Upon Prompting, US Airways Decides to Honor Their 1,000 Mile Promise

by on April 13, 2011 · 57 comments

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Bumping this post because it’s still working, so call and get your miles if you haven’t already!

On Saturday I wrote about my displeasure with US Airway’s handling of their botched email promising many of their Dividend Miles members 1,000 points.

Well, today I decided to call and ask a phone rep for the miles, because I heard some people had success doing just that.

I called 800-428-4322 and then hit 3 for Dividend Miles. I entered my Dividend Miles number and zip code when prompted by Alan, their chipper automated machine. I then hit 0 when they started rattling off my account information and was immediately transferred to a phone rep.

Me:  “Hi there. I got an email from US Airways recently promising me 1,000 free miles and they still haven’t showed up in my account.”

Rep: “Oh really? When did you get this email?”

Me: “I think it was Tuesday – it said miles would be waiting in my account, but I checked all week and they still aren’t there.”

Rep: “Please verify your account number, address and phone number”

Me: Provides details.

Rep: “Sir, thank you so much for your patience. I’ve just added the 1,000 points to your account so your new balance is xxx,xxx. Have a great day”

Me: “Thanks, you too!”

Lo and behold my account already shows the new “Customer appreciation bonus” miles. I am not elite with US Airways, so I was surprised I got the miles. If you have a couple minutes, it might behoove you to give them a ring and ask for the miles. As much as people say this isn’t a PR nightmare – I agree, it’s not a nightmare - it sure isn’t good. I don’t know whether this manual addition of the miles is a new directive, but I imagine it has something to do with the bad press generated like this, this and this.

Either way, get your free miles while the phone trick works. Please report your success/failure with this method below.

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  • Charles

    Worked perfectly. US Airways customer rep was extremely nice and helpful.
    4/11/2011 04/11/11 CUSTOMER APPRECIATION BONUS 1,000


  • Bryce

    3 minute phone call, miles posted immediately!

  • Neet

    You are simply awesome man. This worked like a charm, 1,000 miles added to each member of our family of 5 and it took 3 minutes. Kudos to US airways for responding back so brilliantly and thanks to you for always looking out for everyone and keeping them informed. Fantabulous!

  • Elijah N.

    Worked for me too! Rep asked if I had received the apology email and I said no. Pretended to check my spam folder then asked him what the email said. He then just added the miles to my account.

  • Adam

    Oddly, I never received the original email, yet found 1000 miles in mya ccount as a customer appreciation bonus anyway upon returning from ARN. . .

  • Mark J

    Worked for me too! Thanks!

  • drumsullivan

    Bingo…TPG rocks!!

  • pixel girl

    Same here — called and the rep was happy to post the miles to my account. Thanks for the tip!

  • steelgal32

    Awesome- worked like a charm-and the phone rep was quite nice………

  • GaryB

    Worked perfectly. Added 1,000 miles to my wife’s account on the same call.
    As noted above, the rep was very polite and accommodating which is always nice.

  • Kevin

    Thanks B, worked great for me, took 3 minutes or so on the phone :)! Rep was also very accommodating.

  • PowerJoe

    My robot didn’t transfer me to any human, kept asking me to go to main menu. Any way to get to a rep directly?

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  • Brett

    Awesome. Took three minutes. and 1000 points are in my account…

    Just hit zero once Alan reads you your account information!

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  • Steve

    Thanks got the miles !

  • gus

    Worked like a charm. The amount if info you let tigers in on us absolutely invaluable. Thanks for your time and expertise.

  • Kat

    Thank you SOOO much. It worked, and the guy was ever so affable.

  • Garrett

    Worked for me. Easier done than said.

  • vintyma

    Wow! It really worked. You’re absolutely amazing. Thanks a lot.

  • Kestie

    When I called, they asked me to update my email, which I did. Then they told me that they could not give me the 1,000 miles because it was an error and I had not given them an updated email. When I pointed out that I had indeed received the email offering the 1,000 miles, they said it was in error. Better call quick and be more persuasive than I was. I had the agent agreeing that she had totally wasted my time and it was an example of bad business, but no 1,000 miles.

  • The Points Guy

    So glad you all were able to get your miles!

    @Kestie- sounds like you got a bad agent. I’d recommend using the tried and true frequent flyer method when getting an answer we don’t like: Hang up and call again! Good luck :-)

  • worldtraveller2

    Got my 1000 miles INSTANTLY! now to call back and get the rest of the family’s points!

  • jason j

    Hey it worked for me too. Thanks.

    The rep told me (and maybe she was just telling me a story) that the apology email was sent out because the original email said that the miles had been posted but hadn’t been. She said the apology email was to let us know that they hadn’t posted but were coming in the future. Maybe she’s telling the truth, maybe not, but either way, I got my 1000 miles :)

  • Chris

    It did not work for me. I called US Air and they wouldn’t give me the miles. They told me that it was a mistake and that I wouldn’t be receiving them. Blerg.

  • The Points Guy

    Try again chris

  • Scarlett

    Wow! Thanks Points Guy, following your instructions this absolutely worked for me :-) My bonus miles was posted immediately. By the way I did receive their letter and thought how dare they not honor the miles promised, not a good sign of customer service for those of us who choose to use their service… Bonuses in my opinion is something that would prompt me to use a companies service but not if I have to arm wrestle you to honor it.

    Anyway, thanks again:-)

  • Meena

    This worked for me too, thanks so much for the tip!

  • Harriet

    Yup. Worked perfectly. Pleasant recorded Alan, pleasant real woman who checked and manually added the points which posted immediately. Thanks!

  • Farhan

    I got the bonus without calling. I think they may have given it to their Elite members… I’m Gold on US Airways.

  • Thomas

    Well, I’m pleased to report that US Air is still “very happy to assist me (and my girlfriend) in getting those miles posted to our accounts”. Thank you Points Guy!!!!

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for reposting this, a quick 2 minute phone call and I had my miles!

  • Vince

    WOW. If I hadn’t read the NY Times article, I would never have learned about The Points Guy. AND I wouldn’t have gotten the 1000 free US Air miles (or known about the Groupon link thru USAirways Mall!). Finally, a travel site that should be a ‘favorite’ for everyone who flies.

  • Mim

    Just called and it worked! The rep did ask if I received a second email, but I said I hadn’t.
    Never got the original email either. I think it depends on which rep you get..

  • Arnaud

    Agent denied my request saying that since I wasn’t signed up for email subscriptions I couldn’t have received the targeted offer. For anyone that is applying I suggest you make sure to log in to your account first and check the box for “news and offers”.

  • Rob

    I called and didn’t get the miles. They told me it was because I was not signed up to receive the special offer emails. I asked them to sign me up and they did but they said if I would have been signed up before I would get the 1000 miles bonus.

  • Jason

    So super easy!

  • Chad

    I decided to wait to call and see if they would respond to the irate email I sent when I first got the “oops” notice and got the following response:

    “Thanks for your feedback about the email you received last week. Though
    we made a mistake, we’re pleased to tell you we’ve posted the 1,000
    bonus miles to your account. Please go to to see your
    account balance.

    Thank you for being a member of our Dividend Miles program. We look
    forward to assisting you with any future needs.”

    So looks like there are two possible avenues for redress!

  • Eli

    Got the miles. They literally made me read the emails out to them in order to verify I got them. What a joke.

  • Annie

    I did not get them – they said I had not signed up for the e-mails, and so could not possibly have known about it. Oh well!

  • KOAM

    I got the same result by emailing via the web site on April 8. The web site isn’t too customer-friendly as it forces you to enter “flight data” even for non-flight questions.

    However, the miles posted today April 13. Not as fast as calling..but got them.

  • CH

    Awesome! I checked my email folders and found the promising email. After calling and waiting <5 min, I verified my information and the agent immediately gave me the credit without any argument.

  • Kestie

    Although I did not get the miles when I called the other night, I had sent an irate email previously (over last weekend). So today, I received an email telling me that the miles had been credited to my account. In the end, it seems like USAir is posturing itself to avoid giving credit unless boxed in. Unfortunate. Many thanks to the Points Guy for helping us figure out the way forward.

  • Mister Greene

    No miles for me. They said I did not receive the initial email as their site indicates I was not registered for promotional emails. Be prepared to show you got the initial email in the first instance.

  • David

    I emailed them when I got their retraction email and never heard back. But, I called today, and they added the miles.

  • Julie

    I only recently got a frequent flyer account with US airways, so this email promising the miles wouldn’t have gotten to me… no chance I can slip by on that, huh?

  • Tellurian Traveler

    I emailed US Airways, once for myself, once for spouse after the OOPs note and got a response that said, even though they made a mistake, they now posted 1,000 miles in account(s)
    So if you don’t want to go the phone route, try that – I chose “missing miles” as category.

  • Christopher

    Worked perfectly! Followed your step-by-step instructions, and the very thoughtful USAirways representative credited the additional 1,000 miles to my account.

  • stephanie

    hey there thanks. just called usairways and got my bonus miles-no problem. Thaks for the heas up. Am a new reader.

  • AJ

    Awesome, followed your instructions and worked like a charm for both myself and my fiance all in one phone call! Thanks so much for the head’s up! I’m a new reader also, from the NY Times, and Points Guy is now on my favorites bar, woo-hoo! Keep up the good work!

  • fpc552

    Worked fine today. Called, miles posted immediately.

  • asudrewdevil

    After reading all of the successful postings, I went in to check. They posted a Customer Appreciation Bonus on 4/4, and I’m not elite or anything. But thanks for posting this anyway – I’m always looking for free miles!

  • Chris

    I just called, told them I got the email, and they put the points right in – Thanks :-)

  • Margaret Dodd

    Just called and got the 1,000! Thanks!

  • Terry

    Spent 10 minutes and the answer was no to adding the 1000 miles. Bad thing, the 1000 would have put me over 25k for a low mileage award. She never came close to budging.

  • Marc

    I received the email from US Airways on 4/4 telling me that they were putting 1000 miles in my Dividend Miles account. After reading your post, I checked and found that they had never put the 1000 miles in. I called today and was denied. They simply said it was a mistake.

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