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Comedian Billy Eichner Has a Clever Hack for Calming Nerves During Turbulence

Dec. 09, 2018
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Comedian Billy Eichner Has a Clever Hack for Calming Nerves During Turbulence
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Billy Eichner, a comedian and actor best known for screaming at people on the streets of New York City on his show "Billy on the Street," recently did an interview with the New York Times about his travel habits. As it turns out, Eichner had a trick up his sleeve to combat the uneasy feeling some get from turbulence.

Although Eichner travels somewhat frequently, mentioning that he makes long weekend trips throughout the year and typically a longer getaway once a year, he still gets anxious about plane turbulence. Since there's not much a passenger can do about turbulence, he shared with the Times just how he settles himself while on board.

"I don’t deal well with turbulence," Eichner told the Times. "If I can be on Twitter or Instagram and somehow be connected to people on the ground, that helps me not focus on the turbulence of the plane."

Seemingly, being on social media is both a distraction and a means to feel not so disconnected while Eichner is up in the air. It makes sense that it would help to feel that extra sense of connection while flying — that is, so long as the wifi connection is decent.

"My most recent flight from New York to L.A. last week, the Wi-Fi stopped working 20 minutes into the flight and never started up again. That drove me crazy," said Eichner in the interview.

While this tip works for Eichner, there are a few other options to help travelers feel comfortable on board. In fact, there are several apps that are dedicated to helping to calm the nerves of flyers beyond Instagram and Twitter.

Also in the interview, Eichner talks about his preference to check as opposed to carrying on (he checks), the destinations on his bucket list (he's never been to Paris, Italy or Tokyo), being "scared of Airbnb", the greatest pool he's ever been to, and his candid viewpoints on flying JetBlue ("good restaurants, long walk to the terminal, spotty Wi-Fi") and Delta ("best food, longest walk, Wi-Fi on par with American") out of LA and NYC.

H/T: New York Times

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