How Soon Will I See My Chase Sapphire Preferred Annual Points Dividend?

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Update:  As of July 20, 2014, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card no longer offers the 7% annual points dividend. View the current sign up offer here.

TPG reader John sent me a Facebook message asking:

“How quickly after the first of the year do your Chase Sapphire Preferred dividend bonus?”

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of my all-time top travel credit cards, and is the credit card I recommend most to family and friends because it offers really lucrative category spending bonuses including 2.14X points per $1 on travel (including the 7% annual points dividend) – which includes not only airline tickets, hotel rooms and things like that, but also parking garages and meters, taxis, metro transit like the Subway and a host of other transportation options – as well as on dining (and 3.21X points per $1 on dining the first Friday of each month through 2013). You can earn even more if you maximize the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal where merchants regularly offer multiple bonus points per dollar, and I personally earn an additional 2X points per $1 by booking airfare through Travelocity

There are 10 great travel transfer partners of Ultimate Rewards.

There are 10 great travel transfer partners of Ultimate Rewards.

Then when it comes time to redeem those points, you’ve got a ton of different options thanks to Ultimate Rewards’ Chase Ultimate Rewards points (which are what you earn on the card) transfer at a 1:1 ratio to 10 travel programs: British Airways, Korean Air, Southwest, United, Virgin Atlantic, Hyatt, IHG Rewards, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Amtrak. So when you think about it, you’re potentially earning multiple airline miles or hotel points on nearly every dollar you spend if you strategize your spending.

At the end of the year, the card also offers a 7% dividend on all the points you accrue during the year (not including the sign-up bonus) – so if you earned 20,000 points, you’d earn an additional 1,400 points at the end of the year – which helps boost your balance even further. So it’s a great card that lets you rack up multiple points per dollar on a lot of different purchases.

So John is wondering is when exactly he can expect to see that extra dividend. It’s usually around your February statement. What Chase does is look at all the points you’ve earned over the course of the calendar year (excluding the sign-up bonus, as I mentioned) including bonus points you’ve earned on travel, dining and through the UR portal, and then they just add 7% to your balance. Even if you’ve already used or transferred some of the points you’ve earned, you still get 7% on what you earned during the year, whether those points are still in your Ultimate Rewards account or not.

So when your February statement closes, look out for a message on your statement and/or in your online account about that 7% dividend, and you’ll probably get an email about it as well – so you should see it next month!

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  • Liz

    I love the Chase Saphire too, especially because of all the perks! I’m a little confused though, would’t a 7% dividend on 10,000 points be 700 points, not 1,400? or am I missing something?

  • Joe

    He likes to remind people how great the card is for travel and dining which gives 2X so he can cash out on the referrals

  • Bobby b

    7 percent of 10,000 is 700? It needs to be corrected in the article.

  • Winston

    still, the dividend is 7% of the the total points you’ve earned, no matter what categories you are earning points from.

  • Greg

    How often does Chase have bonuses on transfers to partners (if at all)? I know AMEX frequently has them to Avios and others.

  • Avi

    Do u know if can have both amex platinum cards ?? Business and private ?

  • Elaine

    What if you downgraded from CSP to Chase Sapphire during the year? Do you still get the dividend on CSP spending? Thanks.

  • ssk

    They have never had one, afaik

  • Josh F.

    Can you expand on how this relates to point transfers from the Freedom Card?

    Do the points I transfer to UR get the 7% bonus? What about Freedom’s sign up bonus (if transferred to UR)? Do point transferred from other cards have to have been EARNED in that calender year, or just transferred that year?


  • Jake from MSP

    I don’t think you can earn 2 pts/$ on travelocity through UR mall anymore

  • JustSaying

    Oh you nubes……..Chase Freedom offers 10% premium to checking account holders so using your Sapphire instead of Freedom without a checking account is just a rookie mistake……………step up your game and learn from the Master……………..

  • thepointsguy

    Just checked and seems like they dropped it to 1x.. ugh

  • thepointsguy

    Point transfers from other UR accounts do not count towards the annual dividend

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    They have never had a transfer bonus (to my knowledge)

  • steve

    “At the end of the year, the card also offers a 7% dividend on all the points you accrue during the year (not including the sign-up bonus)”

    When I read that sentence it sounds like you get the dividend on shopping portal points. If so, that’s news to me. do you get 7% on shopping portal points when you login via CSP?

  • Tag

    I had a same question. I called CSR and she told me that I should be able to get it. But can’t be sure until I actually see points in my statements.
    I already downgraded to Chase Sapphire few days ago and hoping the dividend would post for 2013. I had sapphire preferred for entire 2013.

  • Elaine

    Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    My 7% bonus reward posted this month, but it doesn’t look like it included a 7% bonus on any of my UR Mall activity. I’m bummed.

  • Relidtm

    too bad this is nixed after 2015, I wonder if the other chase cards are going down that route as well

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