a weekend getaway!

  • Eric Vargas

    Hey TPG! I would use the points to travel to San Francisco with my best friend and turn it into San FranDISCO. Party!

  • Julia

    Probably a positioning flight but who knows!

  • Leo

    Visit gf. PIT-Chicago

  • Rafa

    I’d use them to top of my swa

  • janny

    I would use them to take my Hubby of 56 yrs to Aruba and then on to Bonaire to snorkel for our 57th wedding anniversary.

  • Lduv143

    I would use them to give me enough to fly to Phoenix, stay a few nights, and then off to maui for our anniversary in October!

  • Raymond_G

    I would definitely use them to rapidly get myself to Aruba!

  • Samantha Jean Stites

    My husband and I were married in the Caribbean over 2 years ago and we would love to use the points to fly to Nassau Montego Bay or Aruba for our anniversary!

  • Eric Wang

    I would use the points to visit Florida.

  • Pat Lynch

    Aruba, Jamaica, uuuuuuuuh I want to take you……………..

  • Rick

    I’d use the points on a short weekend trip to LA for a short break from the stress at work!

  • Jeffrey Arpin

    I would use them to go to Vegas to escape all of this snow!

  • Rick

    I have never been to New Orleans and that would be a great to fly there.

  • Sean Hetherington

    Headed to Aruba!

  • Lor

    To be able to use them to the carribean would be great

  • Brian N

    DAY -> BWI, to visit my friend Barb in Baltimore :) Always a short AirTran flight leaving after work (nicely timed) and landing in time for dinner.

  • socalgecko

    Aruba, no question!

  • Chengyu

    Aruba would be a great destination for our ATL based travelers

  • Henry

    I’d try to dust off the SCUBA gear for some dives in Puerto Rico.

  • Fly from Scratch

    I would use the points to take my wife for her dream vacation to Miami.. for our second wedding anniversary in April.. that would be cool..

  • Mike Mifsud

    Aruba – Sounds like a nice getaway!

  • Keele Winter

    I would fly into SJC and head off to Big Sur for a relaxing romantic weekend with my husband!

  • michael

    PVD! One of most relaxing cities to visit, even in the Winter!

  • James

    i would use the miles to take a nice vacation in NYC! Nothing better the the big apple!

  • Jennifer

    With our first daughter, my husband and I continued to fly frequently. That little girl was on more airplanes in her first year than most adults in 10 years. Now that we have two kids and #1 is 2 and we need to buy her a seat, it’s getting pricey to visit family on the other side of the country. We’d love to take both kids back east this summer for a family reunion (#2 will meet great grandparents for the first time!). Extra miles would go a long way!!

  • Jenny


  • Mike S.

    Thanks for the giveaway option. I would use my Rapid points to get my brother on a plane with me out west to climb a few mountain peaks in Colorado. We need the exercise badly. Cheers!

  • James Slager

    I would definitely go to Aruba. Beautiful island, can’t wait to go back sometime!

  • Stan

    Oddly enough, since it’s just as cold in the Pacific Northwest as it is here in New York, I’d head off to Portland and Seattle. All I ever got from a sunny beach was a nasty case of sunburn, so let it rain, I say.

  • Kate

    I would use the points to fly to Florida for wedding anniversary.

  • Allen

    I’d fly to DEN to get one more stadium closer to completing my goal of visiting every Major League Baseball stadium!

  • Nathan Aguilera

    I would use it to help me get home- I leave on a one way ticket to backpack SE Asia at the end of this month. Those miles would really help me get back home to Oklahoma City when I’m back in the states!

  • William

    Although the new International routes look great,word on the street says in 2015 Hawaii is going to get greenlighted. I would stash them away for that!

  • Joseph

    San Diego and cross down to Mexico.

  • Ryan


  • Yossi

    I would love to celebrate my 9th anniversary on a Southwest flight to Las Vegas with my lovely wife.

  • AYD

    I am planning a girls trip to NY City in April to see a Broadway Play and could really use those points to help with the flight.

  • jacob

    I would totally use those southwest points to covert to airtran to help me get to CABO!

  • snakedoc1

    I would use the points to fly to………….. Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)!

  • Ted

    Go to Seattle for a wedding!

  • Tarheel traveler

    a trip to Vegas from the Bay Area!

  • Elmer Smith

    Take my grandkids to Disney for first time. Thanks

  • Paula

    I would use them to take my kids to visit my best friend and her kids in Utah, for the first time!

  • Steve

    Moving to Seattle so I’d use it to get back home (to California) for holidays!

  • John

    I would use the points towards a trip to take my fiancée to San Diego in July for her birthday. Thank you!

  • Susan

    I would use the points to help get the family to Universal Studios Orlando to see the new Diagon Alley opening this Summer!

  • aitchly

    Aruba, of course!

  • Howard

    I would use them on the new routes to the Caribbean.

  • Dan

    Flights are insanely expensive to Minneapolis. A surprise trip for Valentine’s Day would be great!

  • Andy Perdue

    Take my daughters to the Emerald Coast to see the beach for the first time!

  • jonathan

    I wish sw flew to hawaii, but i dont mind going to Vegas baby!!

  • Paul Wood

    I’d be grateful to use them for a trip back East (in the summer!). Thanks!

  • bean

    Chicago, because the dining scene is hot.

  • Brad

    I would take a flight from LAX to Love Field, TX on one of the new routes November of this year to visit family.

  • Steve

    Definitely one of the new routes. Most likely Aruba.

  • Alexis L

    To Washington D.C. to see the cherry blossoms

  • Kyle

    My wife and I love to visit national parks and haven’t visited any in Utah, so would fly into Vegas and head north into Zion NP.

  • Kevin

    I’d fly myself to Vegas in June to meet with some friends and cheer on the US during the start of their World Cup run!

  • Simon

    I’d luv o go somewhere warm, like San Diego!

  • jones

    My fiancé and I are getting married in June. Funds are tight and we would like to have our honeymoon in Key West Florida. 10K points would be a great start!

  • AMSBelle

    I would take a trip to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday this fall!

  • Val Moore

    I’d go somewhere cool and relaxing in the summer – like Oregon

  • Charles Clarke

    Oregon for a dance camp.

  • Hans

    I’m doing a 7-city-in-2-weeks Baseball Ballpark Tour with my 8 year old son this summer. SW flies to every city we are visiting, so the points would cover a ticket for one of us! Planned route is OAK-HOU-FLL-PIT-BOS-DCA-STL-MDW-SFO

  • nick

    I’d use it to fly to SF for my friend’s wedding in April.

  • Ron Martinez

    I’d take my newborn to Portland to visit her grandparents!

  • r0m8470

    Positioning trip in a West Coast gateway (LAX or SFO) for our next 2nd honeymoon in Bali!

  • Latrice

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    My husband and I want to take our kids to Washington, D.C. to see the White House.

  • Rob Hall

    I want to go some place warm. I’m tired of the snow!

  • Amanda K.

    to take my husband to Aruba! It’s on his bucket list.

  • Mark

    To top off my account and get companion pass!

  • Garrett

    I’d use them for a positioning flight.

  • Kathleen Geiken

    Wanting to top off for my companion pass and go somewhere WARM!

  • Wayne Brown

    I would use the points to travel to Disney World.

  • Mike Manh

    I’d head to Jamaica and enjoy some reggae as well as hope it adds to my companion pass ;)

  • Cat

    I have trips planned from RDU to PDX and maybe DEN but no tix yet so would likely apply points toward that. Though…the new international route idea is quite tempting!!

  • Jim S

    To take the family to Yellowstone this summer.

  • rob

    I’d use it to go to Vegas, baby!

  • Guest

    As an aging grad student, I’d use those points to fly to Austin for one last irresponsible spring break with my best friends from college

  • Liz T

    We would definitely go to Nassau and practice diving having been newly certified!

  • Emma

    Seattle to go see Sasquatch music fest!

  • Michelle

    Damn profile settings… just wanted it to be known that this was from me!

  • Daniel Haga

    Anywhere SWA flies that is recommended by The Beach Boys: Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ‘ya…

  • Irfan

    We’d use it to getaway to Southern California

  • Sam Safdieh

    LaGuardia for a positioning flight to Milan on Emirates from JFK!

  • yellowpad

    Are you kidding? FLORIDA! Get me outta DC!!!

  • Bryant

    I’d use it for a fare to Hawaii to attend of my best friend’s wedding

  • Amanda

    I would love to visit family in Tampa, I don’t get home often enough

  • Alison F

    I would use the points to take our baby (due 4/20) on its first trip to see its cousins in NYC! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Teri Ross

    I want to take my dad wherever he wants to go to celebrate his 90th birthday.

  • Viv

    My 12 year old son has been wanting to see Chaco Canyon in Arizona. Hoping to fly from Tampa TPA to Phoenix PHX then take a scenic drive to Chaco Canyon. From there, drive to Albuquerque ABQ and fly back home to TPA.

  • Ben L

    San Diego! Last time I was there my scuba trip was cancelled due to weather/high seas. Really want to go back to try again!

  • Jake J.

    I know the new international routes are exciting, but I’m more excited about their non-stop flights once the Wright Amendment is lifted. DAL to Las Vegas in under 3 hours!!

  • R. J. Morris

    Downtown Chicago in the spring with my wife. Walk the Lakefront and eat at those great downtown restaurants.

  • tigermark82

    Reno, NV to visit friends in lake tahoe.

  • tringuyen82

    Can’t wait for the new Houston – Washington routes to open up… Never been to DC.

  • Jacki

    2 pair of flip flops are at hand. Key West’s Islands breezes are calling my name!

  • Scott M.

    To fly down from NYC (LGA) down to Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) for my sister wedding this April!!

  • Sean

    I would use the points for a positioning flight from Chicago to New York, where I will be catching a new Norwegian Air 787 to Bergen on one of their crazy cheap international fares.

  • Ethan

    Been wanting to visit Seattle, and Southwest points are always great!

  • Levi

    Im in need of a southwest flight from DCA/IAD to JFK to catch the direct on Hawaiian Airlines to HNL Dec 30th for our 1 year wedding anniversary! Thanks to TPG on suggesting the Hawaiian Barclay card.

  • Chris

    I would totally use them to fly to chicago to visit family

  • Milap

    I would love to take my new bride to Las Vegas to enjoy fine dining, shows, and of course some gambling :-) She’s never been there and Southwest is a great way to get us there! Hopefully Mexico next year as well!

  • Diana

    I’d use the points to travel with my daughter’s softball team to watch her play this summer.

  • Marc D

    Burbank…..simply the coolest throw back experience in the whole Southwest system!

  • Diane Levy

    To visit Chicago to see my beautiful daughters!!
    LOVE the information you provide!!!


    They’d permit me to be able to visit my parents, sister, and nephews out in Denver, more often than I currently can now!

  • Carlos

    Have not seen our family in California for a few years now. Would love to see them and have an In and Out burger. Would not get any better than that. Simple things in life.

  • 405#Club

    To fly to Florida and introduce my 3-month old to his grandparents for the first time.

  • Hal

    Non-stop on Airtan (with free bags!) to see our grandson.

  • David Greenberg

    I would head to Cancun to spend time with my parents and let my kids have time with their grandparents. Vamanos!

  • JoeFlyer

    I’d fly to Aruba for the weekend just because that’s what The Points Guy would do. ;-)

  • Roberto

    I would get Southwest Miles in my account and would love to visit Jamaica!

  • DW

    SAN-MSY will be a direct soon, which will make a trip to the Big Easy so much easier.

  • Grace

    I’d go visit my parents in Salt Lake!

  • Bill H

    Vegas baby!

  • Julia Crownover

    I would love to either go up to NYC to visit some wonderful friends for a girls weekend or out to Cali and explore! That would be amazing and make me sooooo happy :) :) :)

  • GetToThePoints

    Any ski destination. At this point I don’t care which one either!!!!

  • Junior Taylor

    My companion and I are going to Aruba using not many points from ATL whether we win these or not !!!

  • Patrick Mc

    I’d use the points to go to one of the many weddings around the US coming up this spring and bring my wife for free thanks to my companion pass (2 years and counting with the CP!)

  • Nicole D.

    VEGAS BABY!!!!! Here we come!

  • Up&Away


  • Jake

    I would use the 10,000 Miles to finance my one-way flight to New York! I am moving there without a job, without an apartment, but with a lot of experience and motivation. Could use all of the help I could get! Thanks!

  • Tim Carroll

    Vegas baby, Vegas!!

  • Sahil

    OAK-DIA, low price redemption! Visit home :)

  • dee seiffer

    I’m still playing with the map to find a spot to use a free Marriott night that expires in April (looking for a Category 4 in a fun place). 10,000 points could get Hubby & me nearly half way there, since we have the companion pass! Thanks, TPG.

  • Dean


  • Daniel

    My family is planning a FL trip and aren’t as into the points game as me so with 10k points plus some of those they already have I’d send them on a MDW > MCO flight again.

  • Janel

    MDW to SFO sounds good to me (for some California exploration).

  • Traveler Jay

    I would fly to Puerto Rico and hike the rainforest and walk through Old San Juan.

  • Mike S

    I’d love to use the points to help send my wife to Atlanta for her little sister’s graduation in May. We recently moved to SF and so funds are way tighter and flights seem to keep rising in price. Thanks for the amazing help you provide, the information here is invaluable.

  • David

    For me is definitely bwi to las Vegas! Can’t wait

  • Ben Price

    I’d use these points to go see the West Coast for the first time! 30 countries and counting, yet I’ve never seen PDX or SFO!

  • Armando86

    I would visit my sister in NOLA! :D

  • Dani

    Seattle to SFO for some wine tasting, and using the miles toward a companion pass!

  • sanyi

    I would love to try their new international flight and take vacation to aruba

  • Ryan Dunlevy

    I would travel to Sacramento to visit my family.

  • RockChalkATL

    Definitely ATL -> Aruba.

  • josh f

    Orlando, Disney with the family

  • Jessica Doench

    I am definitely going to use my Rapid Rewards points to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’ve always wanted to go, I think it would make a beautiful long weekend.

  • Chance Bradford

    I just moved out to Vegas!!!! But… I miss my friends in family back in Minnesota =( Las Vegas —> Minneapolis <3

  • DrSifu

    Sacramento so my daughter can hang out with her cousins

  • crimsonablue

    Transcon to New York!

  • Melissa S.


  • Christy

    I’d visit a friend in San Diego. I need a break from the nasty weather here in Cleveland!

  • Manuj

    I would book a trip from DC to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, because it is awesome!

  • Chris Morth

    I’m going to Disney World! (Every single year on Southwest. No frills, no stops, price can’t be beat)

  • matt61

    I would love to to fly from SFO to Phoenix, Arizona for spring training to watch my favorite team!

  • Mike D

    i have the companion pass til the end of the year, next trip planned is for Los Angeles..extra points would be great

  • Matt Corbin

    For me, I would love to fly from Denver to Newark. I have not seen my parents in almost two years and would love to spend some time with them.

  • Larry

    I would use them to fly non-stop to Las Vegas!

  • James K.

    I’d go to San Juan, Puerto Rico in hopes to see the bioluminescent bays

  • Karen

    I would use the points to take my 7yo son to one of the National Parks in the West to explore and hike and maybe camp.

  • Susan

    I would go to Key West before they completely close that route! The route to there from Dallas is pretty good and not bad layovers in New Orleans

  • Ian

    I’d fly to Minneapolis to see my friends.

  • Ed Z

    MSP > BOS > ATL – to visit a college buddy and go to my cousins wedding

  • nadball

    I’d fly to buffalo just to eat wings.

  • Ryan Yoshiyama

    I’d use the miles to go to NOLA for Mardi Gras! My best friend just moved there and I would love nothing more than make a surprise visit during the best party in the US!

  • Chris

    I’d use those Southwest miles to head down to Hot-lanta for Freak-nik, this spring!!! Crazy good times!

  • Rob P

    LAS for some poker! Thank you!

  • Jay Patrick

    BWI to Aruba to get away from this godforsaken cold! Seriously though my house is coated with a sheet ice.

  • Lkasev

    I would use the points to take my grandson to Disney World for his college graduation! That would be great fun!

  • Timothy


  • Kevin

    I’d go to The Bahamas since I’ve never been!

  • Bob

    I’d go see family in Texas!

  • Casey

    BWI-Aruba for some time in the sun and sand!

  • Luke US

    I would love to fly to Aruba! :)

  • jordan

    I would fly to boston to visit my sister before i leave for dublin

  • chelsea g

    I would fly to cancun. I love the beach.

  • Danny

    I plan on flying my wife and I to my brothers wedding in Marland

  • Jay Dela Cruz

    I would like to go to Yosemite National Park if I get the chance!

  • Nguyen

    I would love to fly to San Diego on the upcoming of my wife’s birthday. Thanks.

  • Dana

    New Orleans for our 10 year wedding anniversary!

  • Matt

    I’m flying to Tampa in May for a vacation so I’d use them there.

  • Jeff

    Hoping they will start service to Hawaii soon b/c I really want to use the RR points on trip to Hawaii.

  • Michelle

    A surprise trip to Boston in April to cheer my husband on in his very first marathon (and of course to celebrate with post-race cannolis from Mike’s)!

  • HonestHotelier

    Fly home and visit my parents in California because you should always visit your parents more.

  • christinecg

    SFO to see my sister, I have not seen her for more than 5 years…

  • Jon

    I’m flying to Albuquerque, NM this July for a family reunion with my wife and 2 kids.

  • Brian

    I would go to San Diego to visit and see my brother graduate from basic training!

  • mangoManFT

    We’d fly to LA and visit friends from when we used to live there. SW has by far the most flight options from the Bay Area to the LA area.

  • glen

    I’d go to Aruba!!!

  • sonicsk8

    I’d take my wife and baby daughter to Cali to meet her cousins!

  • stacyisms

    I would fly to Phoenix to visit my sister and her husband!

  • Jacob

    Chicago! Would be nice to go home for a weekend

  • Sanders

    Flight to Austin, TX!

  • Charlie

    I would fly to Xiamen China to visit my wife’s family.

  • stacyisms

    I think i posted twice on here… oops! but i think i would defer my points to one of my friends who is financially struggling so she could go somewhere!

  • Natalie

    Those 10k miles would go twice as far with my companion pass – I would use them to get my husband and I to Aruba for a winter time warm-up!

  • Barb

    I’d go to Columbus, Ohio for my nephew’s graduation from grad school

  • andrew

    visit my girlfriend in denver.

  • rajnish

    Will fly to Aruba.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I’d love to go from Orlando to Aruba with my sister because we’ve never been there and it is supposed to beautiful.

  • Mary W

    I would fly to Montego Bay with my sister because neither one of us has ever been there.

  • Rene Garcia

    Vamos a Cancun!!

  • Sean

    I’d use the Southwest points to visit New Orleans, LA! I’ve never been and heard its a great city.

  • Biggles209

    I’d use them to shuttle my daughter around the east coast

  • Mary I

    Would fly from Dallas to Chicago to visit my daughter. Looking forward to October when the Wright Amendment ends.

  • kaladeb

    I’d get outta Michigan and go someplace warm!

  • Jacob

    I would use the points for positioning flights for international travel.

  • Glenn

    San Juan for cruise.

  • BB05

    Aruba duh!

  • Patrick

    I would use them to go on vacation.

  • JD D

    I’d take use them to take a trip to Seattle to visit friends who recently moved here.

  • MatCoes

    I’ve been thinking of a solo trip to New Orleans, but with 10,000 more, San Juan with a friend looks muy bien!

  • ellie

    I would visit my mom.

  • ELKramer

    I’m tired of this winter – I’d use it to go to Aruba!

  • Eric Chang

    Dominican Republic! excited about their new coming Caribbean routes!

  • David Cain

    I would fly to Charleston. It is one of my favorite cities and it has amazing food!

  • JD D

    I’d use them to take a trip to Seattle to visit friends who recently moved here.

  • Mike James

    Puerto Rico por favor!

  • BunMama

    I’d fly one of the newly announced nonstop flights BWI – DAL, taking along my daughter using my Companion Pass, since the Wright Amendment ends in October. Will no longer have to connect somewhere on SWA, pay a premium on AA, or hate myself for even considering flying Spirit.

  • Dina

    I would fly to new orleans for Jazz fest!

  • Kabukijuul

    Aruba of course! The Atlantic side of the island is so amazing. It looks like a lunar landscape. So much fun to rent a jeep and drive around.

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to use the points to visit my sister in Boston!

  • Dan D.

    As much as I’d love to use the points for an international flight, I think I’d use them for a flight to visit my new niece in OKC… (Not some place one would normally think to vacation, but Family is Family, no matter where they happened to be)

  • Dave S

    I would go to Aruba if I can get there from SF. Alternatively a quick trip to Las Vegas.

  • Ayi

    My husband and I would visit Vegas, we’ve never been and have put it off for far too long!

  • Natasha

    I would go to Dallas to meet my best friend’s baby girl!

  • Quincy Allen

    I want to visit my best friend since kindergarten in Florida… its too cold in PA!!

  • RSD

    I’d love to go somewhere warm. Enough of these Northeast winters!

  • disqus_8KHPigUBmA

    Quick trip to the bay!

  • Ree

    I want to surprise my hubby with a trip to Louisville and go on a Bourbon tour. He LOVES Bourbon.

  • Jonathan

    I’d go to Park City, Utah for some snowboarding! Thanks!

  • tshark42

    Aruba…with the companions pass = SWEET!

  • Thom

    Aruba–now they can FINALLY be used internationally!

  • Matt A

    Use them to fly to Vegas from LA for March Madness!

  • Adam S

    I would love to go to Phoenix and visit family

  • Darin

    Would likely go to SLC to visit family & Friends

  • Byron Cheng

    pretty sure it’s time to get out of this frozen city! off to california i’d go!

  • Mojo

    I’d fly to ATL and get some BBQ at my favorite joint, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack!

  • jimmymurphy

    I would love to go to Detroit and explore the burgeoning urban renaissance!

  • MichiMom

    My son in an ICU nurse @ Stanford Hospital. I’d love to fly to SFO to see him!

  • Dale Poling

    I’d love to go to Aruba in July. Its been a cold Ohio Winter!

  • TonyPeaches

    I’d fly to Vegas to watch the 2015 Super Bowl.

  • Steve

    I’d use them to fly from cold cold Minnesota to Las Vegas,

  • Rahul G

    Montego Bay, Jamaica!

  • Andy G

    I’d escape the polar vorti that are striking the Midwest!

  • Blythe

    Las Vegas! I’d meet up with friends in April.

  • Jay

    I would fly to Fort Lauderdale, FL so that I can cruise in the Caribbean.

  • John Hill

    I want to go to DFW and check out the AMEX Centurion lounge!

  • Kee

    I’d like to fly to San Francisco with my girl friend during March. Here, Chicago is too cold.

  • Grosscar

    family vacation to Portland!

  • RKM

    I haven’t traveled internationally since my daughter was born. She loves to travel as much as I do so I think it would be Aruba for us. Oh and SW is my favorite airline!

  • John Ruda

    I’d use the points to keep my 1,500 existing Rapid Rewards points active. They’re about to expire.

  • Geoff

    I’d head to Naples, FL to visit my grandfather.

  • Ramsey

    I’d visit my brother in Texas before he deploys again.

  • Michele Lyn Gill

    San Juan! Time for a cruise!

  • jj

    I’d go with the family to Disney World in May.

  • Brandon

    I would go to Nassau!

  • Stogs2

    I’d head down to MCO to visit the mouse!

  • costa

    Take my Wife to Vegas with companion pass

  • Earl F

    I would use the points to take the daughter to Montego Bay and take advantage of Southwest new international flights! Go Southwest … lets add more!

  • David L. Zion

    Jamaica mon. To keep the good times rollin’

  • Aaron Kimmel

    Disney World. Or Disneyland. Cost of flying is what prevents us from going every long weekend.

  • April

    Aruba in May after my first semester back to school in 10 years.

  • Oldmanbob

    This giveaway’s end date and my Mom’s 84th birthday are on the same day (February 10th). I would go GSP to PVD to visit her.. snow or no snow. It would be a great belated birthday present. A trip on 3/1 to 3/5 is only 10492 points for a RT, and I already have 2000 pts for signing up to rapid reward last week.

  • Steve

    I could use the miles to go to California, I have some family business I need to care for. Thanks

  • Dan R

    I would go to Nashville (from Chicago). I’m planning the trip, but haven’t booked the flight yet.

  • slumdog007

    i want to take my new kid on his first flight to Los Angeles

  • GregD

    STL to TPA to see our newest grandchild!

  • Nadav

    I’d go back to Denver and catch another concert at Red Rocks…amazing!

  • Alex Abernathy

    Austin to hit up 6th Street. I’d even buy you a drink or two.

  • Or N

    LGA to LAS. She just loves Nevada haha!

  • Noy

    I’d fly EWR-ATL to visit my new baby cousin.

  • jedarae

    My wife and I would go to San Francisco to visit our newly born baby niece. This trip would be our maiden voyage with our Southwest Companion Pass!

  • Aaron

    Denver. Breweries. Boarding. Beauty.

  • Eddy

    SFO to LAS. Britney Spears for the wife, poker for me.

  • Leanh

    I would go to sjc from sna to visit my grandson.

  • NLT

    I would put a dent in my bucket list by taking a trip to San Fran with my boyfriend. Enough stalling!

  • Michele

    I’d go to Denver to join a big family ski reunion in March.

  • Christian

    I would use the points to go visit my parents in Los Angeles!

  • Geoff

    Southwest miles are letting me visit my girlfriend more often! I could really use some more, this long distance thing is expensive…

  • Aly

    I would use the points for our family Disney Alaska cruise. We have been saving our points for a while and are excited to take our trip. We are hoping to be ready by this summer. The Disney Cruiseline partners with Southwest.

  • phil

    To visit family in DEN.

  • sue

    Florida, for sure!

  • Abbie Normal

    I’d go to Baltimore to play in a table tennis tournament.

  • K. Mizushima

    I’d donate them to a good friend of mine for him to travel to Denver.

  • Kevin Kobayashi

    I would fly to my favorite destination….Las Vegas!!!!

  • AC

    i would use them to book a ticket to RDU for a business school interview in 2 weeks. tickets are 500+ sadly.

  • Crystal Moore

    I’m gearing up for my first trip to Bogota, Colombia for my business school classmate’s wedidng in May. The additional 10K points will me help secure my flight so I can help celebrate my classmate’s nupitals!

  • Ivan

    Would love to go to Florida where it’s nice and warm during the winters!

  • Paul Teixeira

    Im doing a southwest mega year with my partner with points only and a companion pass. I’ve still got Seattle, Denver, New Orleans, and Austin to book! Maybe some new international routes also!

  • Victor

    Bringing my whole family to Vegas!

  • Ken.C

    We would love to go to Florida for a family vacation!

  • SRaouf

    Cabo for my post-boards exam!

  • Joel

    I would use the points to fly to Houston in order to position myself for a flight to Brazil and the 2014 World Cup!

  • Myron

    I would definitely be putting these points towards my honeymoon this summer. We’re hoping to spend some time relaxing in California wine country.

  • Dwi

    I’d love to go to Istanbul….

  • Jordan McGirk

    We would use those points on a trip to Aruba for our honeymoon!

  • Linda

    We would put those points to good use for a trip to Aruba this summer as our honeymoon!

  • Cathy L.

    I’m super excited about the international flights they are added. I’m starting my planing for Jamaica. I want to take my hubby there for his 60th as a surprise.

  • Kevin

    We would use the points to take a trip to one of the new destinations in the Caribbean, most likely Aruba! Never been and we’ve heard nothing but great things about Aruba.

  • Ryan S

    I would go see family out in San Fransico, CA!

  • Lindsay

    I’m with RSD! This Michigan winter is brutal! I’d love to go somewhere warm, with culture, and sightseeing. I’m thinking the New Mexico!

  • Cheng-Wei Lin

    I wanna get a round trip ticket to DC to visit my gf , and see the cjery blossom there.

  • Billf

    A trip to Las Vegas is a great alternative to these cold blasts

  • Mary

    I’d use mine for our summer vacation around the US – visiting a bunch of National Parks.

  • Doug S

    I would love to visit and celebrate my Uncle’s 100th birthday in New Mexico this year.

  • Chris

    We’re taking my mother-in-law to NYC for a show for her 60th birthday – pre-devaluation! :)

  • Alan

    Heading to Aruba for 7 days on march 12. Transferred RR points to Airtran. Hotel is taken care of with Club Carlson points.Love those credit cards!

  • Karl Karlson

    I’d want to take my Mom to the States – and there to California (she’s a child of the Flower-Power-Time and having strong feelings about seeing San Francisco once in a lifetime) – so SFO would be starting Point and with the Southwest Miles I’d fly with her to either San Diego or Santa Fe – both Places she’s been talking about for a long time…Would be great to make this possible!

  • laxermom

    Use them to help send my son and his future bride somewhere warm on their honeymoon.

  • Paige

    I want to take my daughter to Universal Studios for her birthday.
    I also wouldn’t mind being warm again, if only briefly.

  • Marc

    To help take the family to visit relatives in Florida.

  • OldManPeabody

    Vegas, baby, Vegas!!! Reason: it’s great to have access to Airtran direct flights from Atlanta.

  • Kevin L

    I would go to Las Vegas to visit family

  • Allison

    I would use the points to visit my parents in San Antonio

  • Kelly R

    Would help with the cost of taking my family to Florida this summer.

  • Colleen

    The points would help me get to my friends wedding in Dallas

  • Mitt

    I would like to visit Washington DC area, so I would use the points to get me to BWI.

  • Mike

    A weekend trip to Chicago – once it thaws out!

  • MustGoFast

    I’m taking my wife to Aruba need about this many more points so a win would be fantastic!

  • Mike

    I will fly to visit TPG and make a new friend.

  • Billy

    I would take the kids to MCO and go to Disney World!

  • Mike

    The Caribbean, baby!

  • G kim

    I would like to go to arizona spring camp to see all the mlb players. I cannot wait to see baseball games!

  • Brent

    I would use them to get my wife and I to Napa (SFO)!

  • Clare N

    Aruba! Here I come.

  • Peter_Gammons

    I’d use the extra rapid rewards points to take my two daughters to Disney World in Orlando! Thanks!!

  • Zach

    To DEN to go skiing!

  • WesB

    DTW to SAT to see family and ditch the snow.

  • Tatiana Fandino

    I would go to Florida to scape from this cold weather and why not, we could stop to see Mickey!

  • BVH

    Gotta be Aruba – best island in the Carribean.

  • john94si

    It is minus 21 here in Minneapolis today. I really need a short vacation in Florida. Plus all of my family is down there. I get your blog daily and have loved my IHG and SW cards promotions i have received thru your links.

  • DJH

    Albuquerque – would like to visit Santa Fe for the first time

  • Fawna

    I would take them to Denver to do some serious snowshoeing, trail running, and skiing! Yeah!

  • Luvadish

    I’d go to Nashville to visit my son at college…miss him.

  • Newo

    I’d send my wife to her cousin’s wedding in May–she’s planned to skip it to save money.

  • Edgar Perez

    I would use them to travel to two weddings this year.

  • softrice

    I want to go to Palm Springs and see cactus. :)

  • Travelista

    I would love to use the points to go to take my husband and kids to my sister’s wedding in San Antonio in the fall! Thanks for your excellent blog!

  • wizardtho

    I would couple it with my soon-to-be companion pass and visit our goddaughter outside of Nashville!

  • Andrew B.

    I’ve traveled all the way to Europe, but never been west of Arkansas. I’d love to see some sights out west! I’ve heard Portland is amazing. Southwest JUST came to Memphis, so I’d love to get my first experience flying on them!

  • Mark

    I would like to take my wife to Montego Bay (yeah for new routes!) for our 10th!

  • Stacy King

    I’d use it to take my daughters to Niagara Falls & stay at a waterpark.

  • Katey M

    I would use them to take my husband to Jamaica on my companion pass – I have been saving up Hilton points for the Hilton Rose Hall. Perfect combination!

  • FlyerM

    I’d fly DAL-PHX to visit my mom on her birthday. Happy B-Day Mom!

  • Dani Toney

    i would use the points to go visit my parents in florida..thank you so much for the chance to enter..

  • Hongliang Wang

    would like to fly to puerto rico and enjoy the sunshine, beach, biobay, exotic food….. so many beautiful things there.

  • Stephanie Richey Coon

    My daughter graduates in May – I think a trip to Aruba would be a pretty sweet place to celebrate!

  • Bri

    I’d go visit my mom in fla !

  • ghines

    Gotta be Aruba. Ready to get out of the cold for a little while…

    Almost a tie is the lifting of the Wright Amendment and more flexibility out of Dallas.

  • Jill

    I would fly to Panama City, Florida to visit my newly-retired parents in Destin. So happy for them!

  • Cate H

    NYC to hear Wynton Marsalis!

  • Lee Huffman

    I would use these points towards a flight to San Juan Puerto Rico to soak up some sun and enjoy the warm water…. since I have the Companion Pass, I’d be able to bring my wife along for free!!!

  • Sruti

    To Portland, Oregon for Thanksgiving. We flew Southwest last year almost once every month. We had to cancel Oregon in the last minute due to work. So, would love to go there this year.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Max

    I would totally take advantage of the new international flights and sit on a beach somewhere.

  • RkyMtHker

    I would use the points to travel to Nassau, Bahamas

  • Greg

    Would leave the frigid Midwest for a much warmer Nassau to swim with the dolphins at Blue Lagoon Island!

  • AG

    May daughter is having Synchronized swimming national competition in Seattle this year. That’s what I plan on using Southwest miles for.

  • Ali

    Excited to check out flying out of Dallas Love Field now that the Wright Amendment is expiring!

  • Ryan J. Kim

    IAD to ATL costs a few miles less than 10,000. I can go visit my in-laws with my wife

  • Brad J

    Southwest direct to San Diego. Nice short flight from Phoenix for a perfect weekend getaway!!

  • Ryan

    I’d take my wife to see the Manchester United game in Ann Arbor, MI in August.

  • iwantmoremiles

    I would go to San Jose to visit my family.

  • Linda Kim

    I’d take my hubby to Las Vegas for our 35th wedding anniversary, and play a round of blackjack for The Points Guy!!

  • Andrea

    I would use it to visit friends in my hometown of Albuquerque! It’s been too long.

  • Sean

    I’d use the miles to visit San Fran to see an old friend.

  • Sandeep Kor

    I would visit my family in Houston!

  • Danny

    We missed the DING! after my baby’s arrival. Would like to experience those leather seats again.

  • Kimbo

    There is a craft brewery festival in Seattle every year that we have been DYING to go to…that’s what I would use my points for. Good beer.

  • CR

    I’d love to use the points to help toward a ticket to Austin, TX in June for the Third Annual ATX Television Festival!

  • Robert

    Washingtion DC! with the girl :)

  • Brian Beneke

    I’m just excited for the newly announced non-stop routes. I’m feeling the pull of Las Vegas!

  • Marianne Mansfield

    I fly from Denver to Sacramento every month to see my 87 year old mother. Points help me keep this affordable.

  • Nikki

    I have a trip planned to Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun to cross the underwater museum off my bucket list. This would be a great way to top off my account to purchase airfare!

  • Bradley

    Nothing beats Park City, Utah in the summer with some of the best hiking, biking, and family around!

  • Bin Tian

    I’d like to make a trip to Denver, CO, just because it is close and the little new member of my family need to do his first try, lol

  • Jasanna

    I’d go to California!

  • Billy

    My wife and I would love to take a European getaway before we have another baby – these points would get us to the East Coast and help us make international airfare much more affordable!

  • FishMN

    Dayton to see my little granddaughters (and their parents).

  • rmw

    I want to go to FLL for my baby nephew’s first birthday in march!

  • vega25

    I’d go see my newborn niece! She arrives this weekend (most likely :), and I’ll go see her as many times as I can with a fantastic Southwest connection, instead of only once or finding a window of opportunity when I can drive 10+ hours one-way.

  • Sarah.telaviv

    I would fly to SFO to see my little grandson who is graduating from nursery school and who I haven’t seen for almost a year!

  • purplelotus

    I’d go to Washington DC – visit friends, go to all the free museums, and use my 3-day free stay at the Capitol Hilton.

  • Cathy

    I would donate them to my daughter for her honeymoon.

  • jlgctm

    I have this crazy idea to fly our family of four and my friend’s family of six from BWI to Montego Bay all on points and using the companion pass, and then use IHG miles accumulated from two Big Wins to stay at the Holiday Inn all inclusive there.

  • Brennan

    I’d go to Los Angeles!

  • Harris

    One of the new Caribbean destinations – maybe Aruba.

  • TomT

    family to Hawaii, would be the next vacation spot for us. One place we still have on our bucket list

  • Bradley Bates

    I plan on taking my wife and son for their first ski trip in late March to Park City but will fly into Denver to take Amtrak through the mountains to Salt Lake City.

  • EArcher

    I’d fly to Vegas to meet up with some friends that I made the last time I was in Ireland! We have been talking about it for a while but I haven’t been able to get there.

  • NiceJoselyn

    I would use the points for a positioning flight to catch an international award for a family reunion.

  • Mandy

    Going to Aruba would be a dream!! :)

  • Nate

    I’d head to FLL to get out of this Wisconsin winter and visit my friend’s new brewery

  • Jim

    Orlando for Disney with the family!

  • Sarah

    I just booked tickets to Miami on Southwest! But I’m really hoping they’ll open up the codeshare to Hawaii before my companion pass runs out, so I’d save up the points to go there!

  • mco

    Our daughter moved to Denver and works as a nurse in a hospital there. Finding an airline (like Southwest!) with frequent and flexible flights so we can quickly and easily visit during her days off would be great! (She works 12 hour night shifts)

  • Robert

    I’d use those sweet, sweet rapid rewards points towards traveling to academic conferences. Alas, the life of a grad student is not glamorous.

  • AJ S

    LGA -> MKE for a college buddy reunion!

  • Yati

    I’d fly from Ca to FL to visit my family who i usually only see once a year.

  • Junlan

    Florida would be awesome, I’ve yet to go there but always wanted to…

  • Cassy Turner

    I work with a couple of struggling schools in Minneapolis. I’d use the points to get out there more often without adding any costs for my flights. Bonus! the smaller Southwest terminal at MSP has two amazing restaurants and is so convenient!

  • LuvVacations

    Definitely Nassau for Shark Diving. Stuart Cove’s back in 2008 was a fantastic experience and have been wanting to go back ever since.

  • Russhai

    Aruba is definitely where I would go.

  • Geoff

    I know exactly how I would put these points to use: I would take my wife to Aruba out of BWI for our 2 year anniversary! We live near that airport and are so excited that we can now have that option.

  • Nobu

    I will use these points to go see my son in New York. He is a sophomor in college, I miss him so much. New York is far far away from California.

  • Cynthia

    So hard to choose! I could go see family, but I haven’t been to Hawaii or Europe yet, so I’d probably use the points to get to a jumping off point on either coast for one of those trips.

  • Bret

    Vegas for my bachelor party!

  • Kira Cao

    I would fly from Washington DC to San Francisco to start an amazing journey with my parents in summer.

  • jdshscja

    I would use it to fly to LA to see my new nephew.

  • Matt T.

    I would store them up for our honeymoon!

  • Yanfei

    I’d fly to visit friends in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas!

  • Erica

    I’d use it to visit my Dad!

  • RHarraka

    SNA to SFO non-stop on Southwest, to visit family. Not the fanciest of airlines, but always efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

  • Kellie Cotter

    New Orleans!

  • Craig Fisher

    I would use the points for a friends wedding in Jamaica.

  • Charlene K

    The Bay Area – I’m a UC Berkeley alum and need a nostalgic trip back.

  • David

    Back to PDX for a friend’s wedding!

  • Torrealta

    Haven’t been able to visit my Mom in San Antonio since she moved there 5 years ago. I’m new to the points game and trying to save enough for a trip to SA to see her. This would definitely top off my account! KUTGW TPG!

  • jo

    I’ll take the Bahamas, thank you!

  • MJ

    I would love some SWA points, so that I can finally take my wife to her dream Caribbean vacation, non stop from BWI.

  • Mike

    I’d go to the Bahamas from BWI with my pretty momma and eat cookies and drink allllll day :-)

  • Krissie

    I would go to see my family in Rochester NY to bring back venison meat to feed my dog. Last time I brought back 36# in one of my suitcases for FREE with their liberal 2 bags fly free policy!

  • Claudia Jin

    I’d want to go to Bahamas to swim with the dolphins!

  • Curt Sterling

    How can we not love Southwest?! They seriously feel like the only remaining FF program in the United States that’s worth being a part of! Love the companion pass and love the point system!! We would go to Aruba or wait until later this year and go to Cancun or Cabo, which I think will happen later this year when they finish integrating AirTran!!! WOOO HOO!!!!!

  • Kevin Pang

    I would love to take a much needed vacation from the polar vortex.

  • Amy

    Oooh money’s tight right now so a points getaway would be amazing! Somewhere warm, maybe Puerto Rico or Mexico!

  • disqus_c7svDDFg2R

    bahamas! well, honestly, that’s a lot of hops from LA, so would probably just wait until hawaii opens up.

  • Elena Garcia

    I have been wanting to go to Aruba!

  • Nebojsa A.

    Fly to Vegas with my family and from there take a road trip to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon.

  • Susan Wright

    I would go to Montego Bay…ONE LOVE!

  • Todd S.

    Nassau for me! Have never been, and now that Southwest flies I can use my companion pass that I scored based on TPG;s brilliant strategies!

  • Char

    I’d fly to Aruba. Love Southwest!

  • Erika Katayama

    I would head to Seattle to see my best friend, or to Denver to the Clifford Still Museum.

  • LeslieB

    I’d get myself to New Orleans for family time and amazing food.

  • Holly B

    I’d take advantage of the cheap fares to Florida to get away from the cold! The points would cover my ticket and with tickets at less than $300 round trip, I could even splurge and bring the boyfriend ;)

  • Erik Enrique

    I’d fly to El Paso (not the most exciting dest.) to surprise my mom, who is 1 year removed from fighting Ovarian Cancer. Seeing her smile would be worth any destination miles could buy.

  • Thanh

    I would use the points toward a trip to Puerto Rico so I can visit my friends!

  • Rod Smith

    I’d use the points as part of a redemption to take my daughter to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.

  • Ryan McVickers

    I’d use the points to send my mom to Tampa to visit family. The cold weather in Chicago has been brutal this winter!

  • JP

    Vegas baby

  • Jon

    Head out to the west coast/LA to visit some of my friends. Warmer weather would be a nice, secondary bonus.

  • Mark M.

    I would love to treat my 3 kids and wife to a much needed and priceless vacation to Disney World.

  • David Miller

    To go to California to visit my family.

  • Jackie

    I’d head to Seattle – Why not?

  • Robert Pemberton

    I would use the 10,000 points to earn my companion pass and fly to Aruba to give my wife the honeymoon we never had.

  • StevenRWerner

    With your 10K pts and few more from my account, I would head to the The Big Easy on SWA for a muffellata sandwich at Central Grocery!

  • Sean B.

    I’d love to get out of this -20 wind chill in Cincinnati. 10,000 points would get me that much closer.

  • Jeremy

    First I would get myself to Baltimore and then from there I would head to the Bahamas.

  • Kevin

    Need to visit family in Wisconsin. Had enough with Frontier airlines destroyed Midwest airlines so time try Southwest

  • bmp412

    I would use the 10,000 Rapid Rewards points for a flight to Aruba…or perhaps wait until the AirTran supported Mexican cities open up later this year.

  • Brendan

    I’d use my points to spend Spring Break in Key West!

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    I’d use the points to vist family in Kentucky.

  • Joshua G

    Thinking of going to Aruba. Gotta get out of Minnesota, it’s been brutally brutally cold! Hoping to use my SW points to go, and my SPG points to stay at the Westin!

  • Larry Mack

    I’d fly LAX to ABQ to visit Santa Fe, and then drive the high road over to Taos.

  • NJD

    I’d fly down to Phoenix in April to visit my brother and get out of the cold!

  • sumit

    I am planning to go to Cancun on my birthday.

  • Vickizca

    We are a family of 4 and have not been able to use a timeshare we bought a long time ago (with young kids etc.), so we booked a week in Cabo for our 20th anniversary and are now stressing on how to get there! We’d LOVE to use the miles if we win! Thanks!

  • RoofinReality

    Would love to go back to San Juan, Puerto Rico to do 2 things a) hit Old Town San Juan and b) tour the Bacardi factory.


    I would book a getaway to Punta Cana where the ocean is like warm bath water. We did that last summer on AirTran using Southwest points that we transferred. We almost have a companion pass for my wife. I will start working on mine pretty soon so we can fly our family of 5 for the price of 3 for almost 2 years. Especially since our bags can come with us for free. Thanks TPG!

  • Phil

    Vegas baby!!

  • Steve

    New York City. Haven’t been in years, and I eally want to see Kinky Boots!

  • Keaton

    I’d love these Southwest Points to fly to Buffalo/Niagara Falls for this upcoming Fourth of July.

  • Tim

    I’d fly to Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party!

  • SD

    I live Chicago, but the parents are in Texas and the sister in NYC. I’d use these miles with my girlfriend to introduce her to my family, as I’ve never done so before…! Here’s hoping for some miles to help with that :o)!

  • trice0903

    Please pick me! We are getting married and we really need the points to finish paying for our flights to Charlotte NC for the wedding, and then to San Juan for the honeymoon. Currently, we have enough points to pay for my travel and a portion of his flight but not all of it. This would really help us out a lot!!!

  • Rich

    I would Ho someplace Warm !! NY has been brutal this year !!

  • OregonKat

    I would fly my daughter’s boyfriend PDX to PIT to see her get her Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University in May.

  • phil

    Love to go to Baltimore for a quick weekend

  • Kelly Elizabeth

    I’d head to mexico!

  • hochie

    I’d use it to visit my parents who live across the country and we see eachother too infrequently.

  • Jordan

    For my wife and I to go to Park City this March

  • Nick H

    I would use it to go to warm, sunny Milwaukee so my parents can meet their grandson.

  • Safuvan Padannayil

    My wife and I plan to use Southwest as a USA Domestic Connection when we travel from TPA to CCJ (India) this summer!! We are looking for Business Class Award in Emirates 380 :)

  • TM

    Vegas for my bday!

  • Jessie

    I live in Palo Alto and I dig it when its cheaper to fly out of the calmer, closer San Jose instead of SFO. SWA’s hub in San Jose makes it easy to me to get (relatively) painless non-stop flights to Washington DC to visit my boyfriend cross country!

  • Mike Shih

    Use it on a bachelor party to Sin City VEGAS!!!!

  • Brett Albertson

    Montego Bay, Jamaica to get warm

  • Jeff Wilson

    I’d love to take my wife to Vegas for our Anniversary in June.

  • Tricia

    San Fran…always wanted to go there!

  • Terry H.

    I’d love to go to Aruba to celebrate my anniversary and get warm!

  • JayCz

    My son just moved to Boston to start his first job. I’d love visit him there, see the Freedom Trail sights, and take him out to dinner.

  • Dave Mo

    I’d fly to the Bahamas, or wait until they open up their new route to CUN!

  • Michael Charles

    My wife and I got married in December and went to Montego Bay for our honeymoon using AirTran for about 38,000 points. We’d love to go back again for New Years. We have 22,000 right now so 10,000 points would help us reach that points goal and keep the flame alive.

  • Neil Parikh

    I would use the points to book my mother a flight to visit her brothers and sisters in Florida who she hasn’t seen in over 2 years. The points would also help me get to the 110,000 needed for a Companion Pass. I would really appreciate the help because I just opened up the 2 Southwest Credit Cards and am trying to get the Companion Pass as soon as possible! Thanks!

  • Johnny

    I would go to Aruba.

  • Candy

    Aruba for me. This winter has been too cold.

  • Sean

    I would love to take a trip to Mexico.

  • Penny

    Anywhere warm would do! So happy about the new Caribbean routes. :)

  • Annalisa

    Finally getting to go to Aruba! Southwest’s expansion into the Caribbean is fantastic.

  • Adam Jakowenko

    I’ll fly to Denver to help my parents drive to California because they’re retiring here

  • Rootlesswanderlust

    Aruba!!!! Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya
    Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
    Key Largo, Montego…..Waiting for July 1st 2014, thank you AirTran.

  • Matt

    I’d use the points to help fly my family to MHT for a wedding!

  • mommabean

    I’d go see my son and his wife in Seattle. He went to the opposite corner of the country to go to college at UW, got a wife and career, and never moved back.

  • tina

    I would go home to visit my family in NC!

  • Joe-SC1

    I’ve never been to Aruba. That’s where I’d go on vacation (in a heartbeat).

  • Ellen

    Jamaica for my 36th wedding anniversary!

  • Ncsam

    I’d fly to FLL to see my family and escape the New England weather!

  • Cory

    I’d fly to Orlando for another trip to see Mickey!

  • santino

    I’d go straight to New York City for the weekend. It’s my Mother & Father in laws 30th year anniversary!

  • viks

    i’d use it on the new carribean routes! woot!

  • David

    I would take my wife to SFO for the day just to get Dim Sum!

  • Trenton Murphey

    I would use my points to fly my mom down to Atlanta next month to meet here new granddaughter.

  • David

    I would head to Florida for some spring training baseball!

  • ennelai

    travel back to Boston to visit my parents! (i’m an only child so they’ll miss me :)

  • Nicole

    I would take my husband and kids to Niagara Falls/Syracuse area to finally see the area where my husband grew up.

  • Zac Morris

    I’ll use the points to fly to visit my girlfriend in Vermont!

  • Terry

    Celebrating the repeal of the Wright amendment in November and taking son to Disney for the first time non-stop from DAL to MCO.

  • Sean

    I’d go back to PHL to see my nieces

  • Chelsea

    I’d use them to take a summer vacation with my mom to the Pacific Northwest before I move abroad for a year.

  • Mark

    I’d like to use the southwest points to fly one of the new nonstop routes available now at Dallas Love Field thanks to the expiration of the Wright Amendment.

  • Tabitha

    I’d visit an old friend from HS who currently lives in Denver. I haven’t seen her or her son in years and we would definitely do some hiking while there.

  • Julie Smith

    I’d take my sister-in-law and her family to the Bahamas, since they haven’t been able to afford a vacation in years.

  • KAR

    I would fly to Tennessee to visit my family

  • Nick O (PIT)

    That’s enough points to get me to Norfolk or Richmond to see my cousin and his new baby

  • helixcon

    I’d go to San Francisco, just for fun.

  • LM2


  • LM2

    I would use points to fly to San Diego in May to attend my brothers United States Marine graduation from camp Pendleton. Very proud.

  • Rich

    I’d use it towards taking my granddaughter on her first cruise!

  • Luke Adkins

    I would use the points to help take my son and sister ( who are the same age, weird) to wdw!

  • nicole

    San Juan, Puerto Rico here I come!

  • clarelouise44

    I’d try a trip to Aruba. While I have been to several Caribbean Islands, I’ve never been there.

  • Tyler Brown

    I’d use Southwest to fly from the Northeast! LGA – ABQ after coming in from a direct flight from JNB to get me home to my family.

  • KMommsen

    It is currently -20 here! Florida Keys sound wonderful and I would definitely add in the Dry Tortugas!

  • Kimberly Rotter

    I’d go see my mom in Albuquerque. Because she doesn’t get to see her granddaughter often enough and Southwest is the only airline that flies there nonstop from San Diego.

  • Liz

    I would fly to Austin to visit my aunt! I don’t get to go often enough!

  • Charles Joyner

    I’d go to Disney World and hang out with Mickey Mouse while getting some warm Florida sunshine.

  • TJM

    Use the points for my flight to LAX to fly to Hawaii for my honeymoon.

  • Michael Macken

    I would use the points to take in a sports event with my son.

  • Taylor

    I would use the points to get to Martha’s Vineyard for the Scup Derby

  • JB Wilcox

    I’d head to San Diego for some warmer weather and to explore Coronado..

  • Jeff

    I’d love to take my Mom somewhere she always wanted to go.

  • Hopeful

    Would visit my daughters that now live out of town but fortunately in SW cities — NY and and Chicago!!

  • Geri

    We live on Long Island and sadly my husband’s job is being transferred to Melbourne Florida. The plan is for him to commute back and forth on weekends for a year or two as we both have elderly parents living on Long Island to care for making it impossible to move. The 10,000 points would go a long way in helping us make the commute to Florida work!

  • Ian Yu

    I would use the points to book a flight back home to NC, where all my family is. I’m on the West Coast (CA) all by myself and it’ll be nice to use the points to see them for the holidays.

  • Tbucsboy

    I’d use it for my honeymoon!

  • Duane

    I would use them to take my wife to Aruba for Valentines Day.

  • Chris

    Take my wife on the honeymoon we never took!

  • Jon

    Gotta get to my brothers wedding!!

  • Jen Rhodes

    I would love to use some of these miles to get from SFO to PHX for a wonderful friend’s wedding in April!

  • CJ

    BWI to NAS to relax on the beach

  • Zack

    Southwest from Pittsburgh to Portland to check out the breweries!

  • Lindsay Faith

    I would take my husband and myself to Orlando!!! There we would explore Walt Disney World (we LOVE Disney) and Universal Studios (because we are Harry Potter nerds). We are in our twenties, in our third year of marriage, and still living with my parents (boo). We just recently paid off our student loans (YAY) and are now saving for a house so that we can start a family. We’d love to be able to take a trip to Orlando for our anniversary and 10,000 points would definitely help us get there!! =o)

  • Jason

    With the winter we’re having in the Northeast it’d have to be Aruba!

  • Mike B.

    My wife and I would love to fly to San Diego for a wonderful weekend of fun in the sun. 10000 points from SWA would sure help out!

  • Brad

    SW points are awesome. Now with Airtran they go everywhere… Well almost. I’ll use them to bridge the shortage for my first Intl trip with them. My Valentines present to my girlfriend

  • Fayth McCoy

    My husband and I would love to go to San Francisco for thanksgiving this year!

  • avi

    Orlando – to take my kid to Disney!

  • Mari

    My daughter wants to attend a dance seminar in NYC this summer, these would be really helpful to mke that happen!

  • Jonathan Hasson

    Would love to go back to San Juan, PR. We lived there several years ago, and would love to take our girls there to experience the wonderful Puerto Rican culture that we loved.

  • AL

    Could really use a break from work to head to LA for a long weekend!

  • Kiersten Vance

    I would like to fly to Burbank, CA to visit my grandparents. It is a huge bummer Southwest is devaluing their Wanna Get Away Fares. I love those.

  • nat2

    Spend it to fly from Denver to Indianapolis to see my new niece Sophia!!!!

  • Michael W Travels

    I’d most likely go to St Louis since I’ve been wanting to see the Arch and go to a Cardinals game.

  • Ryan

    I would use the points for a beach vacation to Florida with my best friend!

  • Art

    Go to Boston to visit our daughter in college.

  • howaaman

    I would take my kids to Disneyland!

  • Margaretmary Emefiele

    I’d visit my high school best friend in the west coast.

  • Devon

    Definitely Aruba! We’ve had the Companion Pass since 2013 and have been dying to use it to travel there.

  • Thomas

    I’d be heading south, FLL here I come.

  • Michele

    A weekend getaway to Las Vegas would sure be nice right about now!

  • Bev

    San Juan PR – have never been.

  • Sandra

    I would like to fly to Las Vegas with my family to let my almost two year old experience sights and sounds of Vegas.

  • Beth Sherman

    A warm place. Aruba, Miami, planet sun. I’m growing tired of the snow and cold in the D.C. area ;)

  • Alex Peransi

    I’d love to head to Orlando to take my kid to see Mickey!

  • Jfa

    Anywhere away from Chicago and the snow

  • Pc

    Florida sounds warm and snowless

  • Matt

    California here I would come

  • Julian Genato

    I’d use the points to convince my friends of how awesome the world of travel points accumulation is! The sw companion pass will be my ‘proof in the pudding ‘… your 10k giveaway will be the spoon that feeds the proof!

  • beth

    To go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!

  • Jordan

    My grandparents are both suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. They live 4000 miles away in Texas. I would go visit them while they can still remember who I am. I really hope I get picked so I can stop stressing about this. Thanks.

  • Liz

    I’d go to houston, texas from miami

  • mizliz

    I’d definitely use the points to head to Nassau!

  • jerry

    My wife and I are going to Seattle to visit her aging Uncle.

  • Allen

    the Caribbeans is the way to go, especially with a stop in FL

  • Alex

    I’d visit my brother in Baltimore. I keep promising to visit but still haven’t!

  • J.K.

    I would love to go to Seattle, and visit my friend who happens to be an incredible ballroom dancer!

  • Vijay

    I’ll be visiting Phoenix.

  • Antoin

    I’d head to Denver to go skiing in the Rockies!

  • Devin M.

    Orlando to escape winter in Ohio!

  • Cassie

    Portland to get to our destination wedding.

  • Meredith

    A nice long weekend to Las Vegas!

  • Shannon M.

    I would use the Rapid Rewards points to top off my account and use them towards a positioning flight on a first class international award ticket. Boo Ya!

  • Bryan Hunter

    Somewhere warmer than Minnesota. I think Phoenix would work just fine!

  • Arthur Chen

    I’d fly to Chicago to visit an old friend from college! Crossing my fingers that the weather isn’t too terrible!

  • Eva

    I would love love love to win the southwest Airlines miles! I’ve never flown with them before, but hope to soon!

  • Yogi

    I’d use the points to go to Kansas City in April for a bachelor party. Blues, BBQ, and baseball. Oh.. and probably some booze.

  • tepathome

    Oh, this would be great, my best friend moved to Dallas TX and Southwest starting NON-Stop to Love Field/Dallas in October! I would love to see my bestie!!

  • SatelliteInternet

    I will use these super-valuable-points towards My Wife’s travel to & from her University in San Jose, California (FLL/MIA to SJC/SFO). Due to a job transfer situation we had to relocate from CA to FL but realy could not get a university transfer without loosing a lot of credits. So we just decided to have her continue at the same university and switch to weekend classes. So here we are she takes flights twice a month. Southwest provides us the best timing+routing for onward trips and American gives the best routes+timings for return.

  • Hillary

    Graduating in May from a Baltimore university so I would love to take a nice trip down to Aruba before I start working!

  • Ashker

    I’ll be going to NYC to visit my cousing.

  • Talat

    I’d love to go to LAX to visit my sister

  • Scott

    I’d use the points to go see my Mom in California for Easter.

  • Yaseer Arafath

    My dearest friend has met with an accident and i would love to visit him at salt lake city to say get WELL SOON.

  • Michael Paul

    I would use them to fly from SMF to SAN to attend my little brother’s high school graduation, then take them to the beach.

  • kay8love

    We’ve got two weddings for our family of four to go to this year. Already got the two Southwest Visas so we are working towards getting a companion pass also (thanks for the tips) and the extra miles would really help!

  • Chau Dang

    I’d go to my college friend’s wedding in Colorado!

  • Stefan

    I’d visit family back east.

  • Mike H.

    I’d head to San Juan for some R&R and warm weather!

  • 5806

    I’m another one for NYC

  • Sooners

    To the beach! LA! I need some sun!!

  • cotoneloc

    I’d use my Rapid Rewards to get to NOLA for Jazz Fest!

  • Bree

    I’d fly DTW to PHX. To escape this $@#! Michigan winter and visit Grandma!

  • Esteban

    I’d use them to visit my mom down in FL

  • Steve

    One of their new international destinations on a honeymoon with my fiance!! Got the companion pass through your links and loved our trip to Chicago!

  • Bonnie

    I would use the points to take my family to Florida for some spring break fun and sun! Winter has been way too cold and snowy for me. : )

  • Christel

    I’d use the RR points to fly to New York City in the spring so I can see my best friend and enjoy the city while it’s not too cold nor warm. And maybe get a few in-flight laughs on the PA from SWA’s flight attendants.Their jokes are pretty funny sometimes!

  • Robin

    I’m ready to get out of the cold and take a week in Florida!

  • Mark

    Trip to San Diego to visit my brother and gorge on Tacos Del Gordo

  • JT

    The warm sandy beaches of Aruba. There has been way too much snow for me here in Philadelphia.

  • Teresa

    I would put it towards a much needed family vacation to Orlando, Florida. It has been a very cold winter in Michigan!

  • Mark E

    San Juan with my wife for our first vacation with out the kids!

  • Drew

    I would take my wife to Atlanta.

  • Seeryous

    Would love to take kids and wife to the Big Apple for fun family vacation for Spring break.

  • djvoltron

    I would use the ticket to visit los angeles.

  • chongluo

    my brother and his wife are having a baby in Mar. Would use the points to fly to SoCal and visit my new nephew or niece (they are keeping it surprise)!

  • Amanda McGowan

    I would take my family to Hawaii for vacation!

  • Ben Arnstein

    I fly every other week to Houston from Boston to visit my girlfriend. I got a new job 6 months ago and had to move, and SW is the only airline that offers affordable roundtrip fairs that are also nonstop. The 10K would be just about enough for a full roundtrip for the weekend

  • Brian

    I’d use every mile to get my girlfriend in LA to me in San Francisco.

  • Jason H

    I would use it to visit my parents in New York.

  • Angie Loquiao


  • Lindsay Lopata

    I lost my unemployment benefits right after Christmas. My new job won’t start until July and I need the miles to go visit my family in Chicago

  • Carianna A.

    I recently got engaged and would use the points to help fly my mother and fiance’ out to Indiana for my senior art show. Coming from a very low-income background, my family has never had the chance to see the university I go to, let alone the work that I’ve created while here in school. This would mean the world to me.

  • Jenn

    I’d fly from Austin to Atlanta to be with the love if my life. Or to fly him to me.

  • Ckynaston

    It’s embarrassing to say, but I’ve never taken my kiddos to Disney Land. Just signed up for the SW credit cards, and got to 104k points. Need those 10k more to put me over the top for the companion fair!

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