Amazing Deal Alert: 75,000 Miles for Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard

by on January 24, 2014 · 67 comments

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Fellow travel blogger (and LA Times Travel Show panelist) Johnny Jet forwarded me an exclusive new credit card offer from Citibank on the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard with a whopping 75,000-mile sign-up bonus – which is as high as we’ve seen any bonus on any of the Citi AA cards in a while.

Citi AA Exec 75k

The terms of the offer are as follows:

  • Apply now, get the card and earn 75,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after making $7,500 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership. Also, earn up to $100 in statement credits — earn $1 in statement credits for each $1 spent on purchases within the first 12 months of cardmembership.
  • Elevate the way you travel with these luxury benefits: Admirals Club membership (a membership value of up to $475)
  • Earn 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles after spending $40,000 in purchases each calendar year
  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases
  • Earn two AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases, including US Airways codeshare flights booked on
  • Priority Boarding and 25% savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • Your first eligible checked bag is free
  • SmartChip technology
  • Expert Concierge Service
  • $450 Annual Fee

That highest current public offer on this card is for 60,000 miles when you spend $5,000 in 3 months, so by spending an extra $2,500 you earn a bonus 15,000 miles.

The one thing that seems to hold people back on getting this card is that hefty $450 annual fee. The calculus of this has recently changed since the Amex Platinum and Business Platinum cards will no longer allow access to American Admirals Clubs or US Airways Clubs starting March 22, 2014. However, this card will include access to both as part of its benefits package.

The reason I got this card myself is for the opportunity to earn those 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles each year you spend $40,000 or more in purchases, which is one of the best travel credit card calendar year spending bonuses out there. It’s a lot of money, but it can be just the bump you need to hit that next elite status threshold and at the top tier of Executive Platinum, that includes super valuable perks like unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades (no more banking on 500-mile upgrade requests), 8 annual EVIP systemwide upgrades on any published paid fare – which can equate to thousands of dollars per flight in value – a 100% elite mileage bonus (Platinums get this as well), waived fees on ticketing and award mileage reinstatement.

If I hadn’t just gotten the card myself with a 60,000-mile bonus, I’d definitely be applying for this offer. For ideas on meeting the minimum spending requirement for the bonus, see this post.

Caveat: This is not my link, and as with many of Citi’s most lucrative AAdvantage card offers, you will not see the terms of the bonus explicitly stated on the application page, so I do want to add a note of caution that your miles may vary. If you do decide to apply report back on your outcome in the comments below.

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  • Phillip

    If you hold a regular AAdvantage card are no not eligible?

  • Honkon

    No, I have the AA Visa and was just approved for this card, too.

  • Honkon

    Got it! I had to call and verify info, but no problem (and I already have an open AA Visa through Citibank)

  • Trevor W.

    What if you have the AA MC personal and AA MC biz, still eligible?

  • Will

    $7,500 in the first 3 months is a little high. I woukd suggest going for the 60,000 bonus offer ($5,000 in the first 3 months) then purchase the extra 15,000 miles for $385.

  • Mitty

    I guess that’s a way to look at it. I was going to write some witty response to this, but I didn’t want the sarcasm to be misinterpreted.

    Let’s just say that it’s better to have the best of both worlds, right? If you read some of TPG’s manufacturing spend posts, you can creatively hit all of these spend limits without actually having to shell money out of pocket that you wouldn’t normally be spending. I have always viewed the goal of travel hacking or credit card bonuses to be “how can I get as many miles as possible, without having to purchase them directly.”

  • Donna

    I had just gotten my card two weeks ago using an old 60k mile for $5k spend. I called and they added an additional 15k for $1500 spend so basically 75k for $6500 spend! Woo hoo

  • FlyingJoey

    I tried applying but they said I’m already participating in the program therefore I am not eligible :(. I have the AA AmEx.

  • adpage

    how long do you think this offer will be up?

  • Mitty

    ^ Winner! :)

  • byroshi

    I think you also get priority check in for having the card, for those who doesn’t have status with AA.

  • Matthew London

    I have both the Citi Visa and AMEX AAdvantage cards and still received the 75,000 mile deal. Thanks for the gem!

  • Travis

    The offer I got in my e-mail said I have until March 31, 2014 to apply.

  • LAKnight

    I am more interested in hearing retention bonus on this card. Did anyone try Citi Retention Department with this card?

    Pipe Dream Scenario: $450 annual fee waived. LOL…

  • Christopher

    Thanks for posting this update. I was told no yesterday but was able to get the offer you got today.

  • Ben Price

    Applied and approved for an 8k CL. Already have two preexisting Citi AA cards. Here’s to hoping I actually get the 75k bonus!

  • LAKnight

    I can’t agree more. Spending $7500 in the 1st 3 months (ie. $2500/month) is too high. I wonder the numbers of Vanilla Reload visits we need to fulfill the spending requirement.

  • Mike

    I have the AA Visa Signature Gold card – can I still get the 75k with this offer?

  • Rocky Rockwell

    Just applied and was approved; I verified it was for the 75k miles after $7500 spend in 3 mos. What a great deal!! This will work great for my trips between LAX and HNL. Bye bye Delta and Amex Platinum…

  • WRL

    I am a USAirways Chairman with the USAirways Mastercard that gets me 10K “real” miles after 25K spent. Given the merger should I shell out the $450 for this card?

  • Ben Price

    1) AC access: do you have to be flying AC on that day?

    2) TPG: any chance we’ll get an article soon on exactly how Exec Plat upgrades work?

  • Doug

    No, you don’t need an AA ticket. It’s like a full AC membership.

  • Ben Price

    Head over to FT. They have a discussion Re: if you close your card within 30 days of AF hitting, you get refunded the $450.

  • Justin

    Wonder no more… you’d need 15 reload purchases (or 5 per month) to meet the spend.

  • Danny

    I agree with Will, but your point is good too. For most people I don’t think it makes sense to manufacture 7500 bucks of spend, but it’s very nice that if you are that kind of person then now you are getting some extra bang for the buck.

  • Bruce

    Both the wife and I applied and were approved for this card. We both have another AA card. Verified the 75,000 mi bonus, $100 statement credit before finishing the phone call with CS rep. Why spend $450 twice and $15K in min spend? I look at it as buying 75K miles for $350 net. 0.5 cents per mile. No brainer if you can meet min spend.

  • doctorofcredit

    Thanks for posting this, seems like a pretty good offer for those flying often.

  • Tom R

    Just got approved for the card. Had to call to verify application. Received $15K credit line. Thanks for the link.

  • Dave L

    This is an OK deal for somebody primarily into cash. Personally I only value the 82.5 miles at about $1100. -350 fees= 750- my personal opportunity cost of MS of 7500 (300)=
    $450 which is decent but not earth shattering. The benefits to the card are useless to me.

  • Brian

    Anyone know the deal with the $100 statement credit? Does this just mean the annual fee is essentially $450-$100 = $350?

  • gtg5017

    applied and got it. confirmed 75k over the phone. 10k limit. kinda pissed i just got the BA card now, but should still be able to hit the 2k minimum on that anyway.

  • LAKnight

    Yeah… 3 days ago, I called Citi retention department and took offers from the CS Rep for my existing AA Visa. Should have waited for couple more days…

  • Chris

    When was the AA Amex opened?

  • Samuel McConnell

    Which is only $59.25…a lot cheaper than puchasing the miles outright.

  • BobChi

    It’s the combination of the $7,500 spend and the $450 fee together that is holding me back. One or the other I could handle, but the spend requirement means passing up other enrollment bonuses on top of paying that stiff fee, so I’m going to sit this one out. Better to go for several smaller bonuses and smaller costs than this one opportunity as I weigh it.

  • islandbum

    Just applied with Chrome incognito window with link above and got the –

    “Your application is pending further review and we need additional information from you. Please call now to receive an immediate decision. Agents are available now to quickly complete the processing of your application”

    so I called and was approved for 25k.
    Verified the 75k miles for $7500 spend.

    I currently have the Citi AA MC and the Citi AA Amex – got both last Feb 2013.

  • John Johnson

    It doesn’t actually sound like that good an offer. If I knew I had $7.5K of spending to do in the near future, it might be a good card to get, use for a year, then cancel before the renewal amount of $450. Continued benefits seem rather meek. My Delta Amex gives me 20K miles toward Medallion Status(first 10K at 25K spending, second 10K at 50K) for $50K of spending. This card gives you only 10K at $40K. Not too great by comparison, IMHO.

  • Bruce

    How do you come up with your personal opportunity costs of $750 on a $7500 min spend? I want some of your action! Lol. You get 10% on ALL your money?

  • Bruce

    Buy AA $100 gift card. It never expires. So yes essentially $350.

  • Dave L

    I’m putting my opportunity cost at $300.

  • TA

    I applied and got this card back in Nov 2013 to re-qualify for my EXP status on AA. At that time, the best offer was 60K bonus miles. Called Citi this morning and the gave me the $100 statement credit and posted 15K bonus miles to my AA account. Thanks for the info

  • Sabin

    Boom $30,500 CL auto approved. Thx for the info

  • Mike

    I had applied and received this card back in November under the 60,000 mile, $5000 spend offer. Just called a few minutes ago to see if they’d match this offer, and they said they would credit 15,000 miles to my account – no additional spend required. They weren’t able to offer me a statement credit though. Thanks!

  • Mikey

    Can you get this if you have the platinum Citi advantage already?

  • HMC

    I just got the card with 60k bonus offer in Dec and met spending $5000 in 3 months. Just called Citi and told them about this new offer and requested to up my bonus. They went ahead and upped the mileage to 75k without any additional spending increase. Thats great customer service !

  • Peter

    Thanks TPG for posting this! I got the card in December with the 60k offer and just called. They are depositing 15,000 miles in my account. No $100 statement credit but that’s ok. Note the miles are delayed in posting due to an aa glitch. Not sure whether others are experiencing that. Supposedly only those who got the card late last year. Not sure whether I will keep the card past one year but for the sign up miles it is well worth it.

  • mike

    Can you cancel the card after you hit the min spend amount to get the promotion miles? If so, will the yearly fee be pro-rated based on the time u had the card for?

  • Josh

    Cancelled my Amex Platinum and got this instead. $450 for a full “real” Admiral’s Club membership has more value than the Amex Platinum to me at the same price now that Amex only gets the cardholder into Delta (and no US/American at all anymore) lounges. The 75k bonus is icing on the cake.

  • N64

    Just applied. Was approved after a phone call. 10.5k. Gonna use Venmo to help accrue dollars spent. Thanks for this!

  • Randy

    Got it.I have the regular MC and just opened Citi Hilton in Dec. Just had to move some credit to the Ex. MC.

  • drrich

    Which link? I cannot find an active application link above.


  • drrich

    Not having the same luck as everyone else. Called, and offered $60K miles for $5K spend in 3 months. Any tips on how to get the better offer?

  • joe

    if i apply for the business card will it atomically link to my aa account?
    anyway to avoid it?

  • Jeffrey Chang

    I have Amex Platinum and use Delta as the primary airline. Should I drop Amex and get this offer? What do you think TPG? Thanks.

  • flyertalkerer

    Called who for what? Click the link in the post or the flyertalk thread and you’re good to go. The people calling in are asking for a match on the card they already have.

  • Alex

    Can this card be downgraded within 60 days?

  • Islandbum
  • Michael jone

    Does additional cardholder has same airport lounge access privilege such as two additional guests admission?

  • Nicole

    Bit the bullet and approved for 22.5K line and already have the AA MC. I’m in a little panic as I think my 125$ TY card is too much to pay! I have a store near me that allows gift cards purchases with credit cards. I just set the pin and buy a money order and redeposit. I rarely do it since it ends up costing 7$ with the fees. But, I’m pretty sure ill have to do it to reach the spend. Plus…I have no travel planned at all this year due to kids travel sports. So much for the benefits!!!

  • John

    Can you cancel the card say in six months and get half the $450 back?

  • Robby Hill

    I am reading from both airlines that mileage earned in both programs will count towards the next year’s status levels. If you want to get 20,000 preferred miles towards next year’s status you could spend $40k on this card and $25k on USAirways card and it will all merge together. 75,000 miles is going to be strong enough for this US Gold to add an AA card to my wallet for awhile.

  • Tatiana Levitsky

    I though AF will be charged at the beginning of the year, in this case as soon as you open this card. Is it right?
    You can call the retention department for the second year then…

  • Peter Lemperis

    I just received a targeted offer for the same card – 100,000 miles for 10K spend in 3 months. Easy decision.

  • AKA

    Just applied and was asked to call in to provide further details. Had a quick call with them and was approved for $19K CL. I did verify the 75K bonus offer and the $100 statement credit.

    You can get up to $100 in statement credits for every $1 you spend on American Airlines in the first 12 months of having the card. If I had to guess, the most efficient and versatile way of achieving this is to buy a $100 AA gift card with this credit card and then you should get the $100 statement credit. AA gift cards are easy to redeem so you can just file it away (as AA gift cards never expire) and use it the next time you book your AA ticket, or of course, gift it to someone.

  • Gilda

    $450 annual fee! Whew!

  • Lauri

    Just arrived to the Admirals lounge in JFK and was offered an AAdvantage
    World Elite Mastercard with a bonus of 100k miles after $10k spend. The agent said today is the first day they’re offering it and it’s only available in the lounge, although seems like you can apply for it without the agent code so might be worth a try. Here’s the link:

  • Asian_Bro

    Have you seen the 100,000 offer for $10k spend?
    I just got that one.

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