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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here.

Update: The offer for the Business Gold Rewards card has expired. Please find the current offer here

Offer expired on May 9th, 2013:

Although the current public offer on the Amex Business Gold Rewards card has been 50,000 points for a few weeks now, it looks as though my affiliate link is actually generating an offer for 75K Membership Rewards points for the same $5,000 spend in 3 months and the annual fee of $175 is waived the first year. I’m not sure how long this will last, so if you have been considering this card for the bonus, get it today before it’s gone.

Screenshot the offer when you apply so you are sure to get the full bonus at this application link. When American Express offers limited-time bonuses this high on this card, they last anywhere from a day to a about a week, so if you’ve been waiting for a high bonus on it, today’s your day.

Even better – the last time the bonus was 75,000 points back in March, you had to spend $10,000 in 4 months, so your spending requirement is just half that now.

Before you apply, remember, per the terms and conditions,“Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card account within the last 12 months.” So if you’ve opened another Amex OPEN business charge card (NOT a personal card) in the last 12 months, you can’t apply for this one.

However, you should still be able to qualify for this offer if you just have Amex’s personal cards like the Platinum or the Premier Rewards Gold, or Amex’s other business cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Amex or the Delta SkyMiles Business Gold card.

Like the Premier Rewards Gold card, this card has a similar 3/2/1 spend bonus structure where you earn 3x points on airfare, 2x points on purchases in the U.S. for advertising in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping and 1x points on other purchases. Update: Now you will also earn 2x on purchases made with from select computer hardware, software and cloud computing providers.

Remember, even if you don’t have a major business you can still qualify for business cards like this one though American Express OPEN cards are exclusively for business owners. Most issuers will let you get a business credit card by applying with your own social security number if your business is a sole proprietorship (a business run by one person). Plus, since Amex is going to run a credit check anyway, it should be possible for you to apply for a personal card on the same day if you were considering getting a personal Amex card anyway, so it counts as a single hard credit pull.

To read about great ways to maximize Membership Rewards points and why I find them so useful, check out my Top 10 post on reasons I like Membership Rewards cards, but one of the major reasons is the program’s numerous transfer partners, giving you the ultimate flexibility when redeeming your points.

But just as a quick example, British Airways is a transfer partner of Amex Membership Rewards, and is currently offering a 35% transfer bonus from Amex to BA Avios until June 7. So if you can meet the minimum spending requirement quickly and ask Amex to post your points or get a points advance that the bonus will go towards paying off, you could then transfer them to BA for a total of 102,500 Avios for spending just $5,000 on the card. Compare that to the most recent 100,000-Avios sign-up bonus on the British Airways Visa, which required you to spend $20,000 to score the full 100k bonus, and this looks like  a much better deal.

75,000 Amex points also equates to $750 as a base value if you use Amex’s Pay With Points feature rather than transferring to a travel partner program – that way you still get mileage and elite credit on any flights you purchase, which is a pretty great value for a card with no annual fee for the first year.

Transfer Partners

75,000 Membership Rewards can be worth a tremendous amount of value thanks to the program’s 21 airline and hotel transfer partners which include:

Star Alliance:
Air Canada Aeroplan, Singapore, All Nippon Airlines
Oneworld: British Airways, Iberia, Cathay Pacific
Skyteam: Delta, Air France/KLM Flying Blue, Alitalia, Aeromexico
Other: Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, El Al, Frontier, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines

Starwood 3:1
Hilton 1: 1.3
Best Western 1:1
Jumeirah 23:1

If you are considering doing an app-o-rama to get multiple cards before this offer expires, the other top rewards credit card deals on the market are on my Top Deals page.

Some readers have reported having trouble seeing the 75K offer, but I also just clicked on it through this post on my iPhone and it populated for me, so you can always try applying through your phone.

Share your experiences in the comments below.

Hat tip: TPG reader Nick, who first saw the 75K offer on the application landing page.

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  • Mjodotcom

    Is it possible to sign up for this offer then upgrade to a platinum card? I want this signup bonus but with the platinum cards benefits ;)

  • thepointsguy

    Down the line Amex may offer you 25,000-100,000 to get the platinum instead. At this point id focus on banking this offer then switching to platinum or applying for the Mercedes-Benz 50k offer in the future

  • Caroline Lupini

    I just churned last week… but this is tempting. Thoughts?

  • Victor

    Will Amex match this offer if you recently got the gold business?

  • Eric

    It appears YMMV on this one. I’m only seeing 50k offer through your app link at the bottom of the post.

  • Mjodotcom

    Thanks for the advice. I’m only seeing the 50,000 point offer through the link – am I missing something?

  • Cory

    I clicked your link and it only said 50,000 for me.

  • Skwok

    I am also seeing only the 50k offer after clicking on the link. Is there anywhere specific we would have to click on to see the 75k or should we see it in the giant picture on the main webpage?

  • Bleuwy

    Only brings up the standard 50k via your links

  • CK

    Only see 50k

  • sam

    The link is showing 50,000. Do you think it’s already dead?

  • Caroline Lupini

    I see 75,000.

  • Dave

    Options for buying refundable airline tickets? Will AmEx take my points back once I cancel the flights but keep the card active?

  • sheldonbeswift

    Pro Tip: If you’re using Google Chrome, right-click on the link and select “Open link in incognito window”. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, right-click on the link and select “Open Link in Private Browsing Mode”.

  • Caroline Lupini

    If I open it in an incognito window I only see 50,000 though.

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  • Dan McDonley

    I had an amex business gold in september of last year on a different business. Anyone have luck with these offers being within the 12month window? I am really missing out having a business gold and not getting 2x points on shipping and I want to get one again. Should I call to see if I am elligible or just apply and pray they give me the points?

  • GL

    When you say you “churned” do you mean you just recently cancelled some cards? I’m still learning and was wondering if you cancel them before applying for a new batch. if so, how long do you wait?

  • Caroline Lupini

    No, I mean I just applied for a couple. I didn’t cancel any before I applied.

  • NotAnAwardBooker

    My parents are wanting to travel to NZ from DFW in the fall of 2014. I’ve been meaning to research what cc’s they need to churn to get their flights covered, but haven’t don it yet. I was thinking AA might be their best option since they’re flying out of DFW. ?? Due to the short nature of this offer, I’ll just ask: is this a good option? They have a legitimate business and would have no trouble getting approved for this card, I’m sure.

  • Dani Klein

    What does this assist with?

  • Dani Klein

    Damn, and I just hit my 10k spend threshold last month

  • hotcrab

    50k on iphone. 50k in chrome incognito window.

    I think this is either ip address based or gone.

  • thepointsguy

    It’s definitely NOT gone – still working. Do you have an iPhone you can try through?

  • Nick

    The link is targeted. Not everyone is going to see the 75K offer.

  • Dan McDonley

    Argg called and said I was not eligible till september..

  • Caroline Lupini

    I just applied for the offer! I got the 75k to come up in chrome REGULAR window. Incognito only gave 50,000. Also, the continue button didn’t work the first time I pulled it up and typed my info in, but I opened another tab while the first one was still open, re-filled out the form, and was able to continue! Thanks Points Guy :D

  • Giddy For Points

    I just signed up for the 50k card. Has anyone had success in matching the bonus?

  • hotcrab

    Tried on the iphone. Tried in chrome + safari. Even tried in tor. either this is random, or its geographically based on your ip address.

  • davep

    The offer says “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® within the last 12 months.” Does this mean that you are not eligible if you have had an AmEx Business card for more than 12 months or only if you have opened an account in the last 12 months?

  • Victor

    It works now. I got them to match the offer with a card I got last month with 50k bonus.

  • Mindray

    I am getting the offer via Google Chrome incognito window. But I do not have a business and the application is not letting me continue unless I put in an employer EIN. Any thoughts on what to do? I did not have that problem when I applied for the SPG Business Card.

  • thepointsguy

    If you select sole proprietorship you can use you Social Security Number

  • thepointsguy

    The latter “Within the last 12 months”.

  • thepointsguy

    Within the last 12 months. I’d call to confirm your eligibility to be sure

  • SuperW2

    Was only seeing 50K when opening link in Google Chrome Browser, Opened IE and saw 75K and was approved (after phone call to verify business information). Confirmed with Phone agent that this was the 75K promo offer.

  • Rob

    Do you mind sharing the wording of your secure message to match the offer? I just sent one and am hoping for the same results.

  • Eric

    Chrome + Incognito worked for me. Thanks!

  • thepointsguy

    NZ travel is hard but Air New Zealand releases some coach award inventory- search and you could use Amex to transfer to aeroplan/Singapore/Ana

    Or fly qantas by transferring to British airways – check for availability

    Or delta to Sydney then v Australia by transferring to delta

  • thepointsguy

    And you chose “Owner” as your role in company?

  • NotAnAwardBooker


  • hotcrab

    ok, after several attempts I was able to get it to appear in chrome incognito mode. Must be something with how they rolled it out.

  • Guest

    Try opening in a new browser, or clearing your cache and trying again.
    Make sure you’re logged out of any Amex account you might have already
    open in your browser.

  • Price Vetter

    When signing up for this card as a sole proprietor, what do I put in as business name? My name?

  • Mindray

    Nevermind, it was the button at the bottom that was not working. Reopened the link and it worked. Approved for the 75K offer. Thanks TPG!

  • Steve

    Dan (or TPG), what phone number did you use to find out eligibility? Thanks.

  • Victor

    I tried using online chat but they actually wouldn’t match… trying phone call now. that didn’t work either… trying secure message next

  • Stratos

    Yes, could you??

  • lbean

    Firefox worked for me. Applied and got instant approval for the 75K offer. I had to just try a bunch of times to get it.

  • Nick

    The deal just went back down to 50k

  • joseph

    worked for me once i tried in another browser

  • Mason Atkinson

    would having had the delta business gold card disqualify you from getting this offer

  • thepointsguy

    No- only business gold/green/platinum charge cards. Cobranded credit cards should not disqualify but you can call Amex to confirm your eligibility

  • Kaushal

    I got 50K on regular/incognito chrome, firefox and on regular IE too. I got that on my Android browser too (when connected to the same WiFi). On disconnecting from Wifi and connecting to mobile data and visiting the same link, I got the 75k bonus. So it’s definitely IP based. Probably AmEx has limited 75k offer redemptions allowed per geographic area.

  • Neel

    Thanks TPG. Used your link and had my first CCard with instant approval. Had to try quite a few times to get the Continue and Submit button to work and it did work. Tried in IE inprivate session.

  • Cory

    Tried a few times, was able to get the 75K offer and was approved! Now to spend!

  • rg

    Why doesn’t someone who can get the 75k offer to open not just copy the exact app link?

  • Mason Atkinson

    i was instantly approved for the 75k offer on my iphone.

  • cappy

    IE InPrivate Browsing just worked for me. Approved for 75k!

  • Cory Stinebrink

    Well, I applied. No instant approval, which isn’t a huge surprise. Fingers crossed. I guess my app-o-rama was accelerated a week or 2

  • Ari

    Awesome, instant approval at 75K. Copied the link into firefox, changed the 50K to 75K in the link!!

  • Steve

    Just called the reconsideration number above to verify. Not eligible :(

  • Nick

    just tried IE/firefox/chrome incognito and normal and also tried the iphone – safari and chrome, all show 50k offer. Damn.

  • Kurt Alfred Kluever

    Was shown the 75k offer, applied online, and my application was pending. A quick call to the reconsideration hotline and I was approved (they wanted to confirm exactly how I wanted my name/business name printed on the card). Also verbally confirmed the 75k/$5000 offer w/ no annual fee. Card should be here in <72 hours. Thanks TPG!

  • Alex

    Crap, I just got this card with 50k offer. Called and they wouldn’t match it. Bummer.

  • ebp

    Can you open a business card under a different business and qualify or does the limitation apply to the cardholder and not the business?

  • joe

    I was having trouble with the link. It wasn’t opening on my PC at work . I took out my mac laptop and I was just seeing the 50k offer. I then tried the link using a private window in firefox (on my mac) and the 75k offer came up. Applied and had to call in to confirm my identity and was approved. Thanks for the head up

  • thepointsguy

    I believe bonuses are linked to cardholder SSN and not business so you can’t get the same bonus multiple times for separate businesses. Though someone please correct me if I’m wrong

  • Joshua

    Just applied using my iphone. Had to call in to get approval but it still works! The rep saw I had other amex cards but said I would still receive the points. They are sending the card expedited.

  • Giddy For Points

    3 calls later and they still won’t match it.They said that since this is for new members applying for the card regardless if you just got the card, they can not match it so the 90 day rule does not apply here. drats!

  • Nick

    Just tried again in IE private browsing and got the 75k offer. Applied and approved instantly.

  • Chris

    It’s listed as 1:1.3 transfer rate from MR to Hilton directly, but I believe you can go 1:1 from MR to Virgin, then 1:2 from Virgin to Hilton. In other words 1000 MRs can be turned into 2000 Hilton points by an indirect route (versus 1300 direct)… just in case this is of interest to anyone.

  • Matt C

    just got this. am i going to be able to link these memebership rewards points with my existing personal card that has all of my current points?

  • hope

    what is 75K points worth in virgin?

  • Fabio B. Knijnik

    Did you get the card last september or cancelled it then?

  • Andrew

    I applied for the SPG card earlier in the day. I just applied and of course it is pending. Will give them a day or so then will call.

  • Mark

    When doing an app-o-rama, do you have to apply for all of the cards by close of business? When do they do the hard pull on your credit report…right when you apply? I just want to know if I should wait till tomorrow to apply for multiple cards. Thanks.

  • Hung

    I applied but my explorer screen was stuck at the decision pending third step and froze!! Happened to my sister as well. What’s going on????
    It’s been 10 min and still no movement.. does that mean my ap went through or should i reapply now?

  • Patrick Mc

    Mine froze as well and finally jumped to the application submitted screen after a little while. I called in to the reconsideration line to be sure it had gone through, it had and they pushed the app through for instant approval in my case. :)

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  • Dorian

    Somebody that can access the 75K offer, post a link directly to the “Entering Your Business Info” page this might help others get the offer.

  • Mike

    Did not see it on my PC, but saw it on my iPhone. Secure chatted up Amex and said they will not match the offer :(

  • Stacey

    Great find NIck

  • Chad

    Got the dreaded “application pending” — how to proceed??

  • Frequent Dreamer

    Won’t let you contniue without an EIN. As I’m sole proprieter how do you get around this?

  • sad

    Tried FF/IE/Chrome both regular and inprivate/ioncognito/private browsing, also tried iPhone Safari with Wifi and with cellular data. All showing 50K

  • thepointsguy

    Yes all MR cards get linked and points in one big pool

  • Nathan Koterba

    What if I currently have this SAME EXACT product but opened it almost 2 years ago? Would I be eligible to get a second one with a different business name?

  • PointsPrincess

    How do you get around the EIN requirement for sole proprieters?

  • T-Rex

    What’s the number did you use to call? I tried few numbers and every agent was like, your application is good but the executive team needs to review it. Please wait for a day or two…

  • Jeremy

    I just got approved for this card a couple weeks ago at 50k point bonus. Is there anyway that they could bump up the promotion to be 75k since its still within my first month with the card?

  • kevp

    is anyone else getting “please make sure all required fields are complete and valid”? if we enter sole proprietorship, do we need to enter a tax ID number?

  • thepointsguy

    Use your SSN

  • coryk

    Sweet – finally saw the 75k offer after clearing the history on my iPad. Applied and approved!

  • Frequent Dreamer

    Hrmm ok where is this button? I am stuck with the EIN

  • Kenny Peng

    I couldn’t see it via the original link of, but I changed the 50 to 75 and then it worked: (worked in Chrome/Incognito).

  • Frequent Dreamer

    It won’t let me enter my SSN as EIN. it requires SOMETHING there to get past that to the personal info even when Sole Proprieter ship is selected. Odd…but I think others found a way aroudn that…will keep trying.

  • Frequent Dreamer

    Unfortuantely it still errors out. Going to see if FireFox likes it better. Or kiss those points g’bye…

  • Jeffrey Trull

    Didn’t work on my computer, but worked on iPhone! Approved!

  • Uncle Raymundo

    I had a similar experience to others here. Got 50K offers on Safari, Firefox, Chrome and iPhone. Went to my Windows computer, opened the link in IE, and voila, 75K. No problems with the online application but I didn’t get an immediate decision so I called the reconsideration line, and the friendly agent approved me immediately and is sending the card to arrive within 3 days. Perfect, thanks for the tip!

  • MJ

    I am on the same boat. Had applied for the SPG card. wondering if I should apply to this.

  • Jmguide

    I could only see the offer on my iPhone but got approved. Had to call in to verify identity and the rep offered to expedite my card to arrive within 48 hours. I must have caught him on a good day.

    Thanks to Nick finding this deal and TPG for spreading the word.

  • Nicole

    I’m salivating….

    But I just applied for a BarclayCard and am waiting for approval…. would it be silly for me to try to apply for this as well?

  • RG

    Here is the direct link to the 75k offer

    It kept giving me 50k offer on my phone, buy its now working on my home MAC computer through safari regular mode

  • henry133864

    Why are we all rushing when it says that the offer’s good until August 12th? I would like to include it in my next round, but I’m a little ahead of schedule still. Would be better for me to wait a few weeks when I do my next round. What’s the advantage of now?

  • Frequent Dreamer

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Success. Just a problem with a conflicting add in. Approved WOOT!

    THree cheers for the points guy!

    And got the Delta card at the same time for good measure.

  • cgriffiths

    Hi, I get 50,000 through your link and Points Guy’s. I’m also using a Mac through safari. Any suggestions?

  • BP

    Worked for me, instant approval!!!Thanks!!

  • Katelyn Nicholas

    my bυddy’s m○tһеr mаκеs  $84 аn һ○υr ○n tһе intеrnеt.  Sһе һаs bееn ○υt ○f а j○b f○r six m○ntһs bυt lаst m○ntһ һеr ρаy wаs  $16395 jυst w○rκing ○n tһе intеrnеt f○r а fеw һ○υrs. Rеаd m○rе  ○n tһis sitе, ..­Lux1­4.­c­om

  • Guest

    I received this card in I believe november of 2012, when they had a 1 day promo for 100,000MR with 10k spend (if i remember correctly). Just applied and got approved with a phone call. Agent confirmed the 75k signup bonus and is expediting the card out to me.

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  • thepointsguy

    If you return something that will take away from your spend. If you don’t spend $5k within 3 months you won’t get the bonus. If you refund the ticket down the line Amex could take the bonus back. I’d recommend meeting the spend without messing with it

  • thepointsguy

    This offer has gone viral so if Amex gets enough approvals they may, and likely will, end it early. Last time the Amex Platinum 100k offer went around the web it was pulled within 24 hours. Better safe than sorry

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t see why not.. Amex is not as strict as BarclayCard and Barclays already pulled your credit so this app wouldn’t affect the Arrival app

  • thepointsguy

    And plus this offer is at least 2x as valuable as the Arrival card so I’d worry more about getting in on this before its gone!

  • thepointsguy

    No TAX ID if sole proprietorship

  • thepointsguy

    Just don’t put one in

  • KWink

    I was planning on getting this card with the 50K next month! The link did not work on my computer but it worked on my iPhone and I was instantly approved for the 75K offer! Thanks TPG!

  • thepointsguy

    Ideally they should all be in the same business day, but the whole apporama thing only matters if you are a major churner

  • thepointsguy

    Virgin Atlantic? You can transfer them 1:2 to Hilton so 150,000 Hilton points.. or 90,000 miles and $800ish for a roundtrip upper class (business) roundtrip award US to Europe

  • Michael

    Worked! First tried Safari Mac, but only 50,000 showed even after trying the link several times; then Firefox, and that one seemed to work after refreshing the page a few times.

  • Andrew Hoover

    My last app-o-rama was in March and included the Amex PRG. I was waiting until mid june to go for another app-o-rama. Should I break the cycle to apply for this card? if I do, will it affect my app-o-rama in June?

  • thepointsguy

    Apporamas are not exact sciences and they are all about maximizing points. I’d recommend getting in on this while its available- if you wait, it’ll likely go away and if it comes back I’d imagine it would have the $10k spend requirement like all other offers.

    Credit card companies will approve you if you have good credit and are smart with your finances.. not if you apply for a bunch of cards every 30/60/90/etc days or not

  • Johnny

    clear out your history and cooke on the safari browser. It just worked for me

  • David

    Thanks Brian! Just applied through your link using Internet Explorer. Did not work on Firefox. Got instant approval!

  • Mike Naypauer

    No idea why but I tried this on my iPhone 5/Mac/Windows Browser and iPad 4th Gen and had no luck. So just for the heck of it I tried my daughters iPhone 4 and it worked.

  • BF

    What if I have a Business card under a different entity? Can I use a card for another one of my Businesses and still get the bonus?

  • Little Tea Blog

    I misunderstood and put my SSN as my EIN. This will not negatively affect my application, will it?

  • TQ

    I have a personal platinum card and a business SPG card. Decided to take advantage of this offer and applied for this card and a personal SPG card, instantly approved. I will report whether I get the bonus or not.

  • lovemiles

    what did you do to get around it? I am having the same problem. i do not understand what you meant by conflicting add in

  • Franklin Chau

    I only see 50k with different browsers. darn.

  • RB

    Still working! Incognito window on GS3 phone. Followed the link, confirmed 75K. Applied using the phone and received instant approval! Also have PRG…how does linking accounts work? Is it automatic since both my personal and new business card are both in my name? Do I have to “turn on” the relationship to link them on the website?

  • PhatMiles

    Try opening in Chrome’s incognito window (Cmd+Shift+N). It has brought better results to me at least.

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  • thepointsguy

    You should get the bonus- the only exclusions are if you have a business platinum/green/gold which you didn’t

  • thepointsguy

    Probably not but if you get declined I’d call and explain the mistake

  • Kurt Alfred Kluever

    I used the advice TPG gave above:
    “[Y]ou can call the reconsideration line at 866-314-0237″

  • Marktla

    I got business PRG last year.Called amex and asked if I am eligible for the bonus when applying for another business I own, they said NO. Why do they want us to get a card, get the bonus, use it and then cancel it?

  • oxo

    Hm… I got the AMEX PRG on Feb 25 and the AMEX Blue Sky (targeted $400 bonus) on April 18 – both instantly approved. I think this is way too soon to apply with AMEX again. Yet, I have not business cards. Does wait time differ for this?

  • RunningMan23

    Just got instant approval using inPrivate browsing mode in IE. Had to click on 50K, then hit backspace to see the 75K offer (took screen shots).
    50K link became 75K. Thanks TPG!

  • Lex

    When listing sole prop do we list our annual income as our business income and then list again as our personal anual income?

  • thepointsguy

    There’s no official time to wait between apps. Since this is a business card you should be fine. Worst case call and explain you need it for business expenses

  • thepointsguy

    When you call to activate it they will link to your existing accounts.

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  • Mark


  • Mjodotcom

    Do you need to put in a business name or just your own name?

  • Ben Yu

    She must be a much more responsible and creditworthy web browser than you.

  • Ben Yu

    I used my SSN and it worked fine. They’re exactly the same # of digits.

  • thepointsguy

    Your own name is fine

  • Adam

    If I opened my Amex Gold Business card greater than 12 months ago, but still have it open, would I be eligible for this offer? If no, would closing said account then reapplying make me eligible?

  • Mjodotcom

    Instantly approved when signing up as a sole proprietorship! Was holding out for a while for a decent platinum offer, but this is a good way to get my feet wet with Amex – thanks TPG!

  • MYRflyer

    TPG, I’m a little dissapointed in some of your responses in this post. Your viewers are asking for advice regarding applying for this card, and how it could alter there future aor’s, or possibility of being denied after applying for multiple new cards over the last month. In all those cases you were adamant in them signing up NOW before it dissapears. There are reprecussions for the end user, keep that in mind when pushing for commission on the referrals. Marathon, not sprint!

    Just sayin’

  • JM

    Approved in 60 seconds. Great deal!

  • thepointsguy

    Bottom line is that this offer won’t be around long. Do you disagree?

  • NH

    I just applied with one of my other businesses with a separate EIN (have a business platinum card for my primary business). Instantly approved, but it remains to be seen whether the 75k bonus will actually credit to my account.

  • Mindray

    You can just leave it blank and hit the continue button at the bottom to fill in your personal information.

  • Adam

    darn… it’s gone. now only 50k points avail. oh well

  • Stanley

    I have the AMEX Corporate Green card, will this void my bonus on this new card?

  • Dan McDonley

    Cancelled it in September. The rep wouldnt budge..

  • disqust101

    Super Duper! Yaaaay! “Amazing Deal”? – funny how the 50K offer for this exact same card was featured as an “Amazing Deal” just a week or two ago…

    I guess anything to pimp for affiliate links, eh?

  • disqust101

    Sure, it will disappear – and then, “magically” and “amazingly” reappear a month or two from now. Give us a break. Have you no shame?

  • thepointsguy

    When has this 75k offer last been offered publicly at 5k spend? It’s always 10k FYI

  • CGriffiths

    Please do share what you told Amex. I sent them an email, but got declined and I only got it about a week.

  • guest

    gone!! darn

  • sayhey

    Tried to sign up but keep receiving the 50K mile offer. I tried using Chrome instead of IE, no luck. I tried going incognito on Chrome, no luck. I tried eliminating my cookies, no luck. Rebooting, no luck.

  • Paul

    Hey TPG,

    To apply as a sole proprietor, the application is still asking fro a EIN (Employer Identification Number). Does this mean I need to first register a business with the IRS before I can apply? Or is there another way to just apply as “me”?

  • Goat Rodeo

    Someone’s always gonna be out there to poopoo on folks. I’m really not looking for another card, but anyone who follows a travel blog and cant see that this is a screaming “deal” is a bit out in left field.

    Havent seen one like this in a while, besides the very short (and possibly accidental) 100k amex plat offer a month or two ago.

  • thepointsguy

    No EIN needed as sole prop- leave EiN blank an just use SSN on next screen

  • Victor

    I spoke too soon. 3 communication methods all failed: chat, phone, and secure message.

  • Paul


    When applying as a sole proprietor it still asked for a EIM (Employer Identification Number). Does that mean to get a business card you have to register your sole proprietorship with the IRS first to obtain the number? Is there no way to just get the card as an individual without creating and registering a business?

  • Wade

    It’s not automatic. In fact, you can’t link business cards to personal ones. To link them, you have to call them so that they can switch your current username to a business online account, and THEN they can link your personal cards to your new business account. I just did this about an hour ago!

  • Wade

    I misunderstood what I was supposed to do each time and used my SSN as EIN. It hasn’t hurt my apps any of the times.

  • yukonsara

    Thank you for Points guy! This is an amazing deal! I recently did the $10,000 spend for the 75,000 points. It was good timing because we were building a new deck and used the card to purchase supplies. My husband is thinking of taking advantage of this offer. Combined we would have over 150,000 points!!!!

  • KurtisK

    I saw this post last night at about 2 AM. I was going to apply for it then but thought best that I wait and talk with the wife. This morning after speaking with her I applied for the card at 10:35 AM. I received the 75,000 point offer and got approved right away. I took a screen shot like you suggested but after I saw the update that the offer had been reduced to 50,000 points, just a few hours ago, I got a little concerned thinking that I may have missed it. I called AMEX and verified that I would receive the 75,000 point offer. The representative confirmed that I indeed got the 75K offer. It looks like I got it just in time. Thanks.

  • KurtisK

    Offer is gone. Looks like TPG was right. Again.

  • MizLizzie

    I’m in the same situation. And I already met my spend. Kinda irritated and thinking of calling and asking to be matched. I also hold the personal Plat card, and have been w/them for 20 years. I think this IS a good deal.

  • seyoda

    I was wondering if you know if using the gold card as your Amazon payments ($1k max per month no fee) source would be eligible toward the $5k?

    Also worth noting I opened the link yesterday in IE and didn’t get around to applying til after the link was removed today from your site and since I had the window open and the token/cookie was set I was able to finalize the application.


  • marciem

    I was unable to complete the application because I don’t have a tax ID # as income is reported on my individual tax returns. I was disappointed and was ready to settle for the 50,000 bonus points. I have a Chase business card and all I had to do was use my own social security # as the sole proprietor.

  • Amex Points

    For all those who applied thru this link yesterday and only got 50k bonus miles, call Amex at 1800-492-3344 and tell them you applied for bonus Id no. A3Y5 and didn’t get the full bonus. Ask to speak to Alica or Tamara — supervisors. They said the more people call the more likely we will be to get the bonus.

  • Jeffrey Trull

    I didn’t have at tax ID either, but literally got one in the middle of applying for this offer. It takes just a few minutes to do online here:

  • Mjodotcom

    Where do you check to see what reward you “officially” got?

  • John D

    Thanks for the link :)

  • Grant Anderson

    You don’t need a tax id # to get this

  • adman

    At first i complained. Then i shut up, carefully read your post again and, tah dah, i got the 75K. Thanks for being patient with some of us knuckleheads.

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  • marissa

    TPG – just received this card in the mail. any tips on how to avoid the dreaded amex financial review?

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  • Jon P.

    Applied and was approved with card in my name. Met minimum spending/paid off since May 10. Just called to confirm the offer is $5000 for 75k on my account and the CSR said it was a very good offer and yes, points would post after 6-8 weeks. YES!

  • Jon P.

    AND… without waiting for my next statement closing, my points are now available to use as of today! Thanks TPG!

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  • Paul

    Hi, I forgot to say Thank you! I ended up getting the card. One of the best Credit Card decisions I have made to date. I have used American Express Travel to search for flights and I have found more creative routes for lower fares with American Express than with Kayak or Expedia. Just wanted to say thanks.

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  • John Smith

    Funny, because it’s a year later and Amex still has the same offer!

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