Video Interview with Seth Miller, Blogger & Travel Tool Creator

by on April 7, 2012 · 15 comments

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While I was in Singapore recently, I met up with fellow travel blogger Seth Miller, the man behind The Wandering Aramean blog on Boarding Area, and a FlyerTalk legend with over 56,000 comments to his username, SBM12. We met for lunch at the Banana Leaf restaurant in Little India, and I took the opportunity to get his thoughts on a variety of topics including the United/Continental merger (he’s a hardcore Continental flyer), his experience taking British Airways to court over a mistake fare to India and how to use the free tools he created to help people travel smarter (check them out here, they are pretty nifty).


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  • Josh

    Don’t call him a 1K, Brian, he’s a GS now! Guess you got told…… Next time, maybe you can ask him the tough questions like, ‘how did you make GS while flying as a leisure traveler on discount fares?’

  • thepointsguy

    Great question- I’m sure he will chime in here with the answer!

  • Benny Hsu

    I follow him on Twitter and it seems like he never is home!

    What mic did you use during the interview? Sounded great despite all the background noise.

  • Bill

    Woke up a bit cranky, Josh?

  • theblakefish

    I like how the waiter waved to the camera when he brought the food! Is this joint worth a visit if in Singapore?

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  • Jack

    “They didn’t knock it out of the park?” Seriously?

    Would love to hear Seth explain how he got Global Services as a leisure traveler on discounted fares. I believe he even posted last year that he only spent a few thousand dollars on United. He has been asked the question a million times before, but has conveniently ignored it.

  • Jay

    GS was probably comped for being a travel blogger

  • Wandering Aramean

    Hmmm…I thought I posted some replies here but I guess it didn’t happen.

    Watching the waiters pretty much go about their regular patterns and serving right through the video was pretty entertaining. And both the food and the conversation were great, too.

    As for the GS status, it was most definitely not comped for being a blogger. Nor was it for spending gross amounts of cash on airfares. Much like all the other folks who got it, the details are unpublished. ;)

  • Greg

    Brian, I really like your video, as always. Keep up the good work. :)

  • Josh

    Well, since he’s still refusing to answer, I guess we can pretty much believe the rumors — he’s a paid shill for COdbaUA. Or he’s a GS-comped shill, however you want to look at it.

    His responses to Brian’s interview questions did nothing to refute that allegation in my opinion.

    I’d also ask him why he’s no longer the moderator of the JetBlue forum.

  • oneeyejack

    i’m sorry but your videographer needs to learn how to center the people in the video. i know it’s a TPG blog and Brian, you’re mostly in the center the whole time but it’s kinda distracting to see Seth’s body cut off while he’s speaking. just a suggestion!

  • Wandering Aramean

    Keep saying that as much as you want, Josh. You’re the one who looks like a moron for continuing to assert things that are blatantly false and which don’t really do much to affect the facts behind the information I provide. Besides, if I was going to be a paid employee for the company I’m not so stupid as to do it just for GS status. I’d take something that actually had real value, like cash or real flight benefits.
    As for why I’m no longer a moderator on FlyerTalk, you’ll have to ask the Community Director. She is the one who made that decision, not me.

  • Michael

    Great interview, Brian. I’m thirsty for more

  • Josh

    A critical reader should always look for biases among journalists and try to understand if they are paid for their opinions or reviews. (As a blogger, you are a journalist in the field of New Media.)

    If you did not wish to talk about your GS status, why did you smugly correct Brian when he asked if you were a 1K? You could have let it go at that. But you didn’t. Since there is no known method for obtaining GS status outside of spending significant $$$ or being on a corporate account, it gives the appearance that you are paid for your views, particularly as you continue to defend United throughout the video, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It seemed that at one point even Brian thought you were nuts to defend them!

    Brian is also a journalist in New Media. He promotes Delta a lot despite the fact that many are of the opinion that Delta miles are not worth much. But nobody questions whether he is paid by Delta for his views. Why? Because he has credibility with his readers! For as much as he disputes that SkyPesos are worth less, he also admits the shortcomings of Delta (IT glitch preventing pax from booking AF on the website, etc) and has basically stated, bluntly, that if they switch to a revenue model for their frequent flyer program he will drop them in a heartbeat.

    As for following you around….. huh? I read Brian’s blog and am usually interested in what he has to say. You showed up here in his video. Feeling a little paranoid?

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