New Hyatt Card 2 Free Night Enhanced Offer: No Minimum Spend, Suite Upgrades for Platinum and Smart Chip

by on February 28, 2012 · 94 comments

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Update: The current offer for the Hyatt Visa is 2 free nights after $1,000 in spend within the first 3 months.

On Friday I wrote that Chase might be changing the Hyatt Visa offering this week, but unfortunately I didn’t have the details at the time. The Hyatt Visa was on my “to do” list for a while, so I went ahead and applied because I didn’t want to lose out on the sign-up bonus of two free nights in a suite, which to me is worth at least $1,000.

They just updated the card and it looks like it’s all positive changes:

1) There’s no longer a minimum spend to get the free nights (it used to be $1,000 spend within 3 months for all non-Diamond members).
2) Current Platinum members who apply for the card now get two suite upgrade certificates that will upgrade a standard room to a suite on paid stays of up to 7 days each. Per the offer details these seem like the same upgrade certificates that Diamond members get every year.

“Suite Upgrade Awards are valid for use within one year from issuance on paid nights, each for one stay of a maximum of 7 consecutive nights, at participating Hyatt Hotels and Resorts where suite accommodations are available. Suite Upgrade Awards are not available on all suite types. Awards cannot be combined. Awards are not transferable. After qualifying, please allow 10 days for your Awards to post to your Hyatt Gold Passport account.”

3) The card now comes with Smart Chip technology, which makes it more useful for international spend – especially since it doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee.

New Hyatt Visa offer- enhancements for Platinum and general members

Overall, this is good news, especially if you are looking for a card sign-up that doesn’t require any minimum spend. If you don’t have Hyatt status, but do with another hotel chain, I’d recommend asking for a status challenge before applying for the card so you can get the suite benefits. All you have to do is email [email protected]

If you applied last week and prefer this offer, send Chase a secure message or call them and ask them to switch you to this offer. If you are a Platinum member, those two free suite upgrade certificates are valuable – as a Diamond I get 4 a year and use every single one of them. Since this isn’t a new card product, they should be able to switch your account to this offer. Chase has exceptional customer service, so please feel free to report back your experience.

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  • Rebecca

    Thanks TPG! I’ve been waiting for this new offer. I have Hilton Gold status right now. When I email Hyatt to ask for a status match do I ask for a specific status level or do I let them determine that? Since Hilton has 4 levels and Hyatt has 3 do I just ask for Hyatt Platinum?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting…thanks for the update on the changes.

    So one datapoint, I got this card a few weeks ago (around the start of Hyatt’s Q1 promotion), before there was any wind of the changes. I have not yet hit my $1000 spend yet, but my account is already showing 2 free nights in my account. So have they instituted that particular change for cardholders already?

    Also, I applied for the old Ink Bold right before the new one came out, and I have had no luck getting Chase to change me to the new offer…so I don’t know if they would let you switch this card either. However, there are more reports coming out that the new Ink Bold is considered a different product, and you can get the sign up bonus a 2nd time! :)

  • Ryan

    I hope the Smart Chip thing becomes standard for travel related CCs. It just makes sense.

  • Sil

    I have SPG Gold, Marriott Silver and Hilton Gold. What status match would Hyatt give me? I am at the lowest for HYATT (gold)

  • Anonymous

    It would be a challenge to Platinum most likely. Please report back!

  • Anonymous

    Totally agreed!

  • Anonymous

    The new ink bold is a whole new card. Mommy Points reported you can get both :-)

  • JP

    Hmm…this doesn’t look all positive to me.

    With the previous offer, an existing diamond member would get 2 free suite upgrade certs to use on any stay, not just paid stays, right?

    This imo is bad for a business traveler, who doesn’t care about suites when on the road for work, but wants to take nice vacations using points to stay in high end properties or suites

    Did I get mis-understand the old offer/benefits?

  • Anonymous

    They’ll most likely give you a challenge to Platinum.. Let us know what they say

  • mike

    I have the Hyatt Visa which gives Platinum Status. What if I apply for this new version of the card as a business card? Would the Plat status from the personal card get me the suite upgrade certs?

  • Anonymous

    The Diamond offer is the exact same- two free nights in a suite. The only difference is now existing Platinum members who apply get 2 suite upgrades that are valid on paid stays only. I guess they figured Diamonds would prefer the free nights in suites since they already get 4 suite upgrade certs a year.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately there isn’t a Hyatt Visa Business card so you’d probably get rejected if you applied again.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately there isn’t a Hyatt Visa Business card so you’d probably get rejected if you applied again.

  • theBOAT

    Is this a Chip + PIN card (which would be great for travel to Europe), or a Chip + signature card, like one of my other cards? I can’t seem to get Chase’s website to tell me…


  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure its Chip + Signature.. not perfect, but a step in the right direction nonetheless

  • JP

    That’s good to hear. The way I first read your post made me thing that had changed.

  • Matt

    Other than the chip this is the same offering they’ve had for quite some time – months at least. Platinums have gotten the suite upgrades and zero required spend since at least late last year.

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean that Platinums do not get the free nights, just suite upgrades on paid stays? That would not be good. Also, it used to be no minimum spend until last November, so they went back to that.

  • Anonymous

    As of last week there was a $1k spend for non-diamonds and I wasnt aware they were offering suite upgrades for Platinums. Either way this new offer is pretty much better in every way

  • Anonymous

    Platinums get 2 free nights in a standard room AND 2 suite upgrade certificates that can be used on paid stays

  • Colin Weir

    A status challenge doesn’t seem worthwhile if the best you can do is Platinum, since the card confers automatic Platinum status. While I like Hyatt Diamond status, I think it is debatable whether 2 suite nights are more valuable than 2 nights plus (if well executed) 14 upgraded suite nights on paid stays.

  • Benjamin Gray

    This is really awesome! A and I agree with Ryan as well, for a frequent flyer it’s just a very nice incentive.

  • Joe

    Question for TPG (or anyone else) along with an awkward admission. The last few times I traveled overseas it was before my miles and points obsession and so I basically just used cash. I’m heading to Asia and Europe (Japan, Hong Kong, France, England) in the next few months and was planning on using my Sapphire Preferred. I also have the old Hyatt. Is the extra functionality of the chip-and-signature worth asking Chase to send me a new card for? Or will my Sapphire Preferred be accepted in a wide enough range of places that I shouldn’t bother? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve used my Sapphire Preferred all over China/Asia/Europe and never had an issue. This is Chip + Signature (not pin) technology, so not a perfect solution, but better than nothing. Just like the BA Visa, i fyou call/ msg Chase they should be able to send you one with this technology.

  • Nick E

    If I have the Chase SW Visa and am looking to cancel it in the next few months, can I call customer service and have them switch me to this card without having to do a full credit inquiry? I am just outside the 6 month window from applying (and being accepted) for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the SW Visa, but I’m wondering if this is a legitimate workaround to avoid another inquiry.

    Also, does Hyatt offer a straight-up status match, or does it need to be a challenge? I’m in the middle of a challenge with Starwood and don’t think I could swing enough Hyatt nights to meet it!

  • Joe

    Awesome. Thanks as always Brian!

  • Anonymous

    If you switch to a card you generally do not get the sign-up bonus- its only for new applicants. The 6 month window is also a myth- you can generally get a Chase card every month- you just need to call the reconsideration line for the approval.

    Hyatt doesn’t do matches, but you can always ask! If you know a hotel GM, that helps too.

  • Nick E

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but do you have ANY idea on when (or if) this offer will expire? I think I’ll want to wait until I can successfully challenge to platinum…

    Thanks (as usual) for the great advice!

  • Mark M

    Actually, there is NO CHANGE in this offer for current Platinum and Diamond members (other than the chip-and-signature feature which has limited value).

    Regarding status match, I was accepted for Hyatt’s trial Diamond offer with only Hilton Gold status.

  • Anonymous

    As of last week Platinums had to spend $1k within 3 months to get the signup bonus

  • Rob S.

    Hilton Hold challenges to Hyatt Diamond, just did it and got this card.

  • Rob S.


  • HOW

    Can the 2 award nights be used for family members and/or friends (with card owner not traveling with them)? Thanks.

  • Nick E

    What are the stay requirements of the trial Diamond offer?

  • Mark M

    I have a screen print off the offer as of Feb 24 that clearly states Platinum members get “2 Award Nights and 2 Suite Upgrades after your first purchase”.

  • HOW

    I think I found the answer: the T&C states that the awards are not transferable. Does anyone have experience indicating otherwise?

  • Anonymous

    Yea- the offer was changed on Friday night..before that it was $1k in spend. I’m a couple days late blogging about it because I was in Ireland this weekend

  • Carberrie

    If we have the OLD Hyatt card, can we apply for this one and get 2 more free nights? I’ve had mine for well over a year now…

  • Pointasaurus

    I got both and 100,000 UR points

  • Mark M

    You are immediately given Diamond during the 60-day trial period, and if you achieve 12 nights in 60 days your Diamond status is extended through Feb 2013. Once you are approved for the Diamond trial, your account is immediately credited with four suite upgrades and you have all Diamond privileges. Call or email Hyatt GP customer service.

  • Dan

    Do certificate (Elite/Inspire/whatever) stays count as paid rates? After all, they are bookable on :)

  • Dan

    What’s a “Platinum Challenge”? It only takes 5 stays for traditional qualification, so I can’t imagine the stay quals would be reduced much.

  • Cohall

    Thanks TPG! Quick question: I’m pushing my luck with Chase cards right now (3 apps in the last year) and can probably only get 1 more approval in the first half of this year. Would you pick this Hyatt card (I’m not a platinum, so no suite upgrade certs for me) or the 80K Priority Club Visa?

  • Anonymous

    80k Priority is probably better because you can get more than 2 nights at lower end properties. The perks of that card of pretty good too and you save 5k on award bookings. I’d probably lean towards that, unless you wanted 2 free nights at amazing Hyatt properties

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately not

  • Benben747

    coming up on my 1 year with chase hyatt card and will renew for the cat 4 free night……….question…….wondering if chase/hyatt might sweeten the deal for me to stay on with them for one more year by also including the two suite upgrades if i ask for them………comments please on this strategy……ben

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I don’t think so.. this isn’t a new product- just the same card with some updates. Chase is pretty good about tracking what offers you’ve received.. but then again, you never know until you try.

  • Anonymous

    Technically no. But you can always add others to your room and have them check in. Though I suppose the hotel could make you also check in when you arrive (though in my experience that never happens when I have registered guests on the room)

  • Anonymous

    It never hurts to ask!

  • Flying Higher Now

    Just confirmed with a Chase representative, it is a Chip + Signature. I just got my order and will be shipped to me within 1-2 business days via UPS.

  • CorinneL.


    How long do you think this offer is going to be around for? I just got the United Mileage Plus cc from Chase a little over a month ago…don’t know if I’ll be approved for another Chase card so soon!

  • Rebecca

    Just to clarify, I should email Chase and ask that my Sapphire Preferred card be updated to a Chip + Signature card? I was in Paris a few weeks ago and tried to pay for tickets to the Eiffel Tower with the card and it wasn’t accepted!

  • Anonymous

    Should be around for a while… but you never know!

  • CorinneL.

    As long as it’s around for a month or so I should be okay. Besides they let you know when a deal is set to change so you’ll give us a heads up, right? Also, I just emailed Hyatt requesting a status match for my Platinum Accor A-Club status so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Any tips on if they match Accor A-Club status?…I only have Platinum status with that hotel chain currently!

  • Jon

    Argh…I had Marriott Gold status (expiring at end of Feb.). However, when I checked my Marriott account today, it says Silver. Did Marriott expire elite memberships early? I was expecting to keep it through 11:59PM on 2/29/12 (tomorrow).

    Was hoping to do a status match to get Hyatt Diamond. What does Hyatt typically require for proof of status with Marriott?

  • Jeff Coleman

    Can anyone give me the typical details of a Hyatt status challenge? Any idea of the amount of time I would be given to meet the challenge?

  • Bxian

    Right now I have Hyatt Gold status-I have never stayed at a Hyatt, but have a conference coming up in late June at a Hyatt property. Here is my question: are the suite upgrades earned as certificates-or just as a note on your account? i was wondering if I could do a status challenge (I currently have Hilton Honors Gold and Priority Club Platinum), apply for the card, and get the suite upgrades for use after the 60 day challenge period is up? If I fail at obtaining the number of required stays and lose Diamond status after the 60 day status match challenge period, , will I lose the 2 suite upgrade opportunities after 60 days? Or do I get to keep the suite certificates even if I drop down to Platinum after the 60 day challenge period is up?

  • Mike

    TPG — did you inquire with Chase yet about giving you new promo? I apped under the old one on Sunday but wonder what the likelihood is that they will allow people to go with this w/o apping again.

  • Cohall

    Thanks very much for the response.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that you get them as long as your status shows platinum when you apply

  • Scott Bernard

    12 nights in 60 days I believe…

  • Jeff Coleman


  • Dan

    Is that for Diamond? Platinum just requires 5 stays without any special match…

  • Sam

    Could someone please explain exactly what a status challenge is ?

  • Saitravel

    can I get Platinum/Diamond status with Hyatt CC with spending 20k/40k also or I have to stay to get the status? Thanks

  • Jaimelevine

    Have there been any reports of canceling and getting a 2nd sign-up bonus by reapplying?

  • Mcole

    Just curious…. I applied for this on Sunday night (I know, the night before the new CC came out, but I took your advice and went for it just in case the “new” offer was a downgrade)…… I was told they needed to look into it before giving me an answer… I’m assuming this means “no”… but we’ll see. If I do get denied and called the re-consideration line, is there certain lingo/verbage to use that will typically work for approval/reconsideration? I’m a newbie =) Thanks!

  • thepointsguy

    When you have status with a hotel chain and then use it to say to another hotel chain “Hey- I have elite status with another brand- if you give me status (match) or let me do a certain number of things to get a shortcut to status (challenge) I’ll move my business to you

  • LtWorf

    This pleases me.

  • thepointsguy

    The card automatically gives you Platinum. Unfortunately, Diamond has to be earned the hard way- 25 stays or 50 nights

  • thepointsguy

    You can call the reconsideration line now at 1-888-245-0625 and see whats up (that way you dont have to wait for snail mail for a decision).

    If you are declined for having too much credit with Chase, just ask them to move around some of your other credit lines. Otherwise, just let them know you are excited to have this card as you travel internationally and love the no foreign transaction fees and will use this card instead of a competitors card for a lot of your travel.

  • Matt

    The offer when I applied last month was the same for platinum – no spend and 2 suite upgrades in addition to the free nights. Non-elite was 1 night right away and 1 after 1k spend. This was the offer every time I looked since probably early November.

    No min spend for non-elites is the only change I see, which is a nice improvement.

  • Chadcannon

    What do they mean by “awards cannot be combined”? Does this mean 2 hyatt card holders cannot use their 2 free nites back to back for a total of 4 nights?

  • thepointsguy

    No, you can absolutely use multiple award nights together. That “awards can’t be combined” is just in reference to the suite upgrades. I assume it means you can’t use two of them at the same time.

  • Jon

    Corinne….if they won’t give you a challenge with Accor A-Club status, get free Hilton Gold instead (see ). Hyatt will definitely give you a challenge based on Hilton Gold.

  • Brian M.

    If I apply for the Chase Saphire and this card on the same day, how likely is it that I’ll be rejected? I’m planning a trip to Korea and wanted to try to make the most of it

  • Kent Lee

    quick question – people previously talked about using the 2 nights for Paris Vendome. Is this still valid? Or is availability limited to lower category hotels??

  • thepointsguy

    It’s valid – except you may not be able to redeem for a suite if you are diamond

  • thepointsguy

    You’ll get rejected for the second card automatically but you can call the reconsideration line at 1-888-245-0625

    Whether you get the second depends on how many chase cards you already have, how much in credit available and your credit score

  • CorinneL.

    Thanks Jon. I got the response email from Hyatt this morning saying they wouldn’t be able to give me a Diamond challenge with A-Club. I have a Hilton Gold (through a “promo” teehee) and forwarded that info to them in a follow up email. Keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t want any additional info!

  • Dlebow2341

    This is not a chip and pin card. It is a chip and signature card……At least we are getting closer.

  • Tifftaylor02

    How long does it take for hilton to make a decision regarding a diamond challenge? I have a five night stay statting on saturday. I emailed today and would love to get approved before I check in and then get the hyatt card. Thank you.

  • John C

    I received the Chase Hyatt credit card in February. When the new offer came out in early March, I sent an e-mail
    to Chase ( via secure message) asking that the terms of the new offer be applied to my account. Chase told me to contact Hyatt. Doesn’t seem right to me. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Dave G

    Do they 2 free nights cover taxes also or is that going to be a separate charge?

  • Skudu

    Can i use Hyatt 90-day trial upgrade to Platinum status with Visa Signature credit card offer and the apply for this credit card to get 2 suite upgrades?

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t see why not

  • thepointsguy

    Usually all taxes are included in the award

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  • jruiz2159

    How do you get a Hyatt 90-trial upgrade to Platinum status with the Visa Signature credit card? I don’t find that anywhere on their offers.

  • MFK

    It looks like I made a mistake and applied too early (I will not get Platinum status until my weekend stay at the Grand Hyatt NYC posts, which appears to be a few days or more). Do you know what chance I might have (through the reconsideration line or a secure message) in getting Chase to cut me some slack on this error? Thanks in advance!

  • MFK

    Oops, “until my weekend stay…”, not “when…”

  • TPG Intern Ryan

    It can’t hurt to try and ask them and explain the situation.

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  • Keith

    So, way back in late March of 2011 I cancelled my Hyatt card. I received the two free nights at the time. Does anyone know if I can get the two free nights again?

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