United Adds Intra-Airport Mercedes-Benz Car Service For Select Premium Passengers

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United has been on a roll this past week- last Friday the United And Mercedes-Benz USA Launch Partnership was announced and then earlier this week United and Marriott Teamed Up to Launch RewardsPlus.

Well, they are back at it again with another customer experience enhancement following their partnership with Mercedes-Benz. United is going to offer a a tarmac transportation option for select Global Services members and United Global First customers who have tight connections. The first airport they are rolling this out to is Houston (IAH), but they are going to expand to a second hub as well in the next few days.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV.

The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV could be waiting for you when you land.

United  posted on Milepoint the following announcement:

“Starting yesterday, we’ve expanded our partnership with Mercedes-Benz USA to pilot a tarmac transportation option for select Global Services members and United Global First customers connecting to domestic or international flights. Our first hub for the pilot will be Houston, and we’ll have two cars, one S-Class sedan and one GL-Class SUV, to start at IAH.

How this works is fairly straightforward—a uniformed Global Services agent will meet the customer with a sign upon disembarkation from the aircraft and escort him/her to the waiting vehicle. The Mercedes will then zoom (safely of course; the airport tarmac is no autobahn) to the connecting gate, where the customer will be invited to board via the jetbridge stairs. While this service can’t be requested or reserved in advance, we’ll aim to prioritize those GS and Global First customers who are on very tight connections.

Looking ahead, we’ll monitor the results of the pilot as we look to expand, and over the next few days we’re soft-launching the service at a second hub. In fact, the cars for this additional hub will be delivered to their parking spaces today. They should be visible from the terminal, in case anyone wants to take a guess as to where that is.”

United Airlines is already expanding its new partnership with Mercedes-Benz.

United Airlines is already expanding its new partnership with Mercedes-Benz.

United isn’t the first to offer car services for passengers. Lufthansa offers First Class passengers car service from the First Class Terminal to their waiting aircraft in a Mercedes S-Class sedan, a Porsche Cayenne or a Porsche Panamera and directly to the plane’s first-class entrance. Delta also offers Porsche car service to some of their high value customers in Atlanta, so it looks like United is following in their footsteps once again.

I think this is a great enhancement from United, and I hope they expand this to several of their other hubs as well. The announcement doesn’t say what the next city is going to be, but I’m thinking either Chicago O’Hare or Newark, so if anyone happens to be passing through any of United’s hubs the next few days, let me know if you see the cars on the tarmac or better yet if you happen to get offered the new service.

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  • Nate

    Great news! I think the headline should be intra-, not inter-, however.

  • LarryInNYC

    Indeed. Inter-Airport service would be something to see!

  • Jonathan

    I get they trying to match LH in the service, I just wish they would use an American Car. They are an American Airline.

  • John K

    No, they are not American Airline, they are United!


  • ZJ

    The GL is made in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide.

  • Flyer

    Yawn…. I bet the number of people who read this post AND get to use this service in the next three years is exactly zero.

  • Bob

    Too bad American cars SUCK. I much prefer a English, German, or Italian car.

    Born and Raised American.

  • mileswhore

    I have a better idea, if you are Global Services or in Global First Class, have the option to have one of these suckers pick you up at your house and take you to the airport and vs. versa. If I read recent news about Lufthansa, they are expanding this service to several US based airpots, including Los Angeles if I am not mistaken.

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  • wildsman

    This may have been true before but American cars have made a comeback in the past few years.

  • mikeyyc

    That’s on Emirates.

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  • Cliff

    I saw the silver S550 badged “AIRSERV” pick up a passenger arriving on an RJ from Tulsa. He didnt board with GS, so no idea what his status was. It looks nice. Just wonder how they really select pax for this.

  • some guy

    Just saw the S waiting for a passenger this morning off a flight from Denver in IAH. Was pretty cool. I’m a 1k and was envious!

  • tifnegrace

    My boyfriend is GS. Last weekend he was fortunate enough to get to use this service. While in the car he asked why he was chosen. He was told bc they knew he had just traveled from China (PEK> SFO> IAH> GPT). Also, it could have been that the connecting flight was the last one of the day to his final destination leaving at 5:10pm …. and his arrival from SFO was delayed an hour arriving at 5:08pm. They drove him to his last flight and they closed the door as soon as he boarded.

  • greenfish

    At end of July was connecting BOS – ORD – PEK in Global First and am also GS. At the door of the plane after landing in ORD, two ladies greeted me and drove me to the Global First Lounge. It was nice. However, the same service on LH is even better (had the experience several times). Glad United is upping the ante. Need to do at EWR especially between terminal A and C.

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