2,500 Free US Airways Miles with Sharebuilder Account

by on October 5, 2011 · 25 comments

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Gary at View from the Wing points out an easy way to get a US Airways Grand Slam hit and 2,500 valuable US Airways miles for simply signing up for a Sharebuilder account.

Simply sign-up via US Airway’s direct link (here) and enter your personal information- it took me about 5 minutes. Although it states that you get 2,500 miles after your first trade, many people are reporting getting the miles automatically – even if you’ve been a member in the past. It also states you’ll get the miles in 6-8 weeks, though most people are reporting the miles after 3 days.

This may very well end soon, but you might as well try getting in now since there is no cost to sign up and you don’t have to fund an account (though if you want to do online trades, they start at $9.95, which is still a cheap Grand Slam hit). Just remember, US Airways has some severe rules about Grand Slam memberships, so keep your account active until June 2012 to be safe.


*Mileage Disclaimer: You must open a new ShareBuilder account to be eligible for the initial bonus miles. Limit one per unique customer or custodial beneficiary. Dividend Miles Members will receive 2,500 bonus miles after opening a new account and purchasing their first security. If a member subscribes to the Advantage Program each month, they will receive 500 additional bonus miles for every active quarter during the calendar year.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for miles to post to your account. All Dividend Miles program rules and conditions apply. To join the Dividend Miles program, please visit

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  • Bruce

    Question – if you sign up for an account, do they do a hard credit pull? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    No because you aren’t applying for a line of credit. They do a soft inquiry, which is just done to verify your identity.

  • Anonymous

    I have opened an account with Share builder. How should I invest to make sure that I get a grand slam hit?
    Should I buy a stock through them or should I just fund my account?

  • Alex

    Just opened one took 4 mins lol Let’s see what happens!

  • Mrredskin

    Opening sentence should read “FlyerTalk members have pointed out… ” since we’ve been discussing it in there during the entire Grand Slam. Look for this to close by tomorrow. If points get retroactively removed, look for a lot of ticked off people!

  • Bexho2000

    I funded my new account by $500 and bought some cheap shares of a stock I already owed (I believe you can fund it with any amount you want). 2,500 miles Bonus posted within 3 days. Yesterday they posted 500 additional miles as a Qtrly bonus. I just plan to sell my shares within a few weeks and transfer the money out – will keep the account open though so I am in compliance with the terms.

  • Noel

    I signed up on Friday and didn’t fund my account. I still haven’t had any miles post.. I’m hoping I just need to be a little more patient.

  • Nikolaos


    I still can’t believe that you posted that! I have seen other bloggers following similar practices, but it is so disappointing to see that from the person that introduced me to the miles game!

  • Anonymous

    Posted what- a tip that would help people accrue miles? That’s what this site is all about!

  • Nikolaos

    This is not a tip to accrue miles. The value of miles is minimal. The value of this promo is the GS hit. And i find it wrong to jeopardize the hit, to offer something so small to your readers, ESPECIALLY when you use information that might hurt those people that made this “tip” happen..!!

  • Anonymous

    I value 2,500 US miles conservatively at $50 so I’d disagree that the value of the miles is minimal.

    As far as the hit and be on the safe side all you need to do is execute a $9.95 trade. So the very most at stake here is $9.95 and in my eyes for people to potentially gain $50 in value, its worth it.

  • tommyleo

    Valuing miles at 2cpm is not conservative, it’s generous.

  • Anonymous

    Not when you know how to maximize us airways awards and value premium cabin awards

  • Anonymous

    I got credit for mine in three days. My question is how soon shoudl I cancel the account since I had to enter bank information and don’t want to start paying a monthly fee.

  • Anonymous

    The basic account has no monthly fee so just switch to that

  • HikerT

    You could generate more miles by signing up for sharebuilder via costco and using the $55-60 bonus to purchase US miles. Miles can be obtained from US anywhere between 0.4 – 1.5 cpm. The low figure comes from the cost (~$100) to generate 16 GS hits (~25K miles) and the high figure is the cost of purchasing US miles outright when they go on sale every other month. The $55-60 generated from the costco sharebuilder sign up would net you 3.6 – 13.7K miles. Apart from the value of the GS hit this isn’t really that good of a deal unless you are under the illusion that US miles cost more than 2.0 cpm to obtain.

  • Mooper

    @Nikalaos – Give it a break. Aside from the fact that no one has a monopoly on the points/miles game and is free to discuss anything they’d like, your assertion that the GS hit is worth more to readers is unfounded. If TPG helps 1,000 people pick up 2,500 easy/free miles but costs 1,000 people a hit that can be replaced and doesn’t even represent 2,500 worth of miles when prorated, do you still feel the same way?

  • HikerT

    Sharebuilder has been offering $50+ signup bonuses for some time. Just google sharebuilder bonus and you’ll see it has also been blogged about many times, mentioned on FW, SD, etc. but still going strong. If there is a risk it might be highlighting that existing accounts are getting the bonus.

  • Nikolaos

    Either you are not familiar with the Sharebuilder deal or the Grand Slam or both. First, a revoked hit can cost 20.000 miles or more (lost EQMs) plus there is no way to know if that will happen in advance. Second, for the people that actually found this loophole (which means that they play the promo seriously) all the cheap hits are gone long ago (to replace a hit would cost anywhere from 50-80$ in CASH)..

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, do you not think US Airways and their affiliates are monitoring the Grand Slam forum?

  • LikeBright

    Thanks! Here’s hoping the miles will post in a few days.

  • Mooper

    @Nikolaos – A revoked hit would more likely cost 0 miles than 20,000; it is a matter of whether it falls upon a threshold or not. On average, each hit is worth less than 2,500, and I suspect that the odds of someone losing a hit because of a method already widely-known that will obtain one (and likely favorable from ING’s standpoint in the first place – they are knowingly paying peanuts to introduce people to their services and get them set up with legit accounts) is much lower than the odds that many will gain real value from the miles.

  • FirewindII

    Is anyone having a problem with the site? It’s stalled on the “Tell us about your job/W-9 certification” page. And everything I’ve entered is legitimate. Possibly overloaded?

  • FirewindII

    Nevvver mind… I read further down to HikerT’s tip about the Costco promo, and backed out of the 2,500 mi. deal — just in time. Thank you, HikerT, and Points Guy for having this resource, even when there isn’t consensus. Now, over to Costco’s site straightaway. (I value 2,500 mi. at 1/10 the price of a 25,000 mi., ~$260 ticket, or better, because that’s what I’d pay for a transcon RT.)

  • Adamu98

    this deal is now gone
    good job points guy

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