Get Your Chase Sapphire Preferred With An EMV Smart Chip Today

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Earlier today, my friend Howie from Frugal Travel Guy posted on Facebook about how you can call the customer service number on the back of your Chase Sapphire Preferred card and request a new card with an EMV Smart Chip (Chip and Signature) in it.

Your Sapphire Preferred won't look like this for much longer!

Your Sapphire Preferred won’t look like this for much longer!

Just to verify, I called up Chase and spoke to a rep there to request my own new Smart Chip Sapphire Preferred and she said that the roll out was supposed to happen tomorrow, November 1, 2013, but that the new card design is already available in their system so she would be able to send me a replacement with a chip – and these new cards will be chip and signature not chip and pin.

Chase will send you a new card with a Smart Chip via UPS to arrive in 1-2 business days, no signature required. So it’s up to the driver’s discretion whether they leave it for you or try to deliver when someone is home. Until you activate the new card, you can still use your old card. They also give you the option to destroy your old card yourself, or they will send you a special envelope to return the card to Chase so they can destroy it for you since it is made of metal and you can’t use a shredder to do so.

If you apply for a Sapphire Preferred now, you will still be send the old version of the card, but you can call Chase after you’re approved and request a new card with a chip.

For now, the Smart Chips are only available in the Sapphire Preferred, not the Sapphire, Ink Bold, Ink Plus or Freedom. Though remember that Chase does offer other cards with Smart Chips including the British Airways Visa and the Hyatt Visa.

The reason I might suggest getting a new Sapphire Preferred card with a chip is that it is a great card to use abroad thanks to the fact that it doesn’t incur foreign transaction fees, but many vendors and merchants in other countries – even highly touristed ones like France and the UK – require a chip of some sort to process a credit card transaction.

Smart Chip is a credit card technology where cards are embedded with chips and a cardholder must put in their pin or sign for each transaction to be approved. With “chip & pin” especially, this is an ultra-secure method that makes it much harder for credit card hackers and fraudsters to steal from consumers since, rather than just stealing the information contained in a card’s magnetic strip, they’d have to know the carrier’s pin number as well.

The other type of chip card, “chip & signature,” function more like US swipe cards, only they can be used with portable electronic readers that require you to insert the card rather than swipe it, and then sign for it as you would with a regular old swipe card. That’s how this new Sapphire Preferred will work.

Although chip & pins are prevalent in Europe, the cards issued in the US with chips tend to be overwhelmingly chip & signature, so you might still have some issues using them at certain merchants, but having a chip at all can be a big help when using cards at ticket machines or other vendors that require a chip of some sort. While many merchants, hotels and restaurants let you use your swipe cards, many, especially in Europe, do not, including some restaurants, hotels and even public transport like the Paris metro.

All in all, I think this is a great new development, and just reaffirms why the Sapphire Preferred is one of my top all-round travel credit cards. For more information on Smart Chips and the credit cards that have them, check out this post:

US Credit Cards With Smart Chip Technology

Maximizing Smart Chip Credit Cards in Europe

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  • Frequent Traveler

    I’ve never once had a chip + signature be ok in Europe. Either the machine will take a swipe card anyway, or the machine requires chip + PIN. The machine accepted the card, but wouldn’t process the transaction without a PIN.

    My recent experiences:
    Paris metro: swiped Sapphire Preferred, no problem.
    Berlin subway: needed chip + PIN
    Switzerland train: needed chip + PIN

  • Rebekah

    Is this chip and pin or chip and signature? If it’s chip and signature is better than just swipe, but only marginally. Many kiosks of various kinds in Europe will take only chip and pin. Can’t use a chip and signature.

  • FlyingDoctorWu

    I’ve never had a problem getting a merchant in ITaly/France/UK to swipe my credit card… Now, I have many problems at automated kiosks..that’s where Chip and Signature is an utter bust Some people say try using 0000 as a pin but that’s hit or miss… I took the Italo trains in Italy and had to resort to buying a ticket via my phone because my CC wasn’t chip and pin- they have no means to process it any other way. So, until chip and pin comes to Chase cards I don’t get to excited about EMV smart chips…


  • umeshunni

    Do you know if the card number changes when you get an EMV card?

  • shay peleg

    Would i be able to use it in Holland?

  • Allan Klein

    It shouldn’t. I’ve done the same in the past when AMEX introduced the chip for the Platinum card and my card number stayed the same.

  • todd

    I just called Chase and at first he said that he could do it and then said that it wasn’t available for all accounts right away. On my account it’s not available until November 8th, so looks like I have to wait a few days. I have a CSP Mastercard if that makes a difference.

  • Eric

    Just called Chase and got me and my wife’s cards sent out. Should arrive in 3-5 days.

  • Nammak

    3rd to last paragraph explains chip and signature and then concludes with, “That’s how this new Sapphire Preferred will work.”

  • PtsJunkieWI

    Called Chase and was told that they are going to be sending out replacement card within the next 30-60 days to all CSP cardholders. I requested mine be expedited as I was traveling internationally in December but she said it would probably reach me by then anyway. Pretty good timing on this, as my mag stripe was getting pretty worse for wear and I was going to request a replacement sometime soon anyway.

    I hope the new one is still a sandwich of metal!

  • Jeff

    Just called and upgraded both cards on the account. Took about 3 minutes to do and will have it in 1-2 days

  • WorriedPoorGuy

    Is it still a rock solid, impressive, wannabe rich person feeling card?

  • Albinoritz

    Completely agree, I got the HIlton Reserve card just because it had a chip, was pretty disappointed when I found out it was chip + signature, which is practically worthless. I tried using it in Belgium and the UK and it wouldn’t even let me swipe. I would swipe it and it would recognize it as a chip card, but when you put it in with a chip it would only let you use it with a pin. Luckily I brought another credit card, although I had to find 15 euros in coins in order to get out of a parking garage

  • Ben Price

    Yes, why not?

  • shay peleg

    I was unable to use credit cards in most places

  • Santastico

    Just called Chase and got my new card with Smart Chip sent by UPS with delivery in 1 business day. I asked when they would be sending out the new cards if people did not call them and I was told if you do not request the new card you will only get the new ones when your old one expires.

  • Paul

    Same thing happened to me and I also have the Mastercard.

  • Paul

    I’ve had the opposite experience. Every time the pin has worked for me. It just prints out something for me to sign.

  • William

    Just applied fifteen minutes ago; approved five minutes later. I called back asking about the EMV chip. He said the new card would contain the chip and that I would not receive the old one without it.

    Thought somebody would like to know.

  • mike

    on a recent trip to brazil, the “chip” on my marriott visa wouldn’t process through the machine. i asked the cashier to swipe the normal way, but she said she couldn’t because if there is a chip, swiping is not allowed. fortunately i had another card with me… i’ll pass on using cards with chips until pins are provided.

  • tringuyen82

    fyi – I too was denied but oddly not given a timeframe… however I was offered a swap from MC to visa (with new numbers) to get a card with the chip. I said no thanks. (ill be applying for the Visa, again, eventually…) haha… thats me laughing all the way to europe… in my evil Mr. Pickles laugh. (i imagine he has an evil laugh)

  • joeypore

    I’ve noticed this even on some terminals in the US. My hair salon, for example, when she swipes it, it prompts to insert the chip in the machine. However, we found out that you can actually cancel this and just process the swipe. Might be different in other countries…not sure.

    It would be nice to have the option of pin…

  • JB

    Done. Number stays the same.

  • JB

    I pushed back on that 30 day thing and they did 1-2 delivery.

  • JB

    Holland does not love credit cards.

  • JB

    Amsterdam train system too!

  • shay peleg

    It hates them

  • Keaton

    I really want to see what these cards look like!

  • james

    I’ve had a few problems with my Amex Plat Chip & signature. The oddest thing was in Phuket this past summer I used my Amex and they swiped it just fine but when i returned to the same merchant a week later their processor wouldn’t take my Amex as a swipe and could only be processed as chip and pin so I used my Sapphire

  • Nick Aster

    Why in the world can’t they have a PIN? These things will still be a pain to use in Europe where having “no PIN” completely baffles most merchants…

  • Scott C

    Agreed, chip and signature is almost as worthless in Europe as just signature. Why can’t Chase get this right? They are obviously targeting that market with these features.

  • APage

    Just called and got them to send my new one. At first the rep told me my sapphire preferred wasn’t “eligible” but after doing some searching, he told me they can just send me a new card and it will contain it. I guess they are rolling it out to every new customer too

  • APage

    Agree, everything stayed the same on my Amex platinum card when I got the chip. Even the expiration date and security code

  • jtgray

    I just called and asked if the new card was metal and plastic, and they said the chip versions are indeed plastic, not metal.

  • Dov

    My experience in Canada where all bank’s already issues the chip and pin this cards will typically take 5 X the time to process

    At the terminal when putting in the card to the machine you will have to wait for a few seconds as the terminal connects to the network and only when prompted you will be able to enter the pin the whole process takes longer than a usual swipe and is a big downside for the customer in my view

  • Dee

    When I called last month to add someone to my Chase Marriott card, they sent new chip and signature cards for all of us on the account.

  • max

    had the same thing, called back and they expedited should be getting it 3-5 business days

  • Roman Goubin

    Just got a UPS shipping acknowledgement for delivery tomorrow!!!!!!

  • Keaton

    Just sent a message via chase secure messages center about the EMV cards being plastic. Here was the response:

    “Thank you for contacting Chase about the metal card.
    I would like to confirm that your Chase Sapphire EMV Chip cards are still metal cards. “

  • Troy

    I wonder how this will work in Australia… Everyone here accepts 4 methods of acceptance (and also PayWave is nearly EVERYWHERE now). In the case of my “legacy” Chase Sapphire, here’s what I get…

    Swipe + Signature – no problem w/ “legacy” Chase Sapphire
    Swipe + PIN – no problem w/ “legacy” Chase Sapphire + ATM PIN
    Chip + Signature – (will find out…)
    Chip + PIN – (will find out…)

    In other words, no problem w/ the PIN so far. This is also true w/ my US Barclays Bank card.

    Note – the use of the ATM PIN here does NOT attract a cash advance fee.

  • todd

    an update to this…After this I sent them a secure message and they said they would send out a new card with EMV and I should get it today. So we’ll see what I get!

  • Chris

    Chip and PIN card that I use for international travel – USAA MasterCard with true Chip and PIN.

  • smk778

    There are some rumors floating around about the EMV chip forcing current CSPs on the MC network to switch to Visa. Also from metal to plastic cards. For what it’s worth, I just called and asked both questions point blank. Answers: MCs will stay MCs; VISAs will stay VISAs. Metal cards will stay metal cards.

    I think the reason there’s conflicting information on these forums is because the customer service reps are still catching up to the news as well. I called last night and the rep told me that I couldn’t get a card until next month because they’re still rolling them out. I called this morning and the (admittedly more competent) rep told me they’re ready to go now.

    Bottom line: you should be able to call the number on the back of your CSP and request a new card with EMV be sent immediately, with no other changes to the payment network or material

  • joeypore

    Also, the Chase rep noted to me that not all customers are eligible for the EMV chip card, as it is in a “trial run”??

    She said that she had to verify that I was in the group that is eligible to get one, and I was…but this seems odd to me…

  • Bonanglais

    We just got back from 2 weeks in Europe where we used our Hyatt chip card extensively. In most restaurants in France it doesn’t make a difference, they have the capacity to swipe a traditional card, but the ability to just stick the card in the machine is cool, even if you have to still sign. We were able to use the card on suburban Paris trains (good if you’re coming from the airport) and on the Italian autostrada. The card did not work at Brussels airport for the airport bus. A few months ago, we also found it didn’t work for suburban trians in Germany, so it’s still a bit of a hit and miss situation. A year ago, we drove from Paris to the south of France and found that most of our credit cards didn’t work on the French autoroutes. We got our Amex Hilton Surpass to work but that has the downside of high foreign exchange fees. Anyway, thanks for your post. It’s still mostly a positivie thing.

  • dlcptown

    I have a SP Mastercard, and just called Chase to request the EMV Smart Chip upgrade. The rep told me that Mastercards are not eligible for it.

  • Ben

    I don’t see any reason to get this card. It will only confuse European cashiers more when you try to explain to them that you don’t have a PIN. I’m keeping my swipe card and will be able to use it at many places in Copenhagen next month.

  • Anthony Thomas


    I applied > read this post > called back and had the same experience > saw this comment :)

  • Alex’s Experiences

    Why wouldn’t she just insert the chip and run it how it’s meant to be ran?

  • Alex’s Experiences

    German train automated kiosks do not (at least as of May 2011) take Visa/MC/Amex/Discover AT ALL. They only take Girocard (EC card)! Even a chip & PIN credit card won’t work.

    You can use your credit card at the ticket counter, and I did this in Berlin no issue.

  • Anthony Thomas

    Just to add that mine DIDN’T come with a chip as promised! I called back and they will send another one – 7 more days to wait!

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