Major Hilton HHonors Devaluation Announced: Aspirational Awards Become More Expensive, New Categories and Seasonal Pricing

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2013 seems to be the year of the significant hotel loyalty program changes. Unfortunately, many of these changes have been negative- including Starwood’s inflation of Cash & Points and Marriott’s mass category increase.

Hilton joined that club today, introducing new program changes effective March 28, 2013 which include new tiers (read: more expensive redemptions) and seasonal pricing (read: more expensive redemptions), but also a 5th night free benefit for elite members, which could be a good option for those who can’t leverage their AXON and GLON award redemptions.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 3.34.33 PM

Key changes from the announcement page:

  • Reward Categories – We will be expanding to ten hotel reward categories to account for all of the new hotels and resorts that have opened in the past few years. With 3,900 hotels and resorts in 90 countries you are sure to find the perfect place for your next reward stay.
  • Seasonal Hotel Reward Pricing – For most of our hotels and resorts, we will introduce seasonal pricing for reward stays. The amount of points needed for a Standard Room Reward and a Points & Money Reward will vary during certain times of the year.
  • 5th Night Free – Now members with Silver, Gold or Diamond elite status will get a free night* when they book a Standard Room Reward stay of five or more consecutive nights.

What does this actually mean?

1) Reward categories: Currently there are 8 categories: 7 + Waldorf Astoria & Resorts

Hotel category HHonors Points required for 1 free night
1 7,500
2 12,500
3 25,000
4 30,000
5 35,000
6 40,000
7 50,000
Waldorf Astoria™ Hotels & Resorts 50,000–80,000

The new chart will have 10 categories. You can see what hotels will be in which category in this PDF.

1 5,000 Points
2 10,000 Points
3 20,000 Points
4 20,000 to 30,000 Points
5 30,000 to 40,000 Points
6 30,000 to 50,000 Points
7 30,000 to 60,000 Points
8 40,000 to 70,000 Points
9 50,000 to 80,000 Points
10 70,000 to 95,000 Points

While awards start at only 5,000 points, most desirable hotels seem to be going up in the amount of points needed. I’ve been banking points for Conrad Maldives and Conrad Koh Samui stays. Right now both are 50,000 points a night (as low as 37,500 with elite status GLON discounts) and in the new chart they will both be category 10 properties, requiring an astonishing 70,000- 95,000 points per night!

To find out how many points a hotel will be in the new program, check out I searched for Conrad Maldives for February and it showed 95,000 points a night- a whopping 90% increase from the current 50,000 points required. I searched different months, hoping for cheaper off-peak stays, but it seems to be 95,000 points a night all year long, which is a stunning increase in the amount of points required.


Awful points devaluation from Hilton

Awful points devaluation from Hilton

They are trying to temper this with the news that the 5th night will be free on awards, similar to what Starwood and Marriott already offer. They also don’t mention how AXON (special award pricing for Amex Hilton cardholders) and GLON (discounts for elite member) awards will be affected. Currently, GLON awards for elites offer the following discounts:

Four-night stay: 15% discount

Five-night stay: 20% discount

Six-night stay or longer: 25% discount

So a 5-night stay already earns a 20% discount, which is the same as fifth night free. Something tells me that GLON awards will be going away and we will lose the discount on 4- and 6-night stays and we will have to arrange stays in blocks of 5 days to maximize the discount. If AXON and GLON still remain, that would be great news, though I am skeptical.

What is also concerning/annoying, is that there are no stated rules around seasonal pricing and they simply point you to the point search tool, so I’m going to play around with it and try to figure out more details, so stay tuned.

Overall, I’m hugely disappointed with these changes and I foresee a quick end to my initial love affair with Hilton. I just got Diamond status for hitting $40,000 in spend on my Citi Hilton Reserve card and I have a bunch of points racked up from the past 1:2.7 Amex to Hilton transfer bonus (Via Virgin Atlantic), but I plan to use all my points and free nights before these consumer-unfriendly new changes go into effect March 28, 2013 – and I suggest anyone with firm plans do the same since you can still book rooms up to March 28 at the old rates, even for reservations beyond that date, but once we get to March 28, the new rates will go into effect.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below, but also Tweet @HiltonWorldwide and @HiltonHHonors and write on their Facebook page to let them know how you really feel!

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  • jmw2323

    they are all making it hard to jump to a better program since all seem to be devaluing their points. Guess I will be hitting priceline more often

  • Myhotrs

    Pretty disappointing. I think many properties were already over-priced, now Hilton is even less interesting. Only reason I would still like them is the ease of getting Gold and the free internet/breakfast.

  • Simon Allardice

    Wow, that’s crazy, you’re absolutely right in that they’re consumer unfriendly.

  • thepointsguy

    I still think there is big value in Starwood and Hyatt.. but I agree they are making it less valuable. I hope they lose business from these customer unfriendly moves.. if not, they’ll keep chipping away until we have no other choice but to Priceline!

  • jim

    This will be the end of my work in collecting HHonors points. Will cancel or convert my citi hilton card becos 40k hilton points for room costing $150 or less is way too much

  • Carl

    will award stays after March 28th, but booked now, be eligible for the old pricing?

  • thepointsguy

    Yea, free breakfast is nice, but with more independent hotels offering wifi and perks like breakfast, I don’t think Hilton should be so cocky to think that alone will keep members engaged when they tear about their HHonors program

  • jmw2323

    just checked conrad tokyo. going from 50k to 80-95k. When I use the link you provided. However, when I search for individual dates in june for instance, still coming back as 50k.
    Wondering if it’s the same rule as marriott. redeem with lower rate by the march 28 effective date.

  • Jeffsauer

    Boo. I don’t see any reason to stick with Hilton anymore. Just a total rip off. They are the Delta of points, but at least if you play Hilton right you can get some good deals on partner airlines. With the ceiling raising by 45k points in some instances, it just doesn’t add up anymore. Good riddance I guess.

  • John Pepper

    Goodbye Hilton. And just as I was about to switch most of my ice cream purchases to my HHonors Amex. At essentially half the value for the top properties, it’s not worth it. Glad I found out now…

  • thepointsguy

    Yea.. I find an almost doubling of redemption rates to be offensive. I don’t wish to reward a company that is that brazen in how they devalue their rewards program

  • thepointsguy

    You’ll be able to book the old rates until March 27. Starting March 28, you’ll see that same 50k rate jump to 80-95k on Book now or forever hold your peace!

  • thepointsguy

    Anything booked until March 27 will be at the current price levels. So book now!

  • Alexanderefarmer

    Given all the devaluations this year, what would be the best hotel chain to pool points in?

  • Beau Sorensen

    Ugh, that looks like the Hindenburg there. While everybody’s been busy devaluing, this is just atrocious. I expect to do more of my booking at Starwood hotels now with this. I’ve been going Diamond Hilton/Gold Starwood because I’ve liked Hilton properties and points earning from CC and whatnot, but this will change that.

  • thepointsguy

    I’m sticking with Starwood and Hyatt. I still see huge value in both programs, though neither are perfect. Club Carlson is very generous, but the hotel portfolio and elite perks don’t do it for me

  • jmw2323
  • thepointsguy

    I was starting to dabble with Hilton, but on principle now I will redeem all of my points at the current rates and be done with them until they come back to reality

  • thepointsguy

    I was starting to dabble with Hilton, but on principle now I will redeem all of my points at the current rates and be done with them until they come back to reality

  • jim

    you are our hope, tell these bastards to be fair

  • jim

    you are our hope, tell these bastards to be fair

  • jim

    agree, i got free breakfast and room upgrade free with my AA and united miles. during my recent stay in Thailand. much better than using 40k hilton points gold or not

  • jim

    agree, i got free breakfast and room upgrade free with my AA and united miles. during my recent stay in Thailand. much better than using 40k hilton points gold or not

  • Charlotte (TYR)

    With all of the hotel devaluations this year, airbnb (with 2x points on Chase Sapphire) is looking better and better.

  • Charlotte (TYR)

    With all of the hotel devaluations this year, airbnb (with 2x points on Chase Sapphire) is looking better and better.

  • jmw2323

    Although there are 18 Hyatt properties within 27 miles of my house, there aren’t enough in the rest of the world

  • jmw2323

    Although there are 18 Hyatt properties within 27 miles of my house, there aren’t enough in the rest of the world

  • ThatAdamGuy

    Wow, I had recently gotten a Hilton Amex card and had been pushing a lot of my spending to that, but I think I’m gonna bail and go with a Hyatt card / Hyatt loyalty instead. Both chains have been really good to me in my recent stays, but with Hilton points looking more and more like Skypesos, I see little reason to stay with Hilton over Hyatt :(

  • jim

    let’s complain about this on their facebook page. if more people convince them what they are doing is unfair, maybe they will change

  • Rob

    I hit twitter to voice my displeasure. It probably won’t do anything but I will definitely take my business elsewehere.

  • Well Traveled Mile

    I am liking Club Carlson more and more with all the devaluations announced this last week.

  • derick

    sadly i was planning a 10 day honeymoon at the hilton bora bora but i wont have the points till june and im so incensed that ill end up just ending my status with them and planning a new honeymoon

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  • David

    I’ve been playing around with Hilton Gold and Hyatt Platinum status and testing the two brands. I really like the frequency of upgrades, plus free breakfast & WiFi at Hilton, but that is already tempered by the fact that a top tier Hyatt redemption was only 22,000 vs. Hilton’s 50K+. Now it’s going to be Hyatt’s 22,000 vs. Hilton’s 95,000? That’s a laughable gap. Like TPG, I’ll likely be winding down my relationship with Hilton.

    I’ve been saving for a Conrad AXON/GLON top-tier redemption, and I feel like I just got majorly screwed. This devaluation is sending me to Hyatt for sure…. Until next time, Hilton…..

    Brian — have you considered that the hotels may be engaging in anti-trust (aka conscious parallelism) by simultaneously triggering points devaluation? I hate to jump to conclusions, but the travel industry’s history doing these things has not been very pro-consumer. If I’m not seeing things, in this instance, it would seem they’ve cleverly come up with different ways of achieving the same devaluation.

  • JesseHelms

    What the heck is “GLON.”

  • rick b

    Can you pull some strings with your contacts and let them know about the outrage? I don’t think Amex or Citi is going to enjoy the drop in business after paying all these signup bonuses.

  • Darrin Earl

    Holy devaluation!

    Just checked the hotels I typically utilize my points at, and between extending the categories, and season pricing, my planned redemption went from 50k per night to 95k under the new regime.

    I can understand some adjustments (ala Starwood), but essentially doubling required points is completely ridiculous and beyond the pale.

    I’ve been a happy mid-tier elite and Hilton credit card holder for years, but this is going to push my business travel even more firmly towards other chains.

    Seriously, this is ridiculous, and in my case at least, going to cost Hilton some bucks every year.

  • jmw2323

    unfortunately now I have to decide whose to burn first, marriott or hilton. marriott as least is giving me more time

  • iahphx

    I am a little surprised by these hotel devaluations. I’ve always assumed that while the airlines were giving away a lot of award seats, and therefore had to institute capacity controls, that the hotel loyalty programs were much smaller. Are there really tons of people travelling around the world on free hotel stays? That seems improbable. At the same time, I would think the hotels benefit significantly from selling points to the credit card companies. Obviously, when the number of points needed for a hotel room becomes ridiculous or unattainable, these customers will drop out of the credit card programs.

  • Andrew

    I totally agree with above, with all such devaluation, there would be no point for hotel loyalty – a case for either FHR/LHR or Priceline.

  • Gavinmac

    I just tested Conrad Maldives for May 8 and it is offered for 50,000 points that night. Also, I just booked 3 nights at Fiji resort for 35,000 in August; the new search tool says 70,000.

  • Sherman X

    just did a search and this is actually a good news for me since I only stay at low-level hotels from Hilton. now the first 3 categories require much fewer points! yay! the Maldives thing is really an abuse and they should have got rid of that a long time ago IMO. what would those people that pay full fee think? I am glad they fixed the low-level awards.

  • thepointsguy

    The new rates don’t go into effect until march 28 so book now!

  • thepointsguy

    Check the link to the post on them- discounts for
    Elite members

  • Ed Carney

    I thought you said effective March 28, but you searched Conrad Maldives for February and it already shows new rates?

  • Ed Carney


  • Gavinmac

    Aah, so we can book up until March 28 under the old rates for dates well into the future? At least they are giving fair notice of a major devaluation. I just tried a dummy booking at Hilton Sydney and it seemed to be offering available nights into August of 2014. Not that I would really want to book a hotel 18 months out. But still, it’s better than an overnight devaluation with no advance notice like some airlines have done.

    I was planning to pay my taxes on my brand new Hilton reserve card to get diamond status and a cache of Hhonors points. I guess I should pay the taxes soon to get and burn the points before March 28.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • thepointsguy is not loaded with the new rates (the points search tool is separate and just for letting people figure out what the future rate will be)

    Maybe the inflated rates you’re seeing are the premium room awards?

  • JakePB

    My 300,000 Hhonors pts just became a lot less valuable…I think I now hate Hilton. Hyatt here I come!

  • Pricesquire

    The DoubleTree Beijing is awful….have fun with that. No wifi in rooms, lousy executive lounge, and takes 45-60 minutes to get to Wangfujing.

    Good luck!!

  • Chris

    Is it now worth selecting airline miles instead of hotel points?

  • Tara

    I agree, Club Carlson with the free night award for Visa card holders is the way to go! I still have lots of PC from previous promos and SPG from the Amex but the rest of the programs are pretty well gutted. I actually enjoy indie hotels like pousadas and eco-lodges much more anyway!

  • Amanda Moore

    Book online now or via phone?

  • Choiklu

    we are only in the second month of 2013 and everything is going down the hill. whats next ???? the game is getting harder and harder to play

  • Lively

    Yes, this is sad news for me. I was saving up. But I will burn them all this summer. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Scobro99

    I was very alarmed at first BUT then I got REALLY alarmed looking at the new points required….Athens Garden Inn Athens Georgia 60, 000 points…in athens, georgia ????? you have got to be f*&^%ng crazy. I have been a big hilton supporter but this is outrageous

  • thepointsguy


  • Scobro99

    I just posted my thought on the HiltonHonors facebook paged and it was promptly deleted in about 1 minute. So I posted it again and of course it was deleted again. So the “comment” police are out on this and deleting any negative remarks. Unbelievable !!!!

  • Matt C

    Hilton is the best mid tier status still, period. As HH Gold I regularly get suite upgrades which SPG and Hyatt wont provide & breakfast. With all the corporate rate options there’s no need to use points most of the time, but glad I cashed out the ones I had for last weekend’s stay @ Hilton Milan. I just wish now I elected for double miles instead of points!

    Wonder if the Citi 2 weekend night certs will still provide up to category 10

  • Deneetro

    Couple this announcement with the recent announcement from the Hilton Amex card that the bonus points earnings are changing in several months (no longer including cable and wireless telephone as bonuses), Hilton has taken a serious loyalty dive with me. After the great treatment I received from Hyatts in Coral Gables and Key West recently, Hyatt is my top hotel search choice.

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  • Ed Carney

    I just posted one too. Maybe you should try posting in a question format. Like I understand the changes will cause some redemptions to double in required points. when does it start etc….

  • houstonmama


  • jmw2323

    they planning on ever doing anything about premium room redemptions? The point difference is exorbitant. Looking right now at a Cat 6. Standard room costs 40k points. A deluxe room cash difference is $37. Point difference is 159,000/nt. 4 times more ????That’s a head scratcher.

  • Unhappy HH Diamond Member

    I made an advance purchase on 3 hotel stays under the pretense that at the time it was a better decision to pay cash, earn and bank points. Had I known then the change that was pulled out in the points I would have used the rewards I had earned to pay for it. I called the Diamond Help Desk and they connected me to the Advance Purchase Office. I stated my case that Hilton should refund my money and allow me to book those stays using the points under the point structure today. The lady was very inflexible and not that compassionate. Her position is they will stick to the letter of the law. I expected more out of Hilton. I plan to move all my future credit purchases and hotel stays away from Hilton and am going to encourage everyone else to do the same.

  • Rgoubin

    Forgive me guys but what does GLON mean? I am an HHONOR gold member thanks to citi. I an wondering how this all would affect me? I wanted to save up for a coupe nights in bora bora, but with this news I am wodering if i should just burn my points on an upcomming trip to nyc
    As gold members do we get redemtion discounts? I believe the current points needed for bb is 50k per night.
    Sorry if my question is a bit noobish

  • Shorty

    Let’s just call this what it is: Horse crap. 70,000 points for a Hampton Inn, are you high? See ya Hilton!

  • Coolrex999

    It’s a 5000 points per night property. Can’t complain much.

  • Smith

    Bye bye Hilton. It was nice knowing you. I will burn my HHorrors points in next few days and cancel my Citi Hiton credit cards. Your loyal Hilton Gold member is pissed off!

  • Smith

    Yes, I think he can give these idiots a lecture about how they are wrong. massive decline in hilton card spend is coming very soon. tell them Brian

  • onechadtall

    Anyone know of an analysis of the approximate stays/nights/spend required for earning a free night at a top tier hotel for the various hotel programs? I ask because I’m likely going to switch from Hilton because of this news (I’m currently a Diamond).

  • Mike

    60k HHorrors points at a Hampton Inn? It is beyond crazy.What business in the history of business has ever introduced a 90% increase to their prices and not had a backlash from their customers? None that I can recall.

    This is almost as bad as when Netflix split their DVD by mail business into Quickster and nearly went out of business as a result.

  • jkwok

    This devaluation affects all of us. The same room you wanted in Bora Bora will now cost 95k per night instead of 50k per night! 90% increase in price!

    If you can’t come up with the points needed by March 28th, I would instead focus on Hyatt for your bora bora trip…

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  • Bradleyhadley

    Once again – Screw the customer. Next thing they will be charging for using the toilets in the room.

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  • Nick

    Man, I am WAY late to the party here. As a proud Hilton HHonors member, I am incredibly disappointed to see these changes and will be sending a bunch of my business to Hyatt. I would agree with TPG that GLON will (in all likelihood) be going away, and I can’t see how they would keep AXON around either.

    Just for fun, I looked at my last redemptions with Hilton to see what they would cost under the new “scheme” and not surprisingly, all are are higher, some by almost 100%.

    It will be very interesting to see how this impacts the free night certificates you earn with the Citi Hilton Reserve card. Given how much these changes gut the program, my guess is that they will soon be restricted to Category 7/8 and lower.


  • Dave

    I have 140k points, only 5k away from an AXON award! Since I’ve allocated almost all of this year’s vacation time for trips already, if I use them to book something before 3/28, it’ll have to be a domestic (I have the SW CP) trip on a long weekend. Any good candidates for this (if I’m able to get the remaining 5k points)??

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  • Deirdre Frutiger

    I am just about to complete the Hyatt Diamond Challenge and was planning on maintaning it by spitting my business with Hilton. It’s nice to have status at two chains for options, but after getting the email last night, I have to say that Hilton will be losing my business…and so will Citi because I don’t need that card anymore! I was just approved for the Hyatt Visa, and will be researching a SPG card now too. For those of us that travel, these points are a perk for being away from home and the wonderful vacations it allows us to have with our families make up for that a bit. Now that it will be nearly impossible to stay in the nicer hotels in the Hilton portfolio, I see no reason to maintain status with them. There are some areas where I travel where they are my only option, a Hampton Inn or a HGI, so I guess the measly points I accrue from those stays will just sit there until I can transfer to my Delta Skymiles account, at their horrible 10:1 rate. No incentive at all to give them my business. I should have seen this coming with the tier changes and how their promotions in the past year have not been as generous. Really disappointing.

  • Deirdre Frutiger

    My comments have been deleted from the Facebook page too. I suggested everyone call Hyatt and do the Diamond Challenge, where Hyatt will match your Hilton Diamond status in exchange for 12 nights in 60 days. And I suggested the Hyatt Visa too!

  • Alamo
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  • Hollyaleclair

    I was told that all stays had to be completed by March 28 to use the old rates. I am planning a fall trip to China and was going to book the hotels in Hong Kong and Beijing using AXON but was told I could not. Did I get a misinformed operator or can I still book? Can anyone help?

  • thepointsguy

    Misinformed rep.. Try to book online if possjble

  • Dannyrudd38

    Any quick tips to top off HH points besides cvs VR?

  • Edifess

    Hilton and CITI have pulled this one off brilliantly. You are now forced to obtain a Reserve card, pay the annual fee, meet the spending requirement and then maybe, just maybe, you might get to spend a night in one of their better properties ON THE WEEKEND ONLY. Amex Surpass points get you a Hampton.

    Hello Chase, Hello Hyatt!

  • Steve

    So how does one get the best value out of Starwood or Hyatt? I got the Hilton Visa for the free nights, gold status, and easy chance to spend my way to Diamond. I don’t stay a ton of nights, but enough that the status through the card is valuable. Is there anything comparable for Starwood or Hyatt or are those programs only valuable for the true road warriors?

  • Amanda Moore

    Thank you:)

  • Stephanie

    I just got off the phone with the Hilton Diamon Desk… the free night for spending $10,000 on the Reserve citi card still works for any category (1-10) minus a few exceptions (all-inclusive, etc.) that were there before.

  • The Miles Professor

    I personally feel the bonuses Hilton was giving was too amazing to last very long. We have another month to get our points together and redeem the current amazing award chart. There was a similar devaluation in 2009 for Hilton, but after three years, the value went back to great. Let’s book our 2013 vacations, lay low for a while and wait for the next sweet spot!

  • annoyed

    Hotel rewards are going the way of frequent flier programs and I guess 2013 is the year this unfortunate turn of events takes a major step forward. HHonors, be nice if you would stop running with the crowd, but I guess that just won’t happen.

  • Darrin Earl

    Exactly – like Beau, I went for Hilton Diamond and Starwood Gold, but that’s about to reverse itself. Literally just changed plans for 8 nights stay in the upcoming 2 months. Will also be aiming some of my spend at Hyatt directly now.

  • Mtpohl

    Same here. Thankfully I have travel plans for a week in early April at five different properties. So, I get to cherry-pick between new and old rates…

    However, a 70k mi. (140k HHonors pts.) transfer from Hawaiian to Hilton is now on-hold.

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  • Fool’s Gold HHonors

    I opened a Hilton AMEX for my wedding just to rack up the points. Almost 2yrs, Gold status, and 250k pts. later, it all goes down the tubes!

    Is it the general consensus that Hyatt vs SPG is now the way to go??

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  • Mike
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  • TV

    Been Diamond for a couple of years now (left Marriott). Got hooked on the Hilton brand. I stay enough to max out the highest level in a couple of hotel programs. With the changes, I am moving on to a new brand.

  • Scott Taddiken

    I too am disappointed that top-level rewards will cost more points. But frankly you guys are overreacting a bit.

    What *I* have noticed in recent months is that points were becoming less valuable at some hotels I want to go to because Hilton has been offering bargain cash rates.

    Examples: the Hilton Bonnet Creek in Disney World, or the Hilton Anaheim at Disneyland, for you family-oriented vacationers. Under the current regime, a 4-night AXON stay would cost 125,000 for 4 nights, or GLON 160,000 for 5 nights. Under the new regime, the cost will be 120,000 for either 4 or 5 nights! (Exception: the Orlando stay will cost 160,000 for 4 or 5 nights, if taken between December and March.)

    As I said above, these hotels have been offering specials of late, devaluing points in that way, so this is a welcome change!

    So chill. Sometimes when a hotel chain says they are reorganizing their program to be more in line with the value provided, they are telling the truth.

    I am not compensated by Hilton in any way for this, but if they want to give me 160,000 free points, I won’t complain. :)

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  • Leo

    Chase Sapphire is basically a 2% Cash-Back card. Depending on which Hilton hotel you are targeting for your reward stay, the Hilton Reserve Visa card can get hotel-stay Cash-Back equivalence exceeding 28%(with Conrad Maldives in peak season), or typically exceeding 5% at lessor high end resorts. I calculated these number using the new de-valuated points structure.
    It is disheartening that the points structure is being de-valuated, but maybe they (the entire industry) is correcting for over-promised rewards.
    The Hilton Reserve card when used for hotel stays is typically at least a 5% cash-back card and often higher…which is very not-bad (the rest is 2.5% cash-back for Airlines/Car Rental, and 1% cash-back for everything else).
    Again, this method of valuation depends on which hotels you’re seeking for your reward stays, and also when you’re planning your stay.

  • JL100

    This would be great material for one of those “Hitler finds out about Hilton Devaluation” videos!

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  • Dave Op

    Is there a way to redeem Hilton Honors points for just gift cards? If so, what is the redeeption values?

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  • Colin

    Really annoyed that I just got the Hilton Amex and was going to start in on HHonors when this happened

  • Very Regular Traveller

    Ok – I stay in hotels every single week. In the last year I have spent around $28,000 on hilton hotels – in return I have had 14 nights in top hilton hotels, this would have worked out at $7,000 had I paid for it myself.

    My company pays for my hotels initially – so 25% back on hotels I could NEVER afford to pay for myself sounds good. It appears like the top hotels are effected and not the lower tiers.

    ClubCarlson have me as a gold – their hotels aren’t good compared to hilton, I never get upgrades and they dont treat me any better than a regular guest. As a hilton Diamond I often get treated like a king, massive suites and so on. As an example I was in London recently on business, and i got upgraded to a $1500 a night suite for three nights… ClubCarlson would NEVER do that.

    So yes they have degraded… but you still get greatvalue as a diamond :D

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  • VA

    Looks like Hilton’s point search tool is not loading properly.

  • Liam

    Just tried to book Hilton Barbados – 186,000 points a night for a standard room – 9 months ahead of dates. Hilton have lost this 10 year diamond member.

  • Mark_in_VA

    I feel like Hilton knocked the wind out of me. Going to use up my points on two big trips booked before the 28th and then try to recover, figure out where to go.

  • Any Other Traveler

    wow, this is horrible. this is not a good way for them to keep loyal customers. they know it is a fine line, but i think they have crossed it

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  • jetboys

    What is a fine line? This looks like a very thick line to me. Nearly doubling the number of points is pretty thick.

  • jetboys

    Problem with Hyatt is that they seem to have far fewer properties and cover much fewer cities worldwide than Hilton or Starwood.

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  • Bill O’Wrights

    You can book under old system before March 28, even if the stay is March 28 or after. The new system applies for new rewards booked or *modifications* made March 28 or after.

  • Bill O’Wrights

    Depends on the property and the dates. Premium rooms can be a little more, a lot more, or in some cases, even lower than a standard room reward.

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  • Mary

    Very disgusted with the new Hilton point system. The hilton garden Inn NY 35th street goes from a category 6 which use to cost 40,000 points goes to a category 9 which now costs 80,000 points. What a joke. I can see it maybe going up 10,000 points, but to double. What’s the point of being a hilton honors member.

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  • Chris J

    My wife and I have been PRIVATE, not CORPORATE, members for over 13 years. During that time, we have EARNED Diamond membership for 3 consecutive years: and you can imagine how much that has, personally, cost us! Additionally, I’ve been speaking to, and corresponding with “HHhonors” for many years regarding their unfair and prejudicial programme. In fact, I refer to it as “HHdis-Honors”. Because we are private members, we pay for every point we earn. We don’t have the advantage of corporate sponsorship and patronage.

    Unlike Hyatt – of which we are Platinum members – when we are “forced” to book through a “third party” travel agency in order to reduce costs, we don’t receive any tier advancement, or HHH points. In the last 2yrs, for example, I would say that we have “forfeited” at least 200,000+ base points. What punitive treatment! And all I get from HHH is “well that’s the policy”, and my response is “well change it because it’s wrong and unfair”. Their response is always a cold “well that’s how it is”.

    I say, how about some “loyalty” from you, Hilton!

    In my opinion, and probably the thousands of others like us, we are the “loyal” ones. In fact, lets face it, HHh don’t really care about loyalty as most of us know and understand it.

    I’ve done the maths about earning points and redeeming them, and it’s a
    “loose loose” situation, made even worse by the recent “review” of the programme.

    So, we all know it’s wrong, and has to change. In our particular case, Hilton needs to admit, and openly declare, that their HHH programme is TOTALLY unsuitable for private members, and that only corporate members can still, although up to a lesser point, “benefit”.


  • DaGnrl

    This is BS, as an Hgvc member having joined partially for the benefit of the exchange program. Might sell out “f” em

  • jsquared007

    Platinum for last five years. Booked a Doubletree in Scottsdale every year for a week at spring training time. Checked what I need for 2014 and my 60 nights at a Hilton won’t get me anywhere near a week since points needed were raised so much. This is my last year for Platinum since I’ll be moving the biz elsewhere. Sure I could still get some Hampton in the middle of nowhere for 10K but the whole point of getting points is to use them a a place you normally don’t stay for business.

  • Wojo1

    I asked to sell my membership back to Hilton. They told me that I would have to sell for a substantial lose even though the same program is now $20,000 more. If I could get out I’d be gone

  • Michael Collins

    I’m late in joining in on this, but as a casual stay client, I will surely be looking elsewhere.

  • Endre Pekarik

    I’m looking at Hilton Jamaica, 215,000 points a night… joke

  • amightyfortress

    We reserved a category 1 room for 5 weeks on points and a recent
    announcement came to us by email that the property had changed hands.
    The original room was branded Hampton, and despite the nearby Embassy
    Suites being generally available for 20,000 points a night (compared to
    the 5,000 points as per original reservation for a Hampton) customer
    service did us right by posting something like 476,000 points to my
    Honors account so that it made no net difference to my remaining points
    business to have received a considerable upgrade.

    We were delighted.

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