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From now until March 16, 2012 you can get triple points when you register and stay at any participating Carlson (Radisson, Country Inns & Suites, Park Inn by Radisson and Park Plaza hotels). 

You normally earn 20 points per dollar spent, but you earn 60 with this promotion. Carlson free nights start at 9,000 points, which normally requires a mere $450 in spend, or 50,000 points for a top tier property, like most Radisson Blu hotels, for $2,500 in spend – which is pretty lucrative in my opinion. With this promotion, the spend for a level 1 property drops to $150 and a level 6 to $833! Pretty hard to beat.

Free night chart

Plus, they recently ran the 50,000 point promo for a single stay and will give you 9,000 points for redeeming points by January 31, 2012 so I’m starting to really like the Carlson program!

In my opinion, this promo is more lucrative and has less strings attached than Marriott, Hilton and Starwood‘s Q1 promos. We are still waiting to hear from Hyatt… cricket, cricket.

Status Match

To be honest, historically I’ve overlooked Carson’s program though, but now I am going to give it a shot. If you have status with Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, and Starwood they will match your current hotel elite status up to their Gold Status, which gives:

  • Complimentary room upgrades as available
  • 50% point bonus on every eligible stay
  • 2,000 point online booking bonus at or any Carlson Hotels website
  • Early check-ins and late checkouts as available upon request
  • Roll Over Nights (unused elite-qualifying nights count again next year toward elite status)
  • 72-hour room availability guarantee at participating hotels
  • Elite Customer Service Line

All you need to do is email them here and include a screen shot of your current hotel elite status, your Carlson GoldPoints number and request a status match. I just sent mine, so I’ll report back, though the match to Gold status should be a sure thing (apparently they almost never match to Concierge).

I feel like they might even be the new Hyatt, coming out with rockstar promotions to steal the spotlight and gain momentum.  I’ve never stayed at a Radisson, but I figure now is as good of a time as ever.

More to come in a future post – feel free to share any Club Carlson experiences you’ve had!

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  • Lynn

    I have been a member for several years. In 2009 I was a gold member as I stayed for 25 consecutive nights in one property. I used the majority of those points for a room in London the next spring where I had early check-in which was wonderful. My remaining points have been lingering as I have not traveled much recently. The main positive of the program for me is the points + cash for rooms. I will never have a ton of points so that makes the points I do have usable.

  • hobo13

    I agree that Carlson is acting like it wants to be the new Hyatt. The 50k Radisso promo was pretty sweet….. even my dog signed up to earn some points!

    What have I learned about the difference between Hyatt and Carlson? Carlson actually has worldwide coverage of properties!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Hyatt. But if they cannot come up with a decent promo this year, I might be done.

  • Phil

    This is a really nice promo and the 50k promo got me to look at Carlson. I regularly stay in NYC and am always on the lookout for cheap, comfortable digs. I had started staying at the new Four Points in LIC, bit of a crappy area but 3 stops from where I work in midtown on the N train. Turns out there is a Country Inn and Suites one stop closer. It ain’t luxurious but it’s clean, comfortable, awesome views of NYC, ten minutes to midtown and I am regularly paying < $100 a night all in.

    As mentioned they have some great hotels in Europe, London especially, and as I mentioned in the ski Utah post they have a lot of intersting European ski resorts. They have won my biz!

  • Sky King

    I netted over 378k club Carlson points with the 50k promo and we’ll be using them for 4 nights in Paris and 3 nights in Amsterdam. All of them are $450 USD a night properties. I only paid $290 ai TOTAL for those points utilizing Carson’s BRG 25% off….which by the way is painless! I’ll be saving almost $3000 this summer on hotels in Europe and staying at 4 and 5 star Radisson Blu’s thanks to these guys. In my opinion…best promo of 2011. Radisson’s in Europe are MUCH better than their counterparts here in the US. They have some incredible properties.

  • Steve

    Great promotions, good properties outside US but inconsistent quality in US. If I only stayed in Chicago or at Fairfield Inn’s or Holiday Inn Express in US then Radisson + Country Inn & Suites would not be that bad but I would not want to stay at Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco too often for example, even if they are doing some remodeling.

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  • Allen

    I stayed two nights at Radisson at Flagstaff (on route 66) last Dec for the 50k promo (first night on my name, second on my wife’s name). I was matched to Gold from my Marriott Plat before the stay. I got a hand-written welcome card and basket of snacks, which never happened to me as a Marriott Plat for a few years! Very impressive. Front desk and room service were great as well. That experience made me think about staying more at Radisson (last stay before that was three years ago). Now this promo looks very good, and I have upcoming family vacation in Europe this summer. So more Radisson points will help.

  • Jamesrkunz

    I stayed at the Radisson Quito while in Ecuador and was very impressed. Then Carlson started throwing bonuses at me until I caved and made them my go-to option when a full-service Hyatt isn’t available. I’m very pleased–they have an exceptional international footprint

  • Travisair

    My wife’s family spent two nights at the SLC Radisson, buying four rooms. They were both Gold members and because of that the gave them breakfast vouchers for every person in the party (all eight). Seemed quite generous. I’m looking forward to my first stay as Gold.

  • SilverEliteClubCarlsonCAM

    I sent email to Club Carlson this morning asking for Status Match using my SPG GOLD Status (thanks to AMEX PLATINUM).
    When I got back from lunch I already had a reply informing me that I now have SILVER ELITE status with Club Carlson!!

    25 % Bonus Points on all booked rooms!
    Late check out!
    Best Available room in the category booked!
    Special Points plus cash offers!
    Priority Full Service Member Services Telephone Number!

    And 10% off weekend rates in Europe, Middle East and Africa (as well as double occupancy for a single rate)!!


  • alcw

    Platinum SPG member, sent them the screen shot and got Gold Elite status. Interesting their any thoughts on the validity of their comparison, especially to SPG.

  • Jp_di_sb

    I stayed at my first Radisson this summer in Rome, the Radisson Blu (all of the starwoods were booked), and was pretty impressed by the modern rooms and rooftop pool. Two cons— the pool was freezing! No one could stay in it long enough to even swim a lap (this was in July). And I’ve emailed club radisson for the points several times which never posted… hmmm

  • Alexander Onishchenko

    everybody loves club carlson nowadays, including me. You can get 50k for $518 if you’re gold at a rate of $74 for 7 stays. 100% return? almost….
    Its like a new gravy train, and hopefully it doesnt end too soon…

  • Anonymous

    Look up Radisson properties on Trip Advisor. I’ve never seen so many comments along the lines of “I’d never stay here again, even if it were free”. And yes, I’m including very expensive European properties.

  • arjun

    I did the same thing with my Hilton Gold and received the same status match. I then replied asking why I didn’t get matched to Gold since my Hilton status is Gold. They responded with

    “As our status matches are performed with each individual hotel program
    based upon benefits offered, we were only able to offer Silver Elite
    status with proof of your Gold Hilton HHonor. Upon review of your
    account and your recent entry, we have been able to correct this. Your
    account is now at Gold Elite status.”

    I can confirm that my Club Carlson status is now Gold. Thanks TPG.

  • Gus C.

    Just received my status match e-mail… upgraded to Silver from my Hilton Gold match. Thanks TPG.

  • arjun

    You can get matched to Gold. See my earlier post.

  • arjun

    Or perhaps YMMV.

  • Chu

    I stay at a Radisson regularly and they’re AWESOME. Thanks for letting me know about the triple points deal… I got registered in time for my two nights this week! If it weren’t for you I would have missed out on an extra 40 points per dollar! :D

  • xtc

    i also status matched from hilton gold to CC silver, emailed them back asking for gold, hoping this goes through.

  • Ty Francis

    My status match took 2.5 hours from me emailing a scan of my Platinum Marriott Rewards, Platinum Starwood and Diamond Hilton. Easy. Thanks for the tip!

  • Kristy

    This isn’t directly related to any of this, but I was hoping for advice. I had a friend working at a Radisson until today. She got in a tizzy and quit. We had already booked the Radisson Blu in Zurich using her for the Family/Friends rate. I don’t know anyone else I can use that works at one of these properties for this rate, and I really don’t want to change hotels or rates. Anyone have advice?

  • Jane

    I signed up for the 3X promo last week but I wonder for how long this is valid? One stay? One month?

  • JoJo

    I join CC for the first time when booking rooms for my husband’s cousin’s destination wedding in Aruba in Sept 2011. I got a 15k point promotion (if I remember correctly) to sign up, a 2k bonus to book online, and soon after also signed up for the Silver status promo. Including the extra %age on every $ spent during my stay, after 4 nights in Aruba (plus a few drinks later =D ), I ended up with 22k+ points. I’ll be using them on our babymoon to AZ, utilizing their points+cash program.

    I like CC it so far. I like the fact that Radisson and their hotels are reasonably priced (as a budget-conscious mom), but they still offer some high end properties for those that want it.
    I’m in no way a frequent hotel hopper (I envy all that are!), but I’ve been Plat status for Hyatt and SPG Gold before. SPG hotels were great in service and quality, but I found it hard to earn those points, unless I did actual stays or signed up for the credit card. A few years ago, I found it easier to earn points with Hyatt, especially with bonus pts on stays. This seems to be dwindling, especially since the new Hyatt Visa came out (still waiting right before I need to stay somewhere fancy to sign up for the card… that $75/yr isn’t worth it for me).

    So how the hotels compare? Well, during recent trips to Aruba over that past 2 years, and have stayed in The Hyatt, The Westin (SPG), and The Radisson.

    -The Hyatt had the nicest overall facilities (best Casino, overall very luxurious feel) . I used my faster free nights award, so my 2 night stay was free. HOWEVER, my husband and I had just stayed 1 night at the Westin (with friends for a wedding), and found that the Hyatt rooms were a bit smaller, and they were stingier with giving out nicer rooms (our room, had we paid for it, would have cost twice as much as the Westin room, with NO balcony, facing the inner courtyard). Parking was free at the time, but across the street… and a year later after returning, we saw that there’s now a fee to park there!

    - The Westin had the best service (room upgrade, and room on a “Starwood Preferred Guest floor”— don’t know if there was actually a difference, but sure made me feel special). I was no longer a SPG Gold member, but I still felt like I got special treatment, which was nice. Maybe the special floor got us the Ocean view, with mini balcony. (Free parking, but you need to walk up the loooooooong winding ramp back up to the lobby. Tough if you can’t walk or have luggage)

    - The Radisson was the best overall value. On our 2nd trip back to Aruba, we had a wonderful spacious room that had a balcony (with a small table and two chairs). Casino left much to be desired, but the poolside bar had daily happy hour specials (2-fer cocktails!), live band, and a reasonably priced restaurant for brunch. Best for folks looking for best bang-for-buck. Parking was right outside the lobby!

  • Elenagarcia07

    Do you know if they are still doing the status match? I emailed them a few days ago and have not heard back.

  • Justagrl

    I emailed them too. I got a response saying they would match my status if I sent them documentation which had been attachd to my email. It took them a few days to initially respond and now I am waiting on them to respond again since they didn’t look at the attachement. Since it has been a week I would email them again to make sure they received it.

  • Alterg

    Same happened to me, then i gave them a call and BINGO! They did it instantly! Effective immediately! Give it a shot!

  • txtrav

    Just wondering if they asked you for the employee name?


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  • Vvkfernandes

    they match a hilton gold with carlson silver.
    i dont think it is fair

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