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Premium Flyers Can Now Preorder Meals on All Singapore Airlines Flights

Dec. 20, 2018
2 min read
Premium Flyers Can Now Preorder Meals on All Singapore Airlines Flights
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Singapore Airlines already operates what's arguably the world's most sophisticated inflight catering platform, in Book the Cook, but for one reason or another, it isn't available on every single route — the carrier's Newark-Singapore flagship (and world's longest flight) is one extraordinary exception, for example. But it seems that SQ's managed to cook up a solution, so to speak.

Thursday, the airline announced that it would be adding entree pre-ordering to every single flight it operates — passengers traveling in Singapore Suites, first class, business class and eventually premium economy will be able to view the inflight menu and select their main course anytime between three weeks and 24 hours prior to departure, regardless of origin or destination.

Fortunately, this does not replace Book the Cook — you'll still have access to that program wherever it's available today, offering up to 68 options, from wonton soup to lobster Thermidor, depending on the route.

Book the Cook lobster Thermidor in Singapore Suites. Photo by Zach Honig.

Instead, pre-order picks will likely be presented directly to the crew, so flight attendants know which passengers get priority for certain dishes. I imagine that means it'll also be possible to select a different dish on board if you change your mind, depending on availability.

While I've certainly experienced issues getting my first pick on US-based carriers, I haven't had any trouble when flying business class or Suites on Singapore. Still, when it comes to certain entree choices — such as a Japanese or Korean meal on flights to or from those markets — pre-ordering can deliver the peace of mind that you're certain to get exactly what you want.

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