Get the Best Chase United Airline Credits Cards By…Walking Into a Chase Branch (50,000 Mile Explorer Card and Waived Annual Fee Club Card)

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I had to stop by my local Chase branch yesterday to take care of some everyday banking and as I was waiting to speak to a banker there, I noticed that they had brochures out for all their current credit cards. Most of them were the same as what you can find publicly online, but as I was perusing them, I came across offers for each of their United co-branded cards, the MileagePlus Explorer and the Club card that have bonuses as high as the best targeted offers out there and both of which have their first year’s annual fee waived – a $395 value in the case of the Club card!

Here’s what they were:

United Explorer

United MileagePlus Explorer Card

  • Start with 50,000 bonus miles after you spend $2,000 on purchases within 3 months of account opening
  • 5,000 additional miles when you use your card and add an authorized user within 3 months
  • 10,000 miles every year when you spend $25,000 or more per calendar year
  • Earn 2 award miles per $1 spent on tickets purchased directly form United and 1 award mile on everything else
  • First checked bag free for the primary cardholder and one companion
  • Priority boarding privileges
  • Two United Club Passes
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • $95 annual fee, $0 introductory annual fee first year

This offer is nearly twice as good as the public offer – which is just 30,000 miles when you spend $1,000 in 3 months – and almost as good as the targeted offer I got in on during my app-o-rama back in March where I got 55,000 miles for spending $1,000 in 3 months and adding an authorized user.

United Club

United MileagePlus Club Card

  • Full United Club membership
  • Earn 1.5 award miles per dollar spent on purchases and 2 miles per dollar spent on United tickets
  • First and second checked bags free
  • Premier Access
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $395 annual fee, $0 introductory annual fee first year

That beats the public offer hands down – which is all the same benefits, but only a $100 statement credit and no waiver of the annual fee.

Find the nearest Chase branch and apply today!

Find the nearest Chase branch and apply today!

The best part is, I asked a banker in the branch if you needed to be a Chase customer to apply for these and she said no! All you have to to is walk into a branch and ask to apply for one of these and then you’ll have to sit with a banker who will input the application info for you into their system. So if you’ve been interested in either of these two cards but have been waiting for a higher bonus to come along, I would suggest you find the nearest Chase branch to you and apply for one of these or try logging onto and checking to see if you’ve been directly targeted for either offer.

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  • sil

    Is the Mileage Explorer card for Biz or Personal?

  • tpup

    I’ve received targeted offers for both. I think the 50,000 miles with the explorer card is more valuable than the club membership.

  • Frank Doyle

    Too bad DC is a Chase wasteland… :(

  • Mark Brown

    The offer I used back around May 1 was 50,000 miles for $1,000 spend in 3 months. Just called and confirmed (when I saw this post). Was not an e-mail offer. It was something I read, probably here. :-)

  • Norma

    Do you have to be a Chase banking customer or just have a Chase United cc?

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Personal- not sure if the offer is available for

  • thepointsguy

    Agreed but it all depends on your situation- if you pay for club access, getting it free for a year (plus 1.5 united miles per dollar spent) can be big

  • mike

    so i use my united card daily for the last 2 years. do i cancel that and open a new one or can i just open a new one and get the points?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    AFAIK, you can’t get the bonus a second time on seemingly most Chase products.

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  • vortix

    Also, if someone already has the Explorer card, this is another easy churn to get the Club card for the additional points, and cancel before the annual fee hits.

  • Greg

    Yes, and too bad New Mexico is, also – nearest branches are up in Colorado, maybe four hour drive away.

  • Spencer W.

    So there’s no MILEAGE sign-up bonus for the Club card, right? (Just checking.)

  • Debt Blag

    Yeah, I’ve found that most customer service folks at Chase will give you the deals I’ve seen on the internet if I just chat with them. What I didn’t know is that they’d *beat* internet deals. Good post

  • - -

    I already have Priority Pass via AMEXplat so club access is a done deal for me. 50,000 points though, that’s tempting. Chase has some very lucrative rewards programs, Sapphire and Ink come to mind. The trick for me is they will need to adjust my limits to reach an acceptable max overall limit with which they feel comfortable.

  • Naseef

    Somewhat off topic but if I were to do an award booking on United metal using Aeroplan points, and I used United CC to pay the (~$10) fees, do I still get the free bags?

  • Rocky

    Can you churn this card? I thought if You had it once you could not have it again…..

  • Mr. Everyday Dollar

    The 50,000 miles is huge because it’s only 60,000 for roundtrip international airfare. I just applied for the Explorer card last week so I am going to see if Chase can bump me up from the 30,000 with $1k MSR to 50,000 and $2k MSR.

  • tivoboy

    I asked this once before but never saw an answer. Is there a way to have THIS CARD for RCC AND get some form of SPOUSE card?

  • Jeffrey

    I’ve never had problems getting the free bags, even paying the taxes on another card. I did add my explorer card to my profile just in case.

  • thepointsguy

    Correct- Chase generally won’t give you the same bonus twice unless it is a different product/offer

  • thepointsguy

    Unfortunately the Club card doesn’t have a sign-up bonus, but you do get 1.5 miles per dollar spent

  • Mehul Sheth

    If you get the Chase United Club card now, will you get lounge access through June of next year (presuming I don’t renew the card)? Or just to the end of the calendar year?

  • Karen

    I just tried to get this offer in a Dallas, Texas, branch and they said they didn’t offer that card. Boo.

  • PointRaker

    Just walked into my local Chase and walked out with instant approval and a free rush order on the card. And the banker called the credit card people to confirm that I will get my 50,000 points even though I had (and canceled) the United Mileage Plus card back in 2008 (not the Explorer card). Booyah!

  • TravelALot

    great post… I will visit my Chase branch tomorrow…

    and for all the haters out there who posts comments to TPG… you can clearly see he provides useful information, even if it does not profit him to do so via affiliate links.

    Too bad that we can’t mention TPG at the Chase branch office to give him credit.

    Keep up the good work, TPG!

  • TravelALot

    it’s a personal credit card.

    However (check with your accountant), if you isolate *ALL* usage on a credit card only for business purposes, and keep receipts, and pay the balances with your business checking account, there is likely not a problem (particularly for sole proprietors or S-Corp shareholders). The key is to not mix personal and business purchases on the same card. And again, check with your accountant.

    If you own a small business, where you get in trouble with the IRS, is not isolating business-only charges on a single card — and, of course, not being able to provide receipts. Generally, the IRS does not care how the card was issued. They care about whether the charges are on the card are for legit biz expenses, and paid by the business’ checking account.

  • gtg5017

    You would have access as long as your card is active/in good standing. It’s just the payment for the annual fee won’t be charged to you until next June.

  • gtg5017


  • Mehul Sheth


  • Raja

    Is there any way to get these offers if there’s no Chase banks within striking distance? Think I could call a branch?

  • SheTries

    Thanks! Walked into my Chase branch yesterday and was instantly approved. Hope I can apply for the Southwest deal today.

  • Andrew

    Any guess if the offer will be available a month from now? Seems too good to pass up, but my last round of apps was April 3rd. Don’t want to push my luck.

  • littlelate

    Any luck with Chase bumping you up to the better reward? I too just applied for the card, didn’t even get it yet!! :-(

  • Mr. Everyday Dollar

    Here’s what Chase told me, “Please contact us after you have spent $1,000 in the first three months your account is open and the 30,000 bonus miles have posted to your account. At that time, we will add the additional 20,000 bonus miles to match the newer offer.”

    I’ll take it!

  • dingo155

    I sent chase a secure message asking to match my original 30k offer for $1k spend (from March) to the 50k offer (base miles). It took 3 days for them get back to me, but they matched it, and said the extra 20,000 miles will be deposited in my UAL account on the next billing cycle…
    Thank you as always.

  • laura

    can I visit my branch tomorrow open the United MileagePlus Explorer Card then go to my computer and apply for the ink bold offer? or will chase reject my app?

  • Mark N

    Thanks for this… just walked in and got my 55,000 miles, plus Chase mailed me a $500 coupon as incentive to open a checking account. I also opened a Ink Bold through your link.

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  • tfd2

    be aware, this looks like a no-churn offer. i’ve had a milage plus awards card for 10 years. i went to a branch and they couldn’t guarantee that i’d get the bonus if i opened an explorer card because i got a bonus when i opened my current card. 10 years ago.

    *edit* just got off the phone with united’s credit line, they told me that i can still get the 30k miles offer if i open an explorer card, but could only get the 50k miles if there was an offer sent to me.

  • PointTraveler

    Thanks for all your tips. I had the old United Mileage Plus card and could not access the 50,000 mile offer through any outlet – phone, website, etc. I even called and specifically mentioned this offer with no luck. Once I canceled the old card, two days later the 50,000 mile offer appeared once I logged into my Mileage Plus account.

    I almost pulled the trigger but was then looking for award flights and proceeded to the purchase page where a banner ad popped up for the 50,000 mile offer plus first year free plus a $50 statement credit. I replicated this same sequence of events – login, search for award travel, move through process to page where one would buy the ticket and see banner ad with $50 credit (not linked to buying award ticket). Applied and was approved last night – didn’t end up booking award ticket yet either.

    Hope this helps.

  • Peter Lemperis

    The information on those sheets in old — it is from November 2012 and hasn’t been changed. I applied for the UAL Club Card in January with the $95.00 statement credit. My banker at Chase was able to get me the additional $300.00 refunded. Immediately after, my branch had changed their sheet to reflect the same information on the website.

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  • jryka

    We don’t have a chase bank nearby, so I called a few not too far away today 9/3/2013. Basically they reported that the deal no longer exists for the 50k.

  • Jason

    Great advice. I not only was able to get the higher amount for a credit card application that I had seen, but they were also able to tell me if I was pre-approved, run the info quickly and get me a determination in less than 5 minutes. THen when I was approved, I asked if they could expedite the card to me as i had some charges of large nature in the next week and they took care of that as well, getting it to me in 2-3 business days. Thanks for the heads up of going into a branch.

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  • josh

    Well, it’s 3 months later, and my chase branch claims ignorance of the offer, so I called Chase and they also said that the branches are not authorized to give any offer above what the website offers, which is 30,000 miles. Please tell me I’m wrong!

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  • Manu

    I put my wife as an “authorized user”.. ..when SHE USES the CARD, would WE both get points, or me, or just her or do the points get “pooled” into one lump? Second question, does it matter WHAT she/me/we use the card for? Gas, food, clothes, etc.

  • Spike

    TPG, I absolutely love your site and your vast knowledge and helpful info. Question for you: I have not missed a payment on my credit cards for the past 4 years, but due to a move to Tokyo in September I missed the first payment on my United Mileage Plus Card. I applied when the 50,000 bonus was still available via applying at my local Chase bank and intend to pay off the full balance before my next payment is due. Do you know if missing a payment will make me ineligible to receive the 50,000 United mile bonus upon hitting the 2k spend requirement? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your amazing site!

  • mac soni

    I just called chase and the deal is valid still

  • dk

    I work at a chase branch and the 50k does still exist.

  • ccchaser

    How can you request this offer at a Chase Branch, what should I ask for? I walked into a branch recently and they had no clue.

  • sally

    If I already have Chase Sapphire Preferred can I still request this card? Need to get as many points as I can for future trip.

  • mjl

    Worked perfectly. Walked into Chase branch, sat with Private Banker, didn’t have a previous account. They pulled up offer on their computer in about 2 minutes, and i was out of there in 15 mins. It was titled “United MileagePlus Explorer – $95 annual fee – 50K Mile Bonus” This wasn’t the business one. Not sure if i got better treatment because it was a Private Client branch (lots of suits running around), but it was a very pleasant experience. It was the Sammamish WA branch btw. Im guessing you can probably call them and apply over the phone. Ask for Don Norton or Michael Varga. I have absolutely nothing to do w Chase, and until now not even a fan. Might have to rethink that…

  • SamRothstein

    The 50k offer still exists, I signed up yesterday. Most of the local associates won’t know about it as people rarely walk in to do credit apps, so you have to show them on the flip side of the desk mat, or have them search for it on the computer.

  • mtc146

    -samrothstein..where did you sign up? i am going to go today!

  • SamRothstein

    Chicagoland Chase branch. It’s on their printed desk mats that show credit card options, and they can also look it up on their computers.

  • jb

    does the deal still exist?

  • Larz

    Got this today in Dallas area. Took 5 minutes

  • kzamza

    Got this today in Los Angeles area. Awesome.

  • Kumar

    It won’t.

  • Kumar

    You will get the points.

  • Kumar

    Chase rep was wrong and ignorant.

  • Kumar

    Good post

  • Kumar

    Let’s not get too greedy here. Wait 6 months between apPlications or u risk being rejected.

  • Kumar

    You don’t want to sound too greedy.

  • Kumar

    Great post

  • Kumar

    Chase has both Explorer cards.

  • Kumar


  • Lillie

    Would you know if this is still available today (March 2014)?

  • Al

    SUCCESS!…for now
    Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about the 50k offer until AFTER I signed up for this card with the 30k offer. I called Chase and asked the first representative if it was true the the 50k offer existed at the branch offices. She said it was only offered by invitation. I hung up and called again and repeated my question to the second rep. He said that since I inquired, he would note my account and that once I hit the $2000 spending requirement, I should call back and they would credit the extra 20,000 miles. Let’s cross our fingers!

  • Spine-man

    It’s still true. I just walked into my local Chase branch looking for this deal on the MileagePlus Club card and walked out with $0 fee for the first year. Nice!
    June 2014
    Metuchen. NJ

  • hk

    Is this offer still available in Chase branches??

  • SamRothstein

    Just tried it again for my wife and even though they still had the place mat with the offer, it wasn’t available for the rep to use, and when she called was told the 50k offer is only good for “pre-screened” applicants.

  • Al

    After reaching the $2000 spending requirement, I called back and the rep told me that he would contact some department and they would credit the extra 20,000 to my account. I just received this notice in the mail which confirms this. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

  • dhiman

    Tried at two Chase branches – seems the offer has expired recently

  • Doughpat

    Hey everyone-Its been a year since the last post. Can anyone verify if the deal is still on?

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