Amazing Deal: 100,000 American Miles With Citi Credit Cards

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Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here: Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard®

Though Citi’s AAdvantage cards have been hovering around the 30,000-mile sign-up bonus mark for a couple months, according to this Flyertalk thread, the opportunity to score a combined 100,000 miles from applying for 2 cards is back (similar to this deal I posted about last year).

Just note, the application pages do not mention the 50,000-mile bonus, but you will be awarded the miles when you are approved and meet minimum spending requirements – you can call Citi to verify once you have applied and are approved. These are not my affiliate links, so I can’t guarantee the bonus will work, but as with many things in life you need to take a greater risk to get a greater reward.

The application pages don’t mention the bonuses or perks, so be sure you clear your cache before applying so you get to the right landing page for the 50,000-mile offers.

The Two-Browser Trick
For those unfamiliar with applying for Citi cards – you can get two personal cards on the same day and it will only be one inquiry on your credit and the credit line will be identical on both cards. Some people recommend using two browsers, but the last time I applied and got two in one day I applied using the same browser and did one right after another and I had no issues getting approved for both. I suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you want to go for both applications, then use two different browsers and make sure your cache is cleared just so you’re not automatically redirected to an application with a lower sign-up bonus due to cookies stored in your browser.

If you’re not approved for one or both cards, you can call the reconsideration line at: 1-888-201-4523. For some more details on the two-card application process and what to expect, you can check out this very informative Flyertalk post.

Also, these cards and bonuses are for first-time cardholders, though if you haven’t had a Citi AAdvantage card in the last 18-20 months, you might still be able to score these bonuses.

According to these terms and conditions:

As a cardmember, you’ll benefit from:
-Earn 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles after $3,000 in purchases within the first 4 months of cardmembership — enough for two domestic round-trip flight awards.
-One-time $100 statement credit for the first eligible American Airlines purchase made within 12 months of cardmembership.
-Receive one Companion Certificate after you become a cardmember. Use your Citi / AAdvantage card to purchase a domestic roundtrip coach fare on American Airlines and two fly for the price of one — no minimum fare restrictions apply. (Though you do have to book your ticket in one of the following fare classes: H, V, M, L, K, W, V, G, S, N, Q, or O).
-Two AAdvantage miles for every $1 you spend on eligible American Airlines purchases and one mile per $1 spent on other purchases for the first 12 months of cardmembership. After the first 12 months, continue to earn one mile per $1 spent on purchases
-$0 annual fee for the first 12 months, then $85 per year thereafter.

The Perks
There are a couple differences this time around compared to when this opportunity was available last fall. First, you don’t get any Admirals Club lounge passes, though that’s not a dealbreaker in my book since there are a lot of other ways to get lounge access.  Second, with the old offer, you would have gotten a $150 statement credit, though this time around it’s only $100 when you make an American Airlines purchase (you can just buy a drink or a snack on a flight, or an AA gift card). Not as good, but hey, it’s a nice little perk and takes a bit of the sting out of having to spend $3,000 in the first 4 months.

Minimum Spend Requirements
Although there is a minimum spending requirement in order to earn the 50,000-mile bonus, the combined $6,000 in four months is still less than the $20,000 (in a year) you’d have to spend to earn the 100,000-Avios bonus on the British Airways Visa. However, you do have a shortened timeframe to get all that spending in, so think about whether you have enough expenses coming up to put on both cards before applying.

What You Can Do With Those Miles
100,000 American Airlines miles can get you a lot of places. That’s enough for four roundtrip domestic flights, a roundtrip business class flight to South America, Europe or Japan, and just shy of what you’d need to fly business class to China on Cathay Pacific (110,000 miles). You can find the full list of mileage requirements on AA’s award chart. So effectively, getting these two cards could be worth thousands of dollars in travel awards, offsetting the minimum spending requirements. That said, if you’re going to have enough expenses to put on these cards anyway to meet the spending requirements without overshooting your budget, you might as well use them to score the AAdvantage miles and earn a free trip (or several) in the process.

50,000 For the Citi/Business AAdvantage Visa - update: this offer is no longer available.
If you already took advantage of the two personal cards, or even just one of them, and are thinking of applying for the other now, you might still be able to score an additional 50,000 AAdvantage miles by applying for the Citi/Business AAdvantage Visa, which you can do at the same time as applying for a personal card. Remember, even if you don’t have a business, you can still apply for many business credit cards.

Getting the Citi/Business Visa could score you another 50,000 miles if you already have one/both of the personal cards.

Here are the conditions of this card:
-Earn 50,000 AAdvantage miles after you make $3,000 in purchases within the first four months of cardmembership.
-One-time $150 statement credit after a qualifying American Airlines purchase.
-2 Admirals Club one-day passes.
-$75 annual fee waived for first year.

And before you ask, no, you cannot get all three cards at the same time. Citi only allows 2 applications for any Citi cards (personal or business) within a 60-day period. Still, two out of three (and 100,000 miles to boot!) ain’t a bad deal all.

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  • Zz

    Everything is relative:
    It was AMAZING when it was 100000 for each card (=200000 for two).
    We’re in a new era, now 50000 is great.

  • smedleyb

    Just redeemed 100k points to take my family of 4 from JFK to Barbados in Nov (Veterans weekend). I plan on getting both of these cards soon for my wife so that we can do it again next year. I’m just trying to wait as long as possible since I got nothing really to charge over the next two months.

  • Yoshapman

    This has been around for awhile now.

  • Flyerr

    you do know this never actually went away, right?

  • Sara

    Can I purchase a $50 gift card to receive the $150 statement credit?

  • orlandojoe

    Thanks, TPG. Even though it’s been around a while your reminder was well-timed for me. Easy immediate approval for both cards and no need to use two browsers.

  • Dan

    this is not new. These links (or similar ones) have been live for months now.

  • guest

    could you do the personal Visa and Amex, and the business card for 150,000 miles?

  • sammjpat

    If you did the 75K visa + amex last year should you apply for this or has it not been enough time? i don’t want to have 4 AA cards for no reason!

  • Espan27

    quick question/minor confusion: if I got the Citi AA Platinum Select Visa Sig in Sept, 2011. Would I be elegible say for the personal AMEX and business Visa at this point, just the biz, or neither?

  • Grm1231

    If you’re approved, how do you know you got the 50,000 offer or a different one?

  • AW

    A few people on the flyertalk thread posted that they only received one of the two cards and that citi may be privy to the two browser trick. Another poster yesterday mentioned that he received a letter saying these offers were expired and to reapply for current offers – and that he still received a hit on his credit report (for no card), which is worrisome.

  • Cory

    These are on my list of cards to get in my next wave of applications. Hopefully these stay live until early August.

  • Ivan

    if i got a Citi AA Visa two months ago, do you think I can get the Citi AA Amex now?

  • bclearyfl

    What do you do with the cards after the first year. All these deals are great but is it worth the annual fee to keep the card or do you cancel the card after receiving the bonuses? Does cancelling the card after receiving the miles invalidate the award?

  • Negative Nancy

    Careful. More recent posts say folks are starting to get “expired offer” letters from Citi.

  • thepointsguy

    Yea but I thought it was still worthwhile to remind people since the links and offers have changed

  • thepointsguy

    I didn’t say it was brand new.. Just reminding people it’s available since its a great deal

  • thepointsguy

    Not on the same day. You could do two now (both personal) and a business one 70 days later for the full 150

  • thepointsguy

    The general rule is to wait at least 18 months from the last time you were approved for the card to try and get it again

  • thepointsguy

    Probably the biz.. But id apply for the personal Amex right after the biz to try and get it

  • thepointsguy

    Call the phone rep and confirm

  • thepointsguy

    You can cancel them before the annual fee is due and you’d still keep the miles. I recommend keeping the card open for at least 8 months before canceling and you can always call and ask them to waive the fee

  • thepointsguy

    Correct- this isnt a 100% sure deal

  • Guest

    Went on a payment plan 2 years ago and paid off in full a few months after. Still cant get approved for a card despite every other issuer approving me. Any suggestions

  • sammjpat

    i see. won’t be greedy then. it’s about time to close a lot of cards that were opened last year!!

  • eric

    I have the Citi AA Visa. Can I still sign up for the AMEX Personal Card and then the Business card and be eligible?

  • meg

    Did the 75k offer last fall include a statement credit, lounge passes, and/or companion tickets? I can seem to track down the details. Anyone remember? I don’t want to miss out on any of the perks!

  • Monique

    I received the email promo but they said it was only 40K for AA Advantage Visa. Is Citi the credit card who considered mileage bonuses taxable last year and sent out tax forms for those who received miles?

  • Eric

    Since one of the cards is an Amex, will this effect an application for a Amex SPG application on the same day? Thanks

  • Joseph

    Ugh all these choices are getting annoying. I just got approved last month for the 30K bonus offer with free checked bag, 25% off in flight purchases, 10% redeemed miles back, etc. Seems like these links are better … don’t suppose they’ll let me upgrade?

  • Guest

    No, this AMEX is through Citi, not AMEX themselves

  • thepointsguy

    Citi only did that for checking accounts

  • Pkguma

    I applied both just now, and called the call center. The 50000 points promos are applicable.

  • PA

    Speaking of old news… This.just in: Franco Has Died!

  • Aarond1234

    If I have never had a Citi card would it make more sense to get one personal and one business to get the 150 in statement credits and the admirals passes and not get both personal cards?

  • AceTracer

    I applied for both back in November, shortly after the 75,000 offer had expired. I was waiting until I was done with the Sapphire minimum spend and I’m still kind of bummed I missed out on it.

    I’ve since, just last week, also applied for the business card. So that’s 150,000 miles in my pocket. Unfortunately, it’s not 225,000, but it’s still enough for a oneWorld RTW trip.

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  • Nathan Jensen

    used 2 browsers after clearing cache and cookies, approved for amex, visa pending… anything i can do?

  • Travel Is Free

    Alert? These links are as old as the hills. Been around since the 75k links last year.

  • thepointsguy

    I never said these were brand new- just a reminder the deal is still going

  • thepointsguy

    Most likely not, but it can’t hurt to ask

  • thepointsguy

    Nope since SPg Amex is via Amex- not citi

  • Jta51

    clicked on the Visa card link, filled it out when I submitted it, the page just cleared, no notice or anything

  • Eric

    Thanks for the reminder of the links. I was approved for both.

  • Milezjunkie

    How often can I get the AA business card? Is it 18 months as well?

  • Sean Reeder

    Though Citi’s AAdvantage cards have been hovering around the 30,000-mile sign-up bonus mark for a couple months, according to this Flyertalk thread, the opportunity to score a combined 100,000 miles from applying for 2 cards is back

  • TingleL

    Looks like this just worked for my DH. We did the live chat for the Visa and are pending on the Amex. I did the 2 browser trick in Jan and got 100k miles. Chat is noted below. the links are still working as of 6/16….HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

    Christian: Congratulations! Your AA Platinum Visa Signature Citi Card application was officially approved today Emond: thanks
    Christian: Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your new card today Sir?
    Emond: Can you confirm any of the mileage promos I will receive from American Airlines?
    Emond: they weren’t listed on the application
    Emond: and the minimum spend requirements and timing
    Christian: You will receive a $100 statement credit after your first AA purchase within the first 12 months.
    Christian: You will also receive 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 within the first 4 months.
    Christian: You can earn 1 additional mile for AA purchases within the first 12 months.
    Christian: Do you have any other questions for me today?
    Emond: ok great!

  • TingleL

    Thanks Points Guy….thanks to you my husband and I have scored a combined 250,000 bonus miles and counting. We did the 250k across 5 five cards (Amex pending). You ARE the best!

  • Biffdonte

    Just tried to full out offer above from citi and aa, cannot type or willnot let me type anything in app. Is offer still open??

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  • Diamondvargas

    Do you have a link for a 50k signup bonus for the small business card?

  • Biffdonte

    Hi The only link I have is the one above. It won’t let you type anything on it. Do you have the business card link? Do you have to have a business to sign up? Thanks for your help.

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  • Gavinmac

    I applied for the Citi AA AMEX through the link above a week ago. Got card today, called to activate, rep confirmed 50k points if $3,000 spent in first four months. Thanks TPG.

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  • Taylorcsmits

    do you know if the mileage # is 50k as of 6/26/12?? of course, when i call in they say the best they can do is 30k but i know the offer may still exist.
    also, if i already have the AAdvantage Citi MasterCard…could i still apply for the Visa/AmEx card(s) or will that not work? please advise! Thanks,

  • Jason

    I’m confused as to which benefits apply to which card??
    Is the free companion certificate associates with the Amex Card or the Visa Card and how long will it take to recieve it or is it a benefit of both the Visa and Amex car?
    Also the $100 statement credit. Is that only on the Visa Card? All mentions I see on this credit reference it not taking place until you renew your card the following year. Is this true with this offer too?

  • podder

    Does anyone know if this is still working? I would like to sign up but don’t want to for 30k x2 only.

  • j1500

    Has anyone received their companion certificate yet?

  • Jw

    I applied for both and was approved instantly for the first. For the second I had to chat online with someone as I had an error in my app (accidentally listed rent expense as 13k a month), but was eventually approved. She confirmed the 50k for 3k spend

  • smedleyb

    Just applied for both via links, used two browsers, instant approval.

    Thanks for putting the deal back on my radar.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Bill

    These cards have foreign transaction fees?

  • thepointsguy

    Yes.. do not use them abroad!

  • indoexile

    Signed up for both last night (used chrome incognito as it doesn’t store cookies). Called CSR and verified the 50k bonus on both cards as well as all the other perks TPG mentioned in his post.

    Thanks for the heads up!


    I just applied for both on seperate browsers and confimred one by chat and other by phone immediately and confirmed 50k miles on each.

  • Shawn

    Can I buy American Express Gift Cards to satisfy the spending requirements? Thanks!

  • Shawn

    Can I buy American Express Gift Cards to satisfy the spending requirements? Thanks!

  • Trevor

    I’ve been approved for and cancelled both the CITI AAdvantage personal and business VISAS. At this moment I have no active CITI credit cards and have never had the CITI AA AMEX. Would I be eligible for the CITI AA 50K AMEX?

  • fred

    After hitting “submit” nothing happens. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Matthew Smith

    Does anyone know if these links are still valid for the 50k bonus? I need to conduct another round of applications and I think I’m clear on the 18 month req’t for new Citi AA cards….

  • mikey

    It is now mid August, is this 100,000 point opportunity still available?

  • DL Diamond

    The offer and the two-browser trick still works in mid-August. I applied 1 week ago, instantly approved for both, and the new cards showed up today. How long does it take for the companion ticket voucher to show up?

  • AUSMatt

    Still working for me. I just did the Amex one and it worked fine. Was about 19 months from previous Citi AA application so the “slow churn” still works.

  • eyoo

    I’ve had a Citibank Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature card since 2010.

    Today, I followed the two links above and was approved. I called the Credit Card Application Status number (888) 201-4523 and they confirmed that both cards were approved and that if I spent $3,000 in the first 4 months, I would get 50,000 bonus miles. So awesome! Will be using these to get to Bora Bora for New Years. :)

  • sn

    Can you tell me when you did it? It is now Aug 23, and was wondering if the offer is still valid

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  • DL Diamond

    I got both on August 13.

  • Matthew

    Any idea if these still work?

    Also, suppose I applied for my card 2+ years ago previously and canceled just over 1 year ago – would they give me the bonus points still?

  • Start in San Diego

    Is a “first time card holder” meaning the first time for those particular cards, or first to CitiAA programs?
    I currently hold an AA mastercard that I use actively.

  • Justbegreg

    I have an old Citi AAdvantage American Express. The card is not a “Select” card though. Will I be eligible for this bonus? Also, this card has a small limit. For this and other cards that will be charging fee’s in the next year what am I to do? It seems ridiculous to keep paying the annual fee without getting the large mile bonus. Does it hurt your credit to cancel the cards?

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  • Mark

    I am at 14 months since applying for my last AA citi card back in the 75k days…I just applied for this, I guess we will see if I qualify or not. Didnt get instant approval though so not the best sign.

  • Jack

    Is this still valid? Check on 9/1/12

  • arglebargle

    So, if you do this, and don’t get your 50K bonus, who do you call? (If you guessed that happened to me, you got it!)

  • 6236367

    why on citis website it says only 30k for sign up??

  • AUSMaty

    Update. It worked.

  • Matthew

    I just did it again… got approved for both cards back to back

  • Gff

    so did you get just the 30k bonus, or are you not getting anything?

  • bob howser

    Has anyone had success using the $100 statement credit to buy miles? I know I know…its not an efficient use of money but I need 3,000 miles for a specific redemption and this would be perfect for me

  • Mark

    update. I was denied because I have had AA citi cards in the past.

  • Scarlett95

    Applied for both tonight and got them. Confirmed mile awards on the telephone with Citi agent. Just an update for anybody else who wants to try. Thanks!

  • Scarlett95

    I might mention that I hold a Citi AAdvantage MasterCard that I use actively.

  • blake41

    I just did it a few days ago, got approved for the first after chatting online with a rep, denied for the second due to it being for first time cardmembers only.

  • JB

    Got both and confirmed at activation that the 50k bonus was still on the accounts

  • Ying Peng

    can you send me a link to apply for 75000 miles? I went and gave me errors

  • blake41

    Ugh lucky you. Did you have to chat with a rep online for these cards? I had to do that for both although the second one in the second browser locked me out saying they had to review my application.

  • AA Fan Now!

    awesome tip! i used the link for the AA Visa and called the agent after approval and she confirmed 50,000 miles and $100 off first tix purchase – that pays for the fee next year and a free ticket – thanks for posting this info for us. I didn’t do the Amex since I don’t plan on spending the combined level of funds needed to activate both cards. happy with what i got!

  • arglebargle

    I just didn’t get anything. I got the full bonus on the first card (I did my spends consecutively–just easier for me), then nothing.

  • Milezjunkie

    Call Citibank and ask what AAdvantage number is associated with your account (ask about both the Visa and Amex). Most likely you have two separate AAdvantage accounts in your name which toucan have merged by calling AAdvantage.

  • arglebargle

    Sorry, guess I wasn’t clear about “nothing”–I am getting the purchase points, just not the bonus.

  • jenny

    Does anyone know if you get the other perks with the 50k bonus miles card, such as free first checked bag, priority boarding, double AA miles on eligible AA purchases, and 10% back on redeemed AA miles? The 30k bonus miles card gives you all the above…but I can’t tell with the 50k card. Thanks!

  • MariMdr

    Does anyone know if this deal is still possible? I want to apply to both cards today, but wanted some insight.

  • Prem

    I applied for both cards today and was confirmed to get 50K miles each after spending $3000 in 4 months on each card and $100 Credit after first spend

  • Ryan

    Does anyone know if this is still valid?

  • Carter Rose

    Applied for both and was approved using links. thanks!

  • Sharon Brenner

    I applied for the first card, but didn’t get an auto approval but it was very late when I did. I then applied for the second one and got immediate approval…hm..interesting, so I call Citi, but the approval dept I need to speak with is closed for the night so I’m hoping that is all it is, otherwise if I’m not approved for the first card I’ll apply for the third…lol!! THANK YOU POINTSGUY…we are planning a trip to Rome next year…all this stuff is so mind boggling for me so very thankful for your brains! I AM YOUR NEW FAN!

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  • Debbie

    Update: I just applied for the 2 cards and received confirmation that the 50k miles are still valid under the conditions described.

  • Brad

    And just got an instant approval from Citi bank for both the Visa and Amex using the two browser trick.

  • MariMdr

    Just did the 2 browser trick, and got approval for both a Citi AA Visa and AMEX, and called to confirm and was told I was eligible for 50,000 miles for each card. Thanks points guy!

  • Matthew

    What’s the cheapest way to make an American purchase to get the $100 statement credit? Preferably something online?

  • Matthew

    I don’t see why not

  • Florp

    When I try to use the links, I get the message “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.” Been trying for two days.

  • mattdamon

    same issue. Visa link works but not Amex


    citi must have pulled the offers…I am currently fighting with Citi as they are trying to charge me the annual fee and I have only had cards two months. I have to prove to them all the info so I am sending everything I can from this website on the subject and told them they pulled the offer otherwise the links would work…i am so angry with Citi…if they charge me, I will take it to the BBB, and the Federal Government office of Consumer Protection and last but not least the Texas State Atty Gererals office of consumer protection, they won’t put up with that crap;
    and perhaps the Federal Banking system that over sees their processes…false advertisement is unlawful and making me back track to prove it is outrageous when they have all that info somewhere. I have learned a huge lesson, before I apply I call and get it in writing or do so immediately after I apply to confirm; also make and keep screen shots and create pdf files of all the info. Good luck to you.


    When you apply for two cards, do you get a total of 200,000 points (100,00 points for each card) after spending $4000 ($1000 and $3000 within the first three months )

  • John in NC

    links shown are dead..but this landing page still works

    50k – Up to $100 credit, two admirals club passes, 50k miles (40k for $2k + 10k after $5k), 2 miles/$ on AA in first 12 months

    Applied 10 days ago—just received cards (Visa and Amex) in mail yesterday…confirmed bonus miles with Citi

  • Ella

    I know I’ve taken a while to apply for these cards and wondered whether they’d still honor the sign-up. If anyone out there is still thinking about this combo, I just activated both, spoke with a rep each time when doing so and the sign-up bonuses were still good, so there’s hope in case you thought you missed this. :)

  • disqust101

    Are these links still working?

  • NicB

    I followed the directions of this article to a T, and I was able to secure both cards for 40k points after $2k spend in 4 months and an extra 10k points if I spend $5k in 12 months.

  • NicB

    I forgot to mention that I applied for these cards on 10/23/2012.

  • Bohoops

    after you meet the 3,000 spending requirement and the 50k miles are posted to your AA account, can you cancel the card withing the first year and keep the miles?

  • -k-

    My husband was just approved for both cards using the links on the updated “Top Deals” page and the dual-browser trick; CSR confirmed $50k miles after spending $2,500 in four months.

  • -k-

    Did this work for you, Shawn?

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  • charlie

    I am trying to apply the card today but from the link it does not specify 50K miles. I called Citi and they said only 30K miles. Please confirm 50K+50K miles is still valid as of 12/23 ?

  • Vm

    Links not working any more

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  • Robert

    Why are there 30K bonuses on Citi’s website, while so many bloggers still claim 50K are working on their websites???

  • Dingy7

    Can you cancel the card after the first year (to forego the yearly fee)?

  • CJ

    I did this whole thing back in november- signed up, verified bonuses, just received both bonuses (easy to hit the spend over the holidays!), received 100 dollar statement credit, received companion tickets. Boom.

  • CJ

    Also – in case anyone cares: My credit score went down 8 points and has since gone up 12.

  • Rob

    But it was in November and now we have January. These links area dead.

  • Robert
  • Adam

    How long do people usually wait between canceling and reapplying to churn these?

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  • Alci

    AA Citi offers are for new applicants or first time cardmembers only. I was denied back in December 2010 even I was responding to their solicitation. They said it’s because I previously owned their card and I need to wait longer. Do you know if they have a time frame of how long ago you have own an AA Citi card before or you can never take the offer if you ever had their credit card in the past? I cancelled my credit card back in 2009. Thanks.

  • Adam

    I have since heard that citi usually requires 18 months. But I am not sure if it is clear whether this is from the time if application or cancellation.

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  • David Cohen

    PS. Love your Blog!

  • David Cohen

    you mentioned.
    “Also, these cards and bonuses are for first-time cardholders, though if you haven’t had a Citi AAdvantage card in the last 18-20 months, you might still be able to score these bonuses.”
    If i have a Personal Card will that affect me to lose the 50k bonus for a business card.

    Do you have a quick guide or rules on
    1. How Many Cards you can have at the same time
    2. After you Apply – How long is the ideal time to cancel
    3. After that application how much time should go by before you apply again – business or personal. Should you wait for the cards to be canceled?
    4. If you apply for 2 different credit cards should you do it on the same day?

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