American Express Platinum Card – Getting Bonus Points and Statement/Airline Credits As Compensation

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here.

Update: The offer mentioned below for the Business Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here.

With last month’s news that American Express Platinum and Business Platinum cardholders would no longer get access to American Airlines Admirals Clubs and US Airways Clubs as part of the cards’ benefits package as of March 22, 2014, and the fact that only the cardholder will get into Delta SkyClubs for free from now on, a lot of people have been asking me whether it is still worth it to carry the card, and whether they should cancel it or if they can still get enough value out of it to counterbalance the $450 annual fee.

When the news came out about the American and US Airways clubs, many cardholders, were also sent targeted offers of compensation worth up to $500 in airline reimbursement credits to use if we wanted to purchase Admirals Club memberships outright using our Platinum cards. That was in order to make up for the loss of automatic entry (most offers seemed to be around the $100-$200 mark, though, to purchase day passes after March 22). Sadly, I was not one of those people.

That was an interesting offer and one that seemed to placate some folks. But with the news of Delta’s downgrade – previously the Platinum cardholder could guest up to 2 additional people into the lounge, and now we must pay $29 for each guest – and just two Centurion lounges that Platinum cardholders have access to at DFW and Las Vegas with just two more planned lounges confirmed at this time at San Francisco and New York La Guardia for now, everyone (again, myself included) is up in arms and wondering whether to cancel their cards.

Before I ever cancel a card, though, I always call up the bank and see what they can do to convince me to stay – so that’s just what several friends and I did yesterday to see what kind of compensation packages Amex is offering to make up for the loss of these benefits. Now, your results might vary since it likely depends on the card you have – the personal, business or Mercedes-Benz Platinum cards – as well as what the issuer has targeted you for, but the good news is that everyone I know seems to be getting some sort of compensation from American Express and as I always say, it never hurts to ask. So even if you were thinking about canceling, or sure you are going to, it still might behoove you to give Amex a call and see what they can do for you before making your decision.

When I called up the number on the back of my Mercedes-Benz Platinum card and asked to speak to an account specialist, I voiced my concerns and was promptly offered an additional $100 airline reimbursement credit for American Airlines, my specified airline choice. I pushed back and said that wasn’t enough, and the representative said, “Well, I could also offer you a bonus of 25,000 points posted to your account within 6-8 weeks.” I thought that was a fair deal and accepted, at which point she read a 5-minute-long disclaimer – which tells me they have a variety of these compensation offers ready to go – and was on my way.

Another friend of mine called up at the same time regarding his personal Platinum card, and he was offered an additional $200 statement credit (not airline rebate like most people are offered) but no bonus points. Phone reps seem to have some flexibility in giving out compensation based on how much they persuasion you need to keep the card open.

Certain transcontinental flyers get access to American's Admirals Clubs.

I was offered 25,000 points, which is worth ~$500 to me, so I’m keeping my card for sure.

A third friend called up to complain specifically about the Delta benefit since he regularly guests his non-cardholder partner into Delta lounges when they fly together and Amex offered him both 17,500 points as a way of offsetting the $175 he’ll have to spend to get a fourth additional card (each additional cardholder is entitled to the lounge access benefits and $100 Global Entry refund, but the annual $200 airline refund is the total for all linked cards on the account) as well as an additional $100 in airline refund credit toward Delta purchases (Delta is his specified airline). This friend has the personal Platinum card as well.

So there are just a few examples of the way Amex is dealing with this crisis and the compensation it is offering cardholders. Your results may vary depending on the version of the card you have, the airline you have specified and other factors. I get Admirals Club access with my Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard and I fly premium cabins a lot internationally, so I get lounge access anyway, so the stripping away of lounge benefits wasn’t a huge hit to me and the compensation Amex offered me is enough to keep me as a Platinum cardholder (for now).

But if you are a Platinum cardholder and you call Amex to ask about this, please leave a comment below telling us what sort of compensation you were offered and whether you’re going to keep your card.

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  • ZJ

    Very interesting and useful info, thanks.

  • Scott Lerner

    I called AMEX last week and was told when I asked for another Res Card for my wife with the $175 waived “they do not have the ability to wave that fee” SO they offered me 10k Delta Miles, which I took and hung up.
    I will no doubt call back thanks to your post PTS guy!

  • Scott C

    With those offers were you also signing a commitment that the agent spelled out that if you cancel the points or credits would be clawed back? I’m curious what they are adding to these offers they so graciously offered you.

  • thepointsguy

    There was no clawback, but she did confirm that I would not be canceling the card at this time

  • Margei

    I called yesterday and was offered nothing! The rep i spoke to said perhaps I should downgrade to the gold card! Had the platinum cars for 15 years. Will try again today.

  • Eric

    I did this the day after the announcement was made about the AA/US airways lounge and was offered 50k. I still am thinking this is not the card for me anymore. I don’t travel to SF, Vegas, or DFW so the centurion lounges are not a benefit I am using. Perhaps in the future I will get the platinum but right now after reading all the material on this site for the PRG, I think that’s my next move.

  • Greg

    Called and got nothing. Had very aggressive rep who just wanted me off the phone. She questioned why I chose Southwest as my fee reimbursment and not American, but I was complaining about American lounge access. When I explained that was the point (fly southwest, use american lounges) she said “I’ll close the card immediately,” disappointed, have had several amex’s over the last 5+ years, first time I had a rep with a truly poor attitude.

  • eli104

    I’ll be calling back again this week. When this happened and I called last week, I was told “sorry.” Because I have a Business card, and the agent didn’t consider the fact that I sometimes travel with my family and use the access because I happen to have the card. I normally choose Delta as my $airline for Platinum, so losing this benefit would definitely eat into my $200 reimbursement. That’s my argument.

    On the other side, I DID get an extra $100 for the loss of American lounge access, but the agent I spoke with last week also said it could ONLY be used for access to the Admirals Club! Huh?! Not sure how they track that, but that’s another thing I’ll be calling back to confirm (always follow the details!).

  • Ryan

    What’s the deal for canada card holder? It’s still showing we have access.

  • mwilson77

    i had a couple of reps who wouldn’t budge either, but finally got 20K points (DL is my airline fwiw). definitely had to “commit” to keeping the card for another year though.

  • crackedrj

    I just received a $250 statement credit. The key: Be nice and friendly. Be willing to see that they can sway you with an offer…so don’t be too determined to cancel. You will talk to 1st agent (but you must be nice to this one also) and then they will flip you over to the cancellation specialist. That is the person that controls the offers.

  • mikeC

    offered $100 towards AA/US, 25k miles, $200 statement credit (though recently renewed card). canceled card anyways.

  • Marlene

    Called yesterday and was offered nothing. Cancelled the card. Was hoping to get an offer to keep the card, but I guess my business wasn’t valued that much by them

  • Henry

    My anniversary date for my personal platinum card was right after the AA announcement, so when I called they waived my annual fee ($450) and have me a $100 AA incidental fee reimbursement. If only I know they were also offering airline credits I would’ve pushed back! I might call back again regarding the Delta changes as I’m a more frequent flyer with them vs AA. Anywho, I’m pretty happy with $550.

  • Santastico

    Have the Platinum card for 12 years and got nothing when I called complaining about Delta lounges. Was told to add a Platinum card to my wife so she can still get access to lounge. How about my kids? Should my 4 year old also apply for the Platinum card so he can get into the lounge to eat pretzels? Amex used to have a great customer service but that is not there anymore.

  • Ben

    I got just the extra $100 incidental to US Air and AA. I worked them to no avail. Sucks! Too many PointsGuy readers are calling in!

  • smweb23

    you got 550 dollars in credits. thats significantly more than any of the other offers ive heard. i would take that and be very happy about it

  • Henry

    To clarify, the $550 is a hybrid of the $450 annual fee waive plus the $100 AA reimbursement. So technically I only got $100 in return ($450 is cost savings)

  • Ted

    $100 AA credit plus 50,000 MR points. Kept card.

  • szarh

    I called after receiving the daily TPG email and was initially offered just $100 in AA incidentals, asked about further benefits and was told none were on offer. I kept asking and asking until finally was told they could put me on with a specialist, who briefed me on all the card benefits. I told her (nicely) those were old and didn’t really help me. In the end, they offered 25,000 in points. They seem to check if your account is in good standing etc. And then they confirm that you’re not going to cancel the card. Frankly, I never actually even threatened to close the card, I just said I wasn’t happy about it and that I loved AmEx so much, I was really disappointed in this development.

  • Nomadic Matt

    I called twice and each time they only offered me the $100 dollar credit. I suspect that the “flexibility” is also tied to how much you spend on the card and I don’t really spend that much on it.

  • Eric G

    I was offered nothing…..except they would reimburse me $450 if I wanted to cancel. a bit disappointed

  • ABB

    My husband wants to get the Mercedes-Benz platinum this year but I guess we will hold off for now. What a shame AMEX.

  • Santastico

    Well, that is the problem. I guess that people that read travel blogs know that Amex Platinum is a card that the maximum spend for the year should not exceed $650: $450 for annual membership and $200 to get airline credit. This card you keep for the benefits it offers that are not related to spending. However, I would like Amex to see me as an Amex customer and not as a Platinum customer since I have 3 other Amex cards that I spend a lot. Thus, if they ignore me for the Platinum they might lose me for the other 3 cards.

  • Flyerdoc

    It seems that the offer they give is pre-ordained. I have had a Platinum card for 16 years, have 3 additional cardholders, as well as a Delta Reserve and a Starwood Amex. We put a fortune on these cards each year. I am also DM on Delta, so I have multiple ways to access the lounge (which I use regularly), but can no longer bring guests with me. No matter how nice I was, she kept telling me that my account was approved for the $100 credit, which I would have gotten with or without a phone call come March 22. That is it. What do I do next? If my profile already has this as the only offer they can give me, how do I move the needle?

  • Ryan

    I spoke with Amex last night before I read this and they offered $500 in addition to the $200 existing airline benefit. The representative said that the amount you are offered is based on your standing with Amex (whatever that means), and the number of times you used the benefit. I live in Dallas and travel AA almost exclusively so the benefit was used often. She said that the offer was the highest tier and the price point was so you could purchase an Admirals Club membership but not required.

  • Santastico

    Close them all!!!! The problem is that it is easy to say but I doubt you would do that. I am on the same boat and they know it. They know people are angry and will say they will cancel but many will suck it up and keep the cards.

  • Justin

    I also got the $100 credit but they did credit to United (which I asked for specifically since I fly them the most). The rep also mentioned a 100k points bonus offer at my anniversary date but didn’t really give me any details. He also mentioned Centurion lounges are planning to open in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Philadelphia by end of 2014/start of 2015 (in addition to LGA and SFO which are next). Still need to see if we can squeeze $625 in annual fees of value though with my wife as an AU.

  • Christian

    Called, complained and got the additional $100 airline reimbursement credit for AA + 7,500 MRs after 45 min discussion…

  • Rob

    Just hung up with Amex. Received 100,000 points, 50k for my Personal Platinum & 50k for my Business Platinum. They are also including a $200 statement credit per card ($400 total), effective 3/14, for any charges incurred on AA/US in addition to the $200 per card I already receive with the standard Platinum benefits. Member since 2005, heavy user of both cards. Good luck.

  • Jason

    I have a business and personal platinum amex and they would only offer me $100 AA credit and 25,000 points. I was hoping for more but that’s all they would allow for me.

  • edward

    I carry the Delta Reserve and Plat card. the account rep was willing to give me 25000k on American but would only give me 15,000 miles or a $110.00 loyalty credit on my Delta Reserve, I live in Atlanta and rarely fly American and my wife’s plat card is free because i hold the Reserve card so i took the 15k . it still sucks that i cant bring guests or family in the club for free but i will give it a year to see if i will still carry both card next year.

  • Jeffrey

    Not so good on my end…I was told Amex already had plan to offer $100 AirLine Credit for AA and US air and NOT $100 credit for the airline of my choosing (They would not offer for Delta which is my airline). So double check for those of you who think they are getting $100 credit to the airline of their choosing.
    Now when I asked about the Membership Points that other people received the representative said, “No, we do not offer that! If you want to cancel the card we can help you with that.” She couldn’t tell me why they offer differently to different people.

  • jason

    Actually I just got off with the business department and they gave me another $100 AA travel credit and $325 statement credit to keep my business platinum card.

  • junblaze

    I thought only US airways allowed lounge access without being booked on US. Unless of course your are referring America Airlines to US Airways Pre-merger

  • David Aitken

    BOOM 25K MR points. You guys rock.

  • Ben L

    So I got a Amex Plat in November specifically to replace the Citi Exec World, but within 2 weeks they announced they are losing AC access. When I didn’t get any targeted comp offers I called and they just said sorry they are targeted. I’ve barely had the card for 2 months and my 25K sign on points haven’t even posted so I don’t really want to cancel yet.

    1. Does Amex prorate your annual fee if you cancel your card this early?
    2. Should I call after my MR bonus posts, be ready to cancel, and transfer the points out if they don’t budge?

  • Traveler157

    Thank you for a very profitable morning. Started with Amex Platinum. They waived my $450 fee. Never did I think Amex would do this. I had the option of 50,000 points but decided that with all the credit card offers cash is cash. I then decided to renegotiate all my cards. Visa Thank You Rewards gave me $125 with no handcuffs and American Airlines Visa gave me $95 with 5 purchases and no handcuffs. Both visa cards would not offer anything more. I will be closing out those accounts once the credit is posted. So, I just made $670. Thank you.

  • Joe John

    Awesome job…what did you say to make them waive your $450 fee?

  • Traveler157

    I nicely ran through all the promos that have crossed my desk, what I have read on the blogs and asked why should I stay with you? I am starting to think that I am using my graduate degree more for these promos. :) I think the GMATs should give the test takers a pile of credit card applications and see what the best deal a person can obtain and have them then organize it in an Excel spreadsheet. If you can manage this then grad school is a breeze. :)

  • elizabeth

    Just called… I’ve only had the platinum card for about a year and they offered me $100 credit for american/us airways and 50000 points. she only offered the credit at first and then i told her that i’ve been reading online about how people are getting extra points as well and then she looked into it further and awarded me the points.

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    I spent $300K on my card last year (I use it for work purchases) and apparently, that wasn’t enough to get more than an additional $100 credit. No points, no more than the extra $100.

  • SMBrowne

    I have a MB Platinum Card and a business platinum card. Strangely
    enough I was offered $500 towards and admirals club membership on the MB
    platinum but only $100 on the business platinum. In speaking with AMEX
    they informed me it was based on my spend on each card.

    would be great if there was a way use the AMEX credit to pay for the
    $450 Citi Executive AAdvantage card to take advantage of the 60,000 mile
    sign up and gain access to the admirals clubs. Anybody figure that

  • Melody

    I received the $200 credit email in the mail starting March 22. but other than that, nothing else. Agent was actually a bit rude to me. The card is definitely not worth the $450 annual fee anymore as I use American Airlines, US Airways, and Delta lounges very frequently, and even a $200 credit doesn’t offset how often I use those lounges. Now, where to transfer those Membership Rewards points to before I close my account….

  • Balaji Sampath

    I got a $100 credit with American/US Airways and a 6000 point bonus.

  • JustSaying

    Anyone have any idea where the AMEX SFO lounge will be located?

  • CherylD

    Called – only offered $100 additional credit for AA/US Air. Asked about points – was told no. Took the credit.

  • Jim

    I haven’t spoken with AMEX yet, so hopefully they can get their act
    going on getting some sort of standard to offer to people. Might be
    based on usage at lounges, I don’t know.

    I have the platinum card for both my wife and I and the total is $750 per year. I guess I’ll add my 3 kids….

    Maybe they will have cheaper additional cards for family members.

  • ACL

    Called, was transferred to retention department. They offered a $100 credit on American/US Airways after March 22, 2014 (making the total benefit $300). After citing numerous years of membership, they offered me an additional $200 statement credit (cash credit, not an airline credit). So combined value of $300 received. Not bad, not the best. At least gives me a reason to hold out for a few more months and see what other Centurion lounges open (they cited San Fran, Philly, Chicago as future sites).

  • David F

    Got 15K MR Points and $100 statement credit for airline incidentals. I’ve had the card less than a year. Signed up for the 100K promotion in May 2013. This is NOT my goto card. Thanks for the tip.

  • Joe John

    Thanks. Great job at making them “work” for you! A lot of these large companies and banks take us for granted. I know only 1 other person that has gotten the fee waived.

  • Traveler157

    Now you made my day. Thanks.

  • Ryan

    Does accepting any of the offers mean you can’t cancel the card in the near future?

  • Mike

    Had previously accepted the $100 additional credit – as a result of this posting, called back and after an initial no-go, asked to be transferred to retention and was offered (and accepted) an additional 6,000 Membership Rewards points. Thanks Brian and everyone for posting your experiences.

  • Kim

    They wouldn’t give me anything other than $100 AA credit. They said whatever blog I am reading about receiving bonus points is wrong…crazy!

  • James

    Just called Amex And was offered $100 additional credit for AA/US Air only. They were pleasant but wouldn’t budge. I downgraded card to Gold and will finally apply for Starwood.

  • UrbanPhoenixInjunCAM

    Well…they gave me $100 airline credit for USAIRWAYS/AMERICAN.
    And told me that if I combine my $200 previous airline credit with the additional $100 credit to buy American Admiral Lounge access for year… American will set up so that the charge is recurring annually.

    Be aware.

  • PhatMiles

    First of all, thank you TPG for this post. I called Amex and explained the loss of AA/US lounges makes this card less worth for me. The first rep explained some other benefits and offered a 100$ AA incidental credit effective after March 22, 2014. When I said that wouldn’t make the hefty fee justifiable I was offered 25K MR as well which will post in 6-8 weeks max. I already redeemed the 200$ airline credit for this year. So $200+$100+25K MR is what I get for the 450 I am going to pay this year. l feel more than satisfied. Thanks again!

  • Susan

    Called yesterday and got offered additional $100 airline reimbursement after March 30 as well as 50,000 Membership Rewards points that have already been credited to my account.Will be enough to keep me for another year but not in the long run unless Am Ex comes up with benefits that are worth the high fee. Otherwise – Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Citibank Executive Platinum might be better choices.

  • Nick

    I never put any spend on my platinum card since MR points aren’t worth as much as Chase UR points, nor is the incentive to spend anywhere near what other rewards cards are (Sapphire Preferred, Barclay Arrival, etc.). That being said, I was given an additional $100 statement credit for AA/US Airways incidentals after March 22, 2014, and 8K MR points.

    Not nearly the 25-100K other members here have received, but for not spending a cent on this card, I can’t complain … until my renewal date pops up again in October, that is. ;)

  • Audrey

    I have the Platinum Business card and the lounge privileges are the main reason I pay $450 a year for the card. Because I travel so often, mostly on AA, losing this benefit made me really rethink the card. I did not get one of the targeted emails but I also live by the “It never hurts to ask” creedo, so I called Amex and without hesitation they offered me a statement credit of up to $500 if I used the card to join the Admirals Club. I have until the end of 2014 to do so so the first time I fly on AA after my Amex no longer gets me in, I will join. Of course, this will only help for the first year. After that, I will once again have to examine the perks. For now, I’m happy.

  • Juan

    Just finished talking with them. the representative offer me 450 dollars credit to my statement or 50,000 Amex points plus 100 dollars. Of course I took 50,000 Amex points and 100 dollars, plus the regular 200 dollars that we get with the airline of my choice!

  • J

    Just called about the Delta lounges and was offered nothing. Said they are working on a solution. She even claimed that the cardholder would have to pay the $29 fee to use the lounge as well. Will have to try again and hope for someone smarter.

  • Bob Stein

    I also received the $500 too. I am AMEX business platinum

  • zack

    U the man!!!
    I got 25k and $100 statement credit.
    Theres no trick, my wife they offered nothing too, and refused to do anything for her. If you spend a lot theyll see what they can do for you, if not they wont.


    I just got $100 credit and 25,000 membership points

  • FlyingJoey

    Time to get AmEx on the phone.

  • Jim Lewis

    I just called. I’m a platinum member since 96. Only got the $100.

  • Sonoamwine

    Called and was offered $100 in American Airlines credit, I was asked about canceling the card and was transferred to the retention department and was offered 25,000 miles. Platinum card member since 2001

  • eli104

    A bit less than the last, but I was given 25k membership rewards points in lieu of whatever costs I might incur at Delta Sky Clubs.

  • MrBurns

    I was up for renewal..was able to get 6000 new points, 4k points that were lost reinstated and the $100 credit. Been a member for 1 year, never used any lounges but used the airlines credit. Got 100K points when I signed up back in Jan.


    called about my business platinum and my wife’s business platinum. For my card – got 100 dollar towards aa/us airway. for my wife’s card – just opened it a few months ago. They said they would be willing to downgrade the card and give me back the 450 fee paid in december 2013. This is a good offer and good to know about. We got full airline credit in 2013. will get it again in 2014. will get 100k points and will probably downgrade to gold card in a few weeks once we read spending limit. Essentially for wife card this equals:

    400 airline credit

    100 k miles

    100 global entry

    0 fee on card

    gold card = 2x points on gas etc.

  • Robert

    ..and now something different, in my case, i.e. having Amex Personal Membership Rewards card that is about to get charged with its first annual fee, two different customer service reps told me that there’s no retention bonus offered. All they do is just keep telling me the same story all over and over again “you’ve already received 50K bonus points last year, the fee was waived…”

  • Netsc

    After 25 minute conversation … 32,500 miles or $400 statement credit. And had to listen to terms and conditions. That’s in addition to the $500 American credit I was already eligible for.

  • Lars

    $100 credit on my AA (which was the airline I’ve selected for my $200 yearly credit for the past few years)

  • rooster

    Got the $500 offered + was told “you were one of the very few”. Not sure what that means? What I do know is 2015 will be my last year with AMEX Plat.

  • heshii

    Have a Plat Amex + 3 other Amex cards (business and personal) for the last 12 years – they offered me the $100 credit to US Airways/American, and said that the decision for others to receive compensation comes from “marketing”. Extremely disappointed in the customer service and will be taking my business elsewhere come July when dues are up for renewal (not that they care).

  • HerrHimmler

    Next to UA domestic..not good to DL or UA/AA

  • HerrHimmler

    A point bonus is given if you use the mobile app.

  • Melody

    Good to know. Just installed it. Do you know if they see it immediately?

  • G

    I called AMEX and they offered me an additional $100 in American Airlines credit and $450 credit. To get the $450 credit, I agreed to remaining a Platinum cardholder for 2014.

  • TheBradsBlog

    I got the $500 statement credit in addition to the $200 airline fee credit.

  • D P

    I called and spoke to a rep and was offered NOTHING. I told her my frustration on the Delta, US Air and American news and she just advised that they do not control partners. She suggested an additional card for Delta benefit. I did not ask to speak to an account specialist and she did not offer to transfer me even when I said I am 99% sure I will be cancelling.

  • pacheco18

    I got nothing. My rep said she has been with AMEX 10 years and has not given points to anyone. I am not a big spender on the card. I got it when I was offered a 100k point sign up bonus. She said “everyone” would be getting a $100 credit for American to compensate for the loss of the lounges. That is supposed to happen in March.

  • Paul Teixeira

    I called today and got the $100 extra airline credit good after March 22nd. I asked for points as well, but the guy said he couldn’t add them.

  • russr

    How valuable are the Centurion lounges anyway? DFW, SFO and LGA are multi-terminal airports. Even if they are located pre-security, they are not convenient for most travelers.

  • Steve Guttenburg

    I got a $200 dollar credit on my statement. Althought it was after much back and forth they were VERY adament about not offering anything other than the standard $100 AA airline reimbursement after March 26th. I was obviously fishing for something, I’d never give my card up, and I think they caught on. But after 30 minutes and being transferred to cancellations, they finally agreed to something.

    I never specifically asked for anything during the call, just said I was disappointed with the benefits, and wanted to know what they could do. They reiterated nothing several times, so you have to be persistent.

    I remained nice and friendly the whole time, I can see if i was stern in anyway they wouldn’t have given me anything.

  • R

    I have a business Platinum card and just called about the American lounge access being removed. I was transferred to the retention department (after asking) and was initially offered 100 incidental credit. I told him that did nothing for me and mentioned that I know there are others that received points, etc.

    He then offered 32.5k points and I said just tell me the most you are authorized to provide. He then offered 50k points and the 100. I accepted and felt that was sufficient.

    I do live in Dallas and use the American Lounge frequently so that may have had something to do with the points they awarded me.

  • dbeach7

    DFW has multiple terminals but they are linked by the Skylink so it takes ~10 minutes or so to get to the Centurion lounge from just about anywhere. On the other hand, as near as I can tell the one at SFO will only be of use to people who are flying out of terminal 3 (United).

  • dbeach7

    Terminal 3. It will pretty much only be useful to United flyers. I’m not even sure you can get to it from Terminal 1 or 2 without going through security again.

  • Bryan

    Points Guy, Does this new rule affect the Delta Reserve Card? If so have they been compensating their card holders as well. I have 2 delta Reserve cards and use the lounge for my family often.

  • iorr61

    Use the Amex credit towards AA club for ’14, then hope that Amex can aggressively builds clubs in the US over the next few years. Not sure if finding space will be an issue, but I figure they need at least 16. Definitely like the two Amex clubs over AA’s or USAir’s.

  • Jason Weida

    Haven’t called Amex yet, but did receive $500 offer for my personal Platinum card. But my spend is significant, and I used the AA lounges about twice a week most weeks last year. Makes sense.

  • papagorodeas

    Have had platinum…15? years and do a lot of spend some years $300,000 but nothing that big in the last 5. $500 AA credit no discussion and didn’t even mention AA. Had to listen to disclosure I was told I could still cancel after getting the credit if I wanted to. Tried to get MR points, but no go.

  • Dave Golden

    I have had my MB Plat card for about 6 months. I called to express my displeasure regarding their lounge access and was transferred to retention.

    He told me I had already used my $200 credit – and countered with the fact that they had a lounge at BWI – I told him we never used it, but prefer American and depending on our terminal we may not have access to their lounge.

    He only offered 6,000 points to not cancel the card. I told him I would talk to my wife about it.

    5 minutes later I went to chat with support on AmEx’s web site and the person I was chatting with offered $100 statement credit and $100 reimbursement (after March 23rd?) for USAir and American purchases.

    STRANGE – but much better than 6,000 points.

    My plan is to buy a $100 American gift card on March 23rd and cancel the card.

  • Travelicious

    I called AMEX yesterday and voiced my concern over American Airlines Admiral’s club lounge access being removed as a AMEX platinum card benefit. This is the main reason for me having this card is to access various airport lounges, mainly the Admiral’s Club. I am considering canceling the card (I purchased an Admiral’s club membership at the end of 2013 because of the change to the AMEX Plat card and to get the $200 airline credit before the end of 2013). She explained that the change was outside of American Express’ control and she offered me $100 credit if I were to use an Admiral’s club or US Airways lounge after March 22…this equates to 2 lounge passes.
    I have not decided yet. I am ExecPlat on American (at least until March1 when I become AA Plat because I didn’t fly enough to requalify as EP) and I am considering moving the AAdvantage card to get the 10,000 elite qualifying miles for $40k in spending to go towards EP this year.

  • lori bremner

    Thank you do much for this article. I called last night on my Biz Platinum and was only offered the additional $100 airline credit. Because of these comments I knew they could give more. But the retention department wasn’t open at night so I had to call back today. Had to nicely push a bit, but ended up with a 50,000 MR bonus in addition to the $100 airline credit. That makes me very happy!

  • Duh

    Henry – Are you serious? You would have spent the 450 either way. This is the best offer I have seen.

  • Brendan

    Just called and was immediately offered $100 toward AA/US incidentals (in effect after Mar. 22). Not out of this world, but I get the card through work, so I’m not complaining.

  • Mookie

    I got 20k. Had to commit to keeping the card. I pushed and pushed. Was also offered the $100 for aa

  • Mjodotcom

    Just got extra $100 airline credit and 25,000 MR points. Not as great as others, but still won’t complain. Not a ton of spend on the platinum card.

  • Ashley HM

    Called yesterday and got extra $100 credit and 50,000 points. I am happy with that and will keep card. I believe compensation is based on spending history/account standing.

  • tarun

    So this answers whether to keep the card for at least one more year. but it seems pretty clear that the card isn’t competitive from a de novo perspective.

  • asdas1234543

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but I got $100 on my airline re-imbursement benefit plus $200 cash on my statement! Boom! Definitely talk to the specialists and tell them you are ready to cancel the card!

  • jshuer

    i just called and was told that i had received the offer for$550 back american or US air in december. it could be that i missed it but i don’t think so. it is not available for use until after march22 and good thru 12/31

  • slawekjb

    also got only a $100- to my disappointment…though, I’ve been at platinum level for only two months

  • Lucius Russell Chen

    Pretty poor effort on Amex part to retain me as a customer, I’ve only received 15000 MR after complaining about all the erosion of benefits over the years.

  • fred jones

    My renewal was due this month. I called to cancel & complain that I wasn’t notified by email about the loss of AA lounge access & not offered any type of credit. The airline offered me absolutely nothing to renew my card. I spent $10,000 on the in 2013. I cancelled. Bad business model if u ask me.

  • Stewart

    Yesterday I called to cancel my wife’s associate card on my Business Platinum due to the $300 annual fee and no more lounge access. I was offered a $500 American Airlines credit good for food, baggage, Admiral’s Lounge, or cancellation fees, and must be used by Dec. 31. This is in addition to the annual $200 airline credit I already receive. I charge quite a bit on this card and that my be why they were being so generous.

  • disqust101

    Same offer. Took the points plus $100

  • Erik

    Hey Matt, Make sure you ask to be transferred to the retention people. The front line agent offered me only a $100 credit. The retention department offered 50K MR points plus the $100 credit. My spend was less that 15k on the business platinum card last year, so I don’t think spend can be the only factor. Good luck everyone

  • Robert Lilljedahl

    Would you say you spend $60K-$100K or higher?

  • Robert Lilljedahl

    I only got $100 added to the AA credit. I also don’t spend much ($55K-$75K)/year

  • john

    I had the platinum card for 1 year (picked it up during the 100k MR offer). I put less than 2k a month on the card.

    Originally offered $100 and was told that’s all I qualified for.
    After arguing with the Rep, I was offered 20k MR and $100 statement credit which I took.

  • TheInternationalLine

    Another data point… Platinum cardholder for a year. Rep was nice and we discussed decreasing lounge access as reason for canceling. She offered $50 statement credit or 6000 MR points in addition to the $200 US Airways/AA reimbursement offer that was emailed a month or two ago. I was close to jumping on it, but elimination of domestic lounge access where I fly is a deal breaker. I also like getting a real person when I call Chase Sapphire customer service (for a much lower annual fee).

  • jb

    $100 statement credit and 50K MR. ~$60K last year in spend. I’ll be keeping the card.

  • Short and Tall Tales

    Also got in on the 100k offer from last year, and have a second card on the account. Received $200 credit by email in December for the US/American lounge loss. Called AMEX today to cancel the second card since we already used the Global Entry, etc, benefits, and we told them we were considering cancelling both accounts due to the removal of the lounge benefits. After 15 minutes of back-and-forth, including an offer to downgrade to Gold, we were offered an additional 50000 points to stay Platinum. Worth it for us as we will be doing a lot of traveling on Amex partners this year. Definitely worth it to call, but it takes a lot of persistance!

  • Peter O

    $100 and 6k miles. No amount of convincing got me more. Cardmember since 1966.

  • Diamondeye

    $200 additional airline credit and no points. I didn’t take the offer, but didn’t close the account. CSR was pleasant but didn’t budge; confronted with stories of others and basically indicated that compensation was member-based, which we already kinda knew. I wanted points in lieu of $, I wasn’t asking for ‘more’ just a different form. She offered to email me the list of benefits, which allows me to stall for time and call once again prior to AF renew (they will refund if card closed in the same month). I may change cards but I can’t see myself without AMEX, it’s just too good when on the road.

  • JustSaying

    That stinks as I already have a Lifetime Red Carpet so $450 won’t be that attractive unless the statement credits keep rolling in…….at that point sure I’ll stay………..

  • lduv143

    i spent 73K last year on business platinum. i am a cardmember since 2008. they initially only offered me the additional $100 airline credit, and suggested that i could downgrade to a gold card for a lesser annual fee. i said that i love the FHR program, so that wasn’t going to work for me. they transferred me to a supervisor, and she said the same, $100 airline credit was all they could do. i told her that i heard from some friends that they received MR points in addition to the $100. She put me on hold, and came back with an offer of 5K MR points, plus the $100 credit. I took it, even though after reading all of your comments, i feel that i should call back and say that it isn’t enough. :/

  • Ivan

    I’ve had the platinum for about 3 months and ran 45k worth of purchase (mostly travel) through it… All they offered me at first was a 100$ AA credit and 5k miles. After escalating a few times, I managed to score 15k miles and the 100$ AA credit… Now I’m thinking I might have been able to get more from them…

  • J

    Just called FEB 17. I had already received 6k MRP before (Nov). This time I got another $100 airline credit and that’s it. Offer to downgrade to Gold or even lower.

  • Amex Non Expert

    I had the Amex personal platinum card for a few years, in February i called in for a retention as my AF was due. I was given 25k retention bonus. I then asked the rep if he would change my card from the personal platinum to the MB platinum. He said no one has ever done this. He made it happen without a hard credit pull. So my question is this – Can i use an additional $200 airline reimbursement now that its a different credit card? I had already used the $200 in January on my Personal Platinum. Thank you!


    Tried AMEX 2x today. Member sine 99 with Rewards Gold and have a Platinum for about 1-2 years. First call just offered up the additional 100 towards airline incidentals and said it would have to go to AA/USAIR – thought they said all my incidentals (300) would need to go that way. Called again and leaned on them some more mentioning my colleagues were offered points and additional statement credits. They offered 15k points OR a $100 statement credit Not both, either or. Wouldnt up the points or dollar amount for me… ;o(

    I did confirm that i could keep the 200 pointed towards delta and use the 100 for AA/US if i wanted to.

    So i opted for the points for now along with the 100 for AA/US incidentals that they’re offering accross the board.

    Looks like i should have called up sooner… might try online chat and hit them again for more. another 100 bucks statement credit and another 10k MR would pacify me….

  • dorothy

    they told me they couuld only give me 1000 points – worth $10! and they said i didn’t use the clubs enough in 2013 to show it was a problem!

  • MiamiTraveler

    My husband has been a member since 1966. When I called to address the issue with the lounges I was given a $450 statement credit and an additional $100 allowance for airline incidentals. Not bad for a 28 minute phone call. I will say that I had to ask to speak to a manager because the first representative was. It able to approve much.

  • sultan

    When i called amex to close rhe card because of the downgrades, I was given 100$ on top of the original 200$ and also ether 50k points or AF waiver wich I took. Good luck

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