3,000 Free British Airways Avios Points with Realtytrac

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Realtytrac is a paid service that allows you to research real estate properties. The British Airways E-store (which is also currently running an amazing promotion with Nordstrom) is currently offering 3,000 British Airways Avios points when you sign-up for Realtytrac. Simply log-in and then search for Realtytrac in the top right search bar and you’ll see the offer.

3,000 free points for sign-ups - trial memberships included

The great thing is that this offer applies to free trials and you can currently become a Realtytrac for free for 7 days. After that point, you will be charged $49.95 per month for premium membership, so it’s critical that you cancel your membership before 7 days, unless you really want this service.

Per the promo: Special Terms: Customers earn after selecting the 7-day trial or the monthly subscription and completing the sign-up pages; customers earn after a sale is concluded.

That last statement about a sale contradicts the first part about the free trial. However, TPG reader TJ, who tipped me off about this sent me a screenshot of his pending activity and he is showing 3,000 miles for Realtytrac and he only did the free trial. During the free trial they try to sell you on a couple other products (like the magazine Foreclosure – I’m sure that’s quite the page turner!), so I guess they hope enough people buy the add-ons or forget to cancel their membership.

Overall, I think this one’s worth a shot as long as you remember to cancel before the 7 day trial runs out. It only takes a minute to sign-up and to cancel you need to call customer service at 1-877-888-8722 8AM – 5PM Pacific Time. I’m going to wait a couple days for my points to show as pending before cancelling. Will keep you all updated!

Big hat tip to TJ’s Weblog!

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  • CodeAdam10

    Tip: You don’t need to call to cancel. Simply login to, go to “My RealtyTrac” and then “My Account”. You will see a link there that says “Cancel Free Trial”

    You can access the direct page (to cancel) by logging in from here:

    Thanks TPG! Your post was what I needed to pull the trigger on this. I saw this a couple of days ago but their “terms” seem unclear, so I didn’t want to bother. But now that you got some proof, it doesn’t hurt to try!

  • Yoshapman

    Hope it works!

  • Samuel

    been trying to enroll in executive club all morning and their server doesn’t respond…

  • Anonymous

    Try a different browser. Their site can be very buggy

  • Anonymous

    So I just applied for the free trail and I assume that my avios number transferred to the Realtytrac website, because I was not asked for my number anytime during the process….I will wait 5 days or so before cancelling so we shall see if the points post….if anyone gets the points to post during the free trail please let us know!!

  • Chip

    Thanks – I hope this works for all the accounts in my family. Huge score if it does!

  • chris

    Yes, I’m curious to see if/when the points will post to my account. One good thing, even though it doesn’t yet show the points pending in my Purchase Report, it does show the click through to RealtyTrac in my Click Report, so presumably whatever information needed to be transferred was. I figure I’ll give it a few days and if nothing’s there will just cancel.

  • bayguy

    Thanks TPG. I signed up for free trial and keeping my fingers crossed for the miles to show up in my account.

  • RJ

    So, do you need to have a BA credit card to qualify for this, or can I use any card I have?

  • Anonymous

    Any credit card

  • Josh MacDonald

    this…just stuck on Chrome

  • oldmanpeabody

    Great call TPG, thanks for the tip! One other suggestion: if you have a relatively low-value gift card (Visa/Amex/etc) this is a perfect place to use it. I’m going to use my $10 one so that even if something goes wrong my worst-case exposure should be $10. It’s at home so I haven’t done it yet but good option.

  • Anonymous

    How do you find the click report?

  • Bob

    FYI, BA allows you to combine household accounts, so 3k points if you combine with several members can actually be worth quite a bit. 9k is a round-trip NY>Toronto on AA

  • Andrew Rutherford

    I have tried yesterday and today as well. IE, Firefox, and Chrome all load endlessly. :(

    I sent them a message via their Website feedback form. Maybe if more people do this, they will address the issue faster:

  • Britinva79

    Their website seems to not be allowing new registrations. Have tried 3 browsers. How annoying!

  • Kit O’Connor

    I’m in the same boat – I logged a comment on BA’s site as well.

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  • SeattleTrick

    What a POS website. I filled up the details and clicked Join. It just brought me back to the same page – without any indication that I had finished first step of the sign up. So, I click 4 times and then look at my email – 4 emails!
    I picked the first one and finished the signup by giving CC info. And to top it off, the website shows password in plain text, like it’s 2001!

    Now, off to do this for the rest of the accounts in my households – hopefully, I get 4*3000 = 12k miles. Lets see!
    Thanks TPG

  • JP

    Do you actually need to sign up for the trial with a credit card for this to count?

    I have a trial account, but they didn’t ask for a CC.

    Obviously I’ll put one in if that is needed to get the bonus points, but I’m happy leaving it off if not necessary.

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  • Yoshapman

    Same. Horrible site.

  • Yoshapman

    Same. Horrible site.

  • Chris

    It’s in “My Shopping History”, in the top right on the BA eStore page.

  • Chris

    I’m giving this a shot – after signing up for the free trial I changed my billing information to a test credit card number (Google these if you’re interested) and it let me change it . Hopefully that will ensure I won’t get charged if I forget to cancel it waiting for the miles to post.

  • michaeljapan

    You realize of course that even though you’ve changed your information you will still be liable for the amount even if they can’t charge your CC, right? You agreed to their T&C and in the end they may use a collection agency to get their money – you know what it means to your credit score, right?

    Just cancel it within seven days.

  • michaeljapan

    You realize of course that even though they won’t be able to charge your low-value card you are still liable for the full amount if you don’t cancel in time? You agreed to their T&C and in the end they may use a collection agency to get their money – you know what it means to your credit score, right?

    Just cancel it within seven days.

  • Nate

    What are you talking about? They cannot destroy your credit without your social…

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  • chris

    So I signed up yesterday but no indication of points from BA yet. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to credit the points to you?

  • JMSL

    Same for me– I signed up about 48 hours ago, but nothing showing up in my purchase history yet. I’ll give it a few more days.

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  • Brooks

    I’ve tried three browsers at this point over the last two days — nothing! I emailed and tweeted, the tweet got a reply that their IT team will look into it. That was last night, and no luck this morning.

  • Myhotrs

    Hey all, finally able to sign-up for Executive Club!!

    On the Realtytrac offer though there is this special section, was it there before?

    “Special Terms: Customers earn after selecting the 7-day trial or the monthly subscription and completing the sign-up pages; customers earn after a sale is concluded.”

  • John Ellison

    One [old] review of Realtytrac indicated you were automatically signed up an additional 3rd party service. Something to keep an eye out for…

    Here’s the review:

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  • lvtrader

    Enrolled for free trial on Monday. Today (Thursday) called to cancel. Was told that “somehow” my free trial was cancelled yesterday. I assume that means they cancelled the BA offer.

  • EnJoy

    My account was closed automatically by
    The agent indicated that all accounts signed up via BA website were closed by them.

  • worldtraveller2

    Looks like my 3000 pending on 2/7/12 went to -3000 pending on 2/7/12!

  • Vo

    Looks like the page took this offer down. Too much complaints? ;-)

  • Guest23252

    Mine went from 3000 pending to -3000 as well… looks like they’ve caught on. Wonder if anyone was actually able to get the 3000 pts?

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