Chase British Airways 100,000 Mile Bonus is Back!

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Update: The current sign-up bonus offer for the British Airways Visa is 50,000 Avios when you spend $2,000 within 3 months of account opening.

The day points pros have been waiting for is finally back! Chase is again offering the British Airways Visa with a 100,000 Avios points bonus. That’s double the usual 50,000 bonus they’ve been offering for the past several months since last year’s 100,000-mile bonus promotion ended, however to get the full bonus you’ll have to spend at least $20,000. (This is becoming a major theme of new card offers). I was hesitant to write about this at first because this week has been crazy with multiple Chase offers being pulled, but Chase just confirmed this is indeed launching and I’ll have my affiliate links on Monday.

•        You will get 50,000 bonus Avios after your first purchase
•        25,000 bonus Avios after you make $10,000 in purchases within the first year of account opening
•        Plus an additional 25,000 bonus Avios after you make a total of $20,000 in purchases within the first year of account opening

Additional card features and fees:
-New: Smart Chip Technology allows you to use your card for chip-based purchases in Europe & beyond, while still giving you the ability to use your card as you do today at home.
- 1.25 Avios points for every dollar spent on the card
- 2.5 Avios points per dollar spent on British Airways travel
- No foreign transaction fees
- Companion certificate after $30,000 in spend. This companion ticket allows a second miles redemption for free. So if you use 100,000 Avios points for a business class ticket from Los Angeles to London, the second business class ticket costs 0 miles (you only pay taxes). A huge value if used properly.
- $95 annual fee

The T&C of the offer state that this is for first-time British Airways Visa holders, so if you already have one, your odds of getting this bonus again are very slim.

Even with the downsides of the Avios program, this is a great deal if you fly British Airways, and very useful for redeeming for awards on BA’s Oneworld alliance partners like American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, LAN Chile/Peru/ Argentina, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Finn Air, Royal Jordanian, Malev, Mexicana and S7 (Russian) airlines.

The New TPG Maximizing British Airways Avios Series
Last year I did a 10 part series on How to Use British Airways Miles and I’ve been meaning to refresh the series since British Airways made key changes to the program in November. Next week I’ll start highlighting the best ways to maximizing Avios, so even if you already have the card or are going to transfer points from American Express Membership Rewards (at a current 5o% bonus) or Chase Ultimate Rewards you can understand how to get the most out of the program.

New Maximizing Avios Series
-A Spotlight on Fees–Taxes and Fuel Surcharges
-Award Pricing–Maximizing the Avios Distance-Based Formula
-Using Avios to Upgrade Paid TIckets
-The Miles & Cash Option
-The “Travel Together” Companion Ticket
-Household Accounts
-Calling In To Book Awards: The Best Option With BA
-Tools to Find Award Tickets
-Non-Airline Redemptions


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  • Fran and Rowena

    If you travel overseas, then the “smart chip” technology of this card may be important to you.

  • Phil

    I wonder how long this offer is going to be available. I just applied and got approved for 3 chase cards within the last 5 months (Sapphire, Freedom, United). I LOVE BA though since my home airport is DFW.

  • Joel

    Hi, Brian. It would take a year for me to meet the spend requirement for the first 25K Avios points. Because as a single middle-class male, I choose to save rather than spend. And that would mean missing out on other cards with lower spend requirements. Right now I’m eyeing the Amex Gold or Platinum after meeting the Sapphire Preferred spend requirements for the 50K. So, my question is, do you think the 50K Avios points after first use is worth it ($95 up front annual fee)? The offer is at least better than before — 25K points after first use and 25K points after $2,500 within the first 90 days. Thanks for your time.

  • Matthew Straub

    I’m really excited for the new Avios points series. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to use my 100,000 Avios from the card last year.

  • Gary72

    Question: Do you mean HAD or HAVE the BA Visa in regards to qualifying for the bonus? Thank you in advance

  • BaigoB

    TPG, thanks for letting us know about this incredible offer!!!
    A couple questions:
    - How long was the offer around last year? I wanted to hold out a month or so before my next churn…
    - Re: the companion ticket – Does that apply to partners, or just BA?
    - Does BA apply their insane taxes on partner flights too? I’d ideally want to use these on Cathay or AA

    Thanks again! I’ll keep your referral link bookmarked

  • JohnnieD

    One important point about the companion cert. It is only good for trips from a US city and not from say YYZ!!

  • Shana

    My husband got the card last year, can i apply for it this year. Also can we combine our avios points into a family account?

  • PJ

    hehehe last year’s 100K with 2K spend is now history:) still it is very good deal. reminding you all 50K is 2 r/t non stop AA flights coast to coast with no quick fees and free check in for 2 luggages.

    Avios works wonders on CX ( cathay) flights in Far East HKG-TPE 4.5 K + about $45 fees also in South American where Lan flies ( tho somewhat difficult to find availabilities) I was lucky to find PMC ( Puerto Varas) Chile to Santiago, Chile for 4.5 K plus nominal fees one way – cash pay is well into $200.

  • BartNY

    I’ve had this card since the first 100k bonus back in 11-2009. I never had an opportunity to use the miles before the Avios program changed and now I’m finding the miles not very useful to say the least. If you fly domestically often then I guess it’s convenient but if you fly more to Europe and want to use the miles to travel overseas on business class then good luck! Not only is it almost impossible to find business class flights for most locations overseas, the fuel charges (even for coach fares) are quite hefty.

    I’ve read your guide and it helped a bit but in the end I find Avios to be extremely useless for overseas flights. (I tried finding business class tickets to Australia with Quantas and maybe only 3 days came up in the 6 months that I searched!!!!! Another 3 days had me travelling from new york to hong kong via london then to sydney for around 300k miles and 1,500USD in surcharges !!!).

    Avios are useless especially when compared to AA and United -or even Delta for that matter.

    Spending 20K for 50k Avios does not seem like a good deal to me, unless -as you correctly state – you know how to use the miles for domestic flights. If anything the 30K spending limit companion ticket is probably the most best part of the offer. But I think for most people, like myself, in order to reach 30K in one year, you’d have to use only one card the entire year, which can lead you to miss out on some great welcome bonus opportunities with other cards.

  • Brian

    Are Chase reward miles and Avios miles interchangeable? For instance, if I already have the Saphire preferred card, and get approved for the BA card, can I combine the miles?

  • Ddavid1101

    Quick question. I got the BA card Sept 2009. Can I churn this now and still get in on the 100K?

  • mspswede

    Thanks, Brian–I’ve been keeping my eyes open for this! I used your link to the online app (I hope you get something for that!), completed the form and got the old ‘we need to review this further’ response. I’ve gotten the CO and UA 50k deals through Chase in the past 6 months, so I suspect that that is the hang-up. However, I’m willing to close my CO (now ‘UA Explorer’) in favor of the BA card. I’ll let you know how it goes. Happy flying!

  • Lrappazzo

    Looking forward to the new series! I received the 75k MR points for business Amex & have never done a transfer so I need a little guidance :) thanks!

  • Samuel


  • Samuel

    Meaning you can’t change avios into Ultimate Rewards points, but you can the other way around of course.

  • Hat

    Found the link to the application.

  • Hat
  • Markcheng1203

    Honestly, these high spend are turning me off lately.
    I’m still doing the Amex P Gold 10K Bus
    Any tricks to help me pass the spend limit? I read about the coin method, but it has since closed. Sigh

  • PJ

    2 in 6 months? I bet u are ok:) you might need to check in with the friendly people at Chase reconsideration. I got my BA early last May. 2 months later I got two cards Hyatt and Southwest on the say phone to Chase Reconsideati. THey reduced my credit on Freedom and also BA and gave me 2 cards. in mid November, Chase for the reason ” I had too many cards in between applications” insisted I had to turn in one card to get my Sapphire Preferred. I sacrificed the BA card ( not a loss anyway) . I had since got another Chase United Explorer .. my credit score is 800+/- a good idea to know your experian score via; chase and bank of american are looking at the identical score. I know friends with score into 800+ can receive 2 cards back to back and did not have to wait another 2 months to get another new card.

  • PJ

    ie you can use URs in Saphire Preferred to top off anybody’s account in any of those transfer partners SIMPLY THE BEST TRAVEL rewards points there tho I do think SPG is as valuable , I use Amex SPG wheven I am getting only one point per dollar.

  • PJ

    AVIOS are for short hauls PERIOD
    I got good use of Avios on the incoming trips to South America JFK GIG CHL ( Santiago)-JFK
    not mentioned on my other posting 40K for r/t LOWERCLASS

  • PJ

    50K with first purchase is a no brainer even with fees. I turned in BA card ( received with 100K bonus in last may) in november to take in Sapphire Preferred Wonder if I apply again do they approve me.
    if you are also looking at free miles from Chase the 50K free miles from United Explorer was still there under your logged in web page that is 1st year fees waived and with 1st purchase

    what else can you expect> :)

  • BothofUs2

    What about using Avios for intra island Aus/NZ flights? Are there crazy fuel/tax charges for those redemptions?

  • PJ

    lucky you :) your NYC friends are doing well on the same matter

  • PJ

    does not matter in my experience. signature works as well when I travelled Scandis

  • Fran and Rowena

    I was in Amsterdam last month and had a lot of trouble with a card that did not have the “smart chip” technology. Only those businesses with the “old” card reader were able to “swipe” my credit card. In one instance, the restaurant was unable to accept my credit card because my card did not have the chip and the restaurant only had the “new” machine used to process the card. I called the credit card company upon my return, and the representative told me that they are aware of the issue. The representative was unable to tell me when/if the card would be updated to have the chip.

  • AJTrenkle

    I applied and it said they need to review the application (probably cause I got the Chase United Card a few months ago). Does this mean I most likely SOL? Should I call reconsideration before even officially hearing back?

  • Andrew

    This was my exact question, also.

    As a college student, I’m having a tough time just meeting my 3k spending req. for my 50k on my Sapphire Preferred card.

    At a quick glance, the 50k points upfront for the first purchase seems like it already justifies applying for the card, but I don’t have much knowledge on it altogether.

    I may even be able to hit the first 25k after spending 10k in a year, but I doubt I’d ever see the second 25k.

    Some other input would be great! Thanks.

  • travel_abstract

    For Europe. South America, best BA Avios International Redemption option, not so much.

  • travel_abstract

    It should be around for a while. I spoke to my Chase Rep and they said they have an ad’s for the new deal launching on Monday.

    So I would expect this will last for a while.

  • travel_abstract

    Where are you from? If you are near an AA or LAN hub you should be fine.

    The Avios system is based on distance and if you take tons of domestic short-haul flights (USA, South America, Asia). This program is for you.

    If you are near an AA or LAN gateway to South America this card is great for that as well.
    You can fly to Argentina for only 50k Avios Roundtrip.

    Need more specifics about your location to give you ideas tho.

  • travel_abstract

    Reports are that it is unlikely. Not many people have been successful at churning Chase cards or the BA card in particular.

    You are welcome to try but be warned that even if you get approved for the card you still may not be eligible for the 100k bonus.

  • travel_abstract

    You can call and check your app status first or directly call reconsideration. Did it mention anything about 7-10 business days?

    App Status: (800) 432-3117

    Reconsideration: (800) 270-2127

  • Milecardinsider

    This deal lasted for one month last year at the same time — April – May.

  • Andrew

    Ah, thanks for the info.

    I live in Denver, CO right now.

    I plan on taking a decent sized Europe trip this coming summer, but my Ultimate Rewards points should cover the majority of that.

    Besides that… there isn’t much on the forecast. If I’m able to rack up Avios points with this card, mostly with expenses I already have, I’d be 100% down to go vacation somewhere like South America. Right now the issue would totally be a matter of budget, so with airfare covered I’d be more than willing to go somewhere like that.

  • Rich A

    As it’s not the same deal as the last 100k promotion and they’re Avios miles, I’ll pass.

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  • Leigh

    Yes, Ultimate Rewards transfers to BA Avios if you have the Sapphire Preferred.

  • CU

    Glad I got in on the first deal and booked my flights before the switch to Avios… That’s a ridiculously high spend and I find Avios much less useful than other alternatives. All in all, I think their offers have really degraded… However, I’ll be enjoying the flight I booked with the miles from the first offer this summer!

  • jakedasnake86

    I’m guessing that at 100K, we can’t expect the $95 fee to be waived for the first year….

  • PJ

    know your credt score? is free and shows the score CHase and Bank of America use for their card issuance.
    why bother with the extra bonus? to hit 3K is easy
    also : prepay your wirelss or/and cable epxenses. have your parents use your card and they pay you back etc etc
    the rest 7K can be spent to get much more bonus.

    need United points? hope you are lucky enough to get 50K from United if you apply on the link after you log in your mileage plus account through

  • DB

    I applied for and received a Chase Sapphire Preferred last November. Can I apply for the BA card now or is it best to wait the full 6 months between application?

  • Sruti

    Can you redeem British Airways Avios points for OneWorld (AA) Round The World (RTW) ticket? If so, for how many miles and taxes? Are taxes ridiculously high with fuel surcharges?
    You can redeem American Airlines miles for 160K RTW ticket, if I am not wrong.

  • Anon

    don’t let these bloggers fool you. they have big incentives to peddle cards that are not worthwhile to US based flyers.

    there is barely any availability for redeeming the miles even for short haul domestic flights.

    and if you are in any city that is not an AA hub, you will lose the benefit distance based redemption as you will have to pay miles for each separate leg of the journey

    i feel avios is the most useless program for USA residents unless you are in a hub like nyc, Mia and flying non stop to countries in south america

  • mutheta

    If there was a credit card promotion that offered 500,000 Avios with limited spending requirements I would pass. I am pushing a million miles on BA and find the program to be absolutely useless. I’m doing my best to move out my Avios points and concentrate on other programs where not only seats are available, but one is not gouged with taxes. BA is flooding the market with Avios. In addition to the multi-millions of points they have given away with this third 100,000 promotion in three years they have had several bonus transfer promos with Diners and AmEx several times in the past few years. As a frequent flier it’s disappointing when you are paying ridiculous fees for an award ticket and competing with those who “earned” their points by buying refrigerators. As they say, “Adios Avios”.

  • Talitha

    Mark, these tips were helpful for me to meet spend.

  • Anon

    I agree. Avios is useless. You can’t redeem Avios on AA unless the AA “mileage saver” seats are available. i.e. with Avios you cannot book AA flights using the Aanytime rewards .. and the reality is that “mileage saver” awards are extremely hard to find.

    The international redemption are a joke (except s. america).

  • mutheta

    Also, try to get through on the telephone to British Airways Executive Club – if you’re lucky your points won’t expire while you are waiting on hold. And to add insult to injury – once you have spent an exorbitant amount for your Business Class (Club World) award seat to Europe, fork over another $90 if you want to reserve your seat in advance. All is not bad – BA is a great airline and their service is exemplary. Just pass on the Avios and these lame promotions that only flood the market and lessen the value of the already worthless Avios points.

  • noobtraveler

    I noticed that you

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  • mspswede

    Update: got my letter from Chase today advising me that they were unable to approve my application at this time because, “too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.” I called the Reconsideration Line 888-245-0625 and spoke with a very nice young lady. I suggested that I close the Continental (now United Explorer) MC if she would shift my full credit line to the BA Visa. With no hesitation, she said, “Yes, I can certainly do that,” so it’s done. Will check my credit score, but it’s typically 795-805 so I should still be good.

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  • Jake Olson

    100,000 Avios after 1 year without minimum spend.

    Would’ve been nice to know about this before I applied…

  • JCcDixon33

    Question on the Avios, there is an AVIOS website that I guess you can spend you avios on if I register does it give me a new number or do I need to use my BA executive club?

    Probably going to use my Avios on cars and trains during our Europe tour but maybe try AA for a getaway to Mexico but reading below, seats are slim to none.

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  • Tonya

    I think it depends on when you intend to travel and from where. I’ve had very good luck finding MileSaaver awards from Boston to London with just one month’s notice. I did this once in December of 2011 for a flight in January 2012 and again in March of 2012 for travel for two in April. You all know BA’s surcharges are ridiculous, but the oneworld alliance is great and I’ve had great experiences so far on redeeming flights with American.

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