Free Gogo Wifi on Delta Until Jan 2 Courtesy of eBay

by on December 13, 2011 · 7 comments

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It pains me to think of life before in-flight WiFi. As a full-time blogger, I can get so much done when I’m connected in the air, so I dread those long periods of time I have to fly Stone Age airlines that aren’t equipped with WiFi, essentially leaving all us flying in the dark.

If you fly Delta starting today until January 2, 2012, you can get 30 minutes of free in-flight Gogo internet courtesy of eBay. Even after the 30 minutes run out, you can still access, Ebay, Gilt Groupe and some other sites with this promotion.

While this may slow down the internet speed for us regular WiFi users, I can’t get upset with sharing such a great benefit during the holiday season!

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  • Andrew Fielding

    For every regular user that doesn’t get upset, don’t worry I’ll get upset enough for all of us. Really wish they’d just refund a month every year instead of making me contact them after the fact to get a refund because speeds were slow.

  • Dodo

    Uhhh so we have to travel back in time to Jan, 2, 2011?

  • Kathy K

    I used it on december 8th, and december 12th. I got the free half hour for each leg of the trip.

    it was a little slow, but faster than the wifi at the Hilton Resort I was at in Tucson.

    there are also work-arounds to sign on a second time during the same flight…..

    thank you gogo, delta and ebay.

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  • ashley

    can you do a blog on staying in touch while traveling abroad mostly, cell phone ,wifi ,internet.

  • Mooper

    Gogo uses EvDO, meaning each user has a dedicated “pipe” to the tower. Rumors abound that adding users can slow access for others, but it’s simply not true. The likelihood of available “pipes” running out increases, but once you’re connected, other users – even if they are all streaming via Slingbox as I do – can’t slow you down.

  • Music

    The free promo slows down the service for everybody. Last years Google promo made the service unusable, when I called gogo the rep conceded the free promo was a problem . The 30 mins free is a good compromise.

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