70,000 Points for Marriott Premier Visa

by on October 24, 2011 · 30 comments

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Marriott Premier Rewards Visa is no longer available. View the current offer here

Recently I blogged about a pretty great deal for the Marriott Premier – 50,000 points and a bunch of other benefits. However, several TPG readers sent me a link for 70,000 points. This isn’t one of my links, but it does lead directly to a Chase application page, so I feel comfortable recommending it.

If you’ve gotten the Marriott Premier recently, it would probably make sense to send Chase a secure message and ask for the difference between what you got and 70,000. In general, if you’ve applied for a card within the last 60 days, they’ll give you the more lucrative sign-up bonus. It never hurts to ask!

Full review of the card. See also: View from the Wing also covers this deal.


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  • bag

    I already have the Marriott Rewards Visa. Will I able to get points for the Marriott premier visa?

  • Mariott Newbie

    I plan to apply for the Mariott Visa, but do not currently have a Mariott Rewards membership. Are there any promos (referrals or gold status) out there right now that would make the deal even sweeter? I did a google search but all the promotions seem to have expired. Thanks!

  • Bflibber

    Which is better? Marriott Rewards or the new Ritz-Carlton card? (assuming that you take the almost $400 fee for RC out of the equation) It seems that the award level of RC (GOLD) works at both. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    For pure points- Marriott. If you stay at Ritz and value the benefits (like the airline rebate, club upgrades, amenities) then Ritz. Only you can decide!

  • Anonymous

    Probably not.. though I don’t know for sure. Maybe someone else can chime in who has experience

  • Anonymous

    Not to my knowledge

  • KMC

    The secure message to Chase worked for me a few weeks ago, got the extra 20,000 points on my account two weeks ago (originally had the 50,000 bonus). Worked great!

  • Heather ✈

    I just sent Chase a secure message about the point difference. We’ll see what happens…

  • Boneheadfish

    Brian – I am a platinum Marriott guy with over ten years of Marriott Firstcard history. I got the new Premier card last month, and immediately was credited with the free night (already used last week in Dallas). Today I recieved a secure message reply from my inquiry verifying I WILL receive the 50K bonus when my statement closes. Sweet!!

  • Dimperio

    Just applied — seemingly great promo since it’s 70K points and a free night stay for a first purchase (no minimum spend, unless I’m mistaken). Does anyone have this and love it? I’m not planning on using it for much besides the free points, but wonder if I’m missing something…

  • BY

    Thanks! I just applied for the card 2 days ago and called Chase about the 20K difference. They told me once my credit is approved they would honor the additional points! Sweet!

  • bballjoe

    What number at chase did you call? I applied the day before this post was put up (the 23rd) and when i just called i was told that they would not honor the 20k difference…they can be very frustrating if you speak to the wrong person. Also, did they ask you for an offer number or invitation number?

  • Me

    Not too familiar with the hotel game, so roughly how many nights would the 70k points convert to?

  • DR

    I hold a Chase United Visa Card. Am I eligble for the 70k/Marriott Rewards card from Chase too?

  • Heather ✈

    YAY! The secure message to Chase WORKED!!! Here is the message:

    “I have added 20,000 bonus points to the account. This adjustment will be reflected on the next billing statement. If you have any further questions, please reply using the Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Sensor
    E-mail Customer Service Representative”

  • Kevin

    Sent Chase a secure message and they are crediting me the extra 20K

  • Rom.

    What email can I use to see the current status of my application?

  • Brian Wiese

    Your average Marriott-brand hotel is like 15,000-25,000 pts/night depending on the category so 70,000 pts is about 3-5 free nights. You can stretch it to 7+ nights if you only use it for their lower level properties or it can be 2 nights at their best properties.

  • Steve

    Which card would you apply for 80K PC Visa or 70K Marriott Visa? I want to use points in low level awards. Any comments are appreciated? Thank you.

  • Apex

    Planning to apply for the card, would like to know approx “how many days after approval” are the 70k points credited. Also when and how (paper certificate, electronic credit) is the free nights awarded. Thinking of using the points during Thanksgiving for stay at Marriott.

  • calbear77

    I know this post was a week ago, but in my experience with Chase, the secure message feature is the way to go. The people you call on the phone are useless. The people who read the messages get things done. And if the first person who responds doesn’t give you what you want, be friendly but persistent. You will get your 20K points.

    I once talked Chase into moving over 80K Amazon points over to Ultimate Rewards using secure messaging. (Allowed me to do a BA to South America trip, so I was motivated.) Compared to that, this should be child’s play.

  • TTC

    I’m in the same boat…been with Marriott for years and have the regular card. Just curious since you were successful in getting the bonus options, did you apply for a new card with Chase or did you call the # on the back of your old FirstCard and ask for an upgrade? Thanks.

  • Mark

    I applied about 10 days ago they gave me instant approval, I never received anything in the mail.
    I called Chase today theysaid they have no record of my application.
    Is this promo for real or bogus ?

  • Tgpine

    I just received the card and activated yesterday. With activation they confirmed the 70,000 points. I was told that they only notified through the mail or email, they refused to give any instant approval over the phone like citi did. That was my experience.

  • Jgentry

    I used the link. Also just got my fifty K points!

  • Wjb

    Is this still valid?

  • R-info

    Link is dead?

  • Pandalam88

    No more 70K bonus. Link is dead…

  • Mmt

    70,000 points on first statement dated 1/1/12. It took two months to get the first statement.

  • guest

    any biz card available for Marriott?

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