Amazing Deal Alert: 10,500+ Airline Miles for $32 With Netflix Subscriptions

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Netflix is aggressively seeking new customers and currently has sign-up bonuses with the four major US airline frequent flyer programs .The great thing about signing up for Netflix is that you don’t need to enter much information at all – pretty much just an email address and a credit card. What this allows you to do is sign-up for the service multiple times since they only track whether you are a new member through email, credit card and frequent flyer number. So if you use different emails (easy and free to create) and credit cards (I know most mileage junkies have no shortage of cards), you should be able to bank multiple bonuses.

This is not a new deal, and I have written about in the past, but I have taken advantage of all these bonuses within past year and gotten all the miles, so I wanted to remind people that it was out there as an easy way to get miles on the cheap (plus you get Netflix, which might be of value to some of you).

Though you can score bonuses on all the US legacy carriers, the best by far is 4,000 miles on United.

Risk and Reward
Digital membership is $7 a month and you can cancel at any time. That means conservatively you can get 1,500 miles for $7 – or less than half a cent a point, an amazing deal. I just got 4,000 United miles (which I value the most) for $7.99, less than 2/10 of a cent per mile. I then redeemed for a one-way business class award on Lufthansa for 50,000 miles and ~$50 for what would have been a $5,000 ticket. So my one Netflix sign-up got me 8% of a one-way business class award from Los Angeles to Paris. Not so shabby.

The risk is that you won’t get the miles and will still be charged that $7.99. Netflix has good customer service, so you could argue your way out of the first month if you don’t get the miles. In my opinion, the risk factor is pretty low.

Is it unethical to get multiple bonuses? Depends on your interpretation of the rules. Frankly, my take is that if Netflix didn’t want to give multiple bonuses, they would have better controls in place. They may love to see this spark new members because it helps their bottom line and they are gambling that people will forget to cancel and will be profitable customers. So playing along doesn’t seem out of line to me.

Here are the main offers – feel free to comment if there are any better ones out there or if you’ve had any recent success (or failure) getting a bonus.

Best offer: United 4,000 miles for United cardholders (and some lucky ones who don’t have the card) or 2,000 for everyone else. I do not have a United (Explorer or Club) card – I used my Sapphire Preferred Visa and I got the 4,000 miles when I applied on June 18, 2012. Note: you may still be able to also sign up with your old United MileagePlus number as well since United will auto-deposit those miles into your new account (Continental number).

My recent United Netflix payday

American: 2,500 miles when becoming a paying member (so wait for the free trial to be over).
Delta: 2,500 miles with new account.
US Airways: 1,500 miles with new account. Note: You may want to hold off for a potential Grand Slam promotion to stack with this promo.

And by the way,you can also earn 3,000 Priority Club points with a new account as well.

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  • Huff Daland

    Does it matter if I’m already a Netflix digital subscriber? Your miles already posted? If so have you already cancel
    Ed your subscriptions?

  • thepointsguy

    It doesn’t matter as long as you use a different email, credit card and frequent flyer mile number for each. Yes you can cancel once you get the miles- there is no contract

  • Cgriffiths

    Do you think it will work if I was a previous Netflix customer? I read it doesn’t apply to current or previous customers. Maybe I’m better off signing my husband up, but it would still be the same address. So did you go about signing up for several Netflix accounts using different airlines and credit cards? Does it not matter that it’s the same address? Thanks!

  • Mullisingfb

    Will this interfere with US Airways Grand Slam?

  • Bmp

    Can anyone confirm getting the miles using the United link and providing an OLD Mileage plus number?

  • Mullisingfb

    what i meant is, is there an issue if i open a Netflix AA account and use Netflix for US Airways, am i voiding T&Cs?

  • David Esquiliano

    I’ve been trying to use the UA link, but it doesn’t work for me… According to my browser, it can’t find the server…

  • Grant

    Is it unethical to use a citi thank you card to temporarily create a credit card number and then deactivate that number just to get the points? I believe after the credit card has been used once, it no longer accepts charges, so this would be an interesting experiment to try out.

  • Ram Kashyap

    Should we keep the paid account active for a minimum period to qualify for the miles?

    Can I cancel my United/American (Paid)/Delta’s Netflix account after 15 days and still have the miles?

  • Wolfgang

    How were you able to get 50,000 miles for $50??
    At $7/ sign up, $50 gets you only 7 signups.
    And since you need a different Frequent Flyer# for each sign up, how did you get more than 1 bonus/airline??

  • Pensguin68

    Hi didn’t get 50,000 miles for $50, he bought the ticket using 50,000 United miles, plus $50 (probably for taxes/booking fees). He got 4,000 of the 50,000 miles through the Netflix bonus, meaning the Netflix signup covered 8% of the cost in miles.

  • PJ

    I am shocked. THE tpg guru does not United Explorer card for single purchase 50K + adding one AU for 5K more. the offer was extended to June 30- last I know . WE got 370K since me alone ( among 5 in my family) missed the deadline to add on one AU.

    Not sure if you can find the link anymore when you sign on with your active mileage plus account ( a few miles = active) . good luck all..

    I still like to have more United miles .. I would definitely ask my daughter to sign on this with MY credit card to treat my grand son.

  • J.

    Yes. ;)

  • PJ
  • Herman

    So can I get a bunch of 2500 mile AA bonuses to one account OR does each bonus have to be to a different AAdvantage account? Not sure what I can do with a bunch of accounts with only 2500 miles in them.

  • Liz

    I had the same worry; it doesn’t matter if it’s the same mailing address, but does have to be a new netflix account (i.e. different e-mail address and credit card number).

  • Liz

    I signed up for the 4k bonus, paid with my Onepass card (which was technically changed to an Explorer card), but have only been given 1,500 miles. Would you recommend contacting United or Netflix or someone else entirely?

  • Cgriffiths

    Thanks, and did you get the miles posted? Just want to make sure before I try to sign up.

  • er

    Did you United miles post instantly?

  • thepointsguy

    No- took a couple days. I think they post on mondays

  • er

    Thank you, and additionally thank you for responding to my question despite my poor grammar.

  • James

    Hi. If they verify the FF number then I can do it only once per airline or can I merge later airline accounts under the same name? Thanks.

  • Rick

    You could merge them but AA has audit teams, I signed up for multiple AA bonuses in each account short period of time, they took those miles back. Basically you could only sign up maybe once an year so they wouldn’t notice multiple bonuses to the same person.

  • Rick

    You could merge them but AA has audit teams, I signed up for multiple AA bonuses in each account short period of time, they took those miles back. Basically you could only sign up maybe once an year so they wouldn’t notice multiple bonuses to the same person.

  • Zheng87

    You could merge them but AA has audit teams, I signed up for multiple AA bonuses in each account short period of time, they took those miles back. Basically you could only sign up maybe once an year so they wouldn’t notice multiple bonuses to the same person. I’m sure other airlines have audit teams to prevent multiple bonuses ;)

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  • Pattonroberta

    How did you get 4000 with your Sapphire Preferred Visa? It says Earn 2,000 miles when you become a paying member of Netflix. And, earn another 2,000 miles when you pay with your MileagePlus® Credit Card from Chase.

  • Jack

    I had an acct which I cancelled 1st. Cleared cookies. Signed up with a different e-mail, card, & FF #. Got confirm e-mail from Netflix at new e-mail. hit “get started” link & it took me to my old acct (which is under a different 1st name). I’m kinda doubting I’ll get the bonus.

  • Brian Haley

    In the sign up, you can choose PayPal…. think that will still work?

  • Doug

    There’s definitely a cookie tracker security feature on the apps. I signed up for one and it went through, but attempts 2 and 3 both errored out. Different card, different e-mail, same computer.

  • Cup

    I feel like I’ve read that before ;-)

  • sal

    You mention a free trial….i didn’t see any info on free trials on any of your links….can anyone tell me if it charges right away? What’s does tpg mean when he says only for american wait for trial.

  • PJ

    I mean to apply with different emailS and different Mileage plus accountS and also with different Mileage Plus Explorer cardS. I bet it should work . although I only need to work on a TV hook up and ONE on PC ; three would be wasted

  • PJ

    “Please allow 8-10 weeks for mileage to post to your MileagePlus account. A Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time.” this is seen on the terms and conditions. Do we really have to wait 8-10 weeks to get the bonus posted.. in other words, this can drag on for 3 months

    How much is the seocnd month and onward for the most basic memebership ?

  • egwg

    Remember that if you want to stack the US Airways offer with the Grand Slam Promotion, you may have to keep the subscription for 6 months.

  • Jason

    I got the 50k United Explorer card in Feb. ’12.. I didn’t know about adding an authorized user?? Do you think it’s too late to take advantage of that offer?? Thanks in advance!

  • AceTracer

    You don’t have a United card? I got 50,000 miles with no spending necessary a few months ago. Definitely worth getting if that’s still available.

  • AceTracer

    If you have to ask if something is unethical, it probably is.

  • DavidL

    “Frankly, my take is that if Netflix didn’t want to give multiple bonuses, they would have better controls in place.”

    It’s really easy to steal candy bars from a drugstore because they don’t have great controls in place, but that doesn’t mean the drugstore wants you to steal candy.

  • LoveLuxury

    Anyone know this offer also apply for non-American who do not live in USA?

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  • PJ

    hehehe you are a second teaser on TPG

  • PJ

    too late i missed i am the only blacksheep in my family getting 4 *55 plus the solo 50

  • PJ

    per TPG ” No- took a couple days. I think they post on mondays”

  • thepointsguy

    They don’t even ask for address, so as long as you have an email and valid credit card, you should be fine

  • thepointsguy

    I will at some point- just so many other good Chase cards at the moment!

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t see why not

  • thepointsguy

    Yea I’d use different browsers or delete cookies at the minimum

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t know why, but I got the 4k

  • thepointsguy

    I’d contact Netflix to get the extra miles

  • thepointsguy

    Separate Zheng mentions, you could try to merge but would probably be shut down

  • thepointsguy

    I’ll get it at some point! Just too many other Chase cards out there

  • thepointsguy

    Weird- try a different browser?

  • LoveLuxury

    Thank you Brian !

  • Sam

    Just got the United miles (Monday). What day do AA miles populate?

  • Huff Daland

    Update: 8,000 UA miles posted just five days after I registered three e-mail accounts with my old CA account number: 4,000 for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, 2,000 each for other cards. Have cancelled all three trials. Will now try UA account number. As for browser/cookies, I used my iPad’s Safari browser and never cleared cookies, just signed up for one trial after the other.

  • Sam

    Livin’ on the edge there with your browser brah…

  • Multi

    Signed up yesterday for the Delta bonus. I will report back when miles get credited.

    I wanted to watch a movie last night so I figured I’d give my new subscription a try… oh my, the selection is VERY weak. Took me almost an hour to find a movie I was somewhat interested in :-/ No wonder Netflix is doing so badly.

  • Ron

    I also got 4K. Its 2K for signup + 2K for United card auto payment for netlix

  • Anomadtoo

    when I click your priority club link it directs me to a “member login” screen. I then click the
    not a member” link. Does the process still work with this redirection; and where does one put in their frequent traveler account number for credit? Thank you

  • Ryan

    Anyone have any comments about how it may be best to separate each signup by a week or so…? Or is this sign up multiple times ALL AT ONCE a smart idea?

    I agree w/ the below poster about cookies/browser btw and will be wiser on this front ;)

  • Pinku

    I signed up for this with my Mileage plus card last week and so far only got 2k that says NETFLIX EXTRA MILE PROMO….are the other 2k post same day ? what wording they post with on UA dashboard.

  • chris

    guys when i signed up it put me on a free trial so it hasn’t charged my UA chase credit card!!! what do i need to do?? It says I have a 30 day free trial.ugh

  • Cgriffiths

    I signed up my different family members, using different email addresses on July 3, but the United miles haven’t posted yet. Should I contact Netflix or is it common fo it to take so long. Thanks.

  • Multi

    I signed up with my Delta skymiles number on July 4 and it hasn’t posted yet. I will report back when it does.

  • Anomadtoo

    any ideas?

  • Cgriffiths

    Thanks. I was concerned because when I signed up my husband with United, the miles posted shortly after.

  • Mrjayjunk

    I trade Netflix stock and their corporate announcements tend to play up “new subscriber adds” to the analysts while underplaying “subscriber churn.” Without going into boring detail, Netflix management gets nice bonuses for a lot of adding subscribers whether they’re profitable or not. In the end, this is like stealing candy from the drugstore with the manager’s blessing.

  • jerry

    Did you try the 3,000 Priority Club points offer?
    It told me the PCR number is wrong, I don’t know why.

  • sal

    can anyone tell me how long it takes for AAdvantage and Skymiles to post….signed up two weeks ago…..united posted 4000 immediately…..nothing from the other two yet

  • Stan

    I signed up a year ago with my AA Citi amex card. Got 3,000 bonus and still have the netflix account. I also have the AA Citi visa and the AA Citi Business cards. Can I register with those 2 cards with the same FF # and get the bonuses?

  • Multi

    It’s been 19 days and the Delta miles have not posted yet. In the offer details it said that miles can take up to 6 weeks to post. I wonder if they will wait until 6 weeks to make customers stay subscribed for a second month.

  • Multi

    It’s been 19 days for me and the Delta mile have not posted.

  • BrianHaley

    I did, but haven’t been credited yet. I’ll have to give them a call tomorrow and also speak to them about the luggage they lost for over 12 hours. That should be worth points as well….

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  • Guest

    Seems like Netflix may be getting wise to this. Two weeks ago I signed my wife up using the United link and her Sapphire, but haven’t received miles. Since some folks had apparently received their miles within days of signing up, I called United, who conferenced in Netflix, to confirm that she was successfully enrolled in the promotion. Before the Netflix rep would confirm it, he made sure to ask me if *I* was a current subscriber, or if I ever had been in the past, because this would disqualify my wife. I hedged and said although I was a member in the past but am no longer (true), it was at a completely different address before I even met my future wife (also true). He said fine, and his system confirmed that “there was no overlap” between both of our account info in their system. So, clearly they’re keeping a closer eye on this than simply matching credit card #s and email addresses. FWIW.

  • Multi

    Miles have finally posted to my Delta account. I signed up on July 3 and they posted on Aug 6, so it seems like they indeed wait until the first month is over before they post, so people will stay with them for a second month.

    As a side note, I also got 500 bonus miles because I am signed up for the “New Member Special Welcome Offer”. The 500 points posted as “SkyMiles New Member Partner Bonus”.

  • KK

    Are the 2,000 miles on United elite-qualifying miles? I only need 5K more for status!!

  • Woog001

    I got this promotion in an email months ago and it was 2000 united miles for signing up then an extra 2000 miles for using your United card. Needless to say I signed up right away but never got credit for my miles, then when I called United they referred me to Netflix, and when I called Netflix, the guy had no idea what I was talking about. I have still yet to receive any miles. Any advice on what to do?

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