Amazing Deal Alert – 75,000 Points For Amex Business Gold TODAY ONLY

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here

Update: View the current offer for the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card here.

Update: The bonus is now 25,000 points for the Starwood Amex business and personal cards, 10,000 points after first purchase and 15,000 after $5,000 spend within the first 6 months.

This week seems to a whirlwind of great sign-up bonuses with American Express. First we had the 30,000 Starwood American Express offer and now we have one for the American Express Business Gold.

American Express just came out with an offer to earn 75,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you apply for the Amex Business Gold charge card by August 9, 2012, and spend $10,000 within 4 months. They had this same offer back in June and February (when I got in), but it’s back again.

Although this isn’t one of my links and I can’t guarantee you’ll get the 75,000-point sign-up offer, I actually got in on a similar one-day deal back in February and all my bonus points posted like clockwork once my spend was met. The terms & conditions seem straight forward and don’t indicate this is a targeted offer, though I’d still take screen shots just in case. Amex will let you get two cards in one day, though I’d personally apply for this one first and then another- like the 30,000 point Starwood personal card.

-Apply by August 9, 2012
-Sign-up bonus: 75,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $10,000 within 120 days
-Category bonuses: 3x points on airfare, 2x points on purchases in the U.S. for advertising in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping and 1x points on other purchases. Update: Now you will also earn 2x on purchases made with from select computer hardware, software and cloud computing providers.
-$175 annual fee waived for the first year

Before you take advantage of this offer, though, the terms state that the “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card account within the last 12 months.” So if you’ve opened another Amex OPEN business charge card in the last 12 months, you technically can’t apply for this one.

However, you should still be able to qualify for this offer if you just have Amex’s personal cards like the Platinum or the Premier Rewards Gold, or Amex’s other business cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Amex or the Delta SkyMiles Business Gold card.

Remember, even if you don’t have a major business you can still qualify for business cards like this one. Most issuers will let you get a business credit card by applying with your own social security number if your business is a sole proprietorship (a business run by one person). Plus, since Amex is going to run a credit check anyway, it should be possible for you to apply for a personal card on the same day (such as the Starwood Amex which now has a 30,000 point sign-up offer) if you were considering getting a personal Amex card anyway, so it counts as a single hard credit pull. You might get automatically denied, but you can call the reconsideration line. Just explaining why you need both a business card and a personal card to separate your business and personal expenses usually works.

As always, if you recently applied for this card and got a lower (if any) sign-up bonus, you can call Amex’s account services department at 877-399-3083 and ask them if they will match the current 75,000-point offer. They’ve gotten a lot stricter about this lately, but it never hurts to ask!

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  • NAte

    Hi Brian,

    I got the AX business platinum 13 months ago and cancelled it last month. Do you think I am eligible for this?

  • Raj K Singh

    Just applied and was approved through your link…Youre welcome good sir! Thanks!

  • AirD0c

    what if I apply for both this and the Starwood Amex biz in the same day?

  • Songer5

    Since you can convert 75,000 MR points into 37,500 SPG Points, it’s better than the 30,000 bonus for the SPG Business card (for bonuses at least). A good way to get 67,500 SPG points if you can hit the spend requirements on both.

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  • Cbender49

    Noticed an ad for this offer on Amazon today (was signed into my seller account at the time).

  • Anon

    Website keeps saying the system is down once I enter all my info and hit verify. Anyone else getting that? Should I call to apply?

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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know which credit report agency AMEX uses? Experian, Equifax, Transunion? I have my credit reports frozen and it would be great not to unfreeze them all if AMEX only checks one.

  • Zelassad

    I thought the coversion rate for MR points to SPG points is 3.33:1, so wouldn’t 75,000 MR points convert to 24,975 SPG points?

  • Zelassad

    Is it confirmed that AMEX will only do one hard pull of my credit if I apply for the AMEX Business Gold and the AMEX Starwood personal cards simultaneously?

  • dc

    I was wondering If should apply for this card. I’m a total newbie to this miles and point.
    I did my 1st app o’rama in the beginning of July 2012 and I got chase british airway card, mx SPG, 2 citi aa, us airways and bank of america of Hawaiian airline.

    I’m pretty much done with my spending req for those cards. I’m just wondering if it would be to soon to apply for this card.? I currently have an mx blue no annual fee over 10 yrs, mx spg and a costco business. The Costco business I am an add on. I don’t carry a balance on any of the cards. Should I apply for other cards along with this mx gold card?
    We are planning a trip to Asia for a family of 5. The card will come in handy for airplane ticket purchase. Thanks for you help.

  • Songer5

    Zelassad, you’re correct. I was looking at the Canadian Amex MR site.

  • Zelassad

    Ok, thanks! I was hoping that you were going to tell me of a backdoor way to get the better redemption, similar to the MR > Flying Club > Hilton redemption path.

  • TPG Intern Ryan

    The T&C say “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card account within the last 12 months” so you should be fine.

  • tavi

    how does that make any sense? if he canceled the card last month, he obviously had it in the last 12 months, so that would mean he is not eligible for the bonus, no??


    Applied. Immediate approval. I need to stop applying for so many cards!

  • Farsighted

    Does that mean any Gold card, or just Business Gold? I got a Gold Rewards Personal card 3 months ago. I hope I didn’t waste a credit check. They put me on “pending”.

  • thepointsguy

    Just business cards

  • thepointsguy

    Actually if you’ve had the Amex business platinum open this year you probably aren’t eligible for the bonus. Id call Amex to verify before applying

  • thepointsguy

    It differs by state

  • thepointsguy

    Others are getting approved so id try using a different browser

  • TPG Intern Ryan

    Sorry I misread, I thought you said you closed the account 13 months ago. You actually would not be eligible since you could not have an account in the last 12 months.

  • Jasonz

    If I already have this card, can my wife apply for this card too with my business’s ein?

  • Bchips

    Hi TPG-

    Can my wife apply for the biz card with her business and transfer the MR points to my account?

    Thanks in advance!

  • thepointsguy

    She can transfer her Amex to your frequent flyer accounts, but not into your Amex account

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Strike while the irons hot!

  • BlkMustng

    I missed out last year on the Personal Amex Premiere Rewards Gold card bonus at 75k. I’m still waiting for any bonus above 25k. Any idea when or even if that will come out again?

  • Cdev

    I got the Platinum card last Sept from a Gold PR card and got a 25k signup bonus. I kept the Platinum card canceled my Gold PR. I applied for the gold two weeks ago to use the card on airfare and the Platinum for the international travel perks. I spent 3k (actually over 20k) on the Gold PR card and AMEX refuses to apply any singup bonus. Any advice?


    Just wish I could have put a few pennies in your pocket along the way!

  • Thabraize

    Hey TPG,
    I applied for a business Gold Rewards card in June 2011 and still have it…Do you think I can apply for this offer under a new EIN# with my SS#?

  • Justin

    Approved. If I get the 30k SPG Biz, would it still consolidate and be listed as 1 pull on EX? I have to be careful since my EX report is a little thick in the inquiry section right now…

  • BRLfly

    Is it worth it to get the 75k MR pts with this deal or SPG biz/personal 60k deal?

    with amex you get 75k bonus plus another 10k for the min spend =85k

    with SPG you get 60k plus 10k spend= 70k but with a transfer to airlines you get 15k bonus so 85k pts

    both are 85k pts, any advice?

    I have the BA chase and citi AA amex/visa spending mins to hit so i can only squeeze on or the other. otherwise i would have done the 75k gold and 30k spg personal combo


  • Justin Kenney

    I am in the same situation, so if I use my wife’s social and my business EIN, we can still get the 75k?

    I already have the Delta Sky Miles Gold Business Amex.

  • PJ

    Is the deal dead? I can not land on the application page

  • Justin

    I’d value 70k SPG > 85k MR for sure assuming you only want the card for the sign up bonus. Much easier to earn MR points than SPG, though.

  • Justin

    Of course that also assumes that SPG inquiries will be consolidated into 1 hit. Advantage of the AMEX biz is that it doesn’t show up as a tradeline on your personal credit report, so once the inquiry falls off, it’s invisible as far as your personal credit goes.

  • TPG Intern Ryan

    Trying resetting your browser. Still works for me.

  • TPG Intern Ryan

    The terms say “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card account within the last 12 months” so I don’t think you would be eligible but anything’s possible.

  • BRLfly

    @ justin thanks a bunch

    another part of my analysis is opportunity cost. if i wait on SPG i only really lose out on 5k pts each cause usual bonus is 25k with the amex gold usual bonus is 25k

    so although i agree with you that my amex mr are easier to come by and spg are more valuable, isnt there something to be said about running with a great deal that is triple the normal bonus instead of a 20% increase?

  • BRLfly

    @TPG and @ ryan, if i have i request an additional card will spend on that card count towards my spending requirements or is it only $ spent on primary card?

  • Farsighted

    you sure about that? Hate to spend 10K and find out “no” :-) I didn’t even know they had a Business Green.

  • thepointsguy

    Call Amex to confirm- no one besides them can guarantee you anything

  • Denver

    Approved! Thanks for the tip Brian. Now onto the SPG Card application!

  • Farsighted

    As soon as it’s confirmed, I’ll call. I imagine they’ve been swamped today.

  • Justin

    Yes. And as you’ll notice below, I did strike while the iron is hot today. I was planning on an SPG biz in a month or so, but this was too good to ignore, so I’ll likely wait til ~Nov for the SPG Biz. Also often the BIZ Gold bonus is ZERO (not 25k) as opposed to 75k.

  • BRLfly


  • TPG Intern Ryan


  • Be The Ball

    Approved, thanks. This is my first AMEX card ever.

    So what should I do to confirm that I am going to receive the 75,000 points once I spend 10k?

    Do I give them a call now or in a few days? Or will it be in the paperwork with the card?

    I ask because if for some reason it doesn’t work I would want to put the 10k on my Sapphire instead….


  • acs


    Just got approved! Can you maybe make a post illustrating the best way to redeem these points? Basically trying to figure out which airline I should transfer the points to…

  • Jasonz

    i just applied and I got

    We are sorry.

    Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    To learn more about other flexible solutions you can use to manage and grow your business, please return to American Express OPENSM.

    Has anyone gotten this? its 11:55pm pst right now , hopefully I can reapply tomm

  • PJ

    did you have a business ID # to fill in?

  • PJ

    I dont have a business ID do I leave the entry BLANK and go on to second page of application ?

  • PJ

    I was told that you have to be an suthorized user for amex account before you can receive transfer into your airline frequent flyer account. Maybe Amex has played up with Sapphire Preferred and dropped that requirement. After all, that requriement simply creates more work for themselves.

  • Monique

    I got the same message at first and then re-submitted the application. They apparently were processing my first app but cancelled it and now are pending on my current one. I also applied for Starwood Amex in another browser with instant approval so figured that affected my pending status.

  • Monique

    if you list as sole proprietorship they do not require a business ID #

  • evodad

    spend on the additional card counts (i imagine) it did with my spg card

  • Stevelichten

    Looking for the best way to hit the $10K requirement. What would work with AMEX? Would a site like to pay my rent each month count towards the minimum spend?

  • PJ

    In NJ this is the “worst” you can do: Our shoprite supermarket let you buy $1000 store gift cards for $950.. so you buy 10K there and you are stocking up many gift cards they sell : Be them gas cards of many brands, HomeDepot..Subway Olive Garden Red Lobsters etc.. and also for future genuine grocery shopping Personally I plan to buy a lot of BP gas cards to use by me and my daughter in California at ARCO AM PM

    In VA, Giants let me buy $500 denominated Gift cards with 5.95fees. this works best when Chase Freedom rebates 5% . still very OK if you need to fill SPEND ASAP.

    Also, you can get away with Amazon payment $1000 max each month no fees . I would not that dumb to remit $1000 even 4 times..

    Other tricks: see there are many gift card masters eager to share their experiments.

  • PJ

    Help please: My application is IN PGROGRESS

    Anybody can help me find some convicing reasons to get this card? I did leave the EIN blank I have PLAT GOLD BLUE SPG personal cards and last I was targeted for the same card tho with only 25K sign on bonus.
    My credit score is about 800

  • mrpickles

    Applied last week for a 50K MR bonus, called today to bump the bonus and they refuses, said that I had to write a letter to MR directly.

  • PJ

    SUCCESS !! 75K scored. I assume once I put all my family members ( 4 only) as AU, they can keep their MR points ALIVE without paying $175 annual fees . We have been planning to ship points out to Aeroplan as last alternative to stay away fees.

  • PJ is the express way to see result

  • Puckstopper

    I just returned from Italy and no one wanted to take the American Express card. Unless you stay in the 5 star hotels and eat at the most expensive upscale restaurants no one will take the card.

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  • Mantagirl

    What a great offer this was! I picked up the card and used it to book all my friends on a trip, put down a 10K deposit and done. Thank you thank you for this one! One step closer to my RTW ticket!

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