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Update: The offers mentioned below for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Cards from American Express has expired. View the current offers here – personal, business.

This is the fourth post in a series on my most recent round of credit card applications and will focus on how to conduct a personal credit card inventory and decide which cards to keep and those to cancel. The first post covered the basics of credit and how to perform a personal check to make sure everything is healthy before a round of applications. Post 2 covered when to cancel a credit card and taking inventory of your credit card portfolio. Post 3 evaluated the top current card offers and which offers to go after and which to hold off on and my own application process.

When it comes to applying for multiple credit cards at a time, chances are you’re going to get an automatic “pending” or “decline” response from some of the major issuers. While it might seem like a small hassle, reconsideration lines can be your best friend when applying for credit cards on your way to becoming a points powerhouse.

Don't get angry - the reconsideration line is there to help you!

Don’t get angry – the reconsideration line is there to help you!

When you apply for a credit card, the issuer runs your application through a couple levels of analysis. The first is a computer program that crunches your numbers and spits out a yes or no, or holds your application for further analysis. That’s when an actual human comes into the picture. Issuers have credit analysts going over applications that are more complicated than a yes or no and will make the final decision.

Only it’s not ever really the final decision because beyond them is the reconsideration line, which is usually staffed by rational, patient and friendly analysts who will go over your application with you, cover why it was red-flagged, point out any issues and can either fast-track it towards acceptance or give you specific reasons for why you will be declined. Remember, credit card companies generally want people to get approved for cards, so even if you’ve have a lot of inquiries or had credit issues in the past, it is often possible to get approved.

That said, you might get an answer of no when you first call that turns into a yes after you talk to them. Calling a reconsideration line is your chance to make your case why you should have the credit card you applied for. Think of it as debate club…for points.

The reconsideration line rep can be your best friend if you know what to say.

The reconsideration line rep can be your best friend if you know what to say.


What strategy you use will depend on which card you are trying to get.

If, for instance, you’re applying for a business card but don’t have a major business or are applying as a sole proprietorship – and many banks including Citi have tightened up their restrictions for who can apply for such cards – you can make the case that you are trying to keep your business/work expenses separate from personal and that’s why you need both the Ink Bold and the Sapphire Preferred for example, even though both accrue Ultimate Rewards points and are Chase cards. As for American Express, OPEN cards are exclusively for business owners though that category also covers sole proprietors.

Going a step further, even if you have an Ink Bold, you can also get an Ink Plus, which is a credit card (vs. the Bold, which is a charge card) by explaining that you need the option to balances over time since charge cards make you pull in full every month. This strategy has worked successfully for me and I’ve been able to rake in multiple 50,000 point sign-up bonuses, which I value at around $1,000 a piece. The more you educate yourself on the ins and outs of the particular card you want, the more likely you are going to be to convince the rep you get that you should have that card.

If the issue was your overall credit limit has been reached in the bank’s estimate, you could always suggest shifting some of your existing credit line onto the new card. This has worked for tons of people with Chase’s cards.

Don’t overthink it, though – sometimes all you need to say is that you plan to travel more internationally and just want a card with no foreign transaction fees, or one that has a SmartChip – if those are offered by the card you want – and that’s that.

Sometimes an application just gets flagged if you apply for more than one card from a single bank in one day. Usually they just put one of the applications on hold and process it a few days later, but it never hurts to call in and ask what the status of your application is. This happened to me last August when I applied for the Starwood personal and business cards in the same day- eventually I got approved for both (but did incur two hard inquiries).

Another frequent occurrence is that a bank will pull your credit score from an agency that hasn’t gotten your most updated statements from all your cards, so if you were charging up a storm, even if you paid off your balances on time, the credit agency could still show them as on your account. In this case, you can ask the bank to hold your application for a few weeks and then to pull your credit from a different agency, and a lot of times, that should take care of it.

The bottom line is, reconsideration lines are your chance to both humanize and rationalize your application. Present the details of your case, but have all the information and facts at your fingertips that justify why you need to get the card you want. The person on the other end of the line will listen and is in a position to make that happen, so treat them as a friend and chances are they’ll repay you with an accepted application.

The Directory
With all that in mind, and given how many of these numbers I have on my speed dial, I thought I’d put together a list of all the reconsideration numbers I could find for the major issuer so readers could access them all in one place. If you have more to add, or experience with any of these in particular, feel free to share them in the comments below.

American Express
(877) 399-3083 – New Application Status
(800) 297-3276 – General Membership Rewards Line
Online Application Status Check
Twitter: @AskAmex

Bank Of America
(866) 458-8805 – General Account and Reconsideration Line
(877) 721-9405 – Personal Application Status Line, dial option 3
(800) 481-8277 – Business Application Status Line
Online Application Status Check
Twitter: @BofA_Help

Barclay’s Credit Card
(888) 232-0780 – General Card Services and Application Line, dial option 3 for application status
(866) 408-4064 – Credit Line Questions
Online Application Status Check
Twitter: @BarclayCard

Capital One
(800) 625-7866 – Application Services Line
800) 951-6951 – General Customer Service, automated
(800) 548-4593 – General Customer Service and Application Line, automated
Twitter: @AskCapitalOne

Citibank Credit Card
(800) 695-5171 – Personal Application Status and Reconsideration Line with live rep
(800) 763-9795 – General Personal Application Inquiries with live rep
(800) 645-7240 – Business Application Status and Reconsideration Line, dial option 3 then option 1 for application status
(800) 288-4653 – Business Application Status and Reconsideration Line, dial option 3 then option 1 for application status
(866) 606-2787 – General Application and Account Questions with live rep
Twitter: @AskCiti

800) 947-1444 - Credit Card Underwriting Services, automated
Twitter: @AskUSBank

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  • ff_lover

    Thanks for the info. Can you post the recon #s for Bank of Hawaii?

  • Victor

    I just applied for a Southwest Plus Personal card and Southwest Plus
    Business card. I got approved for the Personal card, but not the
    Business card. I called the reconsideration line twice. The first
    person asked me why I needed another card and I guess the answer I gave
    was not good enough. I then closed a Chase Ink Plus card and tried
    again. The second person saw that I had just called and she said the
    number of new accounts in the last year is what is holding me back. She wouldn’t shift any credit limits around to approve the card. Any
    suggestions how long I should wait to try again? Should I call again
    or should I reapply online?

  • TravelShooter

    Don’t understand advantage of applying in “rounds”
    rather than one at a time right after one triggers
    spending bonus on a current card. That also
    spreads out downgrading/cancellations…?

  • meghanb904

    How long should you wait to call when you receive a “decision pending” notice?

  • Fanfoot

    BofH reconsideration line phone number from MilePoint thread is 888-503-6090 which is FIA Card Services. I think its just a front end for the actual BofA Reconsideration Line for them which is 866-458-8804. I spoke with a nice lady at the first number, who would have transferred me to the BofA guys but they were closed for the night. Stupid me I’d assumed they’d be in Hawaii but they were located in Arizona (Mountain Time) so it was after 5pm there.

    BTW PG, Thanks for this post. I used the Amex at least successfully. The link you’ve got for the Barclay’s online status checker is bad–delete the stuff at the front. Worked for me when I edited out your website off the start.

  • Hunter

    When calling the Citibank reconsideration line, can you offer to switch an existing card for the card you just applied for? I know this works with Chase, but have never tried with Citi.

  • Fanfoot

    The idea is that it takes a while for the credit companies to update their records. So if you apply for a lot of cards quickly, they won’t see the applications when they are considering you. If you spread them out then the credit inquiries could hit and they might deny you for “too many recent inquiries”. The other advantage is that sometimes multiple applications can result in only a single hard pull on your credit since the agencies will often combine them if they happen at the same time.

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  • Lauren Elam

    Hey there….just applied for CSP today and was instantly approved. Then applied for Chase Freedom and application is being considered. Is it important to call reconsideration line before they decline it, or is it just as well to wait and see if I get approved or not? Does it make a difference? I’m not necessarily in a hurry.

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  • Jimmy

    I was denied by Barclary due to too many credit in the past year. I have called them twice but was told the same result. They told me they need more time to see how I manage so many cards. What would be your advice? Thanks.

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  • Guest

    With the Retention Department you can switch when “eligible” — some automated designation — usually after a promotional period has run through

  • john

    Great post. I actually have fair credit because of irresponsible spending in college but decided to apply for CSP anyway. Put in my income and was told I was being considered. I called and the rep approved me for $6k. Thats with a score in the mid 600′s! My income is very high now after finishing medical school so I think that plus only using 10% of my available credit helped me get approved. Was also recently approved for Amex Gold, Amex BCE, Citi Simpliciti, and Freedom in addition to the Sapphire Preferred.

  • JG

    Sorry I know this is an old post, I have a question – I applied for a Chase card because they were offering 0% interest/no balance transfer fee. I got the pending message and called the same day on the reconsideration line and was approved after a callback. That was almost 2 weeks ago. I got my card in the mail and I’ve been waiting on the balance transfer to go through, I checked online, it says pending. I called today and the rep said he’d place a rush on it and it should be complete in 5-7 business days (it’s showing pending on that account – it’s taken out of the available balance). So I contacted Capital One to see if they see the transfer on their side (I’m going on vacation in 5 days and was hoping this would be complete). The Capital One rep said the Chase transfer is not going to go through b/c they are both owned by Capital One. Chase said nothing about that and they knew I was transferring from Capital One. I’m pretty ticked off about this if it’s true b/c I never would have accepted the Chase card. Has anyone dealt with this and do you know if the transfer will be declined? Chase doesn’t seem to have a problem on their side.

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  • Kevin

    CapitalOne bought out Chevy Chase Bank in 2008 for $500 million and re-branded it as CapitalOne Bank. Nothing to do with JPMorgan Chase, worth $200 billion. LOL

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  • Dani Klein

    Why is Chase not listed here?

  • Aliko

    This Chase number worked for me today, for consumer card.


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  • asdf

    Chase isn’t listed because Chase made him take it down or he’d lose his $$$ pushing credit cards.


    Application Status: 800-432-3117 or 800-436-7927

    Reconsideration (personal cards) 888-871-4649 or 888-245-0625 or 888-609-7805

    Reconsideration (business cards) 800-453-9719

  • Garrett

    Just applied for the Amex Platinum through your link, and didn’t get an instant approval. The application says it’s in process.

    I recently applied, and was approved for the Premier Rewards Gold, but I wanted the Platinum as well for overseas travel (no forex fees).

    Would it behoove me to call the reconsideration line while the application is processing, or should I wait until I get an answer?


  • StevenTravel

    Ive noticed this on MMS as well. Very very humorous.

  • Nick

    The thing is to call within 24 hours of not being instantly approved for the credit card. I was not instantly approved by Chase for their Ritz Carlton Rewards credit card. I called the number (1-888-609-7805) and spoke to a nice gentleman who said I was initially denied based on income (I’m a student so I only have a part time job and little income) and he said that money my parents gave me each month could count as income. He updated the app with those figures, put me on hold for about 5 minutes, and said I was approved and the card would reach me within 7 business days. I know that Chase is very good with their reconsideration line. Most people are approved if they call. Good luck!

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  • Michael Goff

    Is there an application status checker for FIA Card Services?

  • revered33

    This site and others (MMS, etc.) used to have Chase numbers. They no longer do. Obviously Chase had them remove them… If they do what Chase wants, how objective can they be?

  • Liam

    Interesting that Chase’s contact info has been pulled. Lots of discussion on Flyertalk about what it says about your impartiality (or lack thereof)…

  • decibel08

    the Bank of America general number does not work

  • gk08

    Can’t seem to get through to a personal credit analyst at Bank of America at either number. You end up at the application department and all they can tell you is wait for a decision.

  • doctorofcredit

    No idea. 888-245-0625, open:
    7am-10pm Monday to Friday
    8am-10pm Saturday
    9am-9pm Sunday

  • TS

    I applied for the Amazon Rewards card by Chase last night online and got a response that they needed to further review my application and that I would get an answer in the mail. So I just called this exact number above that Nick provided to follow up. Someone immediately answered and was very friendly and helpful. I found out my Equifax report was locked. Once I unlocked it they ran my report and after a few simple verifications approved me! Thanks for the info Nick & ASDF!

  • Agustin Rey

    I first called this one (888-245-0625) and the guy pretty much said no and did not explain that I had too many recent pulls. So a couple of hours later I called (1-888-609-7805) and the lady explained that the issue was actually that they weren’t able to verify my address…either way she solved it for me and I was accepted. So do not take the first no as an answer :)

  • Phillip

    Anyone still get denied after calling the reconsideration line for Chase Business Cards? I admit I was a little flaky on the business details. Does this raise a red flag/do the agents put the red flag there? Also, would this affect my current personal cards that I have with them?

  • Curtis

    Multiple bloggers don’t list Chase. I suspect that they told them not to or they wouldn’t pay out commissions or something.

  • Robert Shinn

    got burned by chase…. used reasoning listed above to try to help….. opened chase ink 1 year
    ago…. already had multiple chase CC so that didn’t help it appears, even tho 0
    balance….. “we need to see more history of your business before we can approve
    this card” …. sigh…. wouldn’t even close or move credit line either

  • Zach

    For Bank Of America here is one more number to give it a shot (866) 751 1257

  • Zach

    (866) 751 1257

  • ErikMartinReddit

    anal sex drunk

  • Huy

    Bank of America – Business Recon- 866 695 6598

  • fred

    Hi regarding Barclays, this number: (866) 408-4064 – Credit Line Questions, is the only number. that works to speak with a human being, provide them the additional information to finish processing the credit app, and get you a decision. The first phone number in your post is a relentless automated loop that just tells you your app is pending. I found this out after I called and provided the info needed to get approve for my 50,000 bonus miles, targeted credit card offer. Woo Hoo!

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