Amazing Deal Alert: Roundtrip Flights from US-Europe $345 on United

by on November 23, 2013 · 32 comments

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Update: The Flight Deal is reporting that these fares are dead, but I am still finding them loading on Wideroe all the way through the checkout page, though I have not purchased any, so they may be gone, but if you’re flying this spring, it could still be worth investigating in case any of these fares are left.

One of my favorite sites to check for mileage runs and low airfares is The Flight Deal, and today the site is reporting some amazingly low fares on United from various US cities to numerous European destinations.

Now, you won’t find these on the ITA Matrix or on itself. Instead, you have to go to a Norwegian site called Wideroe and search from there. It’s just like any other online travel agency, only it’s based in Scandinavia and flights will price out in Norwegian Kroner (NOK), so you have to do a little currency conversion for yourself to see if a fare is worth it, but just keep in mind $1 USD = 6 NOK, I would also suggest using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees to purchase your airfare since you’ll be billed by a foreign company, so if your card does have those fees, you’ll end up paying an extra 2-3%, so I’d use something like a Sapphire Preferred or Barclaycard Arrival instead.

Just to test it out, I priced out a sample itinerary in January from Newark to Oslo, which came in at 2,095 NOK…or $345!

My sample Scandinavian itinerary only cost $345.

My sample Scandinavian itinerary only cost $345.

It looks like the airfares are so low because Wideroe is not including fuel surcharges on United itineraries. The date range appears to be from the beginning of January to the end of March 2014 – so this might not be useful for end-of-year mileage runs but could be a good way to get a jump on 2014 elite status qualification if you’re a United flyer. Tickets book in the L fare class.

But if the New York area isn’t your base, and Scandinavia is not your destination, don’t worry, you don’t have to travel to the great white north to find some good deals. Flight Plan and people on this FlyerTalk thread are reporting some great low fares to and from other cities in Europe and even to India, Australia and the Middle East including:

SEA-OSL for $432

EWR-LHR for $411

ORD-LHR for $520

EWR-MXP for $370

IAH-TLV for $354

SFO-LHR for $573

LAX-SYD for $711

A Word of Caution

As with all deals like this, if you’re interested, you need to jump in right away because deals like this tend to disappear very quickly. Because these aren’t insanely low, like $20-$100, I suspect that they’re not exactly mistake fares and that United will honor them. However, there’s no way of knowing whether you’ll actually end up flying or not. Once you purchase and have a ticket number and confirmation number, though, you’ll have some more leverage, and hopefully a lot of us will end up getting over to Europe and beyond this spring (and rack up thousands of miles) for a really low price.

If you do end up getting in on some of these airfares, please leave a comment below reporting on what you were able to purchase – cities, dates, etc. – so that other readers can benefit.

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  • Maury

    Site is down! Tried several times.

  • Ben L

    “ is closed some hours due to technical reasons”

    I wonder if they caught on.

  • Lance

    Too late to the party. This deal was dead around an hour ago… In for one $300 lax – dub, and another to Oslo ;)

  • Allyn Horne

    Site is down. Huh.

  • Gavin

    I booked a trip from EWR to MXP for $130, taxes all included at 1.30 pm and mine’s been ticketed. Site is shut down now. I thought you would have posted this sooner.

  • paparas

    yeah, TPG, thanks for posting this like 10 hours later, almost after the deal was closed… great, next time don’t be so “fast”

  • IT

    We are having difficulty processing your request at this time. We recommend that you wait a few minutes and try again. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    My fare is $132 JFK-MXP roundtrip ticket. Unfortunately I can not purchase it

  • KC

    Is the error after the passengers page or confirm page?

  • Keele Winter

    site is up now and fare from Newark to Milan is only $135/RT!!!

  • IT

    after passenger page. Still trying…

  • IT

    were you able to purchase it? I see the $132 fare but can’t buy it

  • Eric

    Are you going through the advanced search page linked in the post?

    Maybe try a different browser.

  • Eric

    Fares are still loading through checkout for me, especially to Oslo, maybe just not on your dates.

  • Eric

    Are you going through the advanced search page linked in the post? It is still working though the main page appears to be down.

  • nd

    Site is up…..don’t see any deals

  • Austin

    You have to consider that Norway is several hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time!

  • OutwardBound

    I have been confirmed and ticketed for two pax DCA-BOM for $260 ea. (1.6 cpm), Feb 11-18. Purchased at 2:20pm EST, highly recommend that you follow The Fare Deal on Facebook!

  • Sam Wolfe

    I got EWR-MAD for around $500 Dec 27-30. Not insanely low, but $600 lower than any other published fare via UA/kayak. Needed a mileage run to a fun place before year ends! Ticketed this morning.

  • Sam

    Have a hunch that TPG delayed posting this purposely to avoid the usual flyertalk blame game for killing a deal.

  • Melissa

    Purchased and charged/ticketed Newark-Milan for $132 roundtrip! Booked around 5pm last night, was ticketed just before midnight. All info displaying in my United account!

  • lance

    Fares were loading for me too at that point… However, when you put your info in in check out and go to the last screen before purchase, the fairs were being blocked with a technical error. Too late to the game ;) Both my tickets were issued in the middle of the night, and I am now good to go… Some people got more than 10 of these including the $131 AI ewr to mxp…. I am more than happy with my two finds, and will be ready for Dubai and Oslo with a big warm smile :D

  • lance

    hope this is the case, but it was a saturday night,,,, he may have had plans :p

  • sam

    Hope it’s not, his onus is to his loyal readers not Flyertalk

  • smith8917
  • Patrick

    About 3:45 yesterday afternoon, I got a $135 flight from EWR to Milan and was ticketed about midnight. At about 5:30, I got $286 ticket from IAD to Mumbai and was ticketed at about 1:30 a.m.

  • geralisabelle

    I got Newark to Milan for $135 RT, me and my friends (3 total). And when I finally found a travel buddy for Mumbai, it was too late :( But the price for that would have been $230 (DC-BOM.. March, Sun to Sun).

  • Sven Olik

    Takk! Elvis er ikke lenger kongen, hans navn er nå Brian “Points Guy”.

  • jillYSD

    hey! i booked JFK to Milan, Italy for $250 RT! Not United, it’s Air Canada!

  • jillysd

    i guess i should say i just booked it today at 1pm and got ticketed at 11pm (because they were closed all day) and i believe the deal is still going on :)

  • Gabriel

    $135 EWR – Milan booked Sat 4pm, ticketed 12 hours later 4am
    $300 IAD – Tel aviv booked sat 4pm, ticketed 36 hours later 4am today

  • Uncle

    Agreed, and it’s not like flyertalk is more “underground” than TPG. Or Flight Deals.

  • John
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