Amex Platinum Losing AA/US Lounge Access; New Centurion Lounges Announced for LGA and SFO

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The American/US Airways merger is expected to close any day now and its effects for consumers will be wide-reaching. Sadly, for American Express Platinum cardholders, this means that “effective March 22, 2014, Consumer, Business and Corporate Platinum and Centurion Card Members will no longer have complimentary access to the American Airlines Admirals Club and US Airways Club lounges as a benefit of their Card Membership. We are disappointed to report that American Airlines and US Airways elected not to renew this benefit.”

Citi and American just released a statement confirming this decision “Citi and American Airlines today announced that beginning in March 2014, the Citi® Executive® / AAdvantage® World Elite MasterCard® will be the only U.S. credit card offering full membership benefits at the American Airlines Admirals Club® airport lounges.” Link: 60,000 mile sign-up bonus after $5,000 spent within 3 months on the Citi Executive AAdvantage card- you can also get pamphlets in the Admirals Club for the same offer. $450 annual fee.

So it looks like this was not American Express’ decision, but as a Platinum cardholder, I’m still saddened by this news. As a Delta and American frequent flyer, I’ve enjoyed having one card that gets me into all of their lounges, plus a ton others (like US Airways and Alaska via Priority Pass Select).

I’m confident American Express will launch new benefits to make up for this loss (like how they added the $200 yearly airline and Global Entry rebate when Continental left the Membership Rewards program in 2011) They’ve actually already started adding new perks, potentially in anticipation of AA/US leaving the lounge program, including the news last month that Platinum Card Members have complimentary, unlimited access to Centurion Lounges.
Centurion Lounge

New Centurion Lounges
They currently have lounged at Las Vegas and Dallas airports and my Amex contact confirmed today that there will be new lounges in San Francisco and LaGuardia in NYC. LaGuardia is a disjointed airport with no real connections between many of the terminals, so the Centurion Lounge will apparently be outside of security, so you don’t need to be flying a particular airline to be able to enjoy it (you’ll just need to leave with enough time to get to the terminal you’re flying out of).

I’m hoping they announce a lot more Centurion lounge locations in the future, because the loss of American and US lounges is a big loss to the Platinum card program, no matter how you slice it.

I’ll post more when I hear any details, but feel free to share your thoughts on these new changes. Will this news make you switch to the American Airlines Executive AAdvantage card from Platinum?

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  • iolaire

    I’m a first year card holder coming up on my renewal, I was leaning towards renewing, but honestly its starting to look like paying for priority pass on my own might be best.

  • Jumus

    If Priority Pass is a feature of the Amex Platinum card anyway then what’s really being lost ? Does PP give access to Admirals Club and US Airways Club anyway ? I believe it does so there would be no reason to switch from Amex Platinum to the other card would there ?

  • RakSiam

    Seems like PP is getting to be worth less and less too since there are so many exclusions for people who have membership just for having the Amex card.

    I’ll have to rethink whether it’s worth keeping my Amex Plat card since it’s coming up for renewal soon and that $400 is a lot of money for diminishing perks. Since I already have GE that benefit is not worth anything more to me. And I don’t pay enough airline fees to one airline to make the $200 rebate worthwhile either.

  • Little Tea Blog

    A long time AA employee hinted at this a couple months back. Looks like she was right

  • Ben Price

    This is terrible.

  • Steve Larson

    Good news for paying AC members!

  • Brian

    I looked at the PP website, and it does not give access to Admirals Club lounges.
    The AMEX plat was really the perfect combo for an AA flyer – Admirals Club access, plus PP lounges (where there typically was no Admirals Club, such as SJC and LAS). This is quite a blow.

  • Mark M

    I already switched when Citi had the 60k bonus :)

  • lairdb

    That’s massive; that’s most of the value for me. Is there an Aegean Air for OneWorld?

  • TGAT

    Sure, they have enhanced the Plat card, by allowing them into the Cent lounges free of charge. But, when are they going to add some benefits to the Cent card? Other than the GE reimbursement, I can’t think of any new benefit. Also, this is now making me concerned that the Cent card won’t be providing FF status on the new US/AA post merger.

  • Ryan

    Terrible for Pittsburgh which has a US Club and will never see a Centurion Lounge. I see a mad decline of Platinum renewals for Amex. While adding GE is nice – that is $100 and can really only be used once every 5 years (authorized users not counted) so to me that is only a $20 / year benefit and has no influence on me renewing my card.

  • Markj

    I love the Las Vegas lounge…haven’t tried DFW but I hear it is terrific. If they build a network of their own lounges that would be fine for me.

  • Booo Amex

    This is a huge blow for me, but I am going to keep it until just past my renewal in March as they are offering another $200 in statement credits toward American Airlines and US Airways incidental fees (in addition to the $200 Airline Fee Credit)

  • ryan

    Time to cancel my Platinum. I used this benefit weekly.

  • Max

    Cardmembers are also getting $200 statement credit towards AA/US incidentals starting Mar. 22

  • GradHo Neighbor

    We recognize the inconvenience this may cause you as someone who travels frequently, so we have included you in a special offer. You will receive up to $200 in statement credits toward American Airlines and US Airways incidental fees charged to your Card from March 22, 2014 to December 31, 2014

    These statement credits are in addition to the $200 Airline Fee Credit2 benefit already included in your Membership.*

  • ADPage

    My notice of removal of the benefit came with a $500 statement credit on American Airlines that I can use to buy Admirals club access. That sure takes the sting out of it.

  • Ben L

    Damn it I just got my Amex Plat 2 weeks ago to replace my AA World Exec card, and I bought $200 AA gift card with it already.

    What is my best option? Buy AC membership at the discounted rate right before I lose my EXP?

  • Goat Rodeo

    funny – sitting in the SFO AA club and was pondering getting an AMEX Plat… guess I don’t have to waste brain cells debating that anymore.

  • lookcle

    I see AMEX is giving extra $200 for AA and US airways charges in addition to the regular $200. I usually use those $200 on AA gift cards, do you have an update on what airlines still accept to use those $200 in gift cards for future travel? Thanks

  • lookcle

    are you Platinum or Centurion?

  • ADPage


  • NYfly

    Brian — wondering if you see Amex negotiating to have Delta Sky Clubs open to all Amex plat holders, regardless of whether they’re flying a DL ticket that day (like the US Airways arrangement)… Seems like that would help cushion the blow

  • ADPage


  • Gracie

    I have not received The Email despite being a Platinum cardholder for 6 years. I called and they said the AA statement credit is a targeted offer. This really bums me out. They were not able to tell me what the criteria was for getting the extra AA statement credit, nor were they able to tell me if all of The Emails that will be sent have already been sent. Now that I have GE, this is the only benefit I really used (and enjoyed).

  • Scott B

    I was offered $500 in additional incidentals – seems like not everyone is getting this generous of an offer.

    “We recognize the inconvenience this may cause you as someone who travels frequently, so we have included you in a special offer. You will
    receive up to $500 in statement credits toward American Airlines and US Airways incidental fees charged to your Card from March 22, 2014 to December 31, 2014.1 You can use these credits toward:

    • Membership fees in the Admirals Club program and US Airways Club
    • One-day passes to Admirals Club lounges and US Airways Clubs
    • Other American Airlines and US Airways incidental fees like baggage fees or flight change fees

    There’s no enrollment required, and purchases made by both the
    Basic and Additional Card Members on the Card account are eligible for
    the promotion. These statement credits are in addition to the $200
    Airline Fee Credit2 benefit already included in your Membership.*”

  • thinker

    Corporate Platinum members never got the airline reimbursement deal, but they did get the Global Entry benefit (which is really only worth $20/yr if you amortize it).

  • dalem

    While I do use the benefit and appreciate it for wireless and a somewhat quieter place to hang out, a few visits to other lounges (even USAir, ironically) demonstrates that AA clubs aren’t all that great.

    That being said, I’ll have to think long and hard about renewing that Amex Plat this time around — doubtful as of today, but let’s see what develops between now and March.

  • Dave

    Brian is right, and even if PP does allow access to USAir lounges right now, it probably won’t last either. USAir lounges will start to shut down in locations with both AA and US clubs, or be converted to Admirals Clubs which will take care of that.

  • Josh

    Being based out of Dallas and flying AA a lot, this is a really big deal. I can’t foresee renewing my Platinum card next year unless they unveil some great new features. I’ll wait a little while though and see how things shake out.

  • krs1

    A blow, but not a dealbreaker for me. DFW’s Centurion lounge blew all the AA lounges out of the water anyway. Can’t beat $400 worth of credits for a card with a $450 annual fee. Hope they keep expanding the network of Centurion lounges.

  • bbader

    Did this offer come via email or snail?

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    Hold up..when did you get this notice. I am Platinum AMEX and had no notice of it. Maybe it was buried in all those extra pages of promo stuff that comes with your statement?

  • Greg

    AMEX Platinum card holder.. but no email from AMEX on this yet..

  • Jonatas Silva

    This is awful news! I primarily fly US airways, and have started to use American since the merger. The Club access was one of the biggest perks to having the platinum card. Who cares about the centurion lounge, I live on the east coast. They better do something about this, or I’m definitely not renewing. This card has zero bonus earning categories!

  • ADPage

    My notice came in at 11:16am ET today

  • aa

    so it seems like some people are getting $200 extra, while others are getting $500 extra. i got the $200 offer. maybe i should call and ask for the $500 offer lol. i wonder what the determining factor is. i’ve spent over $20k on AA this year on my plat. :-(

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    Okay, I just got off the phone with AMEX. Not everyone is getting the $500 credit. It has nothing to do with how much you spend on the card. The rep would not tell me what criteria is used to select the people who get the $500 credit.After taking away the 20% bonus on using points for travel purchases and taking away this, it really makes the $450 fee seem like a joke.

  • Gracie

    I had the same experience – see my post below. I am not pleased.

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    PP only gets one person in for free..if you are traveling with a partner you have to pay $25 to get in for them.

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    Wish I flew into DFW more, but in PHX most of my connections are in JFK and LAX. I can’t believe they aren’t doing a Centurion club in one of those hubs or ATL.

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    I remodel houses for a living and spend six figures every year on my Platinum AMEX at Home Depot alone…I am really teed off the target has nothing to do with how much you spend.

  • ADPage

    It could be based off usage of AA lounges and possibly status with the airline. I’ve flown about 87 flight segments this year all with AA and used their lounges every time. They probably assumed people like me with such high usage are much more likely to jump ship for the Citi card to keep lounge access

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    I have permanent Gold status with AA after earning 1 million miles! I can’t believe that doesn’t help me, either!

  • ADPage

    How many times did you use the lounge this year?

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    Jeez, I ‘m not sure. 2 or 3. Not much.

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    Now US Airways, though, a ton.

  • Matthew S

    Just on the phone with AMEX. Agent indicated the offers were crafted by their marketing department who based the offer ($200 or $500 it seems) based on the usage of the benefit. Apparently letters are still going out from their marketing team in NYC. You can cancel and get the membership fee pro-rated. I guess I will wait and see what my offer is (if anything)…

  • Matthew S

    Based on what I just heard, the offers may still be in queue…

  • ADPage

    It has gotta the number of times you visited then. Amex wouldn’t know your status with AA, only how many times your platinum card was swiped at an AA Lounge. Anyone else who got a $500 statement credit that can confirm how many times they went?

  • tac

    ive visited the AA lounge at DFW over 50 times this year. i only got the $200 credit offer…

  • TGAT

    Just got the email that Cent card holders are also losing status on US Airways. I think 2014 will be the last year of Plat. hopefully Amex can do something to replace them. Otherwise, the Cent card will really just be a paperweight for the wallet with no real value.

  • Garrett

    God I hope it’s at SFO T1…that thing needs help.

  • leothelion

    Also, for your annual $200 credit, did you choose AA or UA? I’ve always had UA and I havent received that email yet…

  • scott b

    email a few hours ago

  • Fanfoot

    Data points… Amex MB with American as preference got $200 offer. Business Amex with United as preference so far did not.

  • Rob Perelman

    I also received the $500 offer. I’ve probably used an AA lounge 3-5 times this year.

  • Ryan

    If that is really true then you need to re-think your spending. You should get a Chase Ink card and then buy Home Depot gift cards from Staples / Office Max / Office Depot and get 5x pts per dollar rather than a lousy 1 Membership Reward point.

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    Wow! That is why I love this sight. I had no idea…what a great tip, Ryan! TYVM!!!

  • scott b

    I chose US Air and purchased gift cards. Used both AA and US Air lounges at multiple airports, probably in the neighborhood of 30-40 times last year.

  • jtgray

    “The new lounge will be located in a space (currently under construction) in the mezzanine level above the premium security checkpoint in United’s Terminal 3 and gate 75, according to SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel. He also estimated that the new lounge will open sometime during summer 2014.”

  • Garrett

    :’( well, at least it’s easier to get from terminal to terminal at SFO. If it was LAX (home for me) it wouldn’t even be an option because we don’t walk anywhere. I’ll take it as a blessing.

  • Fanfoot

    Used the MB personal for lounge access a couple of times. Probably never used the Business Amex.

  • jtgray

    Have you had issues with getting through security at one terminal with a boarding pass for another terminal? Is that technically allowed? I haven’t tried but I suspect if I had a 3 hr layover or more in the wrong terminal it would be worth it.

  • Garrett

    I have not. I do LAX-SFO monthly, sometimes more, and most of the time it’s a day trip. Security at SFO T1 has never taken me more than 5 minutes.

    From what you posted, it doesn’t appear that it’s airside. Most of that airport has a mezzanine level that you can access before security. It looks like the mezzanine in T3 has a food court and a couple restrooms + one BofA ATM…looks like a prime spot to put something a bit more attractive :)

  • Darren

    Before you get too excited, they are limited to $500 each, so you would go through a whole lot of gift cards to do 6 figures every year. might still be worth it, but it has it’s downsides

  • Nik Traxler

    Did you receive the email about the $500 credit for American Airlines and or US Airways from March 22, 2014 – December 31, 2014? Seems to me that would cover the cost of purchasing the lounge membership.

  • Nik Traxler

    I got mine as well.

  • Free_travel_Joe

    Pit is my home airport and the US Club isn’t amazing, but its better than nothing, I definitely will miss this benefit. Currently haven’t received an email from Amex, we’ll see if they get around to me later.

  • Ryan

    Found the email from 11 am – looks like Amex is offering me $500 in credits. My details: Mercedes Platinum member since November 2011. Last year received 50k Amex MR points to renew (on about $160k spend in 2012). Only $42k spend in 2013 and I stopped using the card in June – only use it for Costco since and Chase gets all my spend now). I live in Pittsburgh and used the US Air club in Pitt about 15 times in 2013 and maybe 10 times in Charlotte. Never used a Centurion Lounge. Never put any airline tickets or travel spend on my Platinum card. Used AA Lounge once since 2011.

  • Patrick Beard

    I haven’t been in any AA lounges this year, but have been in the US Airways lounges probably 50 times. I received the $500 discount (the exact cost of the AA lounge membership). Since US Airways is available through Priority Pass, I guess I’m not losing anything yet, though I don’t expect AMEX to continue the $500 in the future. Hopefully Amex will make up for it somehow (maybe a network of Amex lounges cross-country?)

  • joeypore

    Admirals Clubs are nice…but when it comes down to it, they’re not really that great.

    I use Priority Pass lounges and the DFW Centurion Lounge now more than anything. When I’m abroad, Priority Pass is almost all I use, except the BA lounges in Heathrow…

    I get that this is a big loss for many people. I wish it weren’t happening, because I know that off hand, a few people I recommended the card to, definitely won’t be getting the card now.

  • Diotallevi

    Well this sucks. American just lost my business. Looks like I’m a Delta guy now :-)

  • istar

    Data point – 10k spend. Got 50k MR points retention then the 200$ credit.

  • Flyer Fun

    Really bad news. I have had the Platinum card for years. I am fond of it. First the Continental Lounges, now American. There is a good chance I will dump the card as I cannot justify the hefty fee. I guess I will wait and see what they will come up with.

    Incidentally, according to a phone call with a representative, American Express Platinum dropped free American Travelers Checks effective November 1, 2013. I am not happy about this either.

  • Kacee

    Sounds like where UA used to have a RCC and the international F/J lounges many years ago. Pretty easy ride on AirTrain from the AA gates in T2 (where I assume the merged airline will ultimately consolidate, since T1 is a total dump).

  • Rolando Teran

    wow. I was going to swap to this card for this bennie on AA/US. Guess will have to keep my Delta Amex for now.

  • Paul

    but a logical decision by AA/US. The lounge access perk on the AMEX Plat was making their own Citi/AAdvantage World Elite MC redundant

  • Ben Price

    I agree it’s a logical decision. That being said, on a sorta unrelated note, I’ve never understood why people who pay for AC access. Skyteam I get…you have access to ALL Skyteam lounges around the world. I’ll never forget the time I got an 30-day AC day pass and they denied me access to the Oneworld Iberia lounge in MAD.

  • Vikram Seshadri

    Definitely disappointing and unfortunate news as one of the key reasons I signed up for the AMEX Platinum card earlier this year was for lounge access.

    That said, since getting the card, I have found value with it in so many more ways, including their $200 annual airline statement credits, global entry fee credit, superb access to Concierge services that have led to the procurement of hard to get concert and theater tickets, as well as the awesome $5-$25 credits they offer for purchases at stores including Best Buy, Amazon, AMC and more. By being proactive and looking for more deals on a regular basis, the card continues to offer me value way beyond lounge access.

    In fact, we still get access to Delta lounges domestically and nearly 700 Priority Pass lounges worldwide, which, combined with their fast growing network of Centurion Lounges, will, in my opinion, quickly numb the pain of losing access to AA/US Scare lounges.

    What’s in an AAdmirals Lounge anyway…. cheap shelf liquor, a few mini muffins and chex mix…. awful lounges the lot of them. We’ll be better off in the long run.

    Have not received an email from AMEX yet offering an additional $200-$500 statement credit next year to soften the blow. Must call them…..

  • Garrett

    Total. Dump.

  • Philly Flyer

    I think if you read the fine print that Priority Pass does NOT give admission to US airways lounges in the U.S.
    I’m AMEX platinum too – no email yet.

  • sirdebo

    yes, that sucks for AMEX holders, but not for paying Admirals Club/Citi Exec Card holders. the clubs are way overcrowded lately so hopefully this will thin it out.

  • joeypore

    Another data point:

    I have not yet received an email about the removal of the benefit, but a representative confirmed to me that I would receive an additional $100 statement credit after March 22.

    I have only used the card twice to enter the Admirals Club, don’t spend a TON on the card, but I do use my card in many different cities, including international. I also use the Centurion Lounge in DFW and the Priority Pass lounges pretty regularly.

  • cbblades

    Shocked and dismayed! The year I joined Amex Platinum, they eliminated the free domestic flight benefit. The airline lounge benefit is t most useful one to me, particularly as we’re big AA route fliers. I haven’t gotten any notice re anything from Amex….

    Gonna check out AA’s Executive Platinum….

  • Vikram Seshadri

    Called them last night and I too received a $100 statement credit, effective March 22, 2013. The rep said it was a devastating loss for them as well, which makes me suspect they’ll speed up plans for new Centurion Clubs as well as come up with additional ways to boost their offerings to offset the loss.

  • Martin

    Hi! I´m a centurion member with Amex…each year I´m getting LESS for my almost $3000+ annual fee (airline rebate? not here!, 25% plus when transferring to emirates? not here!…etc, etc)
    AA lounges was the benefit I used the most… :-(
    Martin, Buenos Aires, AR

  • Diotallevi

    Don’t forget the Airspace lounges at CLE, BWI and JFK. I’ve been to the CLE one a few times, and although it’s small, I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe we’ll see more of these pop up along with more centurion lounges.

  • shagadelic

    I have no use for this card anymore and will downgrade to the PRG card once I receive my Citi Exec card in the mail. I live in DFW so not a tough choice. The companion flyer program is a joke (same cost if I were to purchase two tickets on the airline website).

  • Tony

    I am guessing the same for Centiron members too. Is that correct? I always fly US Airways and this will be a huge loss.

  • Jonatas Silva

    I just got an e-mail from Amex stating the they will give $500 statement credit for US Airways/American in addition to the regular $200 credit, starting March 22. Takes a little off the sting.

  • Guest

    One more data point:

    Personal Platinum cardholder since April this year. Not a huge spender: maybe $2,000-3,000 on this card, mostly for domestic travel. Opted for DL, accessed Skyclubs maybe 15-20 times for 10 trips. Accessed a few international Priority Pass clubs.

    Not an AAdvantage elite, never used for Admirals club, never purchased AA fare.

    Chatted with a rep. today because I was too lazy to call. After a few awkward “(Smile)” messages, was offered an instant $100 statement credit (not a fee-reimbursement) for my next statement.

    As a loyal DL flyer, I’m quite pleased.

  • yihwan

    One more data point:

    Cardholder since April 2013. Not a big-spender: maybe $2,000-$3,000 per month on this card, mostly for domestic travel.

    Opted for DL, accessed Skyclubs around 15-20 times this year for 10 trips. DL Medallion.

    Used a couple Priority Pass lounges internationally. No Centurion lounges.

    Not an AAdvantage Elite, never accessed AA/US lounge, never paid for AA/US fare.

    Chatted a rep. today because I was too lazy to call. After a few awkward “(Smile)” messages, I was offered an instant $100 statement credit (not an airline fee reimbursement) to be applied to next month’s bill.

    Needless to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

  • Evan

    I’m amazed reading the posts of folks getting offers of credits up to $500. My notice just came in, as a first year member – there is no offer at all, just an announcement and apology that AA and US Air would no longer be offered. It’s frustrating, but I guess that’s the nature of the industry.

  • radworkers

    I recently downgraded from the Citi® Executive® / AAdvantage® World Elite MasterCard® because their lounges in Dallas are overcrowded and underwhelming in every way – I prefer to sit in the nice Southwestern-Mexican restaurant that sits just below the Dallas AA lounge in C-terminal than in the AA lounge. The downgraded card costs less than $100 and gives me my checked bag for free, which I am not so sure I need anyway, given that I m already a lifetime Gold.

    Today I called AMEX to transfer points to KrisFlyer (has anyone else had trouble doing it on their website?), and I was offered 30k points to convert my AMEX Gold Card to Platinum, plus another 10k to sign up for some free delayed payment thing that I will never use. They tried to sign up my other Gold for a delayed payment option and I initially declined. The woman then offered me an additional 10k as a separate gift, outside of this particular promotion, to get that card signed up too. I took the deal, since it was of no additional cost. So, I netted 50k points for something I had been meaning to do all along anyway.

    It is sad to lose the access to the AA and USAirways lounges, but I have to admit, I seldom use them, and I only like to visit the United lounges, Centurion lounge (I have only been to the one in Las Vegas) and those of the asian and european airline’s airport lounges anyway.

  • Centurion Amex

    I have the centurion and I thinks its time to give it up!

  • Miles Points

    You should sell your miles to they pay pretty well.

  • Centurion Amex

    I got the centurion and I feel other than the metal card, there is no difference. We lost united and US, no new benefits to cover those loses. Their private concierge is not there all the time. Disappointed

  • JC

    Priority Pass is almost useless in the United States. I had them years ago while traveling internationally, but discovered I could by day passes – often at better clubs – for the same price they charged per visit, less the annual fee. It’s essentially like buying a book on airport lounges, many for which you’re charged.

  • JC

    I could not be more disappointed. Although I’m currently a Platinum member of American Airlines, it’s not always that way. I hold the AMEX Platinum because of its benefits, but I’m having a hard time devouring the annual fee for so few benefits. The Priority Pass access is useless in the United States (for the most part), and overseas, you can often find great clubs at the same daily cost as the PP fee entry fee for their clubs. I guess this is just the beginning of the benefits we’ll be seeing from the AA/USAirways merger.

  • Greg

    Over 100 Admirals club visits around the world $500 offer. Also EP, but i doubt Amex would know this. ALso do 100k annually on card.

  • droopydog500

    What sucks about this is I did not use my AMEX card for US lounge access because I used United. Now they are all cut off.

  • btj1325

    I fly out of DFW a big American hub. Normally this would be an issue for me but AMEX has built a new Centurion lounge at DFW so that takes a little bit of the sting out of it. I think over time AMEX will build more and more centurion lounges so this will become less of an issue. If I had to take a side in all this between a company that goes out of their way to make me happy (AMEX) versus a company that seemingly goes out of their way to constantly disappoint me (American Airlines) it is a no brainer. Even though DFW is a major American hub, I almost go out of my way to not fly their airline. Can’t tell you the last time I was in an Admirals Club. For now I am going to play the wait an see on the value of my AMEX platinum card. Probably will make a decision next year on if it is worth it.

  • Lionel

    You are probably not aware that in the Toronto main airport, American Express has FIVE of their own lounges and they are great. Miles above Air Canada lounges or any of the others that are offered.

  • BMG4ME

    The Amex card holders were paying AC members, you don’t think the $450 fee was just for the prestige do you? It was to pay for the AC access.

  • Jetsettr

    I just got the letter today! And there sure as heck was no offer of a $500 statement credit! How is this fair?!

  • Jetsettr

    Unfortunately AmEx is only opening two more Centurion lounges in 2014 – SFO and LGA. This rate isn’t enough to make up for the cardholders they will lose due to this. And it’s only a matter of time before Centurion holders start to complain too.

  • Cobra

    Yeah…as someone else mentioned, Amex’s Airspace Lounges in JFK/CLE/BWI are great. Amex needs more of these and I heard that they’re opening one in SAN in the AA space (ironically). Airspace has real free food (ie more than pretzels) and are far more lux than AA/US/DL clubs…but not over-the-top like Centurion. I assume they cost a lot less than Centurions to build and run, so a mix of a few Centurion and many Airspace (depending on the market) would be *perfect* for Amex. I dont understand why they’re not pushing that more.

  • Richard Kahn

    I never got a letter. Just call them and they will give you $500 provided that you have signed up to get your annual $200 incidental reimbursements on Amercan

  • JJ

    Delta club just announced the same thing. as of May, 1 no more access. adios plat.

  • Charles

    Update from Delta: Beginning May 1, 2014, all customers who receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access as a benefit of their eligible credit or charge card will no longer receive complimentary guest access. A $29 fee per guest will apply.

  • Jhuflyer

    No more Delta SkyClub come 1 May 2014.

  • JustSaying

    Anyone know where the AMEX SFO club will be ??

  • Amex Airliner

    After hearing this about the whole delta loss of access, I’m seriously considering leaving AMEX.

  • RexEspiritu

    Just to clarify…. As I understand it, the American Express Platinum Card will still get you access to the Delta Sky Club, but any accompanying guest(s) will each incur a fee of $29. As the following pertinent excerpt from an e-mail message sent by Delta announcing changes in options for Sky Club access states:

    “Beginning May 1, 2014, all customers who receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access as a benefit of their eligible credit or charge card will no longer receive complimentary guest access. A $29 fee per guest will apply.”

  • BTB

    Yes, US Airways lounge access with Priority Pass.

  • BTB

    What did you type to get that offer?

  • BTB

    Don’t think so. Delta is cutting back on guests because of overcrowding, allowing more people in would obviously counter the new policies they are putting in place to cut back.

  • TRR

    I did the chat. They said they don’t do statement credits, only incidentals reimbursements for $100. Asked for a supervisor, still no go, only incidentals. Oh well, they suggested a number to call, not a happy ending.

  • Newhce

    That’s a deal breaker for me. Adios Amex.

  • EPOC

    just gave mine up.

  • EPOC

    no Centurion Lounges are currently planned overseas.

  • Simpel Tun

    Is there a better credit card for lounge access? I got the same offer. only difference was they were willing to give me the $100 extra airline credit with 20k points. But I fly out of Newark International Airport EWR. If my wife and I fly once $100 is gone after one Admiral Lounge access. I plan to fly 2-5 times/month. I’ll use it up and cancel later this year.

  • Simpel Tun

    just checked my email and called AMEX. Is there a better credit card for lounge access? I got the same offer. only difference was they were willing to give me the $100 extra airline credit with 20k points. But I fly out of Newark International Airport EWR. If my wife and I fly once $100 is gone after one Admiral Lounge access. I plan to fly 2-5 times/month. I’ll use it up and cancel later this year.

  • Simpel Tun

    This is terrible!! I asked for $500 and got denied. They offered me less. Is there a better credit card for lounge access? they were willing to give me the $100 extra airline credit with 20k points. But I fly out of Newark International Airport EWR. If my wife and I fly once $100 is gone after one Admiral Lounge access. I plan to fly 2-5 times/month. I’ll use it up and cancel later this year.

  • Simpel Tun

    CANCEL!!!! We should all cancel and show AMEX we mean business! Is there a better credit card for lounge access? They offered me the $100 extra airline credit with 20k points. But I fly out of Newark International Airport EWR. If my wife and I fly once $100 is gone after one Admiral Lounge access. I plan to fly 2-5 times/month. I’ll use it up and cancel later this year.

  • Tyler Taylor

    Amex needs to add better benefits/perks for the Platinum Card to add to the justification of the $450 a year. Aside from a few cards, this is the highest priced credit card out there and supposed to be elite!!!! I think its losing its gleam or shine!!! I am a Platinum Card member and was a Business Platinum Card member at the same time, just got rid of the Business Platinum being the benefits are the same, was wasting $400 a year on the Business Card and decided to keep the personal. I dont like the loss of the American Airlines lounge, sometimes I ponder is it worth “PAYING T USE A CREDIT CARD WE PAY THE BILL FOR” then i look at the fine hotels benefits and they alone can cover the cost of the card use if you stay at hotels as I do. That said, American Express needs to do more to make Platinum members feel like they spent $450 a year to use a credit card, feels like im paying for something I shouldnt have to at times. Imagine how Centurion members feel!!! LGNM

  • Blake_fitzy

    Problem solved… AFTER MARCH 22nd Amex Plat members will be reimbursed up to $500 towards American Airlines Admirals Club membership costs.

  • Dom

    Im a Centurion business card holder and this news is hard on me ;( but for the gentleman asking about another card that will gets you access in all lounges i think visa black will…

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