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Comic Books in Carry-On, Light Saber in Checked Bag: How TSA Wants You to Pack for ComicCon

July 19, 2018
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Comic Books in Carry-On, Light Saber in Checked Bag: How TSA Wants You to Pack for ComicCon
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The 2018 Comic-Con International festival takes place this week in San Diego, California, and the Transportation Security Administration wants to remind superhero and action figure connoisseurs of a few travel tips.

Comic-Con has been around since 1970, and with an exhibit hall occupying more than 460,000 square feet, attracts crowds of tens of thousands of people each year. With fans traveling from all over the world to attend this event, TSA has seen a handful of Comic-Con related items make way through their screening process, and they have a few suggestions.

"Every year during Comic-Con International, our officers have issues with the various items that people purchase and pack in their bags," TSA said in a blog post. "These come in the form of figurines, costume items (including replica and real weapons) and other mementos that generally alarm our checkpoint and checked baggage screening systems and result in a bag check."

After United came out with a fake TSA ban of all comic books in checked bags last year, TSA wants to make sure there is no confusion for passengers making their way to San Diego. TSA suggests mailing the items that you'd rather not have searched, like a collectable with an original seal, by using the several shipping options within the vicinity of the Convention Center and hotels. Additionally, shipping is the best option for replica weapons and actual weapons if you do not have a checked bag — keep in mind, though, actual firearms must meet packaging guidelines and be declared, but anything resembling an explosive is not allowed in air travel.

Secondly, TSA says packing comic books in a checked bag could sound alarms and lead to a bag search, which can cause a slowdown in the screening process and the bags might miss their flights. The agency recommends keeping these valuables in a carry-on bag.

So, yes, your light saber and props can make it to the festival with you, as long as you follow TSA's orders.

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