792 Free US Airways Dividend Miles via Rebtel

by on July 23, 2011 · 15 comments

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Rebtel is an international calling service that assigns your international contacts a local telephone number and then charges you lower rates (than regular long distance) for the call. It takes the confusion out of dialing a million numbers or worrying about calling cards to make international calls. It’s actually a pretty unique service and one I’d consider if I didn’t have access to Skype.

What’s most important is that they are currently offering 792 US Airways miles for simply signing up for their free service. It takes about 2 minutes (or less) in total:

First, go to the US Airways Dividend Miles SkyMall here and login with your Dividend Miles number.

Dividend Miles Shopping Mall- make sure you are signed in before doing anything

Once logged in, do a search for Rebtel and click on the “Save up to 90%…” link.

Free miles.. score!

Then just click sign-up and you are good to go.I really like US Airways and I conservatively value 792 miles at about $15, so I think this is a great deal for such a short time requirement. Check out this post for more information on maximizing US Airways awards.

Sign up.. no need to make a call

Hat tip Unroadwarrior!

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  • Jason Arroyo

    How long do you think before the miles post?

  • Anonymous

    Usually a couple weeks

  • Mike L

    From SlickDeals:

    Also, to avoid SMS costs/SPAM, once your registration is confirmed, you may want to turn off :

    Settings > Send me my new local numbers as an SMS
    Settings > Send information about services and offers by SMS
    Settings > Send me information about offers and services

  • foofiter

    I just noticed another offer when I logged in:

    Get 500 miles for installing the US Airways search bar (1000 for elites or US Air credit cardholders, I still have the card).

    T&C says you need to make any 1 purchase on their skymall or 3 searches. I opted for 3 searches and it took me 2 minutes.

    I installed the toolbar on Firefox. Once installed you have to click “Login” on the new toolbar and put in the DM number. It keeps track for your searches. Normally you earn 1 miles for every 3 searches. Maybe also a trick to extend life of expiring miles?

    Anyhow I am going to see if they post. I will leave the bar installed until the hit my account and then remove it. I am not usually a fan of installing toolbars but for 1000 miles I will make and exception.

    All in all 1,792 miles for 5 minutes work is not bad. Let’s hope they all post!

  • 2B

    I did this a few months ago, and the miles posted really quickly.

    Because I too am not a fan of installing unknown toolbars, I fired up a local virtual machine and installed the toolbar there. Once I did my searches, I killed my virtual machine, and poof!, no more toolbar. :) That said, it didn’t look that intrusive, so i think I was just being paranoid.

    But WAY more important than the miles you get by installing, a reason to keep this toolbar around is that you can earn a few miles for only a few minutes work. And since US Airways miles expire, this is a foolproof and free way to keep your Dividend Miles account active in perpetuity, which is cool!

  • Mehhhhhhh


  • Chris Lonsberry

    Seems to be dead.

  • Mary Alice

    @foofiter I earned 500 points a few months ago by downloading the toolbar and doing 3 searches… I think it should work for you!

  • Jfpeden

    Rebtel must be taken down… not coming up on search.. nor manual search by name

  • DanCan

    Have these miles posted for anyone who signed up? I haven’t seen mine yet.

  • immilawyer

    I was about to post the same question. I did it the same day TPG posted it (July 23rd), and nothing yet.

  • Rebecca

    Nothing has posted for my REBTEL sign up. I tried to find an email contact address on US webpage but the links weren’t working.

  • DanCan

    Still haven’t seen the miles post. @thepointsguy, have you gotten yours?

  • Oh Gee!

    Yes, any word on this? Haven’t seen anything and am getting emails from Rebtel.

  • Wgrubbs

    SO, did anybody ever get their 792 miles for US air??

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