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Donate to protect the Amazon rainforest, and Red Ventures will match your donation

Sept. 13, 2019
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Donate to protect the Amazon rainforest, and Red Ventures will match your donation
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The fires in the Amazon rainforest are still raging, and destroying valuable and irreplaceable resources. This isn't just an issue for Brazilians, but the world. If you didn't already know, the Amazon rainforest — the largest rainforest in the world — is responsible for absorbing a large portion of the world's greenhouse gases. Instead of capturing carbon dioxide, the fires are now causing the forest to emit dangerous levels of it. The fires are also threatening the health and homes of indigenous communities, and destroying the habitats of rare species.]

In an effort to help protect the Amazon and its inhabitants, Red Ventures and TPG are teaming up with Earth Alliance to help raise funds that will go towards protecting and maintaining a rainforest known as our planet's lungs. There's an initial commitment of $5 million, but the Amazon Forest Fund needs your help. Red Ventures has pledged to match every donation.


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All funds raised will go directly towards the local organizations who are working tirelessly to put out the fires and are providing relief to local and indigenous communities. If you'd like to check out what each organization is doing, you can read more about them here:

There's no minimum donation; any and all amounts make a difference. Tell your friends and family how they can help protect our planet by donating today.

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