American Express Delta Transfer Bonus: 50% and 25,000 MQMs With 100,000+ Point Transfers

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I can hardly keep up with all of these Delta transfer bonuses! Today Delta and American Express launched yet another 50% and 25,000 MQM transfer bonus (registration required), but this time they are requiring a 100,000 point transfer for the MQMs, (twice the amount required from the last time they ran this promo) good for transfers through September 30, 2011. Is this a good deal? I think it’s a pretty good deal if you have some Delta awards in mind and value Delta elite status. However, while the last promotions mandated that you transfer at least 50,000 points to get the 50% bonus, this time you can transfer as little (1,000 minimum) or as many points as you want for the 50% bonus but, as I mentioned, you only get the 25,000 MQMs if you transfer 100,000 or more points. Remember – this is only on your first transfer, so decide how many you want to transfer and then do it, because you won’t be able to get the bonus again.
Key things to note:
1) The promo copy reads: “Once you register, you can earn a 50% mileage bonus on any amount of
Membership Rewards® points you transfer into your Delta SkyMiles account. This offer is good for first-time only transfers through September 30, 2011.
First register, then transfer points into miles.”
However, the T&C read: “Offer Eligibility: To participate in this offer, eligible members must register online at If you are not yet a SkyMiles member, enroll now or call 1-800-323-2323. Offer available to U.S. residents only. This offer is non-transferable and is only eligible for the SkyMiles member receiving this communication directly from Delta Air Lines.”

I took advantage of this promotion last fall and then during the last round, when I tried to register it rejected me. However, I was able to successfully register for this promotion, which makes me think I am indeed eligible. I don’t plan to transfer 100,000 Amex points to Delta, but I am curious to know what would happen. If anyone is in my situation, feel free to comment below with your experience.

2) American Express Membership Rewards points transfer instantly to Delta and most people have also gotten the 25,000 MQMs within minutes as well. It will take a day or two for your Delta status to reflect the influx of MQMs.

3) Only Membership Rewards points are eligible for this promotion. If you have a Delta branded Amex card (Reserve, Platinum or Gold), those points are automatically banked to Delta. You need to have a Membership Rewards eligible card like Platinum (25k bonus), or Premier Rewards (15k and first year fee waived).

4) Amex charges an excise fee of $0.0006 cents per point, so it will cost $60 to transfer 100,000 points to Delta.

5) Elite status will last through February 2013. See this page for the benefits of Delta elite status.

Hat tip to Gary at View from the Wing!

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards® program apply. Visit or call 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276) for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice. To modify your receipt of valuable offers from American Express, please visit

Offer Eligibility: To participate in this offer, eligible members must register online at If you are not yet a SkyMiles member, enroll now or call 1-800-323-2323. Offer available to U.S. residents only. This offer is non-transferable and is only eligible for the SkyMiles member receiving this communication directly from Delta Air Lines.

Point Transfer Details: Membership Rewards program enrollees will receive one mile for every eligible Membership Rewards point transferred. Allow up to 2 business days for Membership Rewards points to be transferred to your SkyMiles account. Transferred points cannot be transferred back to the Cardmember’s Membership Rewards program account. Cardmembers must transfer a minimum of 1,000 Membership Rewards points per transfer. Cardmembers may only transfer points once from the date you register through September 30, 2011.

Bonus Award Information: This offer cannot be combined with other Delta or SkyTeam® offers. Members will receive a 50% mileage bonus on miles transferred in a single transaction from the date you register through September 30, 2011. Bonus miles will be posted up to 6 weeks following the date of transfer. Members will also receive a one-time award of 25,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles (MQMs) toward Medallion status when you register for the promotion and transfer 100,000 points or more (in a single transaction) from the date you register through September 30th. Medallion Qualification Miles will be awarded to qualifying members up to 6 weeks following the date of transfer. Bonus miles and MQMs will be awarded on a one-time basis per qualified Member and will not be awarded more than one time per Member, for example, on newly created SkyMiles accounts (or duplicate accounts) that are subsequently merged with an existing SkyMiles account.

Medallion Benefits: Preferred Seating and Medallion Complimentary Upgrades are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Complimentary Upgrades for Economy Award reservations and Pay with Miles will be upgraded to First Class beginning at the eligible Medallion tier window based on availability. Excess, oversize, and/or overweight baggage fees may apply.

Mileage Expiration: Under the SkyMiles Mileage Expiration policy, miles do not expire. Delta reserves the right to de-activate or close an account under the following circumstances: fraudulent activity occurs, a member requests an account closure, a member is deceased, a member does not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding the status of his/her account.

Taxes and Fees: Enrollment in SkyMiles is required. Airline tickets are subject to availability. For each conversion of points into the SkyMiles program, a fee of $0.0006 per point, with a maximum fee of $99, will be charged to your Card account. We charge this fee to offset the federal excise tax we must pay on such conversions. The fee may be more or less than the actual amount of the excise tax we pay on any individual conversion. We may offer you the option to redeem points to pay this fee.

Miscellaneous: All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption and travel benefits, respectively. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide & Program Rules. Taxes (and if applicable, fees) for Award Travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is booked. Award Travel seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Stated destination count includes those served by Delta and its worldwide codeshare partners. Offers, rules and benefits subject to change without notice. Offers void where prohibited by law. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Please refer Delta customer service representative to 97360412; American Express representative to U414:0001.

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  • Mike L

    Just a data point – I took part in this last time and was denied registration for this one.

  • Rich

    Same happened with me as Mike L – I took advantage last time round and was denied this time.

  • Y Lee

    I also tried this offer back in April and now it won’t let me register. I tried calling and asking about it and I was told I am ineligible specifically because I took part in the offer this year.

    Also, the Delta rep told me my Medallion status will only be good until the end of this year. Can someone clarify if this is true? I would’ve thought my status would be good until at least February of next year…

  • The Points Guy

    @Y Lee- MQMs earned in the year 2011 will give you status through February 2013. The agent didn’t know what they are talking about.

  • CP


    I did this in April and got Silver medallion status until Feb. 2013. Then I got the offer to bump up to Gold after 2 Delta flights. If I complete my two flights after July, would it extend my Gold medallion status until Feb 2014? Is there any way to extend to end of 2013 or Feb ’14? Thanks.

  • The Points Guy

    @CP- it doesn’t matter when you accrue the MQMs or challenge. Status earned in 2011 will be good until Feb 2013. Status earned in 2012 will be good until Feb 2014, etc.

  • Y Lee

    Cool, thanks man. I hope you’re enjoying Japan :)

  • trollish moron

    I received the 25k mqm the first round last year. The 2nd round this year was a rock for me.

    I am planning on doing the 3 domestic flight challenge to platinum this year so will pass on registering, don’t want to even chance wasting a mqm opportunity for next year and don’t need any more skymiles right now and don’t have 100k mr pts anyway.

    if i did have 100k mr pts i would prob txfr to BA if the bonus offer is still good.

    i too am interested in knowing if anyone like me tries to txfr, if they instantly get 150k rdm and 25k mqm, though nothing is 100% it would mean that if you are able to register, you have a good shot at getting it even if not “first time” whatever that means if you catch my drift.

  • Alex

    Thanks for the tip. I just registered for this promo and transferred 103,000 points. The points posted right away in my SkyMiles account, but neither the bonus points nor the MQMs posted. In your experience, do the bonuses take longer to show up, or should I be on the phone with Delta? Thanks very much.

  • pixel girl

    If you have Gold status, can you upgrade an economy award ticket with additional miles?

    I’m guessing not, but figured it was worth a shot!

  • byroshi

    @Alex-when I did the transfer last month, the bonus posted immediately nut the status took a day to reflect…I’d wait till Saturday to give them a call.

  • Sergey

    Are there any age restrictions for SkyMiles member to redeem miles? For example, if I transfer MR points to my daughter (who is a minor) SkyMiles account, can I redeem her SkyMiles for my own purposes? I am not eligible for this promo, and my wife too.

  • Carl

    Rejected for registration this round after transferring during the previous 50% promotion.

  • The Points Guy

    @Y Lee- I’m already back, but LOVED tokyo. Lost of posts to come

    @Trollish- if it lets you register, I’m confident you’d get the miles. Thats generally how the Delta promos have played out

    @Alex- sometimes it takes overnight for both systems to sync. I’d check tomorrow and hopefully they’ll be there. Once in a while it takes a while to get the bonus, which can be annoying.

    @Pixel- as a gold you’ll be eligible for upgrades on domestic award tickets for no extra miles. If its international, you’ll have to pay $150 and retickt at the higher mileage amount. That fee is waived for Platinum and Diamond medallions

    @Sergey- no restrictions


  • trollish moron

    During round 1 i txfr 50k mr pts, and INSTANTLY they became 75k DL skypesos and 25k mqpesos (status challenges mean mqm worthless too).

    during round 2 i assisted my wife and work partners (maybe like 7 of them) do the same thing and they
    INSTANTLY became 75k DL skypesos and 25k mqpesos.

    so IMO FWIW YMMV but……….. you will need to fight to get your extra pesos.

  • Mike

    In this offer is says that the offer is “only eligible for the sky miles member receiving this offer directly from Delta”. I got this from you and didn’t receive anything “directly” from Delta. I registered; am I OK to do this?

  • Ben

    I am looking at applying for the Platinum card to take advantate of this offer, but at the same time I am interested in getting the Starwood card. Would this be one of those instances where I should apply for both cards in the same day so I only take one hit? Is it possible to get approval for both cards from American Express in one day?

  • Tom Roth

    I wanted to transfer 150,000 miles from Starwood/AmEx but the most they allow is 94,999 in any 24 hour period. So impossible to get the MQM status. Do you have a workaround?

  • The Points Guy

    @Mike- if you are registered you should be good to go

    @Ben- I’m not 100% sure about applying for 2 Amexes in one day. Id recommend doing Platinum now and then Starwood later (when they inevitably run a better promo)

    @Tom- This promo does not work for Starwood point transfers. This is only for Membership Rewards transfers which are points from Platinum, Gold, Premier Rewards, green and corporate cards.

  • Tom Roth

    Thanks for the answers. I thought AmEx is AmEx. Now I’m sorry I signed up for Delta but no big deal. Do you know if there are ever any bonuses for Starwood/AmEx transfers, other that the regular 25k for 20k.

  • Jose Fernandez

    How were you able to register the 2nd time around if it first told you were not eligible?

  • The Points Guy

    @Tom- it’s rare

    @Jose- each promotion has different eligibility criteria. I’m not sure why I was able to register for this one

  • Bruce


    I want to take advantage of the 100000 mile transfer bonus to Delta. But I am concerned that when I log on to the MR website to begin the process, there is no reference to any 50% bonus. There is a reference to the 50% British Air transfer and to the 25% bonus for a transfer to Virgin Atlantic. I did register for the Delta Bonus through the link provided above. Should I proceed? Any chance I would transfer my points but not receive any bonus?
    Just being careful. Thanks

  • Bruce

    Hi again:
    Also, if I do succeed with this transfer and bonus, and get the 25000 MQMs, is there a method to get another airlines program to match my new elite status? I thought I read that in one of the letters here, but now I dont remember where.
    Thanks for the help. This is a great site.

  • The Points Guy

    Bruce- you have to register for the 50% delta bonus through the link in this post. Once registered give it a day to sync and show in your delta account (Slymiles-> manage account -> view promotions)

    You can match/challenge status- check out

  • RampWidget

    Sent AX a secure message a couple of days ago thanking them for the excellent service on my new AXP. Followed the process that others have mentioned and received a polite denial.

    Telephoned AXP customer service, who transferred me to MR customer service. Followed the process again, and the very nice CSR, after a brief period on hold, returned and told me that I was indeed eligible and she had already put the additional 75K MR points in my account.

    The MR points show up first in your account at long before they show in your online status.

    After double-checking that I was registered for the DL promotion, transferred the 100K MR points and they showed up in my SkyMiles account, along with the 50K bonus and the 25K MQM, almost immediately. It took a few hours for the SkyMiles Web site to update my status to Silver Medallion, but everything worked out.

    Many thanks, Points Guy, and everyone else that contributed to this discussion!


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  • Suchn07

    Hi – I tried to register for this via the Delta website, but it says that “You do not meet the eligibility criteria listed below and may not register for this promotion. ” Why is this happening, and can I get around it? I haven’t transferred any points through any promotions before. Thanks, Susan

  • Fjr44

    I have 125k Amex points and I wanted to see if you had any recommendations on using them for either the Delta or BA promotion. I do not have any BA points and signed up with them last week. I have 50k of delta miles. I usually fly AA. I wanted to see whats the best bang for the buck so to speak. I also wanted to see what airline(delta/BA) has the cheapest award travel so I can maximize thos points. Thanks for all ur help!

  • Thanks!

    FYI- Transferred 101,000 yesterday from AMEX to Delta and immediately had the 50% bonus posted to my delta account. The 25k MQM were posted within 3 hours. I DID NOT directly receive the bonus email. I just registered on the bonus page (from the link you posted). Thanks!

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  • Scott

    Any suggestions for people who have transferred MR to Delta in the past and aren’t eligible for this promotion? I’ve been unsuccessful in my attempts to register. It appears that there was a 40% bonus that recently expired. Any ideas on when another promotion might be offered…or is it already out there and I’m not seeing it?
    LOVE this blog and read it several times a week!!

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  • Jacob Peterson

    Well i had success getting registered for this promo. I was not able to register online but one phone call took care of it. Kinda special circumstances but somebody might relate so ill explain. I was an additional card holder on my parents acct. and they transferred into my DL acct. I called DL and explained that I personally have not used my cards to transfer into my skymiles acct, they got somebody involved from the Accounting department, they agreed with me and Boom i am registered. Jackpot!

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  • Matthew Wilson

    I am going to be a few MQMs short of my next level with Delta after taking a couple more flights this year. Do you think there will be another MQM promotion before the end of the year? What is the best way to get a few more with out an additional flight?

  • Joshb

    Question if i already am a Medallion silver member does this transfer of 100k miles allow me to get moved up to gold?

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  • Jonathan Hayes

    A clarification: this is only for people who have NEVER transferred miles from their AmEx account to their Delta Skymiles bank?

  • Hilldomain

    How do you actually transfer the miles from Amex

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  • ClayD333

    Showed in my account within minutes as well. I have had my amex for 19 years so I was surprised when I called amex and they said i qualified (I guess i never txfred to Delta b4, go figure). Also, i did not directly received the offer, but it worked like a charm.. Perfect timing, delta has the nonstop flight to Istanbul, now I just have to hope they don’t black me out!!

  • Wes

    Does anyone know if you need to do the 100K points transfer online or if you can do it over the phone with MR customer service? I am little shy of the 100K points but Membership Rewards CS said they would let me borrow up to 15K for the transfer. Has anyone done the transfer over the phone with success? Thanks

  • ClayD333

    I did mine over the phone.. no problem.. I was not sure if i ever did a delta txfr b4 so i called MR to check and the held my hand and did it all for me, they really do have great customer support. Points showed up in an hour or so..

  • Wes

    Thanks! I just called and they did it over the phone. Logged into and already have my 150K points and 25k MQM’s. Thanks!

  • Emily

    Does anyone know if you can transfer the points in segments for this promotion? For example, I have 75K points I want to transfer from my amex account, but my dad said he would transfer the other 25K to my skymiles account. Would this equal the 100K if done in two transfers? Any help you can provide would be great! Thanks!

  • Emily

    You can transfer Starwood points to Amex membership rewards?

  • Anonymous

    Has to be in a single transfer of 100k or more

  • Jbc620

    I have the Delta Gold American Express card and the Delta Reserve American Express card. It says these two cards are not eligible to sign up for membership rewards. Is this true????

  • hc

    maybe a dumb question but, if i transfer 100,000 amex points to delta with this promo, will I receive 150,000 miles + 25,000 MQMs equaling 175, 000 miles? Or do I receive 150,000 of which 25,000 are MQMs? Also how long does it take for delta miles to expire?

  • Anonymous

    The latter- 150k skymiles and 25,000 medallion miles

    Skymiles dont expire

  • hc

    i was thinking about doing this. then i went to the skymiles award chart and noticed that the flights i wanted to book with miles, Europe to south east asia in business went up by 30,000 miles… @$!#, when did that happen? They used to be 90,000 RT, now they are 120,000. This makes me even more jaded than i already am =(

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  • Anonymous

    I did the 100k MR transfer 3 months ago and got my 50% bonus and 25k MQM.

    Now my question is: suppose my brother or friend who does not have a Skymiles account yet, signs up for one and I transfer 100k MR from my account to his Skymiles account. Would he get 150k miles + 25k MQM as well?

  • Matt M.

    I am a united Premier Executive (50k EQM), I just did the status match with Delta, making me a Delta Medallion Gold. If I do the transfer and receive the 150k miles and 25k MQMs will that make me Platinum on Delta, or does the status match keep me at zero MQMs (giving me a total of 25k MQMs after the points transfer)?

  • Anonymous

    The status match doesn’t give you any mqms and you will only rollover anything over 50k and under 75k so you’d have to accrue at least 25k more mqms before you’d roll anything over.

    If I were you I’d probably wait until next year and hope for an mqm promo unless you could really use the 50% transfer bonus

  • Anonymous

    Bonus eligibility is tied to the delta skymiles account. Theoretically the same Amex account could provide the miles for numerous people to get the mqms

  • A. Quan

    Just transferred 100,000 Membership Rewards Points and got the bonus plus the MQMs immediately. Thank you Points Guy!

  • Ben

    This is what I do.. it works on any number of accounts. Just only 1 per account can be credited

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  • Trish

    Sooooooo. . . . different question. Upgraded my Delta SkyMiles Platinum AMEX yesterday to the Delta RESERVE AMEX. . . . Apparently I will get 5,000 MQM for upgrading my card. Is there any way to ensure these new MQM post to my account before the end of the year so I can ensure I gain my status by the end of the year?!?!

  • PJ

    I am less than a rookie on MQM. What is the minimum AQM required to make a elite class and once you achieve the lowest ranked elite class what are the benefits over a on elite last class traveller ?

  • PJ

    a bit off the subject here. my daughter CO sign on page shows: OnePass Elite Level: Platinum Star Alliance Elite Level: Gold . Why they are different ? Does OnePass Elite level took in transferred points from Sapphire and Star Alliance Elite DOES NOT ?

  • Bwfreeman

    When is the next promo with AMX and Delta ? I enjoyed to MQM promo!

  • Jim Witherington

    I am curious…….this comes from the AMEX website…….my question is can you recieve miles from both an AMEX Skymiles Reserve Business and Personal Card? According to ALL information I have found thus far you can recieve the bonus but then I find this. Can someone verify they have recieved mileage from both a Personal and a Business Card? Quoted as follows: “You may be permitted to have more than one Options, Classic, Gold, Platinum, or Delta Reserve Card from American Express account; however, you are only eligible to receive one annual bonus for each type (i.e., Options, Classic, Gold, Platinum, or Delta Reserve) of Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account from American Express. ” ( Special Note # 3

  • Anonymous

    Yes- you can receive the bonus for both personal and business. If you try to get Platinum Delta then Reserve card, you’ll only get the difference (5k mqms). But it is okay to get both bonuses on personal and business reserve/platinum cards

  • Jim Witherington

    Thanks……I want both the reserve so I can get the MQM’s!

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