Get 150,000 AA Miles for Free in 5 Minutes With Citi 75,000 Visa and Amex Cards

by on May 13, 2011 · 339 comments

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Update 10/10/11: Links no longer seem to work so I think this deal is finally dead

For a variety of reasons, I never applied for the mega AA 75k/100k Citi bonuses and once the February 28 deadline ended, I didn’t think much about them. However, after I reeled in 100k for the British Airways bonus, I started thinking more about my Oneworld award strategy and realized I now wanted to get in on the action, even though the 75,000 mile bonus technically expired February 28, 2011. TPG reader Shuji left a comment that they had applied and gotten the 75,000 AA bonus yesterday, which prompted me to read on Flyertalk that you could still get it by applying through this link (update: link no longer works). I then realized you can also get the Citi Amex 75,000 bonus with $4,000 (update 6/16/11 $1,500 spend card is no longer available) in spend by using this link (update: link no longer works) so I applied for both and was approved for the same large credit line on both cards. There is no mention of the bonus on that page, but multiple sources have reported getting it so I was confident enough. I applied, was approved online and then I called to confirm 1-888-201-4523 and used my SSN, phone number and DOB to confirm my information and upon speaking to a rep she confirmed I was qualified for the 75,000 bonus when I hit $1,500 in 6 months. Bingo.

If you want to be absolutely positive that you are getting the 75,000 offer, you can call 1-800-408-4954 and apply for it over the phone. The spend requirement was $4,000 in the first six months. $85 annual fee waived for the first year.

A great deal, considering AA miles can be redeemed for Oneworld flights, including one-way awards as well. These miles will partner nicely with my BA 100k haul!

Tip of the hat to TPG reader Shuji for reminding me this was still active!

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  • Miles

    I wonder if this is available and functional for folks who have a history of churning Citi AA cards.

  • Matt

    If I applied and got the AAdvantage citi mastercard this march could I still qualify for one of these big 75k cards offers?

    Also how long should I wait between card applications?
    I have gotten 3 cards in the last 6 months

  • ntn

    @ Matt: FYI: I am also new at this, but here is my story. From Feb to Apr, I applied and received the following cards: Chase Southwest 2 tickets, CitiBank 75K, CapitalOne 100K matched, and Chase BA 100K. For the CitiBank, I heard that if you applied the Visa and MC on the same day, you may get both. But, if you already had one, you might not be eligible for the second once since it was “for the first time customer.” Thanks.

  • Kevin

    @TPG – If it hasn’t been 24 hours yet you might want to apply for the matching Amex to go with your Visa (or vice versa) and get 150k miles. Lots of folks have gotten both by applying within a few hours of each other. This is assuming you can hit the $8k spend combined on them of course.

    @Matt – They will reject you as not being a first time cardholder. It seems they only look back ~18 months to determine who is a first time cardholder or not from the thread on FT. But just getting the MC in March you’d get rejected based on that.

  • Nabeel

    Less that two months ago, I applied for the Citi AA 100K offer – 50K for $750 in 4 months, and 50K more for $10K in 12 months. The offer “expired” several months prior to that. I spoke to the CSR during activation and called in a second time, and both confirmed that was the offer on my account.

  • Max

    As Kevin already mentioned above, definitely double up by applying for both the Visa & AMEX cards more or less at the same time (within a day, I suppose). I think it’ll be the only opportunity you get to cash in on the combined 150k miles, and I think it also comes out looking like a single pull on your credit report. From previous posts, if you wait too long between the applications, it’ll be flagged when you try to apply for the second card that you’re no longer a “first time member” for the AAdvantage miles. From Flyertalk, there have been recent posts (yesterday and today) that people are still having success with the lesser $1,500 / 3 months spending requirements.

    Some have taken it a step further by also getting the Business card (another 75k miles) after waiting 60 days from the first applications.

    Good luck and happy flying!

  • The Points Guy

    Thanks for the encouragement- I just applied for the Amex with $1,500 spend and got approved with the same large credit limit as the Visa. Now to spend $9,500 for all these spend requirements!

  • Gerry

    @Points Guy: THANKS for your ideas! I didn’t have a Visa Business, so just applied for the 75K point offer, called to follow-up, and learned that I was approved. Would you recommend applying, too, for the 30K bonus AMEX? Never thought I’d thumb my nose at “only” 30K miles … but it’s “only” 30K miles. Thoughts?

  • Gerry

    @Points Guy: Do you have a link for a 75K bonus for Citi’s AA Amex card? Looks like you were just approved while I was typing the last note!

  • Brandon

    Just recieved my business card yesterday. This was the easiest 225k miles I’ll probably ever get.

  • The Points Guy

    @brandon- did you apply for personal visa/amex and business all in one day? or did you wait for Business app?

  • The Points Guy
  • Jason

    Back in December ’10 I applied for the Citi 75k offer, and didn’t think the first app went through. So, I filled out the application once again(online) and submitted it, only to find out that two weeks later I was approved for 2 Citi cards(both VISA’s!!), both with the $4k spend in 6mths offer. Being the moron that I am, I called up CS and asked them to cancel one of my cards, as I applied a second time by “accident”.. The amazing CS rep convinced me to keep both of the cards, and also added a $85 statement credit to the second card after I made my first purchase. Both of the annual fees were waived for the first year, and I am just waitInt for the last 75k miles to post to my AA account. Do you think I would be able to apply for the business card as well, being that it was almost 6mths ago??

  • Scott

    Just applied for the 75k Visa (personal) and was approved after calling in to confirm; Only $1500 spend over 6 months is easy… but why are people applying for the 4k spend if the 1500 was active all along?? Thanks, TPG – pluse these should count towards the million miler status so people should get it while the earning is still cheap!

  • Siva

    I applied for Citi Visa & Amex cards yesterday and got approvals for both with decent limits. Called to confirm that each gives 75000 AA miles after spending $1500 each in 6 months.

  • Brandon


    No, I applied for the personals back in February and got instant approval on both.

    Then I waited about 69 days and applied for the business card. Got a pending message saying they will contact me in 7-10 days. Two days later, I got an email saying they couldn’t verify my business/home address and to call them. Called them and after verifying some very basic information, they approved me. I think I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to send in a bunch of proof of my business.

  • Brandon


    Yes! Apply for the business card. You only needed to wait about 65 days between applications. Citi treats personal cards and business cards as separate, but they only allow 2 applications every 60 days.

  • Kevin

    +1 to everything Brandon said about the business card. I waited ~70 days as well, applied, had to call in to verify some information and then the card was approved after a bit more work.

    I wish I knew about the personal Visa + Amex trick when I applied back in December but at least I’ll get 150k miles total with the personal Visa + business Visa!

  • Sarina

    Just got approved for the 75k Visa personal with $4k spend in first 6 months. Applied over the phone at 1-800-408-4954 to be sure I was getting the points. Wish someone had posted a number for the $1500 spend offer. The online form without a reference to the offer made me nervous!

  • abcx

    I had applied for 2 personal cards and a biz on the same day and got approved for the 1 personal visa and 1 biz visa.

    This was back at the end of Feb with the 75k/1.5k offer. I suppose I could go back and apply for the personal Amex in a few days.

    Is there any way to do coins with these cards?

  • Glenn

    these offers really are amazing. I got the Citi AA Amex and Visa offers on the same day back in March. Did the Amex over the phone and the Visa online as directed on FT. Both were 75k miles after $1500 spend. Then I also got the CO Chase MC 50K bonus a couple days later. And the Barclay’s US MC (35K bonus + 10K every anniversary). And got in on the BA 100K offer. So I guess I am done for a while.

    Is Citi less strict about churning than Chase?

  • Kevin

    @abcx: You can try for the personal Amex but you will most likely be rejected for not being a first time cardholder since you already got the personal Visa.

    The business card group is different then the personal group so you can get the business card after the personal but getting a 2nd personal after just getting the personal will most likely be rejected.

  • Jason


    Thanks for the advice! Just to make sure- you don’t technically need to own a “business” to apply for the card, right? Probably a stupid question.

  • Kevin

    @Jason: Check the thread on FT in the blog post, a lot of people have gotten the business card without having a real business. Also check the 2nd post in that thread with a mini-FAQ.

    I was approved and while I have a real business it’s small, unprofitable, and has nothing else to prove it’s a real business other than a website and my word. I listed revenue as $0, I really use it as a way to try to write off expenses from a hobby of mine and I was approved after a little back and forth with Citi. As long as you have good credit Citi wants your business and will approve it.

  • jeff

    I’m new to this as well. Recently applied and go Continental One Pass w/ 50K and fee waivered. I run a business so might as well apply for the 75K AA while this is out there.

    I have a few questions if the crowd could answer be much obliged.
    1. Anyone concerns with adding credit for the ole credit report scores?
    2. Same question applies to canceling. Doesn’t it make sense to cancel accounts b4 annual fee kicks in?

  • The Points Guy

    @Jeff- an inquiry will knock 2-5 points off your credit score, so if you have a solid score, you have nothing to worry about with several inquiries every quarter (they drop off after 2 years). There is no reason to have absolutely perfect credit- good credit is just as valuable. If you are going for the 75k AA, you might as well do both Visa and Amex on the same day since itll all go under 1 inquiry.

    As for canceling, you don’t want to cancel old accounts and getting rid of huge lines of credit could hurt your score. You may want to look into downgrading your Citi card to one with no fee so you benefit from the credit available, though canceling excess accounts might make sense. I don’t think theres any 1 correct answer, but if you have good credit and pay on time, you should be fine.

  • Mike



  • Michael

    @Mike – not Delta really, but American Express Membership Rewards, which is really better than Delta in many ways. More info is here:

  • Michael

    For people who already have cards, I’ve found this 20,000 mile consolation prize:

  • Brandon

    I don’t have a business and I got approved. You do run the risk of having to send in some proof, but they may accept a personal bank statement and a utility bill if you apply as a sole proprietor using your name as the business. Also, put $0 in the revenue box.

  • tassojunior
  • tassojunior

    sorry my real name leaked out above

  • RSM

    oh.. no..
    I just applied chase Sapphire with 25k point offer 3days ago.
    Is there any way I can get 50k?

  • Kevin

    @RSM: Call or use the secure email feature on your Chase online account and ask them to match the offer. Many people did this when the 50k CO and 100k BA offers came out and they had just applied for a lower offer. Usually as long as you applied for the card within 60 days of the better offer coming out they will give you the better offer.

  • The Points Guy

    @Tasso- I just did a mini post on the Sapphire 50k. I was told it was supposed to go live on Monday so I’ll be doing my detailed post then, but overall its a fantastic deal. BTW I edited your name out of your post
    @RSM- just send Chase a secure message saying you want the 50K, since you got the card within 60 days, they should give it to you without a fight

    @Kevin- beat me to it!

  • The Points Guy

    @Mike that Amex gold offer is targeted for Columbia Business School grads, thats why I didn’t feature it- its not a legit offer, but you can still try applying, though don’t blame me if they run an inquiry AND you dont end up getting the bonus

  • Larry

    Awesome! My wife and I both both got the BA 100k miles and the AMEX platinum 50k (upgraded to 100k after calling) at the end of April. Just applied and was approved for Citi AMEX and Visa for both!! 350k miles/points in a month for each of us! YAY!! Let the planning begin :-)

  • larry

    Awesome! Wife and I both got the BA 100k and the Amex 50k (upgraded to 100k after calling) in April. Just applied and was apprved for both of these for each of us. 350k miles and points in a month! Let the travel planning begin!!

  • JohnnieD

    I just applied for and got approved for the Citi AA 100k card. I used a link to the deal that was supposed to expire in Feb. I get 50k after $750 spend and another 50k after 10k in spending in first year!

  • Tom Coumaris

    A lot of us have to wait out the 18 months for a personal. But the Biz card can be churned every 90 days it seems. I have a biz I got in January still open. I wonder how long after I close that biz card I should wait to apply for a new one?

  • larry

    Sorry for the dup above, website must have been having indigestion. gave me a wierd error message so re-submitted. Still YAY!

  • Jason

    @ Brandon & Kevin

    How long ago did you guys apply for the business card, and also, did you use the link on the FT page?? Did you apply for the business card with the $4k in 6mths spend, or the $1.5k in 6mths spend?? Obviously I would prefer to apply for the $1.5k spend. Thanks in advance!!

  • sandy

    Hi ,
    If you already got Citi AA credit card and closed it 2 years back after getting sign-up bonus. Will they give the 75K bonus points offer again ?

  • The Points Guy

    @jason- the Flyertalk links seem to still be working. There aren’t any other “better” ones to my knowledge, so your best bet is using them

    @Sandy- Citi is pretty generous letting people apply again. Check out this Flyertalk post for an example. I think you should be good to get the bonuses, but you never know.

  • Kevin

    @Jason: I applied using the 75k/$1500 link in that FT thread a few weeks ago. Card just showed up last week. A few people in that thread recently did the same and the points posted for the Business card after $1500 was spent on it. I’m getting close to hitting the $1500 so we’ll see what happens with my card.

  • FFchaser

    I applied for the Amex yesterday, got instant approval. Called and confirmed today the 75,000 mile bonus, after $1,500 in 6 months. And I just opened the BA card a few weeks ago.

  • Sam

    @Points Guy: If I already have the AAdvantage Visa card (obtained in November ’10) would I be rejected if I were to apply for the AmEx card?

  • Jason

    @ Kevin & The Points Guy

    Thanks for getting back to me. Just applied for the business Visa (via the FT thread posted in this article) as well, and was given a message of “further review needed” on the online application. Called in and spoke with a rep, and was approved with a $7.5k limit. I also confirmed with her the offer of 75k miles for $1.5k spend in 6mths. I now have 2 personal Citi Visas and 1 business Citi Visa (easiest 225k airline miles ever!!) I have around a 750 FICO, with a lot of inquiries lately. Thanks a lot for everything, and time to take it easy with the CC bonuses!! The best blog around!!

  • The Points Guy

    @Sam- it depends on when you were approved in November. The rule is that you should wait 6 months between Citi applications. If you would have applied for Visa and Amex within same 24 hours, you would have gotten both. I’d wait until the 6 month mark and apply for the Amex and a business card on the same day.

    @Jason Good to hear! Its pretty weird to apply for a card without confirmation of the bonus, so I’m happy others are having success. 75,000 x 3 for free is an amazing deal. Enjoy those miles!

  • Steve

    Hi TPG!

    Thanks again for your great tips (and those of savvy posters as well!)

    A few weeks ago, I signed on for the 35K AA miles bonus with $1K spend in 4 m0nths thinking the super 75K miles bonus was no longer available. I wrote a secure message, and was told they could not help and that I should call this customer service number: 800-950-5114.

    The customer service representative I spoke with said she could not change my bonus, but that maybe an account manager could help. This manager checked, said no bonus change was possible, but that I would get anyway get a 20K addition on account of Citi being happy I am their customer, for a 55K total.

    As much as I’d like 75K, or even 225K, it seems like 55K will have to be enough for me! :)

    So, my “it never hurts to ask bonus round” ends for now. Final score: 50K added to membership rewards for my Amex platinum card, 25K to my Chase Sapphire, and 20K to my Citi AAdvantage. 95K more…..many many many thanks TPG!

  • Omar S

    Just applied and instantly approved today for 75k/1500 Visa and Amex personal. Have a legit business, and wanted to know if I could go ahead and apply for the 75k/1500 Business card now as well? If not, how long do I have to wait?

    TPG — Thanks for all of your posts. I have gotten the following in the last 30 days through your links:
    1. Chase Continental – 50k miles
    2. Chase BA x2 (me & wife) 200k miles
    3. AA Amex – 75k miles
    4. AA Visa – 75k miles

  • Mike L

    Decided to take the plunge and apply for both from the links in this post. Approved for both with the exact same limits. I will confirm this later with a phone call. Thanks for co-signing this deal, Brian. I was hesitant until you actually did the research for us!

  • drew

    Mike, let me know how it works out! I’m thinking about getting both for my wife and myself.

  • Mendy

    How come when I click on the links I don’t see any mention of the 75k Offer?

  • drew

    Because they took down the offer but not the application. The application link has a different promotion code and all that jazz.
    What I’m wondering is wether or not I should apply for these when I just applied for the BA (chase) card on may 5th. Thoughts?

  • hoglard1

    Does anyone have a phone number to talk to CSR about reconsideration? Here’s my situation: Applied for Citi Visa at the end of Feb for the 100K for $10K spend w/i one year and was approved. Saw these TPG posts and comments last week and decided to apply for Citi Amex with the 75K for $1500 spend. Just got an email today saying no because I’m not a first-time Citi Advantage cardmember since I already have a Citi Advantage account. Am I likely to be able to persuade the CSR or supervisor that Citi Amex is not a Citi Visa so I am a first-timer? I’d like the card for the bonus (of course) and would like to convince the CSR or supervisor that I need the Amex for stores like Costco that don’t take Visa. Thoughts? Thanks!

  • take

    I applied yesterday night for both amex and visa. It told me to call in after I applied. Called and got accepted with the 75k promo on both. THANKS!

  • Sandy

    Hi Points guy,

    I applied for Citi American Advantage Amex card from your link above and it got approved. I also called up the phone and they said it was 75K bonus offer. However, the lady was not able to tell me anything if I would get bonus points even if I had Ctii Amex AA card before. Do you know , how this system works for bonus point eligiblity. I sent my question to you before but did not see any answer. I want to apply for my wife also but want to confirm with you if you have any experience on this. Thanks

  • Erin

    I already have a Citi AAdvantage Platinum MC (had it for over 10 years) as well as a couple of other Citi cards (one of which is a Thank You network card, when I called to cancel it they offered me 5 points per dollar for 3 months if I would keep it! Needless to say I put every dollar spent on that card until those 3 months are up!)- would I be eligible for the 75,000 if I applied for a Visa or Amex? Also, is the double up offer only if you do the Visa first, then the Amex or could I just do the Amex?

  • The Points Guy

    @Erin- you can just do the amex for the 75k.

  • Mike L

    Just received both personal cards – Platinum Visa & the Amex. Activated both and confirmed by both separate CSR’s that I am under the 75K miles for $1500 spend within the first 6 months. Thanks for recommending this deal, Brian!

  • Anna

    Am a bit confused about this post – is it $1,500 spend w/in 6 months for each, or both together? Or is it $4K spend? I’m confused. But points guy, you rock!

  • Nick

    I just applied and was approved for both. I called Citi and confirmed that each one has a $1500 spending requirement within the first 6 months to get the bonus miles. I thought it was $1500 for one and $4000 for the other, but the rep verified that both had the lower spending requirement.

    Very excited!! Hoping to use the miles for AA/LAN flights in business from MIA-SCL (stopover)-IPC-SCL-MIA next year. Thanks for the recommendation, Brian! Just wish I knew about your website before the BA offer expired…

  • Dustin

    Does anyone know the documents needed to prove a business at your address? I received the contact us for approval for the business card. I’ve called twice and I’m still not clear that I have the items they are asking for. I sell items on eBay occasionally and thought this would be considered a business. Any thoughts?

  • Rob L

    Just applied for both online and confirmed over the phone the 75k bonus miles with $1500 spend in 6 months. Might have my wife apply and see if we can make it 300k miles total.

  • Jeff

    I’m looking this over. I see the links for VISA and AMEX cards at 75K a pop (4K and 1.5K spends respectively). Get that.

    I see a few posts about business card. I’m a business owner with a crappy rewards card so would love to do this. Can you point me to a link to that as well.



  • jeff

    Follow up to my last post. I applied for both those cards at once. Called the 800 number on the final page with application number. Got approval and confirmation that year one fee is waved, 75K bonus miles for 1500.00 spend.

    That’s 150k miles just like that. Maybe I will do that trip to Australia in the Winter I’ve been thinking of!

    Now if I can just figure out the link to the 75K Business account I’ll be stoked.

    Love this site!

  • sida

    I need to beef up points for air travel …have AMEX points and United Points…. and want to add to Virgin atlantic..for free or upgrade tickets…..
    Do I have to close my Amex and Chase Visa before applying for one of the Bonus miles programs…will my miles stay in place after I close out the cards? I have excellent credit…
    What are the best bonus programs now with the best airline flexibility…

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  • Alan

    (Sorry I posted my question about this offer to the wrong post. And, thanks for your response!)

    Follow-up question: AA Gold Status is 25k points or 25k miles. Platinum is 50k points or 50k miles. Does this offer automatically put you into Platinum Status?


  • Alan


    (You can ignore my May 27 post.)

    I called Visa to make sure the 75k bonus was still active. I was told that the latest offer was 30k miles for spending $1k in the first 4 months. When I pressed the agent regarding the availability of the 75k offer, he said that the 30k offer was the latest offer.

    I didn’t apply.


  • Allie

    Just applied online, called for further information and approved with confirmation of 75k miles once $1,500 spent in first 6 months – Citi American Express!

  • Pearl

    I got this card about 3 and a half months ago and have did the 30,000 for $750 spend and got the miles in my AAdvantage account. Is there any way I can convince the Citi people to let me have the 75,000/$1500 bonus? I called already and the rep was pretty obstinate about it, saying that I only have the earlier offer. Should I threaten to cancel? Thank you!

  • veeRob

    Failed miserably on these cards. Not sure why.

    Applied for the AmEx card and was declined due to “You have the maximum amount of credit that can be issued to an individual.” Called them up to ask them what this means, and they referenced another Citi card I had with $17,700 in credit. I was advised to call them and lower my credit, then call back and have them re-evaluate.

    I lowered that card’s credit limit to $2,000, and when I called back the next day, I was told that they don’t re-evaluate applications and that I’d need to re-apply. Spoke to a supervisor who finally said that she’d have the application re-evaluated.

    Got called back two days later and was told I was denied. Got another rejection email citing the same reason.

    My credit is flawless, so I don’t know why I was rejected. Pretty upsetting.

  • jeff


    Came up with the same problem and surprised cause I was in same situation. I already had two CC with Citi with 35K plus of credit. I called the number immediately after aplying online when they said to. They offered on the amex to “use” 10K of credit from another card (I wasn’t using) so that got a approved. They gave me a low limit on the Visa 2K, which doesn’t matter since I’m only about the miles on these cards.

    In essence Citi extended 2K more of credit to me, shifted the other around. Don’t know if you can do that now, but worth a try and also good info for others.

  • Gus

    Is this offer still valid thru the links???

  • James


    I also signed up under the 30K bonus. I called, escalated, and spoke with an “account manager” and she said if I faxed in the 75K offer, they would consider moving me to the 75K award program. I faxed in a copy of this post from TPG’s web site, and I was able to get both my cards (MC and Visa) and both my wife’s cards converted from 30K to 75K. 180K extra points! Good luck.

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  • Danny

    I applied and was accepted for Citi AAdvantage Visa in October, met the spend requirement, and got my 75,000 miles. I applied the other day for Citi AAdvantage Amex and was rejected citing “offer only valid to first time AAdvantage customers”. I called and was told the new credit policy is that a first time AAdvantage customer means Amex, MC, VISA and even business. Anyone else hear of this? I don’t see how to get 150,000 miles with this policy

  • Caroline

    Well, I went for it — and I can’t believe my luck — I was automatically approved online (for the Amex). I’m a grad student with limited credit history (and limited income) and I just got the BA deal, so I cannot believe this just happened. Perhaps I should have called to confirm the 75K in advance, but after reading through this and following the link to Flyertalk, it seemed like a pretty sure bet. I think I will call tomorrow.

    What confuses me, though, is — if this offer is still active, does that mean no one is getting the 30K deal that is supposedly the latest? Are there people applying for that who magically end up with 75K? I know I’ve read that the link you use matters (and I used the one on this page just in case!) but out of curiosity I searched online and found the active link and it looked … exactly the same.

    @Alan — I can’t talk because I haven’t confirmed that I did get the 75K (although I did confirm via Flyertalk that people have gotten as recently as during the last couple of days), but I wonder if you were just talking to the wrong sales rep (and you hadn’t applied yet). Confusing since the offer is *technically* expired. For some reason they don’t want to advertise that this is still active….

  • Laura

    I just called the 1-800-408-4954 number provided in the first posting and was approved at the end of the call for the Citi VISA with a AA 75K bonus once I spend $4k within 6 mos. of receiving the card. I wanted to let everyone know that the deal still seems to be on, and it’s June 2nd today. I’ve been following this blog for about two months now and I love it! Great job, TPG!

  • Diana

    I just signed up yesterday, and confirmed that the link indeed qualifies me for the 75K points. Yay, thanks so much for this info!!

  • Caroline

    Just called (Amex card) and confirmed I do qualify for the 75K signup bonus. No problems at all. Can’t believe how easy it was!

    Thank you, TPG!

  • ZekeNix

    Update: Applied about 10 days ago and got both cards in the mail, 1 yesterday and 1 today. Called on both and was told yes. 75K miles with $1500 in first 6 months on BOTH (not $4000 on one & $1500 on other!!!) BUT was also told on the VISA that the 75K miles won’t appear “until November 30, 2011, when the offer expires” not matter even if I spend the $1500 tomorrow. So, that looks like the “offer” is running another 6 months… can’t confirm that, but it sounds like that application link may be still out there for awhile if anyone has missed applying or wants to reapply if they didn’t get it in March or prior…

    Thanks TPG!!! And enjoy Japan!

  • Angel

    You can get additional 75,000 miles applying for the Visa Business card. I can confirm that as of 6/10/2011 the Visa Business 75,000 after spending $1,500 within 6 months still works! I just applied, got instant approval and called the 1-888-201-4523 and confirmed the details of the offer. I applied for the Citi Visa and Amex cards about 4 months ago and I just decided to try the business one and voila! So, yes, it works guys!!!! Go ahead and take advantage of this generous offer. So far I made 225,000 AAdvantage miles with Citi cards (personal Amex and Visa plus the Business Visa card).
    @TPG: If you want a link for this offer, let me know :)

  • Jenny

    Does anyone have the application link for the Citi Amex 75,000 bonus card and Visa Business 75,000 card? The Citi Amex link doesn’t seem to work from the post above, and I can’t find the Visa Business link either. Thank you and I’m excited!! :)

  • Jeff


    That’s good stuff.

    I got the visa/amex for 75K each, applied and delivered within last month.

    Would like to round off with a business visa for my company. Anyone know:
    1. How long one should wait? I hear 6 months but isn’t their a good chance the promotion is down?
    2. If I do this through a company why is it the same as a personal? Tax ID should be different than SS no?

  • Jenny

    I applied for the Citi Amex, got approved, and called back to confirm the 75,000 bonus. However, I was told that the bonus is only 30,000. I asked the rep to double-check and said that I was told it was 75,000, same as the Citi Visa bonus. But the rep insisted that the Citi Amex card bonus is only 30,000. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on what I should do?

  • Mike A

    Applied Monday, got the card yesterday. Just called to confirm I was on the 75k offer and the rep said I was =D

    Per the rep, “75k miles if you spend 1,500 withing 6 months…” And this is for the Citt AA visa.

  • Juicers

    Does anyone know if you can get the 75K bonus for 2 business cards? Each for a different business?? Thanks

  • Kenny

    When you apply for multiple cards, do you put your AAdvantage # in the application? Or you just let them create a new AAdvantage account # for you?
    Can you combine two AA accounts?

  • dan

    Has anyone had success applying for the AMEX offer after getting in on the earlier Visa and Visa business cards? I recall reading that the 75K miles are valid only to ‘first time customers.’ Any thoughts on whether it would be worth rolling to dice to receive a third dose of 75K bonus miles?

  • KathyO75

    I recevied my Citi AA card two weeks ago and with my statement closing on 6/22/11 the 75,000 bonus is already in my AA account. The link above is definitely still working for the Citi Visa.

  • Peace

    Is the 75K miles offer still good for the Visa and Amex? If so what are the links? Thank you.

  • Peace

    I just followed the two links at top for both Visa and Amex. I got both cards with the 75K on each and its June 29th, so I guess it still works. :-) Pretty sweet deal! I love this site!!

  • The Points Guy

    @Peace- thanks for letting us know! I know it is nerve racking to apply without any written confirmation, so its good to know the deal is still alive

  • Pearl

    I posted earlier about wanting the 75k after having signed up under the 30k offer. After many calls and many escalations to supervisors who couldn’t do anything, I finally spoke with one in MD on a weekend who said she’d call me back after she talked with her supervisor. Two weeks pass and I don’t think I’ll hear from her but then she calls at 7PM on a Friday night and says she can do it under the conditions stipulated by the offer – $1.5k within 6 months, which I have already exceeded with the last statement, 4 months after opening the account. Hopefully it’ll transfer in automatically, but I did get her employee number and name so I can call back if there’s any issue with it. Thanks for all your help on this blog, both Brian and the commenters! I wouldn’t have been so persistent with it if others hadn’t corroborated.

  • Dogandhiscoat

    Just received my Citi and AMEX 75, 000 mile reward cards on 07/01/2011. Called to confirm, and the $1500 and $4000 terms still apply. It appears there is still time to get in on the action.

  • Anonymous

    Applied yesterday online at the same time using the above links for both Visa and Amex. Probably both personal, don’t remember been asked anything about business. Got Amex approved instantly. Haven’t called to check if it’s 75K though. Still waiting for another. I don’t have an AA advantage account before, so I guess I’ll be given a new account for each card. My question is if I should or I can request AA to combine two rewards into one AA account or I should use two accounts separately with its own reward? Do AA allow two accounts for the same person?

  • Jae Shim

    how come this isnt the top deal if its still alive? isnt this better than the 50k chase saphire rewards?

  • Anonymous

    Good question. Because this is unpublished and could be pulled at any second (and it inevitably will), I don’t want to personally vouch for it as the top deal of the moment. Also, the Sapphire is a better all around card, with transfer opportunities to Star Alliance/Hotels/Amtrak as well, no fee for the first year, no foreign transaction fee and a 7% bonus each year. I do see your point- I think the shady nature of the deal is what makes me hesitant to really promote it.

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  • YessMissWin

    Any recently (last couple of days) approved for the 75K bonus? I’d like to grab both of these, but I’ve been pretty active with accounts lately so want to be more sure they’re still happening.

  • Rubaflo

    Applied today – instant approval for Visa (first one applied for) and further review required for the AMEX

  • YessMissWin

    Hey there … did you get confirmation of the points bonus as well or is the approval for the card and you’re waiting to hear about the points? Thank you!

  • Zil

    Is this offer is subject to “first-time applicant” requirements?

  • Enigma

    Got approved for 75K visa today (via phone) but the spend requirement in now $4000 even for Visa.

  • YessMissWin

    Got approved for the Visa and AMEX back to back. Will wait to call and confirm the bonus offers upon receipt of my cards. Fingers crossed – thanks TPG

  • Fpena98

    Just received a call from Citi customer service and got approved for the AMEX 75,000 miles after $4,000 spending in 6 months. Looks like the link above still works. Waiting on the VISA as I applied for both. Will report when I hear from Citi.

  • Enigma

    Got approved for both Visa and Amex with 75K offers (on phone).

  • Jeff

    Confirmation. Got 75K X 2

  • Amy

    My Citibank card went through with the $1,500/6 months and 75k.

  • Desmond

    Is there any way to confirm that the offer still stands before applying? I tried calling the number to apply by phone (1-800-408-4954) and got a recording that says “The offer for which you are calling is not yet available”

  • Desmond

    Amy, did you apply online and confirm by phone afterwards? Was that today? I just want to make sure the deal still stands. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Links are still good. Just got approved for both cards for 75k miles each. Even the operator I called to confirm said how great the deal is. Thanks TPG!!

  • Srajmk

    I used the phone number which didn’t work. Then I applied for the AA Amex card via the link on this site and was given a phone number to call at the end of that process. The customer service rep then confirmed the 75,000 bonus. Yay!

  • Srajmk

    No, it’s not. I have 2 Citi cards and the rep commented on that and thanked for my loyalty!

  • Srajmk

    No, it’s not. I have 2 Citi cards and the rep commented on that and thanked for my loyalty!

  • Desmond

    Just worked for me too. 1.5k spend gets 75k miles immediately. This is awesome! thanks so much

  • JT

    i clicked on both links above. no where does it mention the 75,000 aa points for applying. how would one know if they will get the 75,000 aa points for each card?

  • Anonymous

    Jt- that’s the point of his post- there’s no mention of the offer but everyone is still getting it

  • Kane

    I applied for both cards on the same day – Sun, July 18th. Both cards showed up on Friday July 23rd. Called to activate the cards and confirmed the 1500 within 6 months for 75,000 with the Visa, and 4000 within 6 months for the Amex. Used your links, thanks!

  • Kane

    Ditto to what the points guy said – I never saw the 75,000 anywhere, but they said that was the bonus for both cards when I called to activate them.

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  • Fpena98

    Trust the links, I applied a week ago and got both, the AMEX $4000 spending in 6 months = 75,000 miles and the VISA $1,500 spending in 6 months = 75,000 miles so just trust the links even though no where do you see the 75,000 miles.

  • Fpena98

    Just got approved for the VISA today, $1,500 spending in 6 months = 75,000 miles!

  • Lyons

    I just applied for both cards using the links listed above and was confirmed for both cards immediately with a $20,000 credit line. I then called the 1-888-201-4523 and confirmed the following: AMEX 75,000 miles after a $4,000 spend in 6 months; VISA 75,000 miles after a $1,500 spend in six months. Thanks everyone for hooking me up with this great deal.

  • Lyons

    I just applied for both cards using the links listed above and was confirmed for both cards immediately with a $20,000 credit line. I then called the 1-888-201-4523 and confirmed the following: AMEX 75,000 miles after a $4,000 spend in 6 months; VISA 75,000 miles after a $1,500 spend in six months. Thanks everyone for hooking me up with this great deal.

  • Shoonye

    I applied for both simultaneously yesterday and got instant approval on the Visa but a review on the Amex. Should I call today and inquire about approval for the Amex or wait it out? My wife got instant approval for both and I actually have a higher credit score.

    Also, I and my wife haven’t received any emails yet on the ones that got instant approved. Is that typical?

  • Lyons

    I wouldn’t worry about the emails; I’ve yet to receive my confirmation. You might as well call to check on the Amex review. Congratulation on getting 225,000 to 300,000 miles when all is said and done. Well done.

  • Eric

    You should get an email in the next day or two. That’s how it worked for my wife and me, and we were both approved in about 3 days.

  • Robertdbarlow

    It doesn’t work anymore.7-25-2011

  • Anonymous

    How do you know? Did you apply and then call? Or did you just call?

    If you just call every agent will tell you its no longer working.

  • Larry K

    I applied and got the Visa (per), but then was denied the Amex (per) for the reason that I already received the Citi Visa AA card. I’m thinking about applying for the Visa AA business card. Any thoughts? I would apply through the link again?

  • Shoonye

    Just got a call from Citi to verify my address and confirm that I had indeed applied for both cards. Both applications have been successfully processed.

  • JPS

    Tried to call the number 1-800-408-4954 to apply for the card, but the number did not work.

    So I applied online and was approved for the Visa card. Then I called 1-888-201-4523 to confirm that I am receiving the 75,000 miles and did receive confirmation. Just use the link!

  • Glenn K.

    Just got the Visa card and 75,000 miles using the above link. Nice! I also called 1-888-201-4523 to verify.

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  • PKT

    Does anyone know if the Amex offer is still live? I just applied for the Visa, called, confirmed (woohoo!), but don’t want to waste another application if it is not.

  • Leigh3950

    I just applied to both using the links. I was approved online instantly. I called and verified… All good! With the visa you have to spend $1,500 in 6 months and I think it was $85 per year for 75,000 bonus. And the Amex was $4,000 in 6 months I think about $85 per year and 75,000 bonus. Loving it!

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  • Jason

    Does anybody know if past/current Citibank Aadvantage cardholders are eligible for the 75K bonus? I have a current Aadvantage card that I’ve had for 4+ years and would like to close that account to take advantage of the better mileage bonus.

  • Eric

    Still works. 7-31-2011

  • Chris NY

    Just applied for the CitiCard Visa and was approved on line immediately. I then called teh 800 number and spoke to representative(in Manilla) She confimed that the first year fee of $85.00 was waived and that I needed to spend $1,500 within the first 6 months in order to get the 75,000 bonus miles,

  • First Timer

    Yup, as of Sunday, July 31 at 1:50PM EST the CitiCard Visa deal that Chris NY has explained below is still a GO!

  • Linda CA

    I just called 1-888-201-4523 and was told that only a 30K offer was available unless I received a special invite. Agent suggested I go to to see if the 75K offer was there. It wasn’t.

  • RM63368

    just did the Visa and Amex cards (2 browser trick) and got $15K limit on each card. those were my 2 &3 cards of the morning – crack off the Amex Plat card first.

  • Henry T

    Applied both cards. Didn’t get instant approval. But received approval emails today. So called the number listed above and confirmed that the Visa Card has 75K points offer with $1500 in first 6 months and the Amex card has 75K points offer with $4000 in first 6 months too.

  • Anonymous

    Linda- the whole point is that the offer is still active, but you have to apply via the links in this post. Any phone rep will tell you otherwise, but as the hundreds of commenters (and myself) can confirm is that the offers are still valid. You need to have a little faith on this one, but its worth it for 150k free miles!

  • XxPaulCPxx

    I thought I had applied to both, turned out I got two Visa’s… both offer 75K after $4000 in 6mo.

  • Just_joelking

    Just applied today for both and was approved. I had to call for both to see if I was approved-and with 2 separate phone calls I was approved for both, and confirmed that each had 75K miles with $1,500 and $4,000 spend. My 2nd phone call did not mention my previous application, even though it was already approved.

  • SH

    I just called the number: 1-800-408-4954 and had an auto greeting saying the offer is not “available yet.”

    If I do the online app — what number should I be calling to confirm the $75k afterwards?

    Does it matter if I put in my existing AA#?

  • Thereturnofthedark

    I just applied for both cards last night (8/5/2011). I had to call in because I already had a credit card with CITI & was at the maximum amount of credit line they can give me. So basically, they took some of the credit line from my initial card to give me both the VISA and AMEX card.

    I confirmed both offers with them: $1500 in 6 months for the VISA & $4000 in 6 months with AMEX for 75000 miles each.

  • Thereturnofthedark

    I also meant to say Thank You for posting the links! Having faith paid off for once!

    I also did not mention the other application when I called.

  • SH

    Decided to take the chance: Results were a resounding success!!

    1. phone number listed above says the offer is not yet available — ignore it

    2. Fill out application (no mention of offer) — I used existing AA number

    3. Approval!: 75k after $1500 in 6 months and waived fee for first year

    4. I had gone into my local Citibank branch before to inquire — nada — just need to have faith the random online link will work :)


  • DanFromNY

    This offer is still alive as of Aug 7th, 2011. I applied for both personal cards and got instantly approved, called in and the rep confirmed the 75,000 miles for each. Thanks TPG! Now going to wait 65 days and apply for the business card.

  • DanFromNY

    I don’t think it matters if you only mention one card at a time. They already have both cards listed under your name on their database so they know. Without mentioning which cards, the guy congratulated me on getting approved for both cards. =]

  • Tradewindsre

    Can I ask a quick question? I had both the Citi AA Visa and the Citi AA Business Visa. I cancelled the Citi AA Visa in June 2011 and just canceled my Citi AA Business Visa today August 7, 2011. When is the earliest time I can try to apply for any or all of these again? I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!

  • Solo3

    Confirmed. Was approved (immediately online) for Citi VISA via link (7 Aug). Called rep today to verify bennies (75K AA bonus miles after $1500 purchase with first 6 mos) which she did. WOO-HOO.

  • Benthelefty

    I got the Citi VISA back last year. Can I still sign up for the Amex 75k? I searched the replies but didn’t see the answer…

  • Pasofinogal

    Got both deals! Slick as silk. I was doubtful since I already had some Citi products in my wallet. They simply moved some of the credit I wasn’t using on a retired Mastercard around and voila! Approval. Thanks, Points Guy!!!

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  • Newbie

    Taking care of business. Just applied for and received both visa and amex. Called to confirm the 1,500 and 4,000 spend levels = 75,000 miles each. Bingo! Thanks!!

  • Jeff

    I want to confirm this worked for me. About 3 months ago did this, got both cards instantly approved, and now sitting on 150K miles. Each card only had 1500.00 spend limit btw. I would like to now apply for my Business Card doing this. Can someone post the link to that? Don’t see it. Thanks.

  • Trent Swanson

    confirming that both links on TPG post work correctly as of 1P EST 8/11. For existing Citi customers, I recommend avoiding the Quick link. Fill out one app via first link, submit for approval, then populate form on second link, submit for approval, and get both acceptance acknowledgements simultaneously. Still need to call #’s to determine 1500/4000 6 mo. spend limits, respectively. Thanks, TPG and all posters for the great info.

  • Jon S

    So I finally decided to do this, making them the first cards I’ve ever applied for to get a sign-up bonus. Was approved for both… with big credit limits… kind of a pleasant surprise for me since I’ve already got two other cards from citi.

    Going to call and confirm the offers as well…

  • Trent Swanson

    careful about cancelling cards.. This reduces total available credit $ and will reduce your credit score.. Better approach might be to downgrade to no annual fee version from respective bank

  • Trent Swanson

    careful about cancelling cards.. This reduces total available credit $ and will reduce your credit score.. Better approach might be to downgrade to no annual fee version from respective bank

  • LLL

    Were you able to confirm the offers?

  • Kay

    Thanks Points Guy! Approved along with 75,000 miles

  • AK

    Can you apply and get the bonus even if you already have a Citi AA card which was approved in the previous 12 months?

  • Mario P

    Yup…got this too! 75,000 for the Visa

  • LB

    just got them both….8/11/11

  • PR

    Just applied… was told that I have to wait til tomorrow for the AmEx decision but was approved immediately for the Visa. Confirmed the terms of both cards on the phone and they are what was described in the post. Single hooray! Hoping for another one tomorrow!

  • KP-HOU

    still works 8/11/2011 – applied online and confirm points by phone – thanks!

  • FW

    Thanks to you and Shuji for this info. Just applied online and was approved for both with bonuses and spend requirements you noted. My husband just got a Citi Advantage select Platinum card but it is only with 60,000 bonus miles. Any chance we might get his upgraded for the 75,000 miles?

  • todd

    Works as of 8/11/11, 9 PM EST. Applied online, called to confirm. 75000 miles for $1500/6 months for the Visa, 75000 miles for $4000/6 months on the Amex. Thanks TPG!

  • Benthelefty

    Applied for the AmEx and was denied. Call to find out the reason but it’s closed. Maybe too many inquiries, or possibly too many Citi cards? I only have 2 (another AAdvantage card and Citi Forward card) and am not sure. How well does Citi work with reconsideration requests?

  • Fungarkansas

    Just applied and got approved for both with identical credit lines on both. Funny thing is the credit line is higher than any of the cards I have. I have average credit score and was denied by Chase Sapphire a few months ago, so this comes as quite a surprise. I’m glad to bag the 150k miles! Didn’t call to confirm, but I trust that they’ll post!

  • Fungarkansas

    By the way, I’ve had the Citi AA Platinum since 2009 and got them to waive the annual fee in both 2010 and 2011 when it came time to renew. So this would be my 2nd and 3rd Citi AA card.

  • wantingmiles

    Did you fill out the online app initially and then call, or you just called?

  • SA

    Awesome, approved, and looking forward to using AA miles from Denver – much less a pain then BA.

  • Mbhou921

    just applied and confirmed offer. approved for both, 75k for AMEX and VISA. thanks so much TPG!

  • njd

    Applied for both last night. Visa was approved, but they said that the Amex was only 20,000 bonus with $750 purchase. Tried calling application dept but they said the best card they have is the Citi Aadvantage Select Amex for 30,000 mile bonus. Can anyone tell me what the exact card is or post the link to the online card application?

    thanks so much.

  • guest

    “the offer for which you are calling is not yet available”

  • Anonymous

    Exactly- as everyone has reported you can only get it by applying through the links

  • Baseballjunkie

    Your blog gives a number to apply over the phone and ye s it says” the offer is not yet available”.

  • anon

    I have an existing aa account linked with a 5+years old cc with X miles. I just applied and got approved for the Visa 75k bonus with $1500 spend but did not put in my aadvantage # bc I was afraid that I wouldn’t get approve (T&C states offer is only valid for new accounts). Should I call and ask them to merge my old acct with the new one? Or will I lose the sign up bonus?

  • mileseeker

    Filled out online app this morning, a bit nervously bc I already have 3 citi cards (but not a Visa) and pretty sure I’m maxed out on credit with them. Hit submit, got a msg that they needed more info and I should call. I told the rep who answered that I already had some citi accounts and thought I might be close to the max credit they offer, and would be glad to roll over some of the credit line from an existing card to this new card. She said she’d check it out, came back and agreed that I did have a lot of credit and it’d be no problem to do that. Instantly approved my Visa, confirmed 75k after $1500 spend. Best credit card deal to boot. THANK YOU points guy – this is almost enough for me & DH to get to visit his family overseas (off-peak)!

  • Benthelefty

    I thought I had replied to another question but I can’t seem to find it…

    I spoke with a rep today and she said this bonus was only for first time customers…but many have reported signing up months ago (like myself) and still being okay? I have the personal VISA and applied for the Amex this time (personal). Should I have applied for the Business one instead? Not sure why I got rejected w/ the “first time customers” line…thanks in advance!

  • Mbhou921
  • Mbhou921

    the offer isn’t posted on that page but it was confirmed by the rep. she told me the offer, i didn’t give her any info so i knew it was correct. hope this helps.

  • Aravindg

    I got approved using the link mentioned above and called to confirm the miles and spend requirement. It was 75K and 1500 (for visa). You made my day

  • Aravindg

    I got approved using the link mentioned above and called to confirm the miles and spend requirement. It was 75K and 1500 (for visa). You made my day

  • minghi

    I’ve an amex which i applied few months ago and got the 75k bonus miles, then few weeks back i applied for the visa and got rejected, they said i already have one AA card from citi, why do i need another? i tried to reason with them saying amex is not accepted overseas and i want to earn AA miles even then but no go. they said one promotion per customer. of course, YMMV depending on the agent that answers the phone.

  • Brownlunchsack

    I had applied online a few weeks ago on my own through a different link for a 40K mile sign up bonus on the Citi Visa. I just called the number on the back of my card and asked if they’d change my sign up bonus to the 75K bonus, and after 5 minutes on hold, they said that they’d credit my account with 35K extra bonus miles. Score!

  • Asraf

    Links work and got the 75,000 mile promotions you spoke of. Called afterwards to confirm, although ditto on the phone number not working. Travis better be right about AA.

  • Texasex95

    Approved for both. Called to confirm mileage bonus…75,000 with $1500/6 months and 75,000 with $4000/6 months. Thanks!

    By the way, I’m using American miles to book car rentals and hotels and they require fewer miles for both hotel and car rental than United does and I’m 1K with United. Not sure what’s up with that. Makes me think about switching to American especially now since I’m 15% closer to Gold status for life!

  • Kisf0rkat

    the miles wont show on the aa advantage acct until the 1500 are spent right?

  • Anonymous

    Correct- they post when the statement closes after you hit the spend requirement

  • Lusherista86

    Approved for 75k thru citi visa with $1500/6 months and first year waived!!! THanks!!!!!!

  • Nadine

    Just applied for both online and then called and verified – The rep told me I only had to spend $1500 each for the next 6 months to get the 75K. I don’t trust that, so I’ll watch to see when I hit $1500 on the Amex if I get the bonus miles, otherwise will spend the full $4K. So excited – this will help with our fly to Hawaii in 1st class trip.

  • njd

    Make sure you apply for both on the same day. Apparently its a glitch in their system that allows you to have the promotion on two separate cards. If you apply on consecutive days (or in my case, I applied online late one evening PST, and by the time I applied for the second one they were closed!), the system will have updated and they will most likely deny the offer for the 2nd card.

    Bummed that I didn’t get the second card with addditional 75,000 miles, but happy at least for the first 75,000 miles.

  • Askia Suruma

    I get a blank page using this link.

  • Emerycrush

    I’m interested in the 150,000 AA miles bonus with Citi Amex and Visa but cannot understand how to transfer the Amex miles to my AA frequent flyer account since AA is not a partner of American Express. Please explain! Thanks

  • Anonymous

    These are not American express membership rewards cards. The miles will deposit directly into your AA account

  • Kevin

    I have a Citibusiness Visa Aadvantage card and have had other Citi Aadvantage cards in the past. Applied for both and just received a denial for the AmEx stating: “This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers. Our records indicate that you previously had a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account with us.”

    It seems others with active accounts are being approved. What gives? If I closed my current account, would I then be eligible?

  • Pmd6100

    if i already have existing AMEX card with Citi, is there a way i can apply for 75k bonus?



  • John

    I received the same message in denial email after I went through the 5th step and called in to verify. I would appreciate suggestion too.

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  • Paul

    how were u able to waive the fees? I called them to waive but they denied. thx for the tip

  • Emerycrush

    I understand now that it is not a true American Express card. I applied over the internet with your links on Sunday, got instant approval on both cards and now just awaiting arrival of the cards themselves. Had no problem getting approval although I already have one Citi Platinum Select card probably because I’ve had that card for years and would not be considered a churner (yet)! There was no mention made anywhere of the mileage rewards so I am trusting that those miles will end up in my account after I reach the spend requirement. This is kind of fun!

  • Emerycrush

    I understand now that it is not a true American Express card. I applied over the internet with your links on Sunday, got instant approval on both cards and now just awaiting arrival of the cards themselves. Had no problem getting approval although I already have one Citi Platinum Select card probably because I’ve had that card for years and would not be considered a churner (yet)! There was no mention made anywhere of the mileage rewards so I am trusting that those miles will end up in my account after I reach the spend requirement. This is kind of fun!

  • IlanaF

    i just applied for both cards and was told both offers were still available

  • Murtuza

    Can you give me the number you called in to confirm the offer?

  • KenG

    I applied for both the AMEX and Visa cards on Sunday. EMail received on Tuesday said, since I previously had an account. I do not qualify for this offer. That account has been closed for over a month.

    This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers.?
    Our records indicate that you previously had a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account with us.

    Is there a timeframe to wait after closing a previous Citi AMEX card?

  • Marlonalonzosr

    I have 6 months credit history (I opened my first two secured credit card in febraury 2011 with $300 limit each), I have a FICO score with Experian of 730, Transunion 741 and Equifax 739, do you think I qualify to get the AA citibank credit cards?

  • Anonymous

    Scores are good, so I’d go for it. The only person able to answer the question will be Citi themselves! Let us know how it goes

  • Malorie Sellers

    @thepointsguy, thank you so much for your blog and specifically this post. I had been debating whether or not to give in and sign up for a card and decided to take the plunge on this one. Just called and confirmed that I would receive the 75,000 miles within the parameters outlined in your post and the friendly Citi rep said “yes!” What wonderful news! I’m so excited, so thank you again.

  • ania

    I got approved for both cards, with 75K bonus miles on each of them after I spend 1500 for visa and 4000 for amex in 6 months. Awesome deal!!! Thanks sooooo much! Make sure you use the phone number that TPG referenced to verify the awards! I tried to call another number to verify the deal and they had no idea.

  • KenG

    so… Is there a timeframe to wait after closing a previous Citi AMEX card before you can get 2 new cards?

  • cvoice

    Applied for both on the same day. The visa card was approved with a 17k credit limit. However, today I just received an email saying the amex card application is denied because “Your total credit obligations, which include outstanding credit lines, and monthly rent/mortgage obligation are too high to meet our approval guidelines, when compared to your stated income.” Is there a number that I can call to get reconsideration on the application? Is it possible to relocate some of the 17k credit line to the amex card to get it approved?

    Would be nice to get the extra 75k miles!

  • rk1001

    Thanks! Received both cards and a call to customer service confirmed that I will receive 150,000 miles (total for two cards).

  • Espan

    Just applied for the Visa online, followed up giving them information via online chat, was approved immediately and online rep confirmed the 75000 mile bonus applied

  • Espan

    Just applied for the Visa online, followed up giving them information via online chat, was approved immediately and online rep confirmed the 75000 mile bonus applied

  • MilesEarner

    Not sure how people are doing on this offer as of today 8/19/2011. I got approved and received a 75K offer from AAdvantage VISA via regular snail mail about a year ago. I applied for the AMEX 3 days ago via the link and they told me it was decline because I already had a AAdvantage Select with Visa. So this may mean:

    A) If you want 150K, you must apply for both at the same time so that they can’t cross reference the system since I was declined for the AMEX one, even though i’ve never applied for AAdvantage AMEX before.

  • Sheffield

    TPG or anyone who knows,

    Just applied for both and received the message at the end saying “We have received your application and further processing is required at this time. We will contact you within a week via email regarding our decision”. What should I do? Do I really have to wait the week? I tried to call both numbers listed above and neither worked for me.



  • KenG

    Is there a timeframe to wait after closing a previous Citi AMEX card before you can get 2 new cards? I wated 30+ days since closing accts at CITI, applied for AMex/Visa same day and both denied since wasn’t my first time I had a card with them. Am I out of luck to get more points?

  • HJS

    do you have a number for reconsideration for the 75 k visa citi card?

  • Sc487z

    Bummer… Looks like I’m going to miss out on the Visa one. I put in my application (5 times now).. and every time got: A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later

    Its now 30 mins away from midnight until the new day, and the system will re-set.

    The Amex did say approved, but in the final two stages (after it says approved) there was a tech error and the page went blank. Not sure if that will affect my application.

    I guess I should have applied during business hours so I could have call the customer service center. :(

  • Emily

    Thank you so much for this very valuable information!!! I just applied for both and was instantly approved, then called and was told I’d be receiving the 75k for each card. I am THRILLED! It’s 1,500/6 mo. on Visa and 4,000/6 mo. on Amex. Woo hoo!!!!

    Your site is an excellent resource and I appreciate so much all that you share with us!

  • Sc487z

    YES!!! By some miracle both applications snuck through. :) It only took 30 mins on the phone and 4 transfers to figure this out. Thank you!! I’ll get to make two trips home now this year.

    HJS the number I called was on the bottom of the Visa application. 1-888-201-4523 Citi must be huge, because no one wanted to help me and kept transfering me 4 times. Seemed like their goal was to get me off the phone ASAP. Totally different from AMEX customer service.. :)

  • Anonymous

    I applied for the AA City Business card a couple of months ago and was approved with 75k bonus. I just applied for the two AA City personal cards and also approved. I called to verify the bonus and 75k with $1500 spend in 6 months for each. I’ll have to see if the $1500 for the Amex spend is actually true since everyone else is $4000.

    225k miles just for leveraging my credit. Thanks TPG!

  • SSS

    Any one know if this still works as of today?

  • pgb

    I just started reading your blog and have been nervous about trying to apply for this promotion since it was not in writing on the offer link, and I already have a Citi AA visa. I applied for both the visa and amex today, got approved for both, and called to confirm the 75k promotion was noted on each one, and they were!!! Thank you so much for the great information and guidance that allows me to take advantage of such a great offer!

  • RC

    Just applied online and 75,000 mile bonus was confirmed for each. Must spend $4000 on amex and $1500 on visa within next 6 months. Thank you for the tip!!

  • wolfman

    Do you get the points as soon as you accumulate the minimum purchase requirements or at the end of the 6 months?

  • Sac

    I seached for this card on citi website to get more details – I said it only has 30K miles on both the cards – I think the deal might be expired

  • Anonymous

    Sac- thats the whole point of this deal. It technically expired but everyone is still getting it. You won’t get confirmation until after you apply, which is a risk, but read through the hundreds of comments to see other people’s experiences

  • Anonymous

    The statement when you hit the spend threshold

  • Scot

    just applied for both, had to call, got approved for both, confirmed 75k on each.

  • Scot

    BTW- applied for each, then called once and dealt with the same CSR for both- no issues.

  • Gabbai

    I got approved for both cards online on 8/15 and then called when I got the emails. I was told the 75,000 mile offers expired in February and that I would not get them unless I could show proof that the offer was valid at the date I applied [8/15]. I tried again today and was given the same story. Does anyone have a screen shot that I could use?

  • John Personette


    I thought I was CRAZY. I hit submit on both applications at the same time in different browsers, both came back approved….and then I noticed that the AMEX application now showed a VISA Logo. I checked both screens previous, and it is definitely an AMEX app. I used the link above.

    Just got off with Citi Customer service and there wasn’t much help there. They don’t see an AMEX app in the system. But they do see a VISA. I didn’t ask whether they saw two.

    But you are saying that you got to VISA cards in the mail? Two different account #’s?
    And the link above did confirm the 75,000 on both?

    Thanks – jp

  • John Personette

    So I just submitted for both the VISA and the AMEX at the same time.
    I used both links above.
    I set up two separate browsers, filled everything in, and hit submit at the same time.
    Both came back approved.
    However, the confirmation screen for the AMEX now had a VISA card on the screen.
    So now I was looking at two approved VISA applications.

    I called Citi immediately, and they basically claim that they only saw a VISA application in the system.
    I went back to confirm, and all screens leading you through the application has an AMEX logo.
    Even on the “verify info page”.
    It’s not until you hit submit, that the computer processess, and then came back with an approval for a card I already applied for.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
    I read a post from “XxPaulCPxx” below that says he applied for both, but got two VISA’s in the mail.
    However, he stated they both came with the 75,000 promo.

    Any help here would be great…


    got it today 8/29 called the number they confirmed the 75k points! txs TPG!

  • FFlyer

    Just tried this (at 5:50pm PST on Aug 30th) and the Visa card application would not go through. I tried multiple browsers and multiple times. It says: “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.” The Amex card says “We have received your application and further processing is required at this time. We will contact you within a week via email regarding our decision.” BUMMER! Maybe these deals no longer work.

  • Kstupka

    Applied on 8/30 and was instantly approved, called the 888-201-4523 number on 8/31 and was confirmed the miles. THANK YOU!

  • kethee

    I applied for the Amex one (already have the Visa), got instantly approved, and called the 1-888-201-4523. The rep confirmed the 75,000 and waiver of the 1st year’s fee, although she said the spend was $4,000 in the first 6 months.

  • AK


    When did you apply and get approved for the Visa?

  • Hog man

    I applied and have yet to hear if I have been approved or denied. How long do I have to wait to know what my ststus is? Thanks.

  • FFlyer

    Okay… I just got off the phone with a Citi rep and they confirmed that I was APPROVED for 4 cards as well as all the MILES! I got the Citi Amex and Citi Visa for my wife and I got the Citi Visa and another Citi card that had 0% interest for 21 months! We got a total of 225,000 miles! We have to spend $7,000 in the next 6 months and we will get all those miles. I submitted online on 8-30 at 5:50pm. Then 24 hours later we got an email saying we were declined for 2 of them for “too many apps” but then this morning (9-1) when I called in she said we were approved for all for and then told me the credit limits we were approved for on all 4 cards! I am still a little skeptical, but I have my fingers crossed that as soon as I spend $7,000, my 225,000 miles will be in my new AAdvantage account! Thanks TPG!

  • zachs18

    Approved for both the AMEX & Visa. Called to confirm: 75,000 miles from AMEX after $4,000 spending in 6 months and 75,000 miles from Visa after $1,500 spending in 6 months. 9/2/11 at 9:40am still working.

  • JP

    Took my girlfriend 9 days to get approval and I’m still waiting on mine (applied 8/26)…

    Be patient, they seem to take their time if you don’t get instant approval. I even called on her behalf and they said there was no more information they needed from us, they were just processing her application.

  • Kristy

    I was able to get the AA Visa and AA Amex today. Rep on the phone confirmed the 75K bonus miles for each. Strange thing though…she said there must have been a typo, because the Visa deal said I had to spend $1500 in 16 months and not 6.

  • Hog man

    @ JP Thanks for the info. Did she apply for both cards or for one? Were you still notified by e-mail? Or, did you get your results by mail? Thanks.

  • cjpvb

    Approved for both, called for confirmation, got it – exactly as zachs18 below. Thanks TPG

  • Sac

    Ok – I applied for both the cards – American express got approved instantly. Call the number and they said i have to wait for 24 hr to get account activated and before they cannot confirm anythings. For Visa – I am getting errors on application page. I will try it later and see if it goes through… Keeping my fingers crossed and will keep updated if I can get both the cards and miles :)

  • JeffS

    If I already have a Citi AA Mastercard can I apply for the Citi AMEX and Visa cards and get the bonus?

  • zkb

    just applied last night for AmEx and Visa. approved for both, called in to confirm mileage bonus and all was as promised: $1500/6 mos for 75K miles in Visa, $4000/6 mos for 75K miles in AmEx.

    question: does anyone have a link for any AAdvantage MasterCard product that is eligible for this promo as well? I’d like to get rid of my other MC and move to a Citi product if the bonus is available. Well, and I’d like another 75K miles, too…

    TPG: thanks for the tip. yeoman effort, as always.

  • Slicker

    Like some of the people below, I applied for the CitiAA Visa 75k card earlier in the year.
    Any info on whether those of us that did this, still take advantage of the CitiAA Amex 75K offer as well using the link above?
    Or are we disqualified due to being “existing” customers?

  • sc

    Approved for AMEX and Visa 9/6/11. 1-800-408-4954 no longer works, so I applied online and verified using the 888 number above. Same criteria zachs18 describes below.

  • FFlyer

    I called in to triple check with a different customer service rep and she confirmed that everything went as planned! Yippee! Headed to Europe soon! Thanks again TPG!

  • DH

    Applied for Cit Visa and got the miles… then applied for Citi Amex and got the miles…. same day. Sept 9, 2011. Havent seen miles in my account yet, since I just applied, however I spoke to reps 2 times and both confirmed promotion was still active… 75k miles each.

  • beatthesystem

    how long after applying for the business card (and being denied because the business is too new) and lowering my credit limit on another card today, should i wait to apply for the personal amex card? any advice would be great.

  • Kris

    Just got my 75k miles for the Citi Visa! Only took about 2 weeks from the time I hit the minimum spend for them to post… Christmas present to self and fiance: AA Saver tix to Europe, hopefully :)

  • pointsnewbie

    You all are so wonderful for alerting everyone to this! I just applied for each credit card online was approved within seconds, called the 1-888-201-4523 number and got confirmation that for the Amex: 75K miles if I spend $4,000 in first 6 months, and for the Visa: 75K miles if I spend $1,500 within first 6 months. Annual fee waived for the first year in the case of both cards. It’s 9/11/11.

  • Pamela

    After reading this, I applied and was approved also. I verified points and spend with customer service. Thanks so much!

  • kc

    got the amex 75000 too! tks this board!

  • CdnNewbie

    Thanks everyone for the info! Is this deal good for Canadian residents ?

  • Anonymous

    Applied for both AMEX and VISA cards on 9/14 and was instantly approved with 9000 credit limit on both. Called today 9/15 and rep confirmed that both cards have 75000 mile bonus. Visa card is 1,500 spend in 6 months and AMEX is 4,000 spend in 6 months. GREAT DEAL !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just got signed up for the Citi Amex (confirmed the 75k deal :D), and a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Chase Sapphire. I want to open the Citi visa and get the other 75k but I am afraid this will hurt my credit score too much. I already have a amex blue and a citi AA gold card. Is it safe to open another card? Or will it hurt my score too much (3 cards in under 3 weeks).

  • kethee

    I got it 11/2010, with 50,000 miles promo :/

  • Cadams711

    Got the visa a month ago, received 75k miles today

  • Sac

    Got both cards – Thanks for the deal !

  • Charles

    More thank likey you won’t get the Visa. You have to be a first time customer. That is one of the reasons people are applying for both the same day.

  • Jarradm

    I applied online (from links above) today (9/17/2011) and I was instantly approved for both cards. I called the 1-888-201-4523 number and told them “I just anted to make sure everything went through…” and then I casually asked them about the points…and I got 75k for each card. Yippeeee! Amex is $4000 spend in 6 months and Visa is $1500 in 6 months. So excited, I’m gonna go to India! Thanks so much, points guy.

  • Umberto

    I applied for both cards I called the customer service and they confirmed the deal! Thanks points guy now what is the best way to use them? ;-)

  • Izabela Baldyga

    The link for the Visa appears to no longer work. Too bad I was too late for this deal. :(

  • DealLooker

    Still going applied on 9/15 called and verified minutes after agent confirmed deal as described above.

  • 4sparta

    oddly enough I didn’t get the amex but I got the visa, thanks tho!

  • Melvin

    I applied for this card and the two AA cards through your links and was instantly approved. Thanks, TPG! On a related note, anyone know what happens if you hit the $4000 limit, get the points, use them, then return everything you bought to hit the limit?

  • Melvin

    I applied for this card and the two AA cards through your links and was instantly approved. Thanks, TPG! On a related note, anyone know what happens if you hit the $4000 limit, get the points, use them, then return everything you bought to hit the limit?

  • Melvin

    I applied for this card and the two AA cards through your links and was instantly approved. Thanks, TPG! On a related note, anyone know what happens if you hit the $4000 limit, get the points, use them, then return everything you bought to hit the limit?

  • Terna Arlan

    Just did it and only got 30K for each. Bummer!

  • Kalboz

    This is not advised … you will get charged for the miles. Please don’t abuse the system and ruin it for everyone else. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Did you apply through the links in this post? Can you call back again- you are the first person out of nearly 300 to report not getting the 75k per card

  • Anonymous

    Agree- do not abuse the system

  • AA

    I had the same problem, which I did report on this forum some weeks ago. I have not been able to get Citi to move. They ask for the front and back of the targeted offer. Telling them several times the offer was on an Internet link without a front and back hasn’t helped. I got the applications approved instantly.

  • Kevin

    any of these offers still available?

  • PC

    I just applied last night, Sept 22, 2011 via the links here and received instant approval. I just called the number listed in the thread and was confirmed for 75K for the visa and another 75K for the AMEX. Thank you TPG!

  • Rocarme

    Didn’t work for me. I already have one 50K Citi Amex and it looks like that’s all they’ll let me have :(

  • Tim

    Deal is still alive as of when I applied (about 10 days ago). Got Visa and Amex personal.

  • Crayz

    Applied online on 09/25 with immediate approval. Called on 09/26 to confirm both 75K awards. Thanks, TPG!

  • cew

    Just applied on 9/26 at 1:30 CST with immediate approval. Called 1-888-201-4523 and the attendant confirmed the 75K rewards upon spending $1500 (within 4 months). Thanks, Points Guy.

  • Newbie

    Be sure to use the link above for the Visa. I tried it a few times and it came up with an error message. What I didn’t realize is that if you try enough times it will work.

    I ended up using a different link and now am having a really tough time getting them to switch my deal to the 75K for $1500 spent in 4 mos. Instead I got the 40K deal for $1000 spent in 4 mos and they gave me an extra bump of 20K . Not the end of the world, but sure would be nice to get the extra 15K.

  • Rocarme

    I guess you guys are new customers. Since I already have one CC with Citi, they will not approve another :(

  • Rocarme

    Yep I got them to confirm on the phone… new customers only, and I’d already opened a 50K Amex with them last week.
    That’s that, there’s nothing they can do she said. Decline letter is in the mail!

  • Tarun

    I applied for both Amex and Visa in separate browsers and Amex got approved while Visa errored out. I retried for Visa, it errored 2nd time so I left it there and called the number above to confirm offer on Amex. But I was lucky that the Rep said i was approved for both with 75k on each. Whopper..!! What a kickass start for my first miles account. Thanks TPG

  • David Currey

    Just got approved for both cards and 150K miles!!! Pretty awesome. Have to say thank you to TPG, those links worked like a charm!

  • kitti

    For what it’s worth to others with existing Citi Aadvantage accounts, I’ve had the Citi AAdvantage MC for several years now and was approved for both the Amex and Visa today, 9/27.

  • rpm


    Did you hear back from Citi?


  • nyugator

    Success! Both cards applied for last night, then called today and got confirmation of both points deals. The rep on the phone was even excited for me. Just have to figure out how to use the miles.

  • flynt

    I just tried over the phone and the best bonus they can give me is 30k miles for each of those cards after spending $750 on each of the cards in the first 3 months. Anyone else had better luck? Should I keep calling? They also asked for a promo code…

  • suugolf

    9/29/11 For some reason I called Citi to confirm the 75,000 miles for either the Advantage or AMEX and they were unable to verify you get that amount. All they were showing was the 30,000 miles etc. I am pretty new to this and would appreciate any help to get a good confirmation that I would be recieving the 75K miles. Thanks

  • Lturner744

    The VISA link still works. Just got my card and verified the offer with customer service. 75K after spending $1500. Thanks for the great web site.

  • Kbh

    I applied 9/28 and confirmed with customer service 9/30 that I received the 75k offer for both the Visa and AMEX cards.

  • matthew

    Did you ask if you could get the 75K bonus before you applied? When I called customer service, they wouldn’t acknowledge that you can get the 75K bonus after spending $1500.

  • Dutchkin_77

    I just got approved for the $1500 spend in 6 months for 75,000 miles. They did not ask me for a promo code, as I simply applied via the link above. :)

  • dutchkin

    Just got approved for the $1500 spend for 75,000 miles in six months. Used the above link. Thanks!!!

  • dutchkin

    I didn’t ask — I just went for it and hoped. Anyway, I did get the same deal just five minutes ago. Pretty excited, I must add! Now they are seeing if they can approve me for the second card with the $4,000 spend in six months. Fun stuff!

  • dutchkin

    I just got the offer for $1,500 in six months and 75,000 miles. I applied through the link above, and the agent confirmed that I had been approved for said deal. Now they are seeing if they can get me the other for 75,000, as well. Good luck, and happy shopping!

  • jfly

    I applied for both but was denied both by email 2 days later saying ” This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R)
    / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers.? Our records indicate that
    you already have a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account with us.”

    Since I had recently opened a mastercard with AA Advantage when I booked a recent flight to save $50. So disappointed.

    Sooo I canceled the mastercard and applied for both again a day later and was again denied for both 2 days later by email that”You have submitted multiple applications for credit.”

    Not sure what to do now…. hmmm I want that 150000 for sure, that would be a lifesaver!

  • Huey

    From reading FlyerTalk, it sounds like it worked up until 10/1, but now it looks iffy. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • Mjm598119

    I was approved for both amex and visa on 9/11/11 and received them in the mail yesterday. Called and confirmed 75k but both said $4000 spent in 6 months. Any way to call and get it to $1500. Has this happened to anyone? Thanks.

  • Anon

    Applied and was instantly approved for both (10/5). $1500 for Visa and $4000 for AMEX w/ first year waved.

  • Cheriewong

    Hi, where’s the lane for visa apply? I only see the amex one. Thanks!

  • Cheriewong

    the second card, do you mean the amex one?

  • Dutchkin_77

    Yes indeed. And I was approved for both cards, though they had to approve me over the phone for about an hour, as they could not extend additional credit to me due to the fact that I already have a few Citi cards with high limits. That said, the rep was great and simply helped me move around my credit in order to be approved. In the end, both deals worked out. She said she had never seen that deal before, and she was happy for me. She mentioned that she only sees the 35,000 and 40,000 mile offers. Happy day!

  • Dutchkin_77

    You need to go through TPG’s Top Deals tab and scroll down to the Citi AAdvantage card. You should then see both links. You will only get this deal if you proceed accordingly. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  • beazzy

    Points from the spend on my Amex Citi AA card just posted! Awesome deal.

  • smedleyb

    Just applied 20 minutes ago, approved for both 4k and 1500k, 75k miles each.

  • Newres1

    Appears the Visa link no longer works? Anyone recently try.

  • Bpearson

    what links did you use, all of the above appear to be broken or expired.

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  • Anonymous

    All of the links are now giving errors. I think the deal is dead :-(

  • Newres1

    doesn’t appear to work now. anyone try recently ?

  • Newres1

    ok, thanks for the reply.

  • Newres1

    what links did you use? doesn’t appear to work 10/10/11.

  • Guest

    what links are you using?

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  • AAmaizing

    Does this still work? It’s posted on your top deals ahead of the 100,000 BA card.

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