1,000 Free United Miles for Joining BCKSTGR

by on December 20, 2012 · 29 comments

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Right now when you join a social media marketing platform called, you can earn up to 1,000 free United miles. Initially, I thought the site looked a little bit sketchy and I was hesitant to enter my United login information, it is legitimate and I’ve received my 1,000 United miles, so I feel comfortable passing this one along.


When you sign up for BCKSTGR, you link your various accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. – and when you tweet, check in, post on a wall, fill out surveys or watch videos about its advertising partners, it rewards you in virtual currency – like United miles. Sometimes it’s just a check-in, other times it’s a specific phrase you have to Tweet or that the application will post or Tweet for you

Personally, I’ll stay away from the specific “approved” messaging by turning off the option to let the app post for me since I’d rather always share my honest opinion.  The good news is, though, that you can sign up and limit the app’s access while still earning up to 1,000 bonus miles for joining and linking all three accounts – Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

I did it yesterday and the miles already posted to my account. You earn 400 points just for signing up and an additional 200 miles each for linking  your Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare accounts for a total of 1,000 potential bonus miles.

The 1,000 miles from joining BCKSTGR and linking my social media accounts already posted.

The 1,000 miles from joining BCKSTGR and linking my social media accounts already posted.

You can redeem those miles as you normally would on United, or directly through BCKSTGR for various experiences it has set up, like one-on-one cooking classes, weekend getaways or private concerts.

I love when airlines and hotels run social media campaigns since I’m always Tweeting, posting on Facebook and Instagramming photos all over the place. The only thing I like more is when free miles and points are involved!

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  • michael

    Hey-Thanks! I was 8 miles short of a round number and was gonna have to buy an extra thousand or find the card and use it and just for signing up they gave me 100 miles and put me over the hurdle. :-)

  • MilesRunner

    Thanks. I signed up 12/6 for the 400 miles and today got 900 more miles for connecting the three social accounts. It’s been a good month not flying on United!

    12/20/2012 BCKSTGR Bonus Offer 300
    12/20/2012 BCKSTGR Bonus Offer 300
    12/20/2012 BCKSTGR Bonus Offer 300
    12/07/2012 BCKSTGR Bonus Offer 400
    12/01/2012 Chase Bonus 5,000

  • YaterSpoon

    I’m very hesitant to give anyone any of my passwords. I have travel rewards worth thousand of dollars sitting in my MP account. I would always love 1K worth of free miles… but not if they require my actual MP password. Forget it.

  • Heather @ passthedressing

    Got my miles but this site is sketch. I got no less than 4 emails yesterday saying that my password had been change. It was very strange!

  • UnitedMilesGreedyCAM

    I signed up this morning after reading about it here and already got 100 United Miles in my account!

  • Farsighted

    me too. 13,000 miles to connect with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Though still don’t get what they are going for. Also miles posted immediately. Which seemed a bit odd.

  • Jahhsns


  • Samuel

    Change your password, sign up, then change it back

  • Preacher

    But here’s the problem: I only got 100 miles for signing up, not 400 like the rest of you. Why?

  • Kurt Gonska

    Do you have to redeem your BCKSTGR points on their website before they post to your mileage plus account?

  • thepointsguy

    Nope- they post automatically to your united account

  • thepointsguy

    Weird- I’d give it a couple days then if they aren’t right, email
    bckstgr customer service

  • Billybug

    only got 100 points for signing up

    The miles have not posted as of today (Signed up yesterday)
    Do I need to transfer them over to united somehow?

  • Mike

    Just curious- what the “CHASE Bonus 5,000″?

  • Mike

    Sorry, clicked too fast. Just curious- what triggered the “CHASE Bonus 5,000″? Thta’s a good promotion.

  • Joel Giefer

    I have the same CHASE Bonus 5,000. I don’t know why; anyone?

  • privacy matters!

    I dont think selling your “soul” by giving up your privacy to these tracking sites is a good idea FOR ME. However, most people will blindly sign up for the points, not realizing how they are “selling” themslves. Id say if most people knew the truth, they wouldnt be signing up for any Facebook sign-up promotions.

  • Nick Aster

    So you get a few pennies for spamming your friends and basically becoming a really annoying person? I’m going to pass on this one.

  • Kira

    How did you connect your bckstgr account to your three social networks? I only saw the three networks’ names and clicked it, and then saved it, but I only saw a bonus 100 miles for signing up. I see no other bonus and even the 100 miles has not been posted to my UA account.

  • ET

    Signed up 3 days ago; still no points in my United account.

  • Kurtgonska

    Signed up 5 days ago and have not received any united miles. Emailed Bckstgr 4 days ago and have not gotten a response.

  • ETA Unknown

    One week on and nothing has posted. E-mailed BCKSTGR customer service and no reply either.

  • emusic917

    Same scenario here :S

  • Jeff

    If you are worried about sharing all of that info, why not create dummy FB, twitter and four square accounts just for promotions like these? That’s what I do. The only time I use them is to engage/enter promotions like this. Just get the miles and move on.

  • ETA Unknown

    Miles finally posted. Their new promo is only 600 miles for linking accounts.

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  • Jeff

    It took my account a little while to update, so just wait it out. Mine eventually went through.

    Also check this out, I saved a ton on my business’ energy bill and I earned Miles on My Credit Card for Signing up.. It’s pretty awesome! Check it out!

  • tito

    They only give me 100 miles per social media and no miles for signing up

  • Chloe

    Is this promo still going on? I linked my accounts today 10/31/13 :)

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