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The TSA Has Confiscated 2 Grenades in 3 Weeks at This Small Wisconsin Airport

Sept. 11, 2018
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The TSA Has Confiscated 2 Grenades in 3 Weeks at This Small Wisconsin Airport
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The Transportation Security Administration has found two inert grenades in separate incidents at La Crosse Airport (LSE) in Wisconsin within the last three weeks. In the most recent incident, traveler Jimmy Hart had been volunteering with the American Red Cross to assist flood victims from nearby Vernon County, and treated himself to a souvenir by purchasing the grenade at a nearby novelty shop. Hart received a disorderly conduct citation for disrupting TSA operations, and was dismissed in time to make his flight, according to the La Crosse tribune. The previous grenade-toting traveler, who was not named, told TSA that he used his inert grenade as a paperweight. He likewise received a civil charge from the TSA, but was also allowed to continue on to his flight. Civil penalties for bringing realistic replicas of explosive to a security screening checkpoint can carry a fine of between $330 to $1,960.

In a pithy tweet, a TSA spokesperson followed up the announcement with a terse request: "If it looks like an explosive, please don't bring it to an airport."

Grenades aren't the only inexplicable belongings people try to carry on to planes. Just this past Tuesday, Moscow officials confiscated 20 live snakes transported from Germany in a passenger's carry-on luggage. And in addition to the standard firearms, live eagles and gunpowder, travelers have also presented themselves at security toting cats, mallard ducks and propane.

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