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Japan Airlines Shows You What NOT to Do During an Evacuation

Aug. 27, 2019
2 min read
Japan Airlines Shows You What NOT to Do During an Evacuation
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Frequent flyers are well aware that all luggage must be left on the plane during an emergency evacuation. Bags and other items can block the aisles, damage slides and slow everyone down when every second counts. But all too often, we see passengers walking away from an emergency landing with their carry-ons in tow, sometimes with devastating results.

Now, in a bold but welcome move, Japan Airlines is highlighting various careless (and even life-threatening) acts in its latest safety video. The contents are familiar at first — fasten your seatbelt, put your device in airplane mode, and so on — then, towards the end, the tone changes drastically...

First, JAL issues a stern warning via a flight attendant, followed by an animation of a selfish flyer endangering his fellow passengers as he struggles to remove his bag from the overhead. Next, we see a woman recklessly attempt to slide down wearing her high-heeled shoes. Consider this required viewing ahead of your next flight, but it's also worth a watch on the ground.

As always, be sure to pay attention to all flight attendant instructions — when a crew member tells you to leave your bags and other items behind, they absolutely mean it. See 7 Tips for Staying Alive in a Plane Emergency for more potentially life-saving advice from TPG.