American Airlines Double Miles and Accelerated Elite Status Promotion (Targeted)

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Several TPG readers sent me an interesting promo they received from American Airlines offering double award (not elite) miles on all travel from February 8, 2012-May 31, 2012 and offering an accelerated route to Platinum (10,000 miles) and Executive Platinum status (25,000 miles). The earned status is good until February 28, 2013 unless you requalify with either 50,000 or 100,000 total miles by December 31, 2012, in which case your status will be good until February 28, 2014.

Promo link, enter code HVCAA.

The email clearly states that this offer is targeted, however I’ve been able to register for airline promos that I haven’t directly received in the past, so it doesn’t seem like there’s much risk in trying. It accepted my registration for this one and I even got an email.

I’m personally at around 80,000 EQMs for the year, so I’ll qualify for Executive Platinum the old fashioned way, but double award miles on my upcoming flights would be nice!

The email:
“At American Airlines, we value your business and want to see more  of you. That’s why we’re offering two exciting promotions, exclusively for you.

First, you can earn double American Airlines AAdvantage® miles on all purchased, published fares for travel on American Airlines, American Eagle or the AmericanConnection® carrier between February 8, 2012 and  May 31, 2012.

Second, we’re offering you the opportunity to qualify for AAdvantage Platinum® or even AAdvantage Executive Platinum® status at an accelerated rate.

Between February 8, 2012 and May 31, 2012, simply fly the required number of base miles as outlined below on American Airlines, American Eagle or the AmericanConnection carrier. Elite-status membership earned through this special promotion will be valid through February 28, 2013.

We know you’ll appreciate the unique privileges of AAdvantage Platinum or AAdvantage Executive Platinum status, including:

AAdvantage Platinum
• 72 hour upgrade window
• 100% mileage bonus on select elite-qualifying flights
• Priority Baggage Delivery
AAdvantage Executive Platinum
• Unlimited complimentary upgrades confirmed at 100 hours pior to departure (subject to availability)**
• Eight (8) one-way Systemwide Upgrades+
• Expanded MileSAAver® award availability for you and one companion
• Waived ticketing service charges and AAdvantage change and reinstatement charges
For complete details on all AAdvantage elite-status benefits, visit

Simply click the button below to login and register for this promotion using the Promotion Code HVCAA prior to travel and by 11:59pm CT on February 29, 2012.

This is an exclusive offer only for members who receive this email from American Airlines and register online to participate”

Hat tip TPG reader Eric!

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  • Brad

    Just signed up with no problems. Time to find some cheap fares to get to that 25k mark!

  • Michael

    Is the promo stackable with DEQ11 (as was DEQAA)?

  • Craig Chu

    Wow! Any ideas if OneWorld flights can count towards that 25,000 threshold?

  • Craig Chu

    The reason I ask: While it did let me register, I still can’t find details of the promotion on the site, and my confirmation email just says that I need to consult the “communication where [I] learned of the promotion.”

  • Curtis

    Signed up with no problems, however there are inconsistencies in the “Advantage Platinum” features listed in the email. That list is not the same as the link. Looks like a hybrid of Plat and Exec Plat. (ex: Unlimited complimentary upgrades). If this really does include that plus 8 one-way systemwide upgrades, it’s certainly worth a mileage run for those of us that don’t have plans to fly that much already.

  • Suzi

    I didn’t get the email but it registered me. On principal though, I am all the promos they have been doing that are inflating the number of EXPs (double EQMs and now this)

  • Josh MacDonald
  • Josh MacDonald

    trying to figure this out, and I like this more than FT anyway…IAH based I can connect through DFW to LAX or SFO, same day turn, with this and the DEQAA I can achieve Plat after 2 trips correct or am I way off?

  • Andy

    so does that mean flying 5,000 miles will get us the platinum status? or 10,000?

  • Curtis

    Meaning that you only have to fly 5k miles if you go a DEQ11 route to hit this promo?

  • Maury

    Do you know if you can get award miles for a ticket purchased with an AA giftcard? Thanks

  • Pl

    I already booked an American flight for April and May, will I get double miles for those despite the purchases occurring before I registered?

  • John777

    After offering very generous Double and Triple EQMs to all, this further dilutes the benefits of being PLT and EXP. this is especially bad for PLTs, as their normal “challenge” required 20,000 discounted coach miles (10,000 elite qualifying points).

  • Anon

    Read the freaking site where you signed up. It explicitly says American operated flights only.

  • Andy


  • Anonymous

    What do you mean? If you purchase a paid flight with a gift certificate, you will still accrue miles on the flight

  • nako

    Absolutely incorrect — tickets that are paid for using a gift card *will* earn miles, subject to the mileage earning of the fare class purchased.

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  • nako

    I’m venturing that there will be a lot of people who aren’t targeted, but who sign up anyway for this promo, who will be sorely disappointed when AA informs them that they will not be receiving the benefits of the promotion. The airline has a history of not allowing non-targeted persons to sign up anyway — so while people can still sign up all they want, they probably are better served to not have any expectations that they’ll actually receive anything from doing it.

  • Guest

    It looks like the systemwide upgrades are only for those who hit the 25k mark. Still, not a bad deal if there are cheap flights available for mileage runs.

  • Travel and Credit

    Wow, and to think for a work flight round trip to Europe I just purchased on United to hit their lower level elite status this year through work flights instead of American… Oh well.

  • xtc

    just called and was told this exact thing (i was calling about something else), despite registering and being accepted. we’ll see what happens to people who weren’t targeted, but right now i am not booking a flight specifically to take advantage of this offer as good as it may be based on what i was told over the phone.

  • Billy B.

    Dear Delta, please take this as an example and do this too. I want my platinum this year! I got two trips Detroit to Hong Kong coming up and it would really be nice to be platinum on the way back…

  • Autographedcards

    Just registered right before I boarded a AA flight to MCO. I curious to see if I get the double miles.

  • Nikolaos

    Please report back!!

  • Jdl55

    Unless you are targeted for this promotion You will not receive it. What a shame that AA does not honor their preferred customers. I think if we all complain and cry discrimination they may have to change this

  • Anonymous Helper

    This does NOT work if you did not receive the email, because there are actually TWO codes that need to be applied to your AAdvantage Account. The one in the email, which is what you have posted up above, and different one that American automatically applied to the accounts of those they actually targeted in the email.

    So, yes, I applied the promotion code to my account, and got the automated verification email saying I was enrolled. However, when I called the service desk they said the other code was missing from my account, which told them I wasn’t actually a part of the targeted challenge. As such, I’m not eligible. Please update your post accordingly. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Started a trip Tuesday, JAX-SEA. Registered for this promo Thursday and received a confirmation e-mail thanking me for registering. I returned to Jax on Saturday and received the same miles each way. No new bonus miles. I guess it is true that you can be “registered” for a promo, but not be qualified to receive the benefits. It’s too bad, because I was making plans for a mileage run.

  • Stephanie S.

    I just called American and since I did not personally receive the email I am not eligible. I have been Executive Platinum for the past 5 or 6 years and do not like that they are giving people the opportunity to hit Exec with only flying 25k miles!! There are already too many Executive Platinums on the upgrade list. Now I have to compete with people who didn’t even fly the 100k miles I did!

  • Anon99

    Only a FOOL would ask an airline about something like this. If you weren’t targeted you roll the dice and hope for the best…you never draw it to their attention even though you were supposedly “calling about something else.” Good grief.

  • Andid

    Only a FOOL would ask an airline about something like this. If you weren’t targeted you roll the dice and hope for the best…you never draw it to their attention even though you were supposedly just calling to make sure or some other nonsense. Lame.

  • Andy

    No kidding. I was responding sarcastically to both an obvious and off-topic question. Thank you for your help though Neko.

  • Thunderstorm

    Did this work for any of the untargeted folk??

  • Thunderstorm

    Did this work for any of the untargeted folk??

  • guest

    Has anyone (targeted or not) seen their miles post for this yet?

  • APTsw1

    I emailed Aadvantage and said I’d heard about the promotion but didn’t receive the email (as I’m not registered for the email updates anyway) and would they sort it out for me… Guess what? They did. I suppose I must have fit the profile they were looking for or maybe I just got lucky.

  • Mark

    I did not receive the email but signed up with the code. Flew BSB-MIA-JFK yesterday and the balance shows only 4,688 miles.. I guess it only works for the “chosen” ones.

  • Jrustymiller

    is there a way to purchase a system wide upgrade

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