Amazing Deal Alert: SPG Resort The Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale for $30 A Night in December!

by on March 27, 2013 · 93 comments

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For many days in December between the 11th and 31st is showing $30 rates for the Phoenician resort in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. The hotel is normally $400+ so this is an incredible deal. There is a resort fee of $29 per room per night, but even at $59+ you are coming out way ahead. I’ve never stayed here, but heard that the property waives the resort fees for SPG Platinum members- at least they have in the past.

This won’t last long, so if you are interested, book sooner than later. It is a non-refundable rate, so if you change your mind down the road, you’ll lose the full value, but if you can swing it this is a very comfortable way to requalify for your SPG status!

Whether Starwood/ the hotel honors this is up in the air. At a very minimum they’ll refund the rates or offer really good deals or points to cancel, so don’t get too upset if this doesn’t work out in the end.

Hat tip TPG reader Rob!
Phoenician 30 $30 sure beats $589!
Phoenician 30 details1

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  • cowboy2024

    Great property….close to Old Town Scottsdale and most rooms have awesome views.

  • clayd333

    Booked a long weekend in dec. Tyvm for the heads up!

  • Rob Perelman

    Doesn’t work for me.

  • Glenn Glenn

    Booked two rooms for two nights, thanks for the heads up.

  • rubiety

    Looks like they JUST shut this down… right as I was filling out the reservation form. I’m nomadic and was just going to live there the month of December (SPG plat so it would hopefully really be $30/day..) – drats!

  • jmw2323

    booked. no gotta convince the wife to let us go

  • Nils Homer

    Just booked in the nick of time. Been there a few times, great resort, great location, camelback is higher than you think!

  • Allan Klein

    I saw your comment and booked after…

  • Brett

    Gah – waited too late. just shut down.

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  • rubiety

    I was on the booking form and when I submitted “something went wrong”. Looking at it now, it says $559/night…

  • Ben Price

    It’s still there. Book asap. I’d love to go–fantastic property–but I’m wary of booking this far out! Plans change. Nonrefundable.

  • Brett

    Actually – just booked 26-29!

  • rubiety

    How is it “still there” – how are you possibly seeing that? Screenshot? What I saw is it’s “nonrefundable” but you can cancel with a one day ($30) penalty, so why not book?

  • Greg Diharce

    No one cares it exploits a mistake in their system? It’s great to be point and travel savvy but not like this….

  • rubiety

    Okay you are right, but only for certain dates. I was only able to get it $30 for December 15-21. Wish I could have just lived there the whole month, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • YesMissWin

    In for 2 nights – thanks so much!

  • David Enzel

    I just booked for 6 nights including Christmas. Great deal. Thank you!

  • Steve A

    GREAT TIP!!! Deal is still going on, but some days (weekends?) look to be sold out. Hope *wood doesn’t cancel my res.

  • Abc

    It is still available in weekdays

  • Kenny

    Thanks so much! Scored a nice weekend in December!!

  • Drsifu

    thanks. booked 4 nights. time to sit back and see what happens.

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  • Brad

    I was able to get 2 weekend nights!

  • James

    Still working. I booked a week in December at $ 30/nt.

  • Kevin

    What dates?

  • Rhys

    Still alive, only good checking in Sunday through C/O on Friday. Weekends (FRI and SAT) aren’t available.

  • Toby

    Really? What dates? I’m seeing $199/night all week

  • thepointsguy

    I see Dec 18-20 still available.

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Awesome! A great deal!

  • Mark

    We’re Sorry

    The system is temporarily unavailable. For assistance, please call 866-500-8320 in the U.S. or Canada. Residents of all other countries, please see our Worldwide Reservations Offices .

  • thepointsguy

    Right you can book up to 3 rooms and receive the night credits for each!

  • rubiety

    Yep, that’s what I got. But i subsequently chose different dates and was about to get $30/night for Dec 11-13 and 15-21.

  • Mark

    Someone should try getting this with Virtuoso!

  • Bryan C.

    5 min from my grandparents for Christmas…10 days booked.


    Is it possible?
    Lol that would be even better

  • Toby

    i cant find a single date that this works for. any suggestions?

  • Jane

    Still on though the only dates I could get was 12/27 – 12/30

  • Josh

    Looks like this is totally dead now.

  • Toby

    i found dec 11-12 and dec 19-20

  • Toby

    nothing more than 1 day at a time though

  • Rhys

    Not seeing anything else now, back to $619 on weeknights.

  • Toby

    what’s Virtuoso?

  • Garrett

    Hesitated on the 17th-21st and lost it. How often do deals like this happen? Once in a lifetime?

  • Josh

    Looks like they are blocking all reservations now lol. Nothing available on any night even at full price or with points.

  • Toby

    yeah i see that too. deal’s dead

  • Guest

    Looking like 100% dead now….

  • Jeffrey @ WeekendBlitz

    Looking like 100% dead now……

  • Jeffrey @ WeekendBlitz

    anyone else have luck in the past few mins? do you need a special rate code?

  • BobChi

    Use $59 in the title. It’s still an excellent deal, but don’t honor the “resort fee” scam.

  • Todd

    Don’t feel bad if you missed it. They never would have honored it.

  • Pointsandtravel


  • stef

    I got in for a 3 night stay the week before Christmas … thanks to everyone at TPG. Yay!

  • rubiety

    Unless you are SPG plat… there’s a chance of it being $30 then.

  • ThisGuy

    Woohoo. Locked in six nights for $350. A nice little December getaway for the wife and I. Even if they don’t honor it, I’ll expect a nice boost to my SPG account to compensate.

  • ThisGuy

    Nice work, Bryan. I was happy with my six days, but you must have been right on this!

  • Bryan C.

    Like a fat kid to cake…

  • Chris

    Just got a call from SPG. They had over 300 reservations in an hour and ten minutes and they are calling all guests to cancel the reservations. It was an ‘SPG glitch’.

  • Eric

    Did they offer points for compensation?

  • Aeizaz Sheikh

    Nothing is showing for me. The dates are not even showing this specific property.

  • Crossing My fingers

    Hey I called up the 1800 number to get the rates in person since I couldn’t get them online. The rep didn’t know about the price special and I said it was an online offer.

    I said that the special was posted on this website and they told me they would research the problem and get back to me tomorrow…

    Crossing my fingers!

  • hjimbo


  • Chris

    I was told last night by a senior customer service rep that I will be contacted over the next 48 hours with more information (I asked the same question), however they had just identified the problem and had begun contacting guests to inform them of the SPG mistake. I’ll follow up as soon as I receive anything.

  • Frustrated

    You NEVER CALL – that only ruins it for the rest of us.

  • jtgray

    Anyone who thought there was any chance of SPG honoring this rate was a little too hopeful. There’s no way it would have ever happened. Still, I’m curious if those of you who got in on the deal are going to get compensated in any way for the inconvenience.

  • jtgray

    Calm down. It doesn’t matter, someone will call, spg will find out, nothing you can do….

  • Eric

    Great, thank you for the update Chris! I didn’t get a call yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

  • Jane

    Ok Jimbo, how about you take a breather, calm down, locate your capslock key, then shut the fuck up.

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  • Jon

    He is being sarcastic.

  • Fred

    No worries about missing out – SPG will cancel every single one of these reservations long before a single guest checks in. You can count on it.

  • hjimbo

    When a person calls on a mistake fare, they put an instant end to the deal. This is a mistake even a novice shouldn’t make. If you can’t find it or do it on line, why should everyone suffer especially since you are not going to get the deal either by calling. I do not apologize for the CAPS. Calling was just plain stupid.

  • Harlan Vaughn

    They haven’t canceled my nights yet… in fact, the payment just cleared on my CC. Does that mean it’s a go? Dec 27-30.

  • Ben Hughes

    I still haven’t gotten any sort of call. My two reservations are still showing up on

  • Eric

    Same here Ben

  • ThisChap

    I’m in the same boat. With every passing day, I’m thinking it’s more and more likely that SPG is just going to take this one on the chin!


    2 days later, and I haven’t heard a word from SPG. Compare that with Avis immediately cancelling my free reservation. I’m not saying it won’t get canceled, but each passing day makes me more confident.

  • The Miles Professor

    I got five nights Dec 25-Dec 30, using 12,000 SPG points for the middle night Dec 27-28 as it wasn’t available. I will be on the beach in Phuket then, but do have some family members who would enjoy a little Christmas getaway in warm weather :) I haven’t heard anything in 2 days so good luck to everyone else who got in!

  • David Enzel


  • Kevin

    Got this email today…

    I am contacting you today in regards to your December 2013 reservations for The Phoenician.

    Unfortunately, due to a systems error on March 27, the resort temporarily listed the incorrect and very low accommodation rate of $30 per night. While the Terms & Conditions on our website indicate the right to cancel if a reservation resulted from a mistake or error, we value your business and would like to extend an exclusive, discounted rate of $130 per night, as well as double SPG points for this stay. Currently, the correct, available rate for December 2013 is more than $400, providing you with a savings in excess of $300 per night.

    We hope you will accept our redress regarding this matter. However, as this was indeed an exceptional circumstance, we are also giving you the opportunity to cancel your reservation(s) without penalty. We hope to hear from you soon so we may discuss and either finalize your accommodations, or cancel the reservations. To connect with a member of our Customer Service team please email us [email protected].

    If we do not hear from you by April, 12th, 2013 we will assume you no longer want to keep your reservations and we will cancel them on your behalf.

  • jmw2323

    just got it as well

  • Brett

    Same. Will prob keep – still a great deal. What about you guys?

  • jmw2323

    although a great deal still, will cancel as timing would have been tough regardless

  • Drsifu

    I am going politely refuse the offer and ask them to hold their end of the bargain.

  • stef

    I just received this as well … not sure what I am going to do, but I do like your idea of asking them to hold their end of the bargain. Let us know what you find out!

  • Spg gal

    I am going to accept only if daily resort fee is waived since I’m not a Plat.

  • David Enzel

    I am accepting the offer. This is very fair imo.

  • Eric

    I will do this as well.

  • DrSifu

    There have been other past Starwood mistake fares that were honored. One recent was the Westin in Times Square who honored a $60/night fare. My email has been sent. $130 is good compared to $375, but not as good compared to $30.

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