Citi to Potentially Add British Airways and Singapore Airlines to ThankYou Program

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Citi ThankYou Preferred card has expired. View the current offer here

It’s no secret that competition is heating up in the credit card space with Chase and American Express duking it out for the most credit worthy cardholders. Citi has somewhat competed with their ThankYou Preferred card, but that program pales in comparison to the numerous valuable transfer partners that Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards tour.

However, Dan’s Deals blog wrote yesterday that Citi plans to add British Airways and Singapore Airlines as transfer partners. I have not been able to verify that information from official sources and I haven’t seen any details, so I’ll leave it in the rumor category for the time being.

However, if this is the case, this is a huge boost to the ThankYou program, which in it’s current state is a fixed value program that gives roughly 1.3 cents per point towards travel rewards. Not really amazing, since the Capital One Venture card is essentially a 2% cash back program and has a lower annual fee ($59 vs. $125 on Citi Thank You Premier).

Game Changer
The addition of British Airways opens up Oneworld awards (including American Airlines) and Singapore opens up Star Alliance (including United, US Airways and Air Canada) elevates the ThankYou program from fixed point to transferable, which is my favorite type of credit card program. However, neither programs are perfect- I’ve written in the past about British Airways and Singapore (but plan to have more in depth posts in the near future for both programs).

I spoke to reps from Citi recently and encouraged them to add American Airlines as a transfer partner, since they already have a tight relationship with American through their other co-brand cards. The feeling I got was that American is very hesitant to dilute the value of their points- however, I could see that changing as they restructure to become more profitable.

Current Offers
The current “official” offer for the ThankYou Premier card is 30,000 points. However, if you Google “Thankyou premier 50,000″ you can find an active application for 50,000 points, thought it’s from September 2011. I just got a notice that Citi will be offering a new bonus for the ThankYou Premier next week, so I’d hold off until then to see if it’s a more competitive offer. If you do apply via that page, I’d take screenshots just in case you don’t get the 50,000 bonus.

I’ll update more if/when more details are released!

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  • Achilles

    How about this link for the Citi ThankYou Premier that still has 50,000 points with the annual fee waived?

  • Gary Leff

    Indeed, that’s the link I posted on my blog yesterday afternoon. It’s a great offer, especially now, and this impending change makes me wish I hadn’t spent my 50,000 point signup bonus in January… :(

  • Maxim

    One of the best ways to accumulate ThankYou points is by using CitiForward for dining, which gives you 5x points.

    I ran the numbers and as of now it makes more sense to use Chase Sapphire and earn 2.14x on dining and then transfer them to Hyatt, etc. However, if BA and SQ become transfer partners for TYR program I’ll have to think again.

  • Samuel
  • PJ

    any 5 % rebate helps : DONT forget Chase 5 % on Amazon and Gas CIti 5% on medical, fitness clubs , utilities bills .. to take more advantage : buy gift cards on Amazon, Sunoco BP ( if your nearby stations have been competitive) and prepay cable wireless doctor bills

  • PJ

    FOrward is one card I am looking to downgrade 2 Citi AA cards into . maybe ATT universal card( still around? ) is decent too

  • Maxim

    CitiForward gives 5x on books (Amazon, B&N) and movies too.

  • Roburg

    I recently applied for the 30K offer because it was the best offer available for my recent app-o-rama. Yesterday I sent a secure message to Citi via their website and had my wife and my cards upgraded to the 50K offer by simply asking to be upgraded and by sending them the link from the September 2011 offer.

    Thought this advice may be helpful to others in my position.

  • Roburg

    Oh, and yes, the did upgrade me, I received a message back stating that I would indeed receive the 50K points. Sorry that wasn’t clear from my post after I reread it…

  • Justin

    I believe all of this is assuming that they will transfer to these programs at a 1:1 ratio. I don’t believe I would transfer to these programs for anything less.

  • PJ

    amazon as welll thanks I just stocked up on amazon gift cards with my Chase freedom CARDS before the 5% runs off at the end of the quarter

  • hansmast
  • Mark the Shark

    Dan’s Deals got a phone call from Citi asking him to retract his statement. It seems that it may have been just a rumor. His website: has an update.

  • Simek
  • Simek

    Looking at the latest comments to Dan’s post (linked above), his readers are calling Citi themselves and hearing it’s happening, but the exact date is TBD. Wait to see how this shakes out.

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  • Mark the Shark

    I just want to say that I’ve been following this website for a few weeks now, and it really is great! In particular, I like the fact that you’re willing to reference other bloggers and websites. I am done with Dans Deals because he moderates his website like a hawk and won’t allow even a reference to another blogger or website on the comments, and for sure he won’t mention anyone else in his posts! Thank you for being so impartial!

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