Citi ThankYou Points Now Transferable to Hilton HHonors for Premium Cardholders

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Citi ThankYou Points may now be redeemed for Hilton HHonors points. It appears that 1,000 Citi ThankYou Points will transfer to 1,500 Hilton HHonors Points – the same ratio that they transfer from American Express Membership Rewards. However, Hilton is currently the only transfer partner of Citi, which makes this much more compelling versus Amex, which offers over 20 other airline and hotel options.

Redeem Citi Thank You Points for Hilton Hhonors.

Redeem Citi Thank You Points for Hilton Hhonors.

To exchange points from your Citi ThankYou Rewards account to your HHonors account, you must be a registered Citi ThankYou Rewards Premium card member. Though the terms on the landing page don’t explicitly state so, the FAQ about transfers when you’re logged into ThankYou’s site state that only ThankYou Members with the Citi ThankYou Premier, Citi ThankYou Prestige, Citi Prestige or Chairman credit cards are eligible to use ThankYou Points Exchange. However, if you have the Premier and either or both the Preferred and Forward, Citi will allow you to combine your points balances. So this could be a good opportunity to stock up on Citi ThankYou points by getting one of the cards you don’t already have.

“Receive 1, 500 HHonors Bonus Points for Every 1,000 Citi ThankYou Points. Transfers must be in increments of 1,000 ThankYou Points with a minimum of 1, 000 ThankYou Points. To make an exchange, visit or call ThankYou Rewards at 1-800-842-6596 (toll-free in the United States).

Worth It?
So, what’s worth more, using ThankYou points for air travel or transferring them to Hilton HHonors? When you have a premium Citi ThankYou card like the Premier, you’re able to redeem those points at a value of 1.33 cents each toward air travel. I value Hilton HHonors points at .7 cents each, so when you transfer ThankYou Points at a ratio of 1: 1.5 per, you’re getting just over 1 cent in value each. However, depending on where you redeem those Hilton points – I might redeem mine at Conrad Maldives where they could be worth much more than that – you could still be getting some great value here. However, I wouldn’t race to empty your ThankYou accounts right this minute.

I hope this is the start of strengthening of Citi’s ThankYou program by giving these points the flexibility of partner transfers. In the past, I’ve focused on building up my balances with Chase Ultimate Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. But now that I’m a Hilton Diamond member, and if this ends up being more than a rumor, I will start to consider more Citi cards as part of my points portfolio, especially because I haven’t dipped too many toes into that pool yet. In March of 2012 there were rumors swirling around the blogosphere about Citi adding British Airways and Singapore Airlines as transfer partners (and they were actually confirmed by some Citi reps), however that didn’t end up happening.

Double Down on ThankYou Now?
I’m not rushing to do anything right away – I might hold off and wait for better offers on the ThankYou Premier, Preferred and Forward cards (come on 50,000!) before making a big strategy decision.

Overall, once this is confirmed, I think it is great news for us points enthusiasts because the more transferable points programs the better in my opinion.

Hat tip: FlyerTalk.

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  • guest

    I have two Thank You credit cards, so I called to cancel one when it incurred an annual fee. I was told that I would have 30 days to use the Thank You points associated with the canceled card. I said that I wanted them transferred to Hilton Honors. The representative told me that Citi would “remove” the Hilton points at the 30 day mark. In other words, you cannot preserve your points by transferring them to another points program. I’m not sure that I believe her. What do you think?

  • Jamescrawfordiv

    Argh. I just yesterday redeemed all my points for two mileage runs. I’m planning a trip to the Conrad Koh Samui and that would have been one more free night! Oh well, I was playing with house money anyway, I suppose…

  • Scott

    I’m glad to see they have added a partner to transfer points to, too bad it was a hotel. I know there have been rumors of adding an airline partner. What is the chance that happens in the near future?

  • steve

    While I would rather redeem for 1.33 for airfare, this is promising.
    Hopefully they start adding other (more valuable) transfer partners

  • phil

    I tried to do a 1000 pt. transfer yesterday & it failed. Said call us at ………….. I’ll wait a few days and try again.

  • Kat K

    I really should add more citi cards. I only have the AA plat mastercard and AA Amex. I bank at Citi and am Citigold. guess the choice is between a Hilton card, more AA cards or Thank You cards….?

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  • dhammer

    I just cashed out my 30,000 Citi points for $300 in Marriott gift cards. Those 30,000 would have equaled 45,000 Hilton. That’s just shy of a 50,000 point stay at the Hilton downtown San Francisco. Considering you can Priceline a nice hotel between $150 – $200 a night, my choice would be to cash in the Citi points for gift cards (and earn stay credit).

  • dhammer

    One more thing, I cashed in my points because the annual fee was due. I cancelled the card. No way they can ask me for my Marriott gift cards back. ;)

  • Cory

    Interesting development. My Premier card is due for its annual fee quite soon. The Thank You Preferred card is one I’ve had for may years and is easily my oldest account, and it incurs no annual fee so I won’t close it so in theory my Thank You points should be safe no matter what and I’ll get some value out of them.

    This presents a somewhat #FirstWorldProblems dilemma for me. Transfer and/or redeem while a Premier cardholder, cash out for gift cards, or just hold onto the points through my Preferred account. Unlike Chase, my Thank You account is automatically combined between my 2 cards.

  • AC

    So you want people to speculate on the chances… OK… I give it a 4 in 10. 40% chance. Stupid Question, Stupid Answer…

  • DL

    I would love to see them add Emirates and Singapore, and maybe some of the less-common hotel programs, like Kimpton etc..

  • Fielding

    Still worse than what you can transfer AMEX or SPG at, with rates of 1:2 and 1:2.5 resepctively.

  • PatMike

    If you’re using an AXON for a Cat 7 (145K HH for 4 nights) and redeeming for a hotel that cost more than $240 a night, it is a great deal. I will only redeem my HH points for AXONs at high-end properties like Rome, Maldives, Samui, Venice and feel that I get great value for my Hilton points. If you are looking at HH properties in San Francisco, San Diego, etc… yes, it is a bad value, but I don’t do that.

  • thepointsguy

    I’d argue it is better than Amex to SPG at the normal rate of 3:1.. but agree it isn’t great

  • thepointsguy

    Would love that too!

  • thepointsguy

    I’d redeem for airfare at 1.33 cents per point if I were you

  • thepointsguy

    I’d do more AA and hilton until the ThankYou sign-up bonuses increase

  • thepointsguy

    I hope so too!

  • disqust101

    Meh. Barely worth it even with 50K TYP. I’d rather churn the Hawaiian cards that convert at 2:1…

  • David-sugar

    Please read all of the details very carefully before you sign up for a card. The fine print “says” that only some points can be transferred. Specifically excluded are all sign up bonuses and any points coming from a banking relationship. I have over 40,000 points only about 4,500 can be transferred.

  • Barb B

    How do you become a premier Thank You Points person?

  • phil

    I prefer GC too. Whether it’s Best Buy or some other business you can always find something on sale that you can use your GC to buy. TY is a joke unless you need to book last minute airfare. Car rentals & hotels are cheaper thru HW or PL.

  • Matt

    I think Thank You Points are worth more than 1.33 because when you redeem for air fare, you also get the air miles associated with the flight (which you won’t if you are redeeming air miles). These air miles should count for something.

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